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City Of Witches 23

City Of Witches 23

Chapter 23 – #05_Amelia Marigold(2)


Amelia trudged back to her room.
Sophia, who had been cawing loudly all the way from the library to the dorm, also came in.

Normally, she would have blocked her mouth with magic, saying that she was noisy, but Amelia couldn’t afford it.


Only these three questions floated in and out of her head in furious rotation.
Proceeding straight to her bathroom, Amelia turned on her enchanted shower and ran the water over her head.

Sophia’s crow used her beak to get water in her sink and flapped her wings to enjoy the bath.

“Amelia, are you mad?”

Amelia doesn’t know a man yet.
She never even thought about wanting to have sex.
After all, she was Amelia who didn’t even know what sexuality was.

She had no intention of doing anything strange by inviting a slave into her quarters.
Even so, she called her late at best, so she thought of giving her a cup of tea and teaching her how to live from now on.

She couldn’t believe she didn’t even respond to the invitation.
Amelia is a witch and her male partner was a slave.
Wasn’t she not able to seduce her despite such a vast gap in status?

“I’m not angry.”
“It’s a very angry voice.”
“Avene, you’re really not mad. And how long is she intending to stay here?”
“Okay, okay. I’ll wash up a bit and go. You know crows like to be clean, right?”

Seeing the crow calmly playing her paddle made Amelia even more upset.
The fact that the person who witnessed the plaque a moment ago was Sophia made her furious.
Sophia murmured her words, which were not comforting.

“Maybe you’re too beautiful to be downhearted?”
“Can’t you just keep your mouth shut?”

Amelia trembled at the sight of Sophia holding her tongue tight in her meanness.

Wouldn’t Sophie not have to go through this if Sophie hadn’t come to her research wing and begged her?
Amelia clenched her fists.
In my heart, I wanted to strangle that crow, but there was no way I could do such a shameless act.


Amelia bit the inside of her lip in confusion.

The crow, who had been splashing around with her for a while, looked intently at Amelia.

Sophia became her witch about 20 years before Amelia.

Her ancestor Avenga and Marigold were close friends, and as soon as Sophia inherited her witch’s stigma, she quickly absorbed the knowledge of her ancestor. He even taught magic.

As much as she was, Amelia, who had many things to do with this and that, was like her little sister to Sophia.
However, Amelia strongly rejects such treatment.

The look of Amelia, who is immersed in her magic research and takes nothing else fun, as if she is risking her life day by day.

Sophia’s suggestion of this or that deviation of hers also stemmed from her good intentions of wanting to let Amelia know about her non-magic pleasures.


Seeing Amelia tearing her hair out, it looks like the day is ruined.

No way could the slave refuse the witch’s, especially Amelia’s, offer of night service.
I don’t know the details of the slave, but Amelia seemed devastated by her refusal.

“Don’t be too heartbroken.”

Amelia grunted and glared at her Sophia with a whimper.

“It’s all because of you!”

Amelia, like a child, couldn’t contain her anger and pointed at her.
This is the first time we see her since she became her witch.

“Why did you seduce me…”

To Sophia, Amelia is a flower in a greenhouse that has not yet gone through puberty.

Outwardly, she emulates Master’s appearance, which is polite, dignified, and chaste, but she has yet to develop a mature self.

There was a reason why it had to be.

After the death of her ancestor Marigold, Amelia inherited her brand.

Sophia, who played the role of a babysitter, later traveled to the present world.

It was a very long trip.

She escaped the cage-like Gehenna, accumulated her experience for a long time, witnessed the flow of history in the wide world, and killed the monster ‘Homunculus’ that was born by the Witch of Creation.

It was a truly happy and enjoyable day, even though I couldn’t raise a single level in the magic hierarchy.

After a long trip.
Sophia, who returned to Gehenna after 140 years, went straight to Amelia.

‘It’s been a while, Abene.’

When she meets Amelia again, she has a much more stern expression, and she has become someone who doesn’t smile very much.
It was like a doll.

It is where Sophia is reunited with Amelia that Amelia is her predecessor.
The cabin in the woods where Marigold lived.

Amelia’s longing for her ancestor, Marigold, was evident in the cabin, which hadn’t changed at all compared to before.

In that cabin, Amelia was studying magic.

Of course, it’s not unusual for witches to study magic.
However, Amelia was overly ‘only’ immersed in magic.

She has no relationship with anyone, no conversation with anyone.
For more than 100 years, she has been alone in her closet, burning all of herself for her magic.

Sophia noticed that Amelia’s obsession with magic was not simply the result of her inquisitive mind.

