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City Of Witches 20

City Of Witches 20

Chapter 20 – #04_Border Town (5)


There was one problem.
The villa that Amelia’s friend lent her.
It is not possible to guess where the villa is.

There is no way that Amelia, noble from her birth, is familiar with the geography of Border Town, and even when Siu grabs and asks passers-by about her, she only tilts her head, but she can’t tell anyone the exact location.

It bothers me that Amelia’s expression is getting worse, because she’s been wandering down the street for almost an hour.

“Where is Cloud Mushroom Village 1-12?”
“Oh, first-timers can’t find it there. Listen carefully, bachelor.”

Siwoo, who was confused for a while, asked his lady who was selling chicken skewers earlier.
Her kind aunt not only gave her directions in detail, but also related events that she was not too curious about.

“Thank you.”
“What do you mean? People in the same neighborhood help each other and live.”

Amelia and Siu had to wander for a long time.

The address of the villa Siu was looking for is said to be the village where the witches of the town originally lived.
But that was even 10 years ago.

Now Cloud Mushroom Village has become a huge forest nestled in the north of Border Town.

A witch made a mistake in her experiments, causing thousands of oak trees to grow wild and destroy her houses?

By the way, the witch is said to have been kicked out of Gehenna after this accident, which was named ‘The Sprout Rebellion’, left her in huge debts.

Siu passed that information on to Amelia.

“…So, I wonder if the associate professor’s close friend misunderstood?”
“That’s not going to happen. I heard it was built only three years ago.”

Well, there’s no way that meticulous Amelia wouldn’t have checked that out.
She figures out her exact destination and crosses the marina.

Ships came and went nonstop even at night at the marina where supplies were to be supplied from modern times to Gehenna.

Nighttime floodlights, likely used at construction sites, were placed here and there to illuminate the dark harbor, and slaves were whipped and loaded and unloaded endlessly.

The auction took place under a huge shark that seemed to have been pulled up from a fishing boat.
I saw smugglers busily counting dollar bills and exchanging them for gold bars.

The smell of sweat worse than the fishy smell of the sea, and the smell of opium and cigarettes wafting from everywhere.
If Siu had not been affiliated with City Hall, he would have had to move his luggage here without even having time to caress the bruises.
Thinking that way made me a little creepy.

However, Amelia did not pay attention to all places.
Even though all of this is an absurd system created by witches, she just jumps on the bandwagon without feeling guilty.

A fact she knew.
But before she felt displeasure or contempt, she felt a little, disappointed.

“I-I can’t…! I can’t…!”

At that time, a slave in one of the docks started to riot.
The middle-aged man, wearing only pants worse than Siwoo’s, threw away the luggage he was carrying and sat down.

Even half-naked in this cold weather, the hem of his waist was full of dried sweat.

“Is this bastard crazy? Won’t he wake up right away?”

The burly slave manager, who was brandishing a whip at the slaves, came running.
A series of commotion was caught in Amelia’s movement, so the two stood tall.

“Kill! Fuck kill! Just kill! How can you work 16 hours a day!”

The middle-aged man, who started screaming with red veins standing out in his white eyes, continued to force himself even as he was beaten with a whip.

The manager, who had been whipping her for a while, found Amelia and her face flushed red.

Just looking at her, she felt ashamed in front of her witch, who was high in her limbs, because the slave she managed was calling for her folly.
The mentality of the citizens of Gehenna did not deviate much from feudalism.


The manager finally took out the curved sword that was worn around his waist.

“I’ve been patient with being as slow as a pig, but I can’t do it anymore!”

That moment when he spat out the thick curd and tried to wield a knife at the middle-aged man’s throat.
Amelia stepped out.

“Witch! This guy should set an example!”

It was the same with the middle-aged man, who seemed to be out of breath.
A middle-aged man who finds Amelia begins to swarm.

“Is that mate that good-looking witch? Geak!”
“This bastard!”

A middle-aged man was kicked in the head by an administrator as he disrespectfully tried to tease her at the witch.
If the slave’s remarks became a crime of blasphemy, it could spark sparks to the manager from there.

Amelia intervened again as the manager was about to trample the half-fainted middle-aged man.

“I told you to stop.”
“All right!.”

A manager who has no choice but to let go.
The manager who understood Gehenna’s ecology was not reckless enough to vomit at the witch’s words.

The middle-aged man who came to his senses exploded his sadness and anger.

“Why are you catching someone who is living a fine life and damn it!”

The middle-aged man crawled on the floor and glared at Amelia in disgust.

“Are you guys that great? Are you that good! Then kill me damn! Kill me now!”

As Amelia’s eyebrows twitched, Siwoo hurriedly intervened.
I know Amelia is a nasty witch, but I don’t want to see her kill someone of her own.

“Mister, calm down.”
“What else are you!”

While the work of the labor station was paralyzed, Siwoo felt the eyes pouring down on him.
Siwoo beat the manager, tore off his jacket, and wiped the mud off the middle-aged man’s face.

“You’ll die after that, really. Let’s think rationally for a bit.”

