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City Of Witches 25

City Of Witches 25

Chapter 25 – #06_Inn(2)


When Siu went out to pick up Amelia, she was already on her way to the inn, exhausted from waiting.
Judging by the expression on her face, it seems that she was going to burn down the simple inn as well, if she had to wait a little longer.

Would you be offended if I said this?

“Why are you so late?”
“I’m sorry. I’m trying to figure out that it’s already booked…”

She was Amelia, who frowned slightly, but she was not very annoyed or sick, as if she knew that she was the cause of staying the night at an inn, not her villa.

Even though she has the ability to discern her self-interest to this extent, she doesn’t know why she’s been so mean to her.

“……What are you doing? Keep drinking.”
“No, I was suddenly surprised.”

Siu, who had been to a bar with Odile before, could predict people’s reactions when Amelia entered the inn.

Everyone will be quiet and look at Amelia.
However, that prediction was spectacularly wrong.

Would you say it’s quite bold? Even looking at Amelia, who was clearly a witch and aristocrat, there was no special reaction.

Most of the sailors glanced at Amelia’s beautiful features at least once, but soon withdrew their gaze as if they didn’t want to get into trouble.

Although one or two people were constantly examining her body and face.

“The room is called this way.”

Siwoo guides Amelia up the stairs.
Amelia, however, sat down at an empty table in her corner.

“Let’s have a quick meal.”

As soon as Amelia sat down, the innkeeper, who had been wiping her wine glass intently, ambled over to the table.
Then she spoke in a tone that didn’t sound particularly servile.

“Looks like it’s too noisy for a noble witch to stay in. Sailors are stubborn and their voices are loud, so it’s no use even if I silence them. I’ll serve food, so go up to your cabin.”

Siu was surprised.
It was because the innkeeper’s words were nuanced to go upstairs without disturbing the atmosphere here.
It was the first time he had seen it in Gehenna that he could be so self-indulgent with a witch in front of him.

“I don’t like it when my bed smells like food. I’ll pay you, so bring some food.”

But like hot-tempered Amelia, she did not back down.
Rather, she takes out four shiny gold coins, looking down at the innkeeper, who is twice her size.

The innkeeper scratched the back of her sparse hair.
She seems to recognize right away that Amelia is her unconvincing type.

“With this money, you’ll have change left over even if you scrape together the ingredients in the warehouse. Just give me one. Hey, chef! A special course! Put all your strength into it and it’s worth one gold coin!”

The innkeeper took only one gold coin from her, and she shouted into her kitchen in a booming voice.

Anyway, a special course.
I never thought I would hear something like that at a tavern in Gehenna, where most of them don’t even have a decent menu.
It is certainly felt that this place is in close contact with modern times.

Shortly thereafter, the chef’s special course was set up with a twist.

First of all, the huge steak dripping with blood and gravy even before you put a knife on it is the most noticeable.

However, that was the end of the meat dish, and instead, various seafood dishes that were hard to find in Taro Town were served.
Gambas boiled with king prawns and scallops.
Large whole boiled lobster with grilled fish head.

In addition, more than 13 kinds of food decorated the table without a gap.

“Enjoy your meal.”

The chef who served the dishes by hand passed away, and Siwoo swallowed his saliva with a late-night snack in front of his eyes after 5 years.

“Thank you, I’ll eat it. Associate Professor!”

I almost have to yell at how noisy the surroundings are to get my words across.
When Amelia and Siu started eating, there was a sudden buzz.

“Attention, attention! From now on, the called crew will start preparing for departure immediately!”

A man in a dapper suit walked in outside the inn and rang a bell to get our attention.
Reading the names written on the paper one by one, he called the crew.

“What the fuck! Why are you suddenly leaving?”
“I don’t know, the captain has something to go to right now.”
“Max, Ben, Timmy. Hey, wake him up and follow him.”
“‘Why me! Take the other guy!”
“Did it turn on a moonlit night! How did you drive the boat when the helmsman stretched out!”
“Nimi, the land that I stepped on in a month, I’m lucky.”

The sailors, who had been chatting and playing happily, suddenly grabbed their clothes and started running out.
Contrary to all sorts of nasty curses and complaints, the sailors in an orderly fashion picked out people and jumped out.

After the creaking of the floorboards and the sound of doors opening and closing, there were about a dozen people left on the first floor of the inn.

While Siwoo looked around her in a daze, Amelia continued her meal without paying attention to her surroundings.

By the time the called crew members all went outside.
Amelia’s meal was over.
It was a much faster time than Siwoo’s as it was a lot of news.

The bar quickly became quiet.
Still, it can be quite noisy with a few dozen drunken guests, but the inn is so quiet that there is a sense of tension.

“Oh, witch. Nice to meet you again.”

Then Larisa walked to the table with the sound of heels.
Amelia wiped her mouth with a napkin she had pulled out from somewhere and looked up at Larissa.

“What happened?”
“I don’t have any special business…”
“I’m eating. Can’t you see?”

Larisa, who was talking softly, is speechless.
In fact, such a reaction is normal for those who see Amelia’s speech for the first time.
She’s a woman who doesn’t even have the slightest hint of friendliness.

“…It’s nothing else, I just brought some good wine for the after party. As you can see, the sailors have departed like this, so I’m running out of people to share with.”

Larissa took out two of her clean wine glasses and set them on her table.
And she deftly uncorks and opens her wine.

“It’s an expensive drink from the present world, so it’ll suit the taste of a witch.”

Amelia studied Larissa’s actions as if to gauge her true intentions.
Amelia is an aristocrat, and Larissa runs a reception center for aristocrats.
That it’s not a favor without reason.

