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City Of Witches 26

City Of Witches 26

Chapter 26 – #06_Inn (3)


My head pounded on the plate throbs.
This giant, one head taller than Siu, boasted monstrous strength as it seemed.
No matter how hard I try to raise my head, I can’t move.

“Baby bastard.”

Fyodor’s sarcasm pours over his head.

Ignore it for once
The important problem is to figure out why and how the current situation happened.
All problems are solved from there.

Why did this happen in the first place?

The most obvious clues given are:

One clue, Fyodor sarcastically called Siwoo a male gun.

Since most of the citizens are essential for the convenience of witches, Gehenna’s city laws guarantee the right to live and property rights of ordinary citizens.

Since the people witches harm are at best slaves, the citizens’ sentiment toward witches is at most awe, or fear, or respect.
Just as serfs treated nobles and royalty in feudal times.

However, in Fyodor’s tone, hatred not only for Siu but also for witches was evident.

Two clues, he is a sailor and smuggler on the Naga.

Unlike citizens who live in Gehenna for the rest of their lives, Fyodor, a smuggler, travels between this world and Gehenna.

Which one would resent humans more: the bird that lived in a cage without knowing the sky, or the bird that knew freedom outside the cage?

Not to mention.
The basis of his resentment towards the witch will not be much different from that of the slave.

But more important questions remain.

How could this situation happen?

As mentioned earlier, Fyodor despised Siu, calling him a male gun.

However, simply despising it and practicing it through violence are completely different matters.
If the witch’s favorite male gun was driven in according to her feelings, she would have to deal with the repercussions.

The key clue here is his remarks.

One clue, ‘What if I’m sorry? I bet you’ll never see that bitch in the future’.

It is this statement.

“Hey, try whining like before.”

-Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

Fyodor grabbed Siu by the back of his hair and slammed his forehead into the table several times.
With a loud sound, food bounces and dishes break.
The skin on his forehead, which had been pressed down, was torn and the front of his vision was stained red.

If this is the case, I will die.
Even if this man really had no intention of killing him, his body would not be able to bear it.

Realizing that, Siwoo’s hand moves like a beam of light.
It’s not a situation where you can use the magic you’ve been working hard on.

Right now, Siwoo didn’t have magical powers.

Instead, Siu grabbed the fork from the table and firmly inserted it into Fyodor’s thigh.
It was an improvisation stemming from survival instinct.


A sharp fork pierced the thick jeans fabric.
It didn’t take much effort to penetrate the tender flesh and muscle underneath.

The effect was great.
Fyodor’s hand missed the hair from the sudden pain.
Leaving behind the dizzying vertigo, hesitantly backs away and widens his distance.

“Look at this sly bastard.”

Fyodor pulled out the trembling fork stuck in his thigh at once.
He really thought he stabbed it with all his might, but the wound itself seems shallower than I thought.

Siu held the meat-slicing knife on the other table.
The thick steak is served whole, so it’s not a crude dining knife from a family restaurant.
It’s something that can kill a person if you stab it well.

Fyodor, who was aware of this, did not immediately rush at him.

“Do you want to prick your stomach with that?”

Now that we’ve bought ourselves a little time to think, we should do our best to get additional information.

Siu inhaled.
And shout with the loudest voice of your life.


It was so loud that Fyodor frowned.
And after 3 seconds.
The first floor of the pub was filled with laughter.

“Look at that kid looking for his master.”
“It’s spectacular, it’s really giggling.”

Siu didn’t care.
Slowly backing away, he distanced himself from Fyodor and the other crew members.
It took some time to assess the situation more accurately.

“Hey, stop and fuck.

10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds.

There is no response from upstairs.
Amelia does not appear.
This made it clear

“You guys are really crazy.”

The reason why Siwoo will never see Amelia again.

All of these sailors are plotting against Amelia.
Moreover, it has already been half-successful or completely successful.

As long as you can get rid of the aftereffects, you’ll treat slaves favored by witches just about anything.

I don’t know why.
I don’t even know how.
Even after reasoning like this, I think it is a reasoning that lacks a sense of reality.

Amelia is a witch.
That is Baron Marigold of the 22nd rank.
She is a great witch who can lightly play with modern cutting-edge strategic weapons.
It’s not an opponent to do with just this amount of people.

However, she does not respond to Siwoo’s cry now.
In other words, they succeeded in subduing Amelia.

Perhaps the most powerful way is
The wine Larisa brought.

“That’s enough, Fyodor. What are you doing with a child?”

When Fyodor secretly approached Siwoo, a person appeared who would add confidence to Siwoo’s reasoning.

The owner of the Blue Serpent Dock and a member of Nagaho.
Larissa had walked in.

“Don’t get in, get out. That bastard put a hole in my thigh.”
“You go and get ready to sail. There’s no time for silly pranks.”
“Larissa, you’ve been wrapping that kid since before…”

– Clap

Fyodor’s complexion hardened.
It was because something had dug between his hip bones.

“Hey, are you kidding?”

What Larissa pulled out of her arms was Tokarev, like something out of a spy movie.
She was aiming it between Fyodor’s hips, at his balls.

“Would you like to play marbles here with me? Or do you want to shut up and get ready? You know Tokarev doesn’t have a safety device? If you pull the trigger like this, you’ll be done!”
“Hey! Fuck!
“Think about my position as I only have to roll around furry people like you. This is the first dry guy I’ve seen in a while.
“Who killed him? Let’s just give him a scolding so that he becomes compliant.”
“Did you talk back?”
“I didn’t! I didn’t! Put that away!”

