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City Of Witches 24

City Of Witches 24

Chapter 24 – #06_Inn(1)


This time Amelia is taking a long bath.
Siu, who was kicked out of the tree house, was smoking a cigarette.

“Ha, write…”

In a way, it’s a little shocking.
Amelia, who bullied Siwoo every day, her sudden kindness.

Honestly, wasn’t there enough room for confusion?
They told me to come to my dorm after work on a dark night.
Hearing that, what kind of man would think, ‘Oh, he’s trying to make me his assistant’.

In addition, the fan of Takasho, who was sulking next to him, also played a part.

Amelia has a crush on Siu, or that she looks just like her teenage girl.

Maybe Siwoo wanted to believe that he really was.
Embarrassment came along with the clear sound of rain.

How baffled Amelia must be to say in front of her party, ‘She didn’t mean to have sex with me then?’

When Amelia finishes her bath, she has to spend the day alone at the cottage, and she is already very worried about her.

The sound of the bathroom door closing was heard, and Siwoo pondered for a long time whether to enter or not.
In fact, his true intention is to curl up on the terrace even if he falls asleep while sleeping.
She couldn’t possibly see her again.

Siu swallowed a gulp and opened the door.

After all, her clothes would have been worn inside, and once her witch’s bath was over, the slave would have to attend.

Her cheeky excuse that she was out on the air wouldn’t work for Amelia.


Amelia was staring at something lying on the bed before she knew it.

Her cheeks were flushed with peach light, perhaps because she had just finished taking a bath.
On top of that, the starlight-like eyes were filled with agony.

Siu also looked at the object Amelia was examining.
It was a babydoll nightgown.
Thanks to Amelia’s act of lifting her pajamas without knowing that Siu had returned, the design could be seen in more detail.

What should I say.
See through for once.

It’s not something cheap that’s sold as an erotic costume at an adult store, but a sensual see-through made of expensive silk, so that the skin underneath is exposed the moment you put it on.

Amelia rummaged through it for a long time and tilted her head.

Shiuya noticed at once that it was ‘pajamas to please a man’, but Amelia was different.

It was because, according to Amelia’s standards, clothes were not ‘pieces of cloth that were useless even if they were worn’.
It looks like clothes on that subject, so I can’t help but wonder how it’s used.

However, Amelia, who guessed that all of this was Sophia’s handiwork, soon figured out the purpose of the piece of cloth as well.

– Jjiik!

Soon, the baby doll pajamas that had never become one with the owner died in her hands, screaming in agony.

“Do something useless…”

Amelia shook her head in amazement before suddenly spotting Siu standing close to her.
And she stands tall with the two pieces of her nightgown in her hands.


A pink flame rose from Amelia’s hand before it could dry.


At first, Siu, thinking that he was going to throw the sparks at himself, reflexively crouched down.

Contrary to expectations, it was the nightgown in her hand that was caught in the thousands of degrees of flame and burned.

Pajamas evaporated without even ashes remaining.
And Amelia, who pretends nothing has happened.

“The room is cold.”

Since he understood what she wanted, Siwoo pretended not to know.
This villa belongs to Amelia’s friend, and she is probably a witch who loves boys.

That’s why the villa is decorated like a love hotel, and there must be pajamas like that.

“Is that so? I’ll light the fireplace right now.”

This villa has everything you need for a small subject.
When Siwoo walked to the fireplace.

I felt something strange.
Black smoke billowed out of the window through the ventilation above the fireplace.


Siwoo opened the window and climbed up the fireplace to look down.

And saw.

The pink flames from the burnt baby doll pajamas earlier were flickering at the base of the huge oak tree carrying the tree house.

“Hey, Miss Amelia.”

It’s not an ordinary fire.
The crimson flames created by her magical energy are climbing up the wooden poles with unbelievable momentum in search of something to burn greedily.

“Do you think we’re in trouble?”
“What happened?”
“I think we need to get out soon.”
“Where are you going at this time…”


Within 15 seconds of Amelia’s answer, the lovely tree house was engulfed in magical flames.

The magic to create sparks is very easy.

Since it is one of the four elements of fire, wind, earth, and water, it can be easily expressed with just one pass without the need for complex transformation.

It meant that the magic was too basic for Amelia, who had reached the far-flung 22nd hierarchy, to make a mistake in adjusting it.

As if a flamethrower had been used, the flames that rushed into the villa were extinguished the moment Amelia flicked her fingertips.

However, the villa that had already been devastated by the fire was no different from the ruins.
As soon as Siwoo landed on the ground side by side with Amelia’s magic.

-Kikiiik thump!

In that short time, the tree, which had become charred to its core, fell to the side.
Of course, the cozy villa was shattered like a bird’s nest blown away by a typhoon.

“Associate Professor
“Now what?”

Amelia and Siu stood in the rain for several minutes looking at the broken trees and treehouses, like displaced people caught up in a natural disaster.

“I can’t spend a day in such a vulgar house.”
“So you burn down the house?”
“Be quiet.”

Apparently, Amelia was thinking of quietly covering up her magic mistake earlier.
Siwoo didn’t say much because he was worried about what he had done wrong first, and in the end, only silence flowed between the two.

