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City Of Witches 18

City Of Witches 18

Chapter 18 – #04_Border Town (3)


After receiving permission from Amelia to look around the store freely, shopping time began.

Amelia is an aristocrat who is very few among her witches.
Therefore, her sense of money is different from that of ordinary people.

Amelia’s declaration of ‘choose what you want’ will be upheld even if Shiu brings the most expensive item from the store.
I’ll probably write a note without blinking an eye.

But that doesn’t mean you can pick anything blindly.
You can’t choose something that’s too cheap, and on the contrary, it’s difficult to choose something that’s too expensive.

In the former case, Amelia’s face was damaged because she treated the courtesy of her nobles cheaply, and in the latter case, she became a person who waited and took advantage of her long-awaited favor.

Therefore, Siu was immersed in trouble.


A set of Calvin Klein panties was placed on the shelf where Siwoo was standing.
5 pieces.
There was no price tag listed.
This is an item you just need.
The basic distribution of the panties at City Hall was only 3 pieces per year, and the material was very rough, so there were times when the flesh was rubbed and it hurt.

Someone abruptly raises his head next to Siwoo, who is thinking over and over again.

“Isn’t that a bad choice?”

She was the mistress of the blue snake tangent cow.
Eye makeup that looks like someone in their early 30s and bewitching.
More than anything, what catches her attention is the fact that her mids, which make her sweatpants rise, are swollen very well.

The slightly decadent beauty emanating from the smoke from the e-cigarette gave off an atmosphere that seemed to have made several men cry.
She almost caught her breasts against her forearms because they were so attached to each other.

“Is that so?”
“It’s one of the hottest products.”
“By the way, where did you take the witch?”

As a shop owner, following her rich witch would be profitable in terms of profit.
Why did you come here?

“He’s already finished his shopping and is sitting in the reception room. Contrary to what he looks like, he’s a smoker?”
“Didn’t you say anything?”
“Don’t worry.”

The owner of the shop smiled at her and brushed her shoulder off Siu’s shoulder.
Looking at it up close, it gives the impression that three or four arrows would have been stuck.

“I have more questions than that, so can I ask?”
“Yes, as far as I can answer…”
“Are you a male gun?”

Nam Chong.

In the dictionary meaning, it means a male concubine.
In fact, Siu didn’t even know that the word for a male concubine existed until he came to Gehenna.

Of course, since witches never marry, they cannot have husbands, and the word mistress is more appropriate than masculine, but in general, witches’ mistresses in Gehenna were called masculine.
It is a title that sounds more humiliating to Siwoo, who knows the bad swear word, Ching-chaeng-chong.


However, the humiliation wasn’t a day or two, and it didn’t seem like the question was particularly malicious, so I didn’t take it seriously.


The landlady snuggled closer.
Her chest, which had only been barely touched before, touched her forearm as if it were being squeezed.

The finest feel, warmer than any other cushion.
Siu looked at the mistress with startled eyes.

“A slave anyway? What’s your name?”
“Hey… What are you doing if someone sees you?”

Embarrassed by the flirtation that was being thrown openly, I slipped away.
If it was Siwoo in the past, he wouldn’t have known it, but Siwoo, who had been tormented by twins besides Amelia, developed a habit of looking suspiciously at pretty girls.

“What? I’m just asking for your name. Is it polite to say it first? I’m Larissa, the manager of the Blue Snake Reception.”
“…Shin Si-woo. I’m a slave belonging to City Hall.”

Brown blonde hair, light blue eyes.
From the stretched out limbs to the voluptuous breasts that don’t go well with the skinny body.
He had a reason for hearing the name.
It must have inherited Russian blood.

Siwoo shakes Larisa’s hand, who offers to shake hands without hesitation.
Larissa’s slightly bent fingers scratched Siwoo’s palm.
It tickled, but above all, it was a nightly gesture.
Siwoo released his hand and opened and closed his fist a few times.

Larisa, who was staring at Siwoo, smiled.

“You really don’t know anything? How many years have you been held here?”

When I told her that it was about five years, Larissa smiled even more incomprehensibly.
It should be said that it is the smile of a predator who has found fresh prey.

“Would you like to shake hands again?”

As she held her hand like before, she bent her index finger in the same way and tickled Siu’s palm as if scratching it.

“The act of scratching your palm while shaking hands like this…”

Larissa pushed Siu to the shelf and whispered in his ear.

“It means ‘I’m wet because I want to be with you.'”

Siwoo was taken aback by the sudden physical attacks and sexual harassment that were not probable.
Larissa bit off Siu’s earlobe once and then opened the distance again.

“Oh, why suddenly?”

No matter how much I think about it, Siwoo doesn’t understand.
The other time, when I came to buy cigarettes on an errand for Amelia, I looked at her strangely, but there was no such active sex appeal.
I didn’t even share my name.

“It’s true that you don’t have a normal relationship with a witch. How can those arrogant witches buy you presents for no reason?”

Larissa quickly unzipped her sweatpants.
A white nastie covering her round breasts.
The bouncing and majestic breasts and sharp, transparent nipples seduce Siwoo as if to grab them quickly.

“Looking at the clothes, you’re not a witch, but a high-ranking person, right? I wondered what the taste would be like if a man that such a witch had eyes on.”

So, let’s sum it up.
Larissa is originally a fairy who mates with this man and that man, and when he thinks that Siu is the man Amelia is in love with, he seems to have a strange curiosity.

