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City Of Witches 19

City Of Witches 19

Chapter 19 – #04_Border Town (4)


According to Takasho’s bullshit, no matter how ugly a man is, only once in a lifetime.
It is said that there are days when a woman twists her strings.
Shiu laughed it off as nonsense, but lately I’ve been worried about whether or not Takasho’s superstition is actually true.

From the twins, Amelia, to Larissa, the store manager, who is almost unknown today.
For five years after being caught by Gehenna, he only suffered intensely, but suddenly the woman started to get twisted.

“You can make some noise.
“It’s okay, that’s it.”

Larisa, squatting at Siwoo’s feet and showing off her flamboyant tongue, brushed her disheveled side hair behind her ear.

The hot tongue that seemed to melt her cock was also tongue-in-cheek, but the visual stimulation was insane.

Her melon-sized symbol of motherhood stretches under her gravity, bobbing as she nods her head and sucks on her cock.

“How is this? Feel good? Haap…”

Larissa, without hesitation, gripped her cock glistening with her own spittle, and gathered the flesh under her glans to make her rosebud.
Then she boldly sticks her tongue in, stimulating her glans and cuticle at the same time.

– Chuleup chureup chureup!

Siwoo had to apply strength to his leg, which was about to loosen without even realizing it.
Compared to the fledgling fella that Odile and Odette did, it is a different technique.

“Why is there no hair?”

Larissa asked, sliding her tongue down the tendons of her stiff cock, sticking her balls into her mouth and smacking her goddaughter.
Even with a cock full of her own saliva, she doesn’t look uncomfortable at all.
Each and every link in her actions was so natural that it was like watching her AV actress right in front of you.

– Jingjing jjing jjing jjing jjul

Her cock glistening like a loach in her hands was so full of her copper that it felt like she had ejaculated halfway through.
Even now, a clear liquid was pouring out of the urethra.
Siu managed to open her mouth and make an excuse.

“Originally… I’m not a constitution…”
“Really? It’s amazing to see just the fluffy hair. It looks like a baby pepper.”

‘It’s not the size,’ Larissa snorted.
She wanted to smear that face with semen as she licked her lips coquettishly.
She was a bewitching woman who brought out a man’s hidden desires.

“Shouldn’t it be cheap already? I mean, I haven’t even tasted it yet.”

She grinned, twirling her glans on her own nipple.
Please, I want you to stop at least that hand and say that.

“Let’s do it quickly because we don’t have time.”

Larissa got up from her seat and, not even properly adjusting her clothes, leaned over her back on her shelf.
Her sweatpants and thongs come down, revealing her moon-like ass.


Siwoo admired without even realizing it.
Her ass is so big and bouncy that I can’t see her asshole at all.
Only the brown pussy’s sexually stretched pussy was glistening with her love juices.

“Do you want to put it in? Put it in quickly.”

Larissa grabs one side of her ass and opens her cunt.
The thick, well-used pubic skin was flaring out, exuding pink flesh.

Siu was worried.
Amelia is now on the corner of the store, less than 50 steps away.
In other words, a situation where you never know when this sex will be discovered.

Amelia has a strong feeling that she likes Siu.
It is dangerous to reveal her sex if the coy kindness she shows for her fortress is her desire to monopolize Siwoo.

She didn’t know what punishment she would take, considering her temper, which had been harassing her tenaciously for five years for refusing to serve her just once.

“Why are you so hesitant?”

Larissa began rubbing her genital area on top of Siwoo’s cock, which was standing tall.
The prickly pubic hair and the startlingly hot meat clung to his cock with a groaning sound.

It seems like heat is radiating out.
The softer and chewier pubic skin than anywhere else on the female body was tickling the sensitive glans.

“Do you like witches?”
“It can’t be.”

Shiu, who was in conflict, responded like a knife to Larissa’s words.
That Amelia was beautiful was an indisputable fact of hers, but that did not make her feelings for her in her favour.

The feelings Siu has for her are akin to her awe, fear, and annoyance.

“You don’t think witches really like slaves, do you?”
“I’m telling you because you look clumsy and fresh.”

Larissa licked her lips and said to Siu.

“If you’re dreaming, it’s better to wake up. I, who was born and raised here, know more about witches. Do you know how scary witches are? Humans just need to play with each other.”

I don’t know if it’s just for sex or sincere advice after cutting off Siwoo’s hesitation.
One thing is for sure, Larissa’s expression right now is quite serious.

“Especially for witches of high rank. You can mix flesh out of momentary curiosity. But do you know what kind of ending aristocratic men meet?”

Her words were advice that no one would ever talk about, something that only those who have touched the dark side of this society could give.


It was such a scary word that my erection loosened a little.

“Why? Among witches, nobles are special.”
“More than that, how did you know he was a noble?”
“You’ll know when you see it. My store has a lot of witch customers.”

Anyway, Larissa took a moment to catch her breath.

“Among the arrogant and authoritative witches, the aristocrats are even more so. Will that aristocrat really save a man who knows about her sexual orientation and embarrassing appearance? If she calmly released her, she might end up in a cubicle in a salon or public bath?”
“Still, I’m not the kind of person who would do that.”