– Caw! Caw! Caw!

Somewhere, the mournful cries of crows were heard.

Siwoo may not know it, but Amelia is a precious body.
There is no way to sleep in the morning dew and drizzle.

In the end, the two of them walked for a long time out of the forest and returned to the dock in Border Town.

Three hours had passed since before, and it was past midnight, but the dock was still crowded with slaves carrying luggage.
As it is a port in charge of all supplies of Gehenna, it is fully operational 24 hours a day.

“Let’s look for accommodations nearby.”

While holding Amelia’s umbrella, Siu ran from place to place looking for a place for her to sleep.

There are no accommodation facilities in inland cities such as Taro Town or Lenormand Town.

Because the citizens of Gehenna are practically no different from serfs, they are not free to travel.
Even if you have to stop by another town or village for business reasons, it is common to pay a certain amount of money and stay in an empty room.

Border Town, however, is different.
There were many sailors and captains who went back and forth between this world and Gehenna at any time, and many witches stopped by Gehenna for a while after living in this world, so there were many quite large accommodations.

The problem is that many accommodations are full of other guests.
Occasionally, one room was vacant, but no two rooms were empty.

After searching all kinds of inns, the last inn Siu found was a shelter for lying snakes.

It is a three-story wooden building, and like any other inn, the first floor is operated as a pub, and there are guest rooms on the second and third floors.


Anyway, there are a lot of people in the tavern.
Tanned skin and bumpy body.
At first glance, men dressed as sailors are talking in thick voices.

“Attention everyone! Next we’ll have a toast from our captain!”
“Oooh!! Have a drink!”

Siwoo, who had squeezed through the laughter and booing, asked the innkeeper standing at the bar counter if a room was available.

“Is there any room left?”

He is a tough-looking man to be called an innkeeper.
While wiping his glass with a cigar, he glanced at Siu’s face before replying.

“I have a room left, but I can’t accept guests.”
“If it’s because I’m a slave…”
“No, today this inn was rented entirely by the crew of the Naga.”

It’s a big deal.
This inn is the last one.
At the moment of trouble, a completely unexpected face suddenly appeared next to the bar counter.

“Manager, aren’t you acting too hard?”

It was Larissa, who worked hard to wash Siwoo’s things at the reception desk around lunchtime today.
Her face was flushed uncharacteristically for her, who seemed pleasantly drunk with her alcohol.

“What are you talking about?
“Still, I can lend a bed to someone who seems in trouble because I have nowhere else to go.”
“Then what? It’s me.”

The innkeeper shrugged his shoulders and put down the glass he was polishing hard.

“It’s 1 shilling per person per day including breakfast for a double room. There are plenty of rooms, so pick one anywhere.”
“Thank you!”

After successfully preparing a place to sleep, Siu nodded to Larissa.

“Thanks for saving me a place to sleep.”

At his polite greeting, Larissa smiled, showing white teeth.
It was a laugh as if she were watching her trembling puppy.

“You missed me that much? Did you want to put it between my breasts?”

Larisa secretly gathered her breasts together and smiled bashfully.
It was an enviable sight of her necklace hanging down between the voluptuous valleys.

“That’s not true. I didn’t even know Larissa was here.”
“Oh my, who doesn’t know that I am the red one of Naga Ho?

Listening to it, there was a way to get such a misunderstanding.
He probably thought that Siu, who heard the sweet promise, couldn’t stand it even for a day and rushed to the inn where she was.

“But it’s really not. Even now, the witch is waiting outside.”
“A witch? The one before?”

I felt that Larisa’s eyes suddenly changed.
But for a while, it also had a bewitching smile on its original face.

“Isn’t the witch here to sleep anyway? Come to my room at night when you have free time.”

It’s embarrassing to be so late.
When Siwoo glanced at her door at the touch of Larissa tickling her under the chin, a reliever came on the mound.

“Larissa, are you flirting with men again?

The man who intervened in the conversation with a gruff voice was a gigantic figure that could be described as a mountain of muscles.
Seriously, even if you wrestle a gorilla, it looks like you’re going to fight half and half.

“No, Fyodor. You look so stupid. Do guys like you know you’re sweet when you’re in bed?”
“A bitch who would wail when his cock gets stuck, but his snout is fluttering.”
“Well? Wouldn’t you be the one who cried like a little girl and cum in 3 minutes?”

Pyorod smiled as if he liked the way Larissa confronted her without backing down.

Fyodor grabbed Siwoo’s shoulder as he cautiously got out of the gap of the conversation where the genre suddenly changed from 19th to 29th.

“Hey, kid. Don’t think nonsense and go to sleep. If you don’t want to fold your back and become a half asshole.”
“Don’t do it, you idiot! Why are you scaring the kid!”
“It’s a joke, a joke.”

Just by tapping Siwoo on the shoulder, the shock was transmitted to the extent that his head rang.
Siwoo tried to ignore the gorilla and said hello to Larissa.

“Anyway, thank you for helping me, Larissa.”
“Nothing to thank. Let’s have a drink later.”
“I’ll be sure to go when the time comes.”

Leaving Larissa shaking her hand behind her, Siwoo headed out of the inn to pick up Amelia.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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