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City Of Witches 22

City Of Witches 22

Chapter 22 – #05_Amelia Marigold(1)


Amelia scolded Siu harshly.
He repeatedly lowered his head and left the bathroom as if to run away.
Seeing his silhouette recede through the translucent glass walls, Amelia let out a small sigh.

Relief that the crude and urgent excuse had succeeded.
And the shame of having lied just to get away right away pierced my chest.

The events of five years ago flashed through Amelia’s head as she buried her nose in the bathtub full of foam.

It was a story about a very dull, boring, ordinary winter day.

“Amelia, aren’t you bored?”
“What’s going on again? Avene.”
“I just came here because I was bored.”
“It’s a waste.”

Amelia did not get tired of answering the crow of Avenga who visited her research building.
A crow with wings almost the size of a computer monitor.

The crow, pushed by the back of Amelia’s hand as she stretched out his hand in annoyance, flopped and flopped and sat on the stand.
She would always come and interrupt me during my studies.

“Why do you live so boringly after studying magic for 20 hours a day? You’re already 2 paths ahead of your predecessor.”
“It’s a feat that I inherited even while taking the life of Master. I can’t neglect it for a moment.”

Hearing Amelia’s words, the crow flicked its white sclera and nodded its head from side to side several times.

Certainly, Amelia’s remarks were different from those of ordinary witches.

Fulfilling the brand is a great feat that should take precedence over preserving the life of a single witch.
It would have been an inheritance for this, but to say that the stigma took away Master’s life.

Of course, she wasn’t frivolous enough to put that into her mouth.
Sophia was aware of Amelia’s relationship with her mentor.
There are not a few cases in which a bond like parent-child flows between an apprentice witch and her master.

“So if you abuse her hair like that, you’ll have to hand over the stigma right away?”
“If we run out of money, we should.”
“For something like that, you didn’t even take an apprentice witch.”
“Because there’s still a lot we can do.”
“Then do you need to work so hard from now on? Looking at you, you look like a witch in her twilight years who will soon pass on her brand to an apprentice witch.”

Amelia sighed as she watched the crow speak with her mouth open, and Amelia put down her pen.
Apparently today’s Sofia had no intention of leaving in silence.

“What are you going to bother me with today?”
“A new slave has been assigned to the academy, right?”
“So what?”
“It’s a man. There are two of them.”

It was nothing to do with or care about.
Perhaps reading that expression, the crow said with an urgent expression.
A crow’s urgent expression is a bit funny.

“Amelia, this is the advice from the previous Abene family… Would you like to hear it?”
“Are you going to whine around until you say you’ll listen anyway? Do it.”

Amelia and Sophia didn’t get along well.
Sophia was a tanker who recklessly pushed ahead without even batting an eye at Amelia’s vitriol, which she used to prevent annoyance.

Therefore, in order to prevent further annoyance, I have no choice but to listen.

“Master said that the cramped space in the closet is the sediment that blocks the inspiration of creation.

You will see it in the eyes of Sophia, who visits you every day.
The fact that the draft of the magic circle that Amelia was working on had been staying in the same place for several months.

Something crucial was missing.
It was a time when it was necessary to create a new formula, not simply change the variables to be substituted.

“Look at that. It’s because we work in the same studio all day, looking at the same sights and doing the same things. Output is directly proportional to input. Isn’t it okay to change the mood sometimes?”
“You’re just changing the mood every day.”

Sophia continues to say what she has to say as if she can’t hear what Amelia is saying.

“Even in modern times, I don’t go to the salon except to buy magic items.
How can I come up with a new idea like this! What you need at this point is not to hold on to problems, but new experiences.”

The way Sophia seduced Amelia was quite clever and appropriate.
If I say it’s because it’s fun to hang out with, will Amelia, the magic otaku in the corner of the room, listen?
Amelia would have flattened her ass from being pressed against her old chair had it not been for her witchy body.

That’s why I secretly mix the advice that it’s for magic.
In reality, Amelia was pretending to shed in one of her ears, but she was not getting rid of Sophia’s crow.

“So what?”
“Today, let’s step on the stairs of adults.”
“A new experience doesn’t have to be sex, right?”

In fact, this isn’t the first time I’ve received an offer like this.
Sophia, unlike the orthodox Amelia, was quite a free-spirited witch.

Amelia’s disdain for Sophia at the first meeting was also because of her eccentricity of sleeping with both men and women if she liked her.

She had concluded through several conversations that she was not a very bad woman, but apart from that, Sophia’s behavior of trying to get Amelia to join her in her own hobbies was very annoying.

“No. Sexual intercourse is the process by which a man and a woman create a single life. Isn’t this the ‘creation’ itself?
Of course, even if we cannot have children because of the stigma, the act itself is a noble foundation that has created tens of billions of lives over tens of millions of years.”

By this point, she was disillusioned with why she should be taking this bullshit seriously.
Amelia, who had been listening for a long time, looked away from her as if steam had leaked.