Siwoo was defending Amelia without even realizing it.

Some witches may do as Larissa said.
Of course, it’s true that Amelia is childlike, petty, and annoying to the point of bursting into rage at times.
For some reason, it occurred to me that it might not be as trashy as Larissa said.

Larissa laughed softly at Siwoo’s changed mood.


Putting her panties and pants back on, the rolled-up nastie was also restored.
She noticed that Siu had no desire to have sex anymore.

“It’s sympathetic to deny it while being obviously sincere. It was a joke.”
“About Namjoon. They say witches and ‘outcasts’ hundreds of years ago are different these days.”
“Are you saying it was a lie?”

She took out her underwear, which Siwoo had been eyeing, and held it in her hand.

“Yes, but you can’t even do it because you care about that side anyway. What is this?”

Larissa grabbed Siu’s cock over her pants and said.

“Come visit me later if you have time. I’ll do it with my chest then.”

Larissa holds my breasts with her hands and shakes them up and down as if doing paisley.
Did she just want to have sex?
Siu regretted it a little.

After tidying up their clothes, the two returned to the rack side by side, moving between the shelves.
Amelia was sipping black tea at a table placed next to the counter.

It was a lot closer than I thought.
It’s not far enough to hear the sound of talking, but if it creaked even a little loudly, I think I could have heard it intact.

“Did you pick?”
“Yes, I will do this.”

It’s hard to see Amelia’s face when it doesn’t look like she did anything terribly wrong.
Siwoo took out a set of panties from paper packaging.
Amelia said without even asking her price.

“Please put it in.”
“I’ll put it in a luxurious box. Good things have to be put in good wrapping paper.”

Larissa glanced at Siu’s things and lowered her head.

“……? Okay.”

Amelia is slightly puzzled, and Siu is shocked enough to make her heart drop.
Today’s shopping ended with Amelia paying the bill.

Amelia and Siu were going back the way they came down earlier.
The rain stopped at just the right time and they are walking side by side without an umbrella.
Since they were next to each other, Siwoo walked slightly behind.

“Assistant Professor, I’m late, but thank you very much.”

Siu opened her mouth first because she was frustrated that she kept her mouth shut.

It was because I sensed that Amelia wanted a conversation from the way Amelia glanced behind her without revealing it from earlier.
And it’s only me who doesn’t know, but it’s very obvious.
It seems that he wants to show his contempt inexhaustibly.

Amelia didn’t look back right away and looked at Siwoo only after about 3 seconds had passed.
Amelia answered while hiding her voice of considerable satisfaction.

“What I said was not useless.”

It seemed to be referring to Siwoo’s more docile attitude than before.
Actually, it’s because there are things that bother me and there are things that bother me, but I don’t think I need to say it.

“I think I’ve been thinking wrong all along. As you said, I didn’t know the assistant professor’s mercy and acted condescendingly.”

If you do well, you may receive a gift like this again.
Getting her eaves replaced for Amelia today seems like a big plus point.
How comfortable life will be guaranteed in the future?

Amelia didn’t answer properly and walked ahead as before.
Strangely, it seems that his steps have become lighter.

By the way.
My lower stomach has been aching ever since.
I felt like my balls were swollen for no reason, maybe because I couldn’t ejaculate after it had turned so big.

In addition, due to the nature of the uphill road, Amelia’s butt can be seen right in front of her nose.
Her calves and hamstrings stretched out smoothly with almost no curves, and the delicate panty line was revealed whenever the thin dress rubbed against her hips.
She kept overlapping Larisa’s naked body.

She is terribly harmful to cocks.

Siwoo followed Amelia secretly by squeezing her lower legs.
Siwoo, who went to the dorm today and arrived at the portal platform thinking that he would have to take care of his daughter after a while, heard the news unexpectedly.

“Yes? Portal is impossible today?”
“It’s a regular inspection today, but I didn’t even hear that because you were distracted, tsk tsk.”

It was said that the portal would be unavailable for the next 12 hours due to maintenance and inspection of the portal.
After being scolded for nothing by the old receptionist, Siwoo brought back the gold coins.

“Assistant Professor, it is said that it is difficult to use the portal today due to maintenance.”

It’s an arrogant sentiment, but I feel like a man who goes on a trip with a girl and says, ‘I think I’ll have to sleep because the last train was cut today?’

“Should I arrange a wagon?”

Amelia wasn’t particularly surprised.

“All right, Lenormand Town is too far for a carriage ride.”

Well, by the time the wagon was halfway there, the portal would already be available.
If so, what are you going to do?
I can’t wait 12 hours here.

“Maybe it’s better?”
“There’s a friend’s villa nearby.”

Siwoo was surprised in three ways.
That Amelia, whose human relations skills are at the level of destruction, has a friend.
And that there is a witch’s villa in such a gloomy town.
Finally, that picky Amelia easily decided to stay overnight in Border Town or something.

She could be back at her academy in an hour or two if she used her magic alone.

Siu scratched his head and chased Amelia, who went ahead.
Despite the unexpected trouble, somehow Amelia’s steps were as light as before.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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