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City Of Witches 21

City Of Witches 21

Chapter 21 – #04_Border Town (6)


On a night like this, even if you go a little deeper into the forest, darkness falls.
The lights in the harbor, the moonlight hidden by the clouds.
It was as if it was not there in the densely stretched oak forest.

So, next to Amelia, a magically created decorative fire was floating and lighting up the surroundings.

The Cloud Mushroom Village is truly bizarre.
Will this scene be like this after about 200 years after the earth is destroyed?
A tree growing through the roof of a mansion, a tree blocking the middle of a road, and a tree standing tall among the rubble of a collapsed house.

Oak trees, each taller than 50m, are flooding the residential area.
A place where we arrived along the road where acorns were mined instead of stones.
It is the only villa with light flowing in this dark (former) residential area.

Although they arrived at the villa after many twists and turns, both Siwoo and Amelia had stunned expressions on their faces.
The villa I finally arrived at was hanging in the middle of a 20m tall tree.

This accident happened 10 years ago, and that villa was only built 3 years ago, so it must have been built in a place like that on purpose.

Shall we call it a unique hotel?
Aren’t there quite a few on Earth?
A hotel in the middle of the desert, a bed with only beds on a hill overlooking the Alps, or a room under 20 meters of water.
It was probably like a villa built with that feeling.

“Is this really the right place?”
“Even though it looks small, it must have space magic.”

The two stood side by side and looked up at the tree house suspended in the air.
Looking down like this, it is hanging really high.

Amelia lightly spurred her on the ground and flew like an angel into the villa, while Siwoo climbed a ladder lowered from above.
It was the first time in my life to climb a ladder this high, so my liver was shaking.

When he barely climbed up, what Siu found was Amelia’s back, frozen as it was with the door of her villa open.

“What’s up?”

Siu, who hurriedly stuck to Amelia’s side in an unusual atmosphere, hardened just like her.


Contrary to Amelia’s expectation that space magic would be applied, the villa was very small.
When two people stay together, they can’t help but see each other wherever they are.

The tree house, which can only be found in the American countryside, had equipment that was up to date compared to its shabby appearance.
It was kept clean and tidy without a speck of dust, and rather than sticking to the old-fashioned interior decoration unique to Gehenna, the composition as if it had been moved to a modern hotel is impressive.

However, there was a little problem in the part of its composition.

Candlesticks with erotic pink flames and huge beds with only one bed.
A huge mirror is attached to the ceiling above the bed to check what is happening under the bed in real time.

Besides, it didn’t end here.
A single translucent glass wall separates the bedroom from the bathroom.

What more can I say
It’s just a love hotel.
Amelia was at a loss for words, and Siu was even less speechless.

“Caretaker, shut up.”
“I haven’t said anything yet.”
“Don’t think about anything.”

Amelia let out a deep sigh and put her forehead to see if her head hurt.
After pondering for a moment, she turns around and confronts Siu.

“You know, this is the first time I’ve been to this villa.”
“I know.”

Otherwise, Amelia wouldn’t be so embarrassed.
Amelia said as she twisted her hair.

“I didn’t prepare this, much less did I ask for it to be prepared. It was completely unexpected.”
“I understand without any misunderstanding, Associate Professor.”

On the other hand, it was quite precious to see her always confident, so flustered.

“I’m glad you know.”

Siwoo changed his shoes into the slippers that were placed next to each other and entered the villa.

As soon as I closed the door, I felt even more grumpy.
It seems that you have entered a love hotel where you are alone with Amelia.

Could this be the green light from Amelia?
They deliberately head to Border Town on the day of regular inspection of the portal, wear strange black underwear, treat each other well today, and besides, the villa is a perfect atmosphere for lovers to have sex.

She has the face of a witch, and Amelia is someone who values ​​that especially, so I can’t openly ask her to attend the night.
Could it be that this is a subtle way to appeal?
Siu, who was fanning his imagination, shook his head.

“It can’t be.”

Anyone else would know, but Amelia couldn’t do something like that.
She said that she would only spend one night with a slave.

-Shoot it

The sound of the water penetrated Siwoo’s ears as he sat on the floor practicing the face wall and imagining various things.
It’s the sound of Amelia washing up.

When she becomes a witch, she is free from many things.
The witch who received her stigma becomes a ‘spiritual body’, and this spiritual body is a transcendent body that deviated from the order of her nature.

You don’t have to die of old age, you don’t have to eat, you don’t have to be cheap, you don’t have to sleep.
It seems that he sweats to regulate his body temperature, but even this can be solved with magic.

Even so, witches eat delicacies, sleep in good beds, and wash themselves in large baths.
When they were human, their “Signs” Would carry on with inertia even after they became witches.
Amelia would go into the bathroom and wash her body in the same vein.

Eventually, the sound of the water in the shower stops and the sound of splashing is heard.
Siu couldn’t overcome his curiosity and turned his head very slightly to look at the translucent glass wall that covered the bathroom.
Amelia, with her hair in a ponytail, was seen in silhouette sitting in her bathtub.


