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Because I Live in the US 83

Because I Live in the US 83

Chapter 83 – Coins vs Stocks

Department of Economics.

“Hey, did you hear the news?”
“You know, the freshman class this time. The 17th class.”
“That big-breasted kid?”

An uproar is bound to happen.
Senior freshman.
He is a celebrity that everyone in the department does not know.

He is known as a model student who seems to be measured with a ruler.
Is she behaving strangely?

“I guess you’re thinking of transferring.”
“Have you ever been beaten? Because you’re pretty?”
“That wasn’t it.”
“How do you know?”

It is also a hot topic among seniors in her department.
Because a lot of people are interested.

‘Ah, consult with me.’
‘I can do all the assignments if I just say it.’
‘Is it the size without putting mulberry in the chest?’

It is the heart of a senior to want to take care of a pretty junior.
I want to be friends with you.

“Here is the hand of someone with better grades than Sora.”
“The hand of a person who has clearly decided on a career path.”

The hearts of such men.
A female motive passing by easily breaks it.

My nose sucks
Few people are smart enough to meddle with a bright freshman.

“You must be thinking of something.”
“Hey, are we in a position to worry about Sora?”
“I see. I have to confirm my job before 4th grade~.”

I also faced a wall of reality.
3rd year students have to worry about graduation and finding a job.

You’ll do well in first grade!
I can’t help thinking like that.
Sora, a model student, is envious.

“Should I just get a coin too?”
“Don’t you know coins? Are there any idiots who don’t use coins these days?”
“It’s me, you bastard.”

Other topics are buzzing.
Recently, it has become a huge issue among economics students.

It was a romance in first grade.
I only found out when I got older and gained experience.

There is no easy way to make money.
There was something that made even those 3rd and 4th graders go crazy.

“Coin is, in a word, future currency.”
“Because we aim for decentralization based on blockchain…”
“What is a blockchain?”
“Not Nandle.”

Bitcoin is rising in price at a tremendous rate.
It is also a hot potato in the world.

What’s that shit?
Even those who looked at it with suspicious eyes at first.

5,627,800 ▲21,200 (+42,193%)
[Graph that has gone bad in the last 5 years.Jpg]

If you see the price go up, you will pass.
Looking at the charts, you can’t help but be shaken.

“If you buy it, it will go up unconditionally.”
“Right now it’s 5 million won for one? It could be 1 billion or 10 billion won later.”
“It’s the currency of the future!”

The logic is flimsy.
Blockchain and decentralization cannot explain exactly what that means.
Even those who bought Bitcoin.

‘It may sound strange now, but later it will become common sense?’

For them, it is as natural as throwing an apple and it falls to the ground.
I’ve never had any doubts.

“A friend of mine is a computer expert, and he said blockchain isn’t such a special technology?”
“The second and third bitcoins may arise…”
“So how much did you earn with coins!!”

You cannot buy coins if you have doubts in the first place.
Entrusting hundreds or tens of millions of money to dubious scraps of data?

Such rational people don’t make money.
Only some investors have given themselves over to the frenzy.

“What is this? Did you make money?”
“+1.1 million won…”
“Yes. This was earned in just one month. I still regret it.”
“You made money.”
“If I took out a loan and made a full bet, I wouldn’t have earned my salary.”

Make money
That adds credence to the claims of Bitcoin investors.

Didn’t you make money because it’s real?
The egg doesn’t have to come before the chicken.

“If I could earn 1.1 million won with 5 million won.”
“If I pour 5,000,000,000,000, will I be able to make a living without having to work?”
“That’s it.”
“By the way.”
“Doesn’t that sound a bit odd to me?”

It’s tempting.
Even those who were not shaken become greedy after seeing the profit certification.

But think one more time.
If you’ve gone up so far, you can come down in the future, right?

“How did you earn 1.1 million won when you didn’t even go up 10% this month?”
“It’s like that when you look at it as a single peak. If you look at a quarter peak, there’s a drop like this up and down…”

I can’t help but think of the risk.
Even those who did that will be humiliated if you continue to listen to them.

‘Well, it won’t suddenly become 0 won.’

The price of Bitcoin is not fixed.
Sometimes it’s cheaper, sometimes it’s more expensive.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Show a demonstration
Seung-hyeon, who has recently fallen in love with coins, knows how to buy and sell coins.

I live when the graph goes down a lot.
And if you sell it again when it goes up.

『Lee Seung-hyun’s account』
Purchase amount│6,110,882 won
Valuation gains│+,22,610 won
Appraisal rate of return│+0.37%

Earnings are credited to the account.
Friends who saw the scene in real time couldn’t help but roll their eyes.

“Did you just earn 20,000 won?”
“Twenty-two thousand won.”
“No, my 3 hour part time job in 5 minutes…”
“That’s why I’m coining.”

Making money isn’t easy.
We lived in a world where that was common sense.