Fyodor threw down his fork with a tired expression and led the rest of the crew.

“Hey! You guys, move too!”

Soon, only Larissa and Siu were left on the first floor of the store.

Larissa, who had been watching the scene, pointed the pistol at Siwoo’s chest this time.
I wonder why I can’t move even if I aim at the tip of a small pistol in a place like a movie.

It was because of this pressure.
That little hole is only facing this way, but I can’t breathe.

“Did you say Shin Siu?”
“I’m not going to say thank you for saving me.”
“It’s okay if I give you a word of lip service. I did it earlier too.”
“She was much scarier than I thought.”

At Siwoo’s resentful words, Larissa just grinned.

“There’s still something you need to help me with. Do you want to know why this happened?”
“What happened to Amelia-sama?”
“If you’re curious, go to the guest room. Stand in front of me. Never look back. Oh, let’s put that cute knife down before that.”

Put down her knife
Siwoo is neither a former special forces member nor a retired spy agent.
He had no intention of opposing a pistol with a crude knife.

By the way, around Border Town, you carry a pistol for self-defense.
Perhaps because of the oversecretion of adrenaline, a slightly wild idea passed by.

Still aiming her gun, Don Larissa, drawing slowly in a semicircle, drove Siu towards the stairs leading to her quarters.

“I wonder how far you roughly figured it out. Can you tell me?

Climb the stairs and answer.

“The people who joined this affair are you and the sailors who were not summoned earlier. Miss Amelia is currently unconscious. The means is poison in wine or something that makes her unconscious.”
“Is that all?”
“…The conspirators are probably witches from outside Gehenna.”

Larissa, who had heard that far, said with her fuss.

“Amazing! Like Sherlock Holmes! I thought she wouldn’t even notice the witches were involved.”

If you think about it, it’s an easy inference.

Siu and Larissa shared the drink and everyone else drank it.
However, it was only Amelia who saw the effect.
Perhaps a poison that works in response to the body’s magic power.

If it was a trap that Amelia fell into without realizing it, the only way to do that was with high-level magic.

Besides, if you weren’t an idiot who made a fuss against the witch and said you would be safe, there would of course be countermeasures or support.

“Are you ‘outcasts’?”
“That is correct too.”

Larissa clapped her hands in response.

Not all witches stay in Gehenna.
Surprisingly, the percentage of witches living in Gehenna, like Amelia and the twins, is at most about half of the total.

The other half lives in modern times, and there are exactly two types.

One is a witch who stays in modern times because she is more comfortable in modern times than in Gehenna, or because she wants to because of other personal reasons or business.

The other is a witch, or outcast, who has been forfeited of her citizenship for violating an unwritten law and cannot enter Gehenna.

Although the detailed reasons are different for each person, among them there are those who have committed the following evil deeds.

A person who broke another witch’s apprentice witch.
A person who caused too many human casualties by forcing too much magic experimentation.


“You’re thinking of taking the brand.”

A plunderer who kills other witches and steals their stigma in order to rise up the magical hierarchy.

“Correct answer! I thought only his face was shiny, but he’s quick-witted. He’s also smart. Open the third room on the right.”

Siwoo opened the handle of the room and entered.

Amelia was there.

He is lying face down on the floor in the same position as when he was about to lie down on the bed.

Behind her, forgetting that her Larisa was pointing a gun at her, she hurriedly ran to her and checked her condition.

“Stop! If you put your hand on the body, I’ll shoot you.”

Larissa restrained Siwoo with a sharp voice.

“Let me check the condition!”
“Do it without touching it.”

Siu glared at Larissa once and put her finger under Amelia’s nose.

Amelia used to hate her so much, but seeing her down like that makes me worried.


Take a breath once
But it didn’t seem like it was in a state where it would wake up with a shake.
Breathing thin and long, as if in a coma.

“You almost ran out and shot me. I don’t want to kill you. Be careful from now on.”

Calmly rearranged the situation.

In fact, there is no reason not to shoot Siwoo in this situation.
It is cleaner to kill and destroy than to leave Siu, the only witness, alive and be pursued as soon as you leave the gates of Border Town.

“Why aren’t you shooting?”
“Are you complaining about that too?”

Larissa shrugged her shoulders and continued her words as if she was thrilled at the sight of Siwoo’s eyes staring at her.

“It’s a match. You’ve been captured as you please and are living your life without your freedom. Everything goes as you wish. Me and Fyodor and some other sailors made a pact with a witch outside of Gehenna.
I was offered a place to live in this world if I kidnapped a suitable witch and gave it to her.”

Larissa put down her pistol.
Of course, the moment Siwoo tried to run away, she kept as far as she could shoot.

“I’ve been waiting for an opportunity for a long time, but I was lucky enough to get a harvest tonight. All of a sudden, while we were renting a shop, a witch aristocrat appeared with only one slave.”

For some reason, the movements were too inconsistent.
Amelia is like a butterfly that has entered a carnivorous plant with her mouth open.

“Actually, life here isn’t too bad either. I’m pretty well-off, and I’m rich enough to get most of what I want in Border Town.”

Siu asked.

“Then why are you doing this dangerous thing?”

The act of kidnapping a witch is not without risks.
If it fails or gets caught in the middle, those who participate in it will surely die.

Larissa replied.
It was a somewhat forlorn answer.

“Even a thousand pounds of gold in Gehenna. You can’t buy freedom.”

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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