The manager was taken aback by Siwoo’s absurd behavior, but couldn’t stop him.

It was because of Amelia, who stood there silently.
The middle-aged man jumped up and pushed Siwoo’s chest.

“Are you a male gun? It’s worth seeing the witch. It’s worth it. The cubs like you are the most disgusting.

Siwoo gets hit in the face with a spit and is pushed back.

Seeing that, Amelia stepped forward with her eyebrows furrowed.

It smelled like lilacs.

In a port where not a single flower tree can be found except for the dried seaweed that has stuck to the pier,
The fragrance of flowers that seems to have entered a flower garden begins to spread.

The stench of rotting fish, the smell of sweat from exploited slaves, and the smell of mud mixed with the smell of the sea were all covered up as if they had never existed.

The enchanting scent of lilacs, which could only be smelled in a dream, was by no means natural.

This is her magnetic magic.

It is the magic that made Amelia Marigold called the ‘Witch of Perfume’.

People who turn their backs on the sudden anomaly and run away.
Even the manager threw away her knife and started running backwards.

“If that’s your wish, I’ll grant it.”

The moment Amelia’s hand lazily points to the middle-aged man.

Siwoo grabbed her by the wrist.


Amelia, whose azure eyes were glowing with the blue reflection of magic power, trembled as if she had hiccups.
Slave Puts Her Hand On Her Witch’s Body Without Permission
This is extreme

However, the expression of surprise was short-lived.
Amelia, who has returned to her original expressionless expression, asks.

“What is this?”
“Witch, do you think this is the right thing to do?”
“She was humiliated by a slave in public. She seems to want death herself, so it’s fair.”

Amelia is a pure-blooded witch to the bone.
Even if she preaches the absurdity of this system to her, she won’t listen properly.

“Right, that’s right. But Associate Professor Amelia.”

Siu put strength into Amelia’s hand that held her wrist.
That she never stretched out her arms.
Because she never wanted to see Amelia kill another person.

“If the sub-professor kills that slave, I don’t think he’ll ever forgive the professor.”

It was an absurdly ridiculous line to say with the determination to risk one’s life.
What kind of slave would talk about Mani because he forgives a witch?
Siwoo was aware of the contradiction.


Amelia looked straight into Siwoo’s eyes for a long time, and Siwoo faced him without avoiding his gaze.
After wrestling with the eyes for a long time, the reflected light that used to shine in Amelia’s jewel-like eyes disappeared.
It has gained power

Instead of the fragrant lilac scent that filled your nostrils, you start to smell the original Border Town.

Only then was Siu able to look around.
All the people who had just been screaming and running away stood still.
It’s as if they’re doing performance art as a group.

The people who did that are starting to move little by little again.

“What, what?”
“What happened?”
“I think it smelled like a nice flower.”

People buzzing as if their memories had disappeared for a moment.
Amelia passed Siu and approached the manager who was taking care of the knife that had fallen on the ground.

“Who’s in charge here?”
“I’m Jack, the 3rd anchorage logistics manager!”

The manager loudly introduced himself.

“Recognize the origin of that slave and relocate it to a suitable place. Judging by the appearance, if you leave it here, you will die within a few days.”
“All right!”

The manager answered with courage like a new recruit with a strong discipline.
It was very lenient compared to the slave’s open insults and swearing at her witch.

After a while, the middle-aged man, who had been standing there blankly as if he had been angry, yelled at the back of Amelia’s head as she was moving away.

“Why? Kill? Can’t you?”

Amelia didn’t even look back.
With the sound of the manager closing her mouth, the middle-aged man’s shouts subsided, and Siwoo stood next to Amelia.

“Thank you, Associate Professor.”

Siu was happy.
I don’t know why.
I felt even proud of the fact that Amelia wasn’t a very rotten witch.

“Don’t get me wrong. Listening to the caretaker didn’t change her decision.”

Amelia still has a cold wind blowing.
Amelia would be more suited to her being so ruthless and cold that she doesn’t get her hands dirty.

Just before I set foot on the trail in the oak forest that I could see far away.
Amelia said as if reciting her poetry.

“Live like a witch and like a noble.”
“That was the will Master left for me. He always said it like a habit.”

Siu was startled as if he would faint.
Hearing Amelia talk about herself was the first time she had been there in five years.

“I know the meaning of the words to live like a witch. She just needs to live as she does now.”

Siu looked at Amelia’s profile, more like a witch than anyone else.
For the first time, it was as if he had glimpsed a shadow of anguish on her arrogant and cold face.

“But I still don’t know what it means to live like a noble.”

Amelia, who always looked like a pretty doll (but with a very frightening curse) seemed a bit human.
Siu said.

“Amelia-sama’s appearance a moment ago was more aristocratic than anyone else.”

Amelia’s face, which had been defenseless for a moment, returns to its original state.
It was a stubborn change of expression, as if she should be.

“What does the caretaker say he knows?”

Amelia’s quivering.
Seeing her like that, Siu just smiled slightly.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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