Bitcoin presents a different common sense.
Very attractive and comfortable.

“I want to coin too!”
“If I can earn money without working, I won’t get a job.”
“Where can I do this? Hantu?”
“Coin trading is not available on the stock app. It’s an exchange recommended by my favorite BJ…”

* * *

This is a huge issue that hit 2017.
It is no exaggeration to say that it has become a social phenomenon.

“Brother… Why are you here now?”

The aftermath.
The stock club has become quiet.
There were people who moved to the coin club.

Hyeri deserves to be depressed.
He sits in a chair and looks at me with a downcast face.

“I know how hard Hyeri was!”
“He came even though he said he wouldn’t normally come.”
“A strange lewd lecture.”

Her friends are upset.
Although Hyeri is the head of the stock club.

‘Because not a few people came to see me.’

Hyeri can’t hold on to such kids.
No matter how friendly it is.

“It can’t be helped.”
“No way.”
“Senpai also got a coin…?”
“Look. What did I say? You always gamble on stocks.”

I kind of expected that.
When the coin first boomed.
Many have succumbed to that temptation.

‘They make a lot of money.’

The coin even had a third rally.
Historically, there were three times when coins were successful.

The price goes up just by holding it.
There are many people who have made money with coins.
But ironically.

“Sleep, pay attention.”
“What excuse do you have?”
“I want to say thank you to my friends who have stayed in the club.”

No one has ever been successful as an investor.
Not even one person.

‘Actually, it makes no sense.’

There is a saying that there is a man-ryu gwijong.
If you are proficient in one field, you will excel in other fields as well.

The principle of earning money with coins.
The secret to success must also be applied to the stock and futures markets.

“Why are you acting like an older brother!”
“Looks like he’s up to something.”
“It’s not like that.”

Of course, there are people who make decent money.
Or, like Nylon Musk, coin influencers exist.

However, it is absurd to see it as representing the coin version.
All of the people who fell under that slump.

There are no surviving investors.
This has many meanings.
No matter how much you earn with coins.

‘Because I haven’t grown at all as an investor.’

So thank you.
For remaining unafraid of the useless thing called coin.

“If you try a coin, you’ll know.”
“I did.”
“Keuheum! There is no material and no basis. The price moves only with the psychology of investors.”

I was watching as usual.
Although we still have a long way to go to the level where we are only at the entrance of Bukhansan Mountain.

‘There is motivation, and there is subjectivity.’

I can tell by looking at your expression.
I did my own research on Coin.
Investor’s basic level has been created.

“Bitcoin is like a Ponzi scheme to ward off new investors.”
“Does your brother ever say the right thing?”
“It can be seen that only wise people who are not dazzled by such bitcoin remain.”
“”Oh oh!””

In the meantime, I was honestly on the sidelines.
No matter how good things are taught, if you can’t absorb them, you’re just talking about dorumuk.

‘It’s easy to have the mindset that if you just make money like coin nerds.’

You can’t grow as an investor.
Even if you make money in the short term, you will eventually lose it if you do not have the ability to manage it.

I don’t want to mass produce such stupid people.
What I want is high-end talent who can work on Wall Street.

“Ask me.”
“In the end, only those ponzi schemes are making money.”
“We only lose.”
“”That’s right.””

It won’t take a day or two.
The road as an investor is long and difficult.
There may be people who retire in the middle.

‘Sometimes fun things have to happen.’

The fun of investing.
It’s not just about making money.
When your prediction and the direction of the stock price match.

“So that’s what you’re talking about.”
“What is it?”
“I think I came here to do something stupid…”
“Keuheum! Don’t bother with the coin, let’s interpret the coin itself as a social phenomenon.”
“The coin itself?”

Feel the greatest pleasure
It cannot be compared to instinctive pleasure like sex or one-dimensional pleasure like coins.

‘Does it break me if I say it’s non-erectile ejaculation?’

The atmosphere was relaxed.
Investment idea.
Investors are never more excited than when they think about making money.

“Are there any coin-related stocks?”
“There are strange dog owners…”
“I want to invest in more stable companies.”

Club members.
He puts out his thoughts on this and that.
Some people do a quick search on the Internet.

Normally, I would have left it like this.
You can grow as an investor just by thinking about it yourself and substituting it for investment.

“If I could give you a little hint.”
“I’m trying to say something else.”
“Operation master.”
“No. It’s a company you all know unconditionally.”

We offer a special service for today.
No matter what, investing is to make money.

‘Because even when riding a bicycle, they push me from behind at first.’

Sometimes it helps to drive on a proper straight course rather than the edge of a cliff.
That’s what makes the investment worthwhile.

“Did you know there are two ways to get coins?”
“What is it?”
“Live and…”
“I know. Mining!”
“That’s right. What would it take to do that mining?”

The aftermath of coins on the world.
For real investors, a coin is nothing more than an event.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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