She is Amelia, who was clumsy with people in the first place.
Master, who was nothing short of her parents, suddenly disappeared, and even Sophia, who was the most open to her, left the present world.

Amelia, left alone, chose a way to sublimate her sadness and loneliness,
When she was an apprentice witch, it was magic that she was so unsure of.

She whips herself endlessly.
Amelia, who was judged to have no talent as a witch, pushed herself until, in just 140 years, she rose two ranks.

How lonely must she have been?
How distressed must she be?
She also wondered how hard it must have been for her.

‘Why are you crying?’

Sophia hugged Amelia, who was buried in a pile of paper while wearing her witch’s outfit that her master had handed down to her.

Amelia pushed Sophia away as if the contact was unpleasant, but she never let go.

What if he had taken Amelia with him in the present world?
She wouldn’t be preoccupied with a mysterious new world, but what if even once she had returned to Gehenna for Amelia’s sake?

It left me with so many great regrets.

‘Don’t do this only here, let’s go to the academy with me.’
‘Why? I like this place.’

When she rejected her offer, Sophia suppressed her guilt and said,
It was Sophia who forced Amelia out and recommended her to be an associate professor at Trinity Academy.

‘If I go there, I might get a new perspective on magic.’
‘I’m not interested.’

Of course, at first Amelia refused.

There is no easy way to leave the nest she has dedicated her life to, and the place where her memories with her teacher are accumulated.

‘Amelia, this is the cake I bought in Kifusi.’
‘This dress was tailored by Flora’s dressmaker. How is it? Doesn’t it suit you perfectly?’
‘This is a cigarette, but I like to smoke it sometimes when I have a headache.’

In order to bring Amelia out of the nameless forest of Gehenna, he seduced her with all sorts of newspapers.
Sweet desserts, pretty clothes, and even cigarettes.
Of course, Amelia didn’t follow Sophia for the snobbish reasons Sophia put forward, but after Sofia’s persuasion, which was close to courtship, Amelia reluctantly became an associate professor at the academy.

‘Amelia, would you like to go to the fertility festival with me?’
‘I’m not interested.’
‘Don’t you want to go out in the present world? You’d be really surprised.’
‘Master also spent his whole life in Gehenna. There’s no need for me to go out.’

I’ve only looked at magic my whole life, so there’s no way that the style of life will change at once just because the place has changed.

‘I’m busy, so go.’

Even when Amelia left her cabin, she tried to focus on her magic.
If Sophia hadn’t dragged her from place to place, interfering with everything, she probably would have done it again and again until it was time to pass on her brand.

Only 5 years have passed since then.

It was too short a time for Amelia, who had lived a world of her own, buried in her memories and longing, to fully mature.

Like her venerable master, she used to portray the form of an orphaned witch, but her efforts were too thin a plating.

Amelia was easily upset, she was sometimes stubborn like a child, and she sometimes panicked when faced with unexpected situations like this.

“How dare you… Slavery…”

From Sophia’s point of view, it was still a great improvement.
At least compared to the lifeless appearance of a paper doll back then, she looks much better in her anger now.

Originally, being a human being is the way to grow in the process of being happy, angry, loving, and having fun.
Sophia had already learned outside.

“I can’t forgive you. You humiliated me like this.”

Sophia, who had been secretly smiling, came to her senses after hearing Amelia’s monologue.
Amelia, who rarely speaks her mind, even talks to herself so passionately that she must have been quite aroused.

Now let’s slow down.
When Sophia ate her heart like that.

“To the subject of slavery, to the subject of slavery, to the subject of slavery…”
“This is an impossibility of blasphemy.”
“Huh? This isn’t it?”

Amelia radiated a dark aura and was consumed by her vengeance.

She says it again, but Amelia is still immature.
She had no knack for how to deal with embarrassing feelings beyond a certain point.

Now, as a way to come to terms with the shocking fact of being rejected by her slaves, she has chosen to project onto the class theory of the naive Gehennaic caste society she is familiar with.

The conclusions thus reached were terrifying.

“I’ll let a slave who doesn’t know the subject confirm his fraction.”

Birds don’t have sweat glands, but Sophia felt the crow’s body sweat profusely.

I could see that the slave’s hardships from earlier had been opened to the public.
I’m sorry that I’ve already taken you as a slave, but to have caused trouble like this.

“I’m sorry.”

Sophia walked out of her washbasin with her gun on, without saying a word.

Amelia was not cruel by her birth, so she wouldn’t directly harm a slave, so she wouldn’t have to worry too much about her.

“I’ll show you!”

After Amelia’s indignant self-talk, the bathroom door quietly closed.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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