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City Of Witches 17

City Of Witches 17

Chapter 17 – #04_Border Town (2)


I walked along the path of the cliff placed in a zigzag shape.
What you see in front is Amelia’s round back of the head.
The fragrant scent of perfume that filled her umbrella tickled her breasts, mixing with her body odor.

As conservative witches, Gehenna exudes a thoroughly medieval feel, but her Border Town is a bit different.

It is also a place where modern goods brought in by smugglers pour in, and as traffic from other towns is blocked, there are many things that can only be seen in modern times.

Just looking at the laborers carrying the logistics at the dock right now, they were wearing overalls and jeans, and the roof of a small street vendor selling chicken skewers in a corner of the market is a blue panel used only in factories.

Anyway, chicken skewers…
Chicken skewers were one of Shiu’s favorite foods.
I especially like the Japanese-style chicken skewers, which are served with waves and grilled over charcoal.

However, Siu was satisfied with the smell because he couldn’t go buy it while serving Amelia.
Amelia spoke to Siwoo.

“Go get two.”
“Is that true?”

I wish I could be so excited about eating and eating at this age, but I can’t help it.
If you live a life of eating only things that don’t look like food all day long, even the noblest person will cry and laugh over a piece of meat.

She took her penny from her and ran to her street vendor.

“Please give me two.”

A sultry woman placed her skewer on her charcoal-heated pebbles.
The chicken starts to brown with the sound of boiling water.
It smells good all over the place.

“It’s a face I’ve never seen before. Where are you from?”

Come to think of it, he is a rare Asian in Gehenna.
I didn’t notice because I was distracted by the chicken skewers, but I thought it was probably Korean.

“Oh, Korea.”
“Oh my gosh, is that so? Somehow I thought so. A slave?”
“For now.”

Her aunt’s eyes sparkled with joy at meeting her countryman.

“Are you serving the witch behind you?”
“It’s similar, but it’s not under my direct control, it’s under City Hall.”
“Yeah~ But who belongs to the city hall? Slaves who go over to the workhouse have a lot of trouble.”
“It feels good because I met someone from my hometown. I’ll give you one more.”
“Thank you.”

Siwoo, who had a not-so-nutritious conversation, went back to Amelia while listening to her aunt’s good advice to take care of her body.

“Thank you, Associate Professor.”
“Why three?”

Meanwhile, Amelia, who was alone under an umbrella, took over her chicken skewers.

“He gave me another one because he had the same hometown.”
“…I can’t stand and eat in the middle of the street, so let’s go over there.”

The place she reached out and pointed to was a building with long eaves that sheltered her from the rain.
She folded her umbrella and stood side by side against the wall.

Shiu confirmed that Amelia was eating the chicken skewers and put the meat drippings of her seasoning into her mouth.

Juicy and oil seeping under the chicken skin, sweet and salty soy sauce-based sauce shakes with the fragrant charcoal scent.
It was an ecstatic meal for Siwoo, who hadn’t eaten anything since morning.

“Do you miss your hometown?”

Amelia, who had been quietly eating the meat while munching, suddenly opened her mouth.

I feel like I’m hearing a lot of stupid questions like this these days.
Have you had any change of heart?
Or, as Takasho said, this might be Amelia’s own approach.

“I’d be lying if I said no.”

Siu said as he stuffed the ripe green onion into his mouth.
Gehenna is structured to exploit everyone who is not a witch for witches’ sake.
It is not a persecution that is revealed in the eyes, but it is clear that individual freedom is castrated.

“I guess so.”

It’s strange that she suddenly talks to me these days, but it’s also strange after that.
Conversation is what tiki-taka should be, but Amelia would throw in a few words and keep her mouth shut.

“……It’s stinky.”

Even though it is quite large, it must be chicken skewers.
Even if Siwoo ate two, she would only go to the top.


– Kwakwang!

The moment when Siwoo finished eating the chicken skewers and Amelia was about to open her mouth again.

Is it because the rainwater has accumulated too heavily?
The eaves where the two of them sheltered from the rain collapsed.

A fleeting moment with no time to react.
Startled, Amelia’s face is shown in slow motion with her mouth and eyes wide open.

Siu reflexively stretched out his arm and covered Amelia’s head.
Falling material hit her back and her head and arms.

Should I say her body moved before her head?
As soon as Siwoo thought something was dangerous, he embraced Amelia.

Water from the eaves spilled along with the materials, soaking the clothes.
It seems that a piece of rotten wood has fallen right on the top of the head.
The pain and dizziness were so great that Siu felt his tears welling up.


Seeu opened her eyes at Amelia’s voice that swallowed her breath cutely.

The situation when Siwoo overcomes dizziness and comes to his senses.
Siwoo stretches his arms to the side of Amelia’s head as if he is hitting a wall.
Amelia was tucked under his shadow.

In the meantime, a bitter laugh comes out because he instinctively did not make direct contact with her witch, as if he had remembered that he should not touch her carelessly.


By the way her face is too close.
If Siwoo stretched out his tongue as far as it could go, he was within walking distance of licking her round forehead.