Does a man’s value increase if he is loved by a witch?
Like Amelia, I don’t know if I know what a woman’s heart is.
Siwoo, who had succeeded in seducing a woman, was bewildered.

“It’s okay if it takes a little while. I served you hot tea and cookies, so why don’t we play together for about 30 minutes?”

Larissa slipped her hand under Shiu’s costume.
The delicate fingertips of her fingernails find the nipple like a ghost and tickle it.

“The noble witch tells her to have a tea time, and her adults quietly play games with each other while holding their breath.”

I’m not sure what to answer.
If you dare to think, is this girl’s hair a little weird? Degree.

No matter how many times I’ve seen it, I’m talking about fun games for adults.
In response to Siwoo’s muddled reaction, Larissa began to appeal a little more aggressively.

“Does the witch care?

She grabbed her breasts with one hand and shook her slightly.
Her breasts flowed softly under a thin white shirt.

– Flinch

Siwoo’s lower body, which had been silent, reacted.
As Larissa said, even the most amazing Amelia can’t compare her breasts to a G cup.
Larissa, without saying a word, slid her t-shirt all the way up to her chest.

Her abundant breasts, which seemed impossible to cover with one hand, were clearly exposed.
As a man, can I not look away?
Siwoo opened his mouth and examined her breasts for a long time.

Pale pink Pingdu matches her milky white skin.
It was the same breasts of Russian white horses as seen in porn.
Indeed, high-quality HD images do not lie.

“I touched yours too, so it’s fair that you touch it too.”

The one who showed her breasts was Larisa, but the one who blushed was Siwoo.
Contrary to his confident attitudehehesitates on how to respond.

However, the magical power of the big breasts that swayed in front of her eyes was beyond imagination.
Siu grabbed Larisa’s chest without hesitation.

It digs in as gently as her hand presses, and the elasticity of her breasts in response pushes her fingertips out.
A massive feeling of weight was carried over the entire palm.
The pointy, chewy nipples were particularly noticeable.

“It’s very awkward to touch. Is it okay to touch with both hands?”

Larissa laughed as if it was tickling at Siu’s hand massaging her breasts.
She just can’t get out of the temptation.
It’s a nasty feeling.
While Siwoo was massaging his chest in a half-fascinated state, Larissa’s hand crawled into his pants as if his pit were drowning.

“It’s bigger than it looks? I thought the cock would be cute because it looks cute.”

Larissa moved slowly, licking her lips and gripping his cock in reverse.
Even in the narrow space inside her underwear, she was more skilled than any goddaughter Siwoo had ever received.

“Stand here.”

Larissa leaned against the shelf, pulled down Siu’s pants, and bit his cock into her mouth.
She hadn’t even washed properly, and even though she must have smelled a bit of sweat from walking for a long time, she starts slurping his cock without any hesitation.

-Churreureup, chureureup

A grotesque chirping sound.

Siwoo, who tried to dissuade Larisa because she thought she couldn’t do it anymore, couldn’t resist when the object went into her mouth.
As if she had been hit with paralyzing poison, her body felt weak and she naturally leaned against the wall.

“Churururrup… Slurrup…!”

The technique of sucking cock with just the right amount of pressure and the soft, hot tongue that dazzles the glans.
I’m not kidding, it seemed like it would be filmed in 10 seconds.

But even though he’s a man by name, he can’t show such a weak side.
Siwoo barely held on to her waist as she kept trying to fall behind her and began to enjoy Larissa’s fella.

“Sister, what time is it now?”
“Do you know how many times you asked that question?”
“Yeah, it’s the 55th.”

Odile and Odette were waiting for Siu at the secret base in Taro Town.
He should have arrived by 3 o’clock at the latest, but he hadn’t even turned on his nose until after 5 o’clock.

Odile and Odette were sitting on the bed side by side with sullen expressions.
In the morning, I wandered around Taro Town and wandered around.
I have been waiting for Siwoo for four hours since I returned at 1:00.

“Maybe he’s not coming?”
“Even if your assistant is a little clumsy, you’re not one to lie.”
“Let’s just go out and play, sister, huh?”
“If you want to leave, go alone. I’ll wait.”

Odette curled up on the bed and lay down with a sullen expression.
It is a long-awaited holiday freed from boring magic classes.
I was very dissatisfied that half a day had flown away meaninglessly while waiting for only Siwoo.

“By the way, sister, what would you do if our prank was caught on Master?”
“What are you going to do?”
“Assistant Siu is a man and he is a slave. Master will probably be very, very angry?”

Odile thought for a moment.
Originally, he wouldn’t have cared much about whether the slave died or not.
However, assistant Shin Si-woo is a little different.
We had a lot of conversations in private, and we had heated discussions about magic, and I should say that I was kind of attached to it.
Well, this is only Odile’s impression.

“At that time, we have to help. Master would be happy to hear that he is also a slave who can use magic proficiently. There are all sorts of wonders.”
“Wouldn’t it be less scolding for us if we just blamed the assistant? Aww!”

Odile placing honey chestnuts on her sister’s head.

“The reason we are witches and nobles is because we have duties that go with our rights! Are you trying to sell out your assistant because you’re afraid of Master’s scolding?”

Odette, who had been beaten up, clutched at the top of her head and wept.
After all, Odette is a little immature.

“Hmm… I get it. Why are you angry?”
“It’s because you don’t flinch.”

As the saying goes, everything requires responsibility.
If Siwoo breaks his promise today…

“There must be a corresponding responsibility.”

Siwoo, who was receiving a flamboyant blow job, shuddered at the coldness of a star human.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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