I answered loudly, wondering if I had heard Amelia’s voice humming in the bathroom.
Fortunately, she didn’t seem to have been caught.

“Bring me glasses and wine from the wine cellar, as well as the cigarettes I bought today.”

Was there anything like that? Looking around, Siwoo sees a small wine cellar in the corner of the room.
Unlike Siu, who was distracted, Amelia managed to find what was in the shadow.

Even without Amelia having to say anything, Siwoo even packs an ashtray.
He set them down on the glass door in front of her bathroom, trying hard not to see Amelia.

“I’m ready.”
“Bring it in.”

But Amelia’s instructions didn’t end there.
Her order to come into her bathroom, where she was soaking, was further dropped.

“That can’t be!”

Stay calm.
This is Amelia’s trap.
If you go in and see her bare skin, you will surely face a terrible punishment.
‘I was excited to see the witch’s body on the subject of slavery. It was not strange to hear that a castration type would be suitable for a manager.

“I won’t say it twice. Come in.”

Amelia didn’t say anything after that.
Siu took a deep breath.
All you have to do is look at the floor, go in and hand over the wine.

“Then let’s go in.”

Siwoo opened the bathroom door with her head down.

A thick layer of steam smolders the fluttering candles in the bathroom.
It was full of the scent of fragrant roses.

And what Siwoo saw were Amelia’s clothes and underwear in the basket on the bathroom floor.
The underwear, which looked extremely mature and covered a small area, was well folded and drew attention from inside the basket.

“No way. Because there are bubbles anyway.”

Siu raised his head cautiously at Amelia’s words.
Just as she said, the bathtub was full of bubbles so that you couldn’t see the bottom.
Therefore, what Siwoo can see is Amelia’s fine shoulder line.
His hair was tied up so it wouldn’t get wet, so only a deer-like neckline was visible.

“Cigarettes first.”

Siu took a cigarette from the cigarette pack and put it between her lips.
Come to think of it, she usually doesn’t smell of her cigarettes at all. Is that some kind of magic?


Siu carefully tipped the bottle into the glass Amelia was holding and poured the wine.
She closed her eyes tightly and inhaled the smoke from her cigarette, dousing her mouth with her wine.

Although it is covered by foam, it is quite exposed.
Because her full breastbone, white arms and armpits that were not covered at all were exposed.

“Yes, I am listening.”
“Even a janitor opens one.”

Siu put the cigarette in his mouth.
It seemed like a pretty good way to stop the sexual desire that kept coming up like a storm.

“Aren’t you going to refuse this time?”
“Because the associate professor also listened to my request.”

Had Amelia killed her middle-aged man there, she would have lost all her hatred she had.

“I know he was a pretty good mathematician out there. Is that true?”
“You’re right.”

Strictly speaking, he was an aspiring mathematician.
More than that, it was surprising that Amelia knew even the details of slavery.
It didn’t take long for me to understand why he was saying this all of a sudden.

“I need an assistant to organize and manage research materials.”
“I mean, come under my exclusive jurisdiction, like I suggested five years ago.”

Shiu opened his mouth stupidly.
His mind flashed as if electricity had passed through his head.
Wasn’t it five years ago when Amelia asked for a nightstand?
What else did she mean when she said that she had offered exclusive slavery?

“Associate Professor. Would you mind if I ask you a rude question?”
“As long as it’s not overly rude.”

Siu swallowed his saliva.
All the while, he wondered if there was something deeply misunderstood.

“Didn’t you ask me to attend the night five years ago?”

In her memory, Amelia approached Siu after work was over and said such nuanced words.
However, Siu, who was a virgin who knew nothing but mathematics from the beginning, and had heard a lot of scary things about witches from the slave trader, was frightened and rejected the offer.

Since then Amelia resented it, and in her tenacious and petty ways harassed her slave for rejecting her own offer.
This is Siu’s memory.

“I see, that’s a rude question.”

Amelia sipped her drink as she furrowed her brow in displeasure.

“I told him to come to my bed when work was over that day. But I never said a word about the night shift.”
“Why go to bed…”
“She had to test how useful she was, and it’s a lot closer there than the research building. So, janitor, have you considered me a slut who puts any man in bed?”

Amelia’s cold voice.
She feels a bit evasive, but she’s not big enough to pick it up.

“I’m sorry.”

Siu bowed his head and apologized.
The premise itself was tightly twisted.

When I think about it, it is natural.
I have never heard of Amelia dragging another man into bed.
She’s a traditional, conservative witch with no interest in anything other than magic.

Amelia thinks of dragging her first slave into bed?
Falling in love all of a sudden?
In the first place, she is firmly into the ax bottle.

Takasho fanned it from the side, but it was an obvious mistake.

“I don’t even want to hear an apology. Well, that’s what all males think.”

Amelia’s anger, sharper than the dead wind in midwinter, prostrated herself, lowered her head, and scratched Lin Siu’s back.
The buzz from before is gone.
Now it was time to think about how to please her and make her feel better.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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