“I heard everything, so go now.”
“Ah… Ah…”

Amelia didn’t listen and grabbed her pen again.
Maybe from now on, I’ll just ignore what Sofia says and scribble down her meaningless calculations.

When the big fish that had bitten her bait ran away, Sophia decided to use another strategy.

If Amelia’s first strategy is ‘Let’s associate it with magic’,
The second is ‘let’s scrape our pride’.

“Shit, I can’t help it. I think you should be a little more proud of your appearance.”
“You are beautiful and attractive enough. Even if you don’t have a body as feminine as mine, there are not many men who can look at you and treat you calmly, right?”
“It can be awkward and scary because I’ve never had much conversation with a man, let alone love. But the first experience of anything is difficult.”

Sophia begins to scratch the inside of Amelia, who completely ignores her.

The reason why Amelia didn’t date men, she interpreted freely, was ‘because she lacked confidence in her appearance’ or ‘because she was timid’.

It worked as expected.
Amelia’s eyebrows were fluctuating in real time.
What matters is balance.

It was best to stimulate Amelia’s desire to compete in moderation without hurting Amelia’s pride, who was stubborn like her predecessor Marigold.

“Because you have a childlike side. Unexpectedly, even if you appeal to that point, you can still be loved by men. You’re cute even to me as a woman.”

If you sneakily mix the keyword ‘a childlike corner’ here, Amelia responds to the match.

It’s really easy to handle.

Amelia threw her quill back on her desk and widened her eyes.
I think it’s a threat in my own way, but it’s just cute.

“Who said childlike?”
“Oh! I’m sorry. I apologize if I offended you.”
“What I learned from my master is not only magic.
All of this has a depth that Abene cannot compare to pseudo-nobility like you.”

Amelia solemnly declares.
Padak Padak The crow came down from the stand and rubbed its cheek against the back of Amelia’s hand to express her apologies.

“Sorry, don’t be angry. I did it because I wanted you to have more experiences as a friend. I also want to see Amelia more mature than she is now.”

Amelia sighed and rose from her seat.
Sophia’s raven cawed excitedly and flew over Amelia’s head.

“Let me make you realize that you were thinking wrong. So don’t bother me again in the future.”
“Huh? What do you mean?”

Amelia said a word to Sophia, who pretended not to know her.

“Do you think you’ll fall for the same trick every time, not for a day or two? I know you upset me on purpose.”

I think I’m pretty upset about that…
The word Goi Goi is enshrined Sophia.

“I cannot agree that the vulgar pursuit of pleasure is the inspiration for creation. I have no intention of doing it.
I’ve only risen to prove you wrong.”
“What did I say…?”
“The part about me being insecure and afraid of talking to men because of that. That’s wrong. I just didn’t feel the need to do it.”

Men are inferior beings who cannot even use deep magic.

“Take me to where the slaves are.”

Amelia untied her hair from her ponytail and began to walk with her proud steps.

“But isn’t seduction too mean for a slave? How can a slave refuse a witch’s orders?”
“You can tell by the reaction whether you’re coming reluctantly or not.”

Guided by her crow, Amelia made her way through the brightly lit hallways to the dusky library.

It was because I was informed that one of the first slaves assigned two days ago was here.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw a slave tidying up the library.
That slave will take over the management of Trinity Academy as a slave belonging to the city hall for the next six years.
I’ll use him as a sidekick sometimes, but that’s not a big deal.

Seeing her working even though it was long past working hours, it seemed that she hadn’t adjusted properly yet.
Or maybe he’s a bit of a jerk.

“Manager Shin Si-woo.”
“Yes! Witch!”


A slave tumbling down from a ladder with a courageous shout.
Rising from the dust pit, he rushed to stand in front of Amelia with a hard expression on his face.

If you show her how to seduce a man with a single word, even Sophia sitting on her shoulder will understand and fall away.

Then you can concentrate on your research without any interruption for the time being.

In fact, looking at his face as if he was half possessed, he seems to need such verification.

“Come to my bed when you’re done.”

Aren’t you already in love?

Indeed, Amelia had never been dissatisfied with her own appearance.

The soft blonde hair that seemed to have been squeezed out of a sparkling gold bar, and the eyes that seemed to contain the blue sky.
All of them have been praised by Master for being very beautiful.

Is that all?
Elegance and etiquette learned through years of education.
Even the charisma that a witch should have.

She was confident that she had a charm that could not be compared with a sham witch like Sophia.

“Then you know that…”

Judging from that reaction, there is nothing to answer.
I was going to turn around and walk home.

This stupid man will come to the hostel with all kinds of insidious fantasies, but he won’t be able to do anything.

The first time she had seen her, she was not a prodigal woman who mixed her body with a man, and her purpose was to prove his charm to Sophia.


And the unexpected words of a man.
He lowered his head almost to the floor and cried out that he was sorry.


Unexpectedly, the crow on Amelia’s shoulder flapped her wings and burst into laughter.

A hot, red face.
Amelia, who never imagined she would ever be rejected by a slave, felt her head go blank.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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