Her mouth was shut, but Amelia’s eyes still widened and her eyelashes fluttered.
Even her lips, which were spitting out colored breath, were very visible.

It is a scene that can only come out of a clichéd love comedy.

Amelia was the first to speak while Sioux and Amelia were frozen.

“Caretaker, it’s too close.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stop, no, I didn’t mean to do anything weird like this…”

Shiwu threw his upper body back while talking gibberish and swallowed again.

Although Siu could have blocked the falling pieces of wood, it was impossible to block all the standing water.
So Amelia’s clothes were drenched as if they had been poured into a bucket.


To make matters worse, Amelia’s dress today was very thin and pale.
As the rain splashed on it, her fabric clung to her body, revealing the subtle curves of her body.

And a bra visible behind the translucent dress.

The black brassiere that barely covered her breasts, which were easy to hold with one hand, was clearly visible as if she were wearing a see-through.


Amelia saw her suddenly looking back at her and slowly looked at her own face.
And it freezes like a laggy computer.


At her call, Siwoo hesitated and turned around.

Indeed Amelia.
Even at this point, he doesn’t blink an eye.
It was a momentary illusion.

Looking closely, her lips were quivering.
Even her cheeks, which normally look pale, had a reddish blush.

“Are there any injuries?”

Amelia raises her arm slightly and covers her body, asking for her comfort.

She said that Amelia, who was usually nasty, was worried about the condition of her only slave.
Perhaps because of his servility, he is moved even by such common sense actions.

“Oh, yes. I’m fine.”
“Then, that’s all right. I’ll turn a blind eye to today’s mistakes as if they weren’t there.”

If this worldview had been a love comedy worldview, she would dry her clothes and go straight to the motel as an excuse to wash the rainwater.
It would have been a fresh or embarrassing scene, but unfortunately it was the witch’s city of Gehenna.

– Right!

As soon as Amelia flicked her fingertips, all the rainwater on Siu and Amelia’s bodies completely evaporated.

Right in front of her nose, Amelia’s dress, which had been embarrassing to see, had become as dry as if she had just taken it out of the dryer.
The earthy smell from the stagnant rainwater has disappeared, and the subtle scent of peppermint lingers in her nose instead.

“Now let’s go.”

Amelia started walking with a graceful pace as if nothing had happened.
Each step she takes is as elegant as walking down a runway.

“Hey, Associate Professor.”
“It’s okay, it’s just that my clothes were slightly see-through because I was wet with the rain. Other than that, I won’t take issue with anything unsavory.”

Amelia’s remarkably rapid tone of voice proved that she was a little embarrassed.
But that’s not what’s important.

“Yes, I really appreciate that. But…”
“Then what’s the problem?”
“The blue snake junction is in the opposite direction?”

Amelia raised her chin proudly and loftyly as usual.
She said calmly as if she knew everything.

“I’m Amelia Marigold. Don’t you think you don’t know that simple fact? She just wanted to see a little more of her marina.”

She tries to pass it off as calmly as possible, but Amelia seems to be very embarrassed.
It was the first time she had seen her floundering, so she was pretty fresh and more than anything.

She looks a little cute

I couldn’t have imagined that Amelia would feel this way.
It wasn’t a waste of time for her to throw her body and catch the debris that landed on her head.

“I’m sorry for saying unnecessary things. I’ll help you.”

Siwoo opened his umbrella and stood next to Amelia.

As the awkward silence passed, the scene from earlier came to mind.

It was quite surprising.
I never thought Amelia would be the type to wear such racy underwear.
I kept thinking about the bra that was barely covering half of her breasts.

The junction shop meant a wholesale and retail store where smugglers sold goods airlifted from Hyundai.
Some tanning shops deal only with kidnapped slaves like Siu, while others deal only with grain.

Among them, the Blue Snake Junction Shop will be sold to witches.
It was a place that sold luxury items.

For reference, it is also a place where a very charismatic and sexy sister is the manager.


A narrow junction where goods are piled up in boxes.

Luxurious fur and taxidermy used for decoration were the first to catch my eye, and various types of furniture are displayed wrapped in plastic wrap.

These were items that looked too expensive for an old, rusty oil lamp to illuminate.

“It’s been a while.”
“I haven’t been here a few times. You remember.”
“I never forget cute boys.”

The proprietress, who was sitting on her counter and smoking an e-cigarette, looked at Siu and lightly winked at her.

Adidas training suit.
I felt welcome because it was something I wore often when I was in modern times.

The hostess exchanged her greetings with Siu before she spoke to Amelia.

“How did the noble witch travel to this shabby place?”

It was one of the two things that allowed her to act like this calmly even after knowing that the person in front of her was a witch.
Either you’re stupid or you’re a very good person.
Perhaps this sister belongs to the latter.

Meanwhile, Amelia, who seemed uncomfortable for some reason, glanced at Siu and the mistress.

“Manager, this is a return for the job done earlier. Please pick out what you want.”
“Thank you!”

It’s pointless to ask if it’s true.
She had done such a good thing, so it was important for Amelia to pick the mulberries before she changed her mind.

That’s how Amelia and Siu’s shopping started.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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