“I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do for you.”
“I know. It’s just a sign of sex.”

– Squeak

The red wine began to pour beautifully into the glass.
The fragrant grape scent that is not buried even in the smell of food tickles the nose.
Larissa poured wine not only for Amelia, but also for the glass placed in front of Siwoo.

“Have a good time.”

Larissa, as if her business were done with it, took the remaining bottle and poured her sake to the crew around her, glass by glass.

Amelia didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable with the situation at all.
Being a witch is both awe and fear, and a position that people try to look good in, so it must be.

Amelia sipped her wine and frowned at her.
As soon as Siwoo drank the wine, he could see why.
It was a very dry wine.
Amelia, with her sweet tooth, would hate her.

“I’ll go up first, so come eat.”

Amelia, as if she had no regrets any more, threw up her wine and rose from her seat.

“No. I’m finishing my meal soon, so please wait a little bit.”
“You don’t have to watch it while eating. This is the janitor’s reward for running around today.”

It is rewarding to run around busily without resting even today.

“And I don’t think you’ve heard the answer yet. How do you feel about being assigned as my assistant?”

The offer is still there.
It was an unexpected second chance for Siwoo, who thought he had lost all his chances because of a mistake he made earlier.

“I’m also willing to guarantee convenience like now.”

Was it really like that?
Siwoo felt his complicated head clear up a bit.

Amelia tried to make Siu, who was a mathematician in Hyundai, her assistant five years ago.

Siwoo mistook it for an offer during the night.

Siu, who had been trained by a slave trader to teach how scary witches are, rejected it, assuming that it was dangerous.

Amelia, who suffered the humiliation of being rejected by her slave for daring to do so, has been harassing Siu ever since.

The reason why he has been exceptionally good at it lately is to propose an assistant again.

It’s neatly organized.
Siu answered without worrying too much.

“All right.”

Anyway, I just have to wait one more year.
If I became Amelia’s exclusive assistant, I wouldn’t know it, but it would be less work than I do now.

Then you will have more time to study magic, and you may be able to complete the magic to get out of Gehenna faster.
It is an offer with nothing to lose.

After hearing Siu’s answer, Amelia slowly nodded her head in satisfaction.
Even though it’s expressionless, somehow, that kind of atmosphere oozes out.

“Good idea. Then we’ll see you tomorrow.”

Amelia went upstairs where her guest room was.

Perhaps it was a favor of its own that allowed him to continue eating until the end.
First of all, as a slave, there was not much to say about this kind of food, and above all, seafood was particularly difficult to eat inland.

“Thank you for that, though.”

After Amelia completely disappeared, Siwoo was absorbed in eating again.

“Hey kid.”

Just starting to poke the lobster shell with a fork.
Someone sat down in front of the table.
I thought it was a familiar voice, but it was Fyodor, the muscular man who was arguing with me earlier.

“What are you doing?”

He gulped down the wine Amelia had left behind and grinned.

“Are you a male gun?”

Namchong Namchong That bastard’s manchong.
I don’t know why I keep hearing that when I’ve never held Amelia’s hand, let alone had sex with her.

“I’m not.”

Siu ate the lobster meat and answered curtly.
He’s kind of an awkward guy. He decides to eat only what he can eat as quickly as possible and go upstairs.

However, he soon regretted that choice.
Thinking that that underdeveloped gorilla-like man should have finished his meal as soon as he sat down.

“No, it’s not what it is. That’s right. I’m fucking envious of that. Some are slapping a whore on the ass while someone is sucking on a witch’s cunt.”

I’ve heard that many sailors are rough and ignorant, but I never thought it would be this much.

Still, Siwoo, who was treated as an elite outsider, was a race he had never encountered.

If you get hit by that head-sized fist, your face will be crushed, but Siwoo is by no means a compliant personality.
At least he had become very docile during his military service and slavery.

“Well then, go knock on the ass of a prostitute. Why do you lose your appetite by sitting at someone else’s table?”

Such a physique difference.
Fyodor’s expression becomes dumbfounded, as if he didn’t know the answer would come back.
It was a moment too.
He sneered knowingly and began to speak dirty obscenity again.

“I came to hear about the soggy story of the witch’s favourite.”

Fyodor dragged his chair and patted Siu on the shoulder.

“Hey kid, tell me something. Don’t be the only one who knows. How is it on the slutty witch’s bed? You look a little young. Does your dick have hair?”
“Is this really crazy?”

Siu was dumbfounded.
Amelia is a witch.
If Siu is really her boyfriend, she might even tell her to do this.

He didn’t know what he believed in acting so arrogantly and rudely.
Is he drunk?

“What color are your nipples? Huh? Why do you keep keeping your mouth shut? Fucking good is good.”

Seeing this man talking about all sorts of insidious sexual harassment about Amelia made me feel bad, and at the same time, my appetite was gone.
Not wanting to cause more trouble, Siwoo removed his arm from his shoulder and finished the meal.

“Let’s be careful with our words. Do you know who he is?”


In an instant, my eyes flashed.

When he came to his senses, Siu was banging his head into the plate containing the lobster.
Fyodor’s ragged arm slammed Siu’s head into the table.

“What do you know?

Tinnitus in the ears.
The lobster shell stuck in the cheek and the sauce got into the nostrils, so the nose is sour.

Unsure of what had happened, a dirty voice was heard.

“It looks like he was trying to run over and mess with it. I’m sorry, what should I do?”

A mean voice that didn’t try to hide a laugh.

“I bet you’ll never see that witch bitch in the future.”

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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