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Because I Live in the US 82

Because I Live in the US 82

Chapter 82 – Coins

“No, of course short has to win!”

It’s a common story.
Assets invested with confidence.

“Why? Things don’t work out the way you think?”
“Well, that’s what I mean. If only I had a little more time…”
“You mean it’s inherited now.”

Move in reverse
The ghost is going to sing.
If people had reason, they couldn’t make such judgments?

‘That’s why coins are fun.’

The bad news that the coin board will perish has emerged.
Andrew, who hit a massive shot, is actually losing money.

“It will normalize over time.”
“Boss, there is still a situation where short covering is possible…”
“I mean it’s going down the way you think.”

It’s embarrassing.
Especially stock investors.
It is difficult to understand the uniqueness of the coin plate.

“I gave you the right fear.”
“I thought it would be okay to pour it all at once to dry the blood and dry it again while pretending to save it.”
“You misunderstood the other person.”

Normal ants get scared when the risk is high.
What if this really sucks?

‘It’s only natural that fear arises.’

It’s a matter of money.
You can’t think of anything else as if you were doing a simulated investment.

Why institutions with a lot of money have an advantage.
But the world is wide, and there are exceptions.


Light a cigar
A very useful new guy has arrived.

“Me too?”
“Without earning money.”
“Twice with a cigar.”

I give one to Andrew.
If you know what kind of cigar it is, you’ll go black.

‘If you ask, you’ll know.’

Mouth full of smoke.
Something must feel familiar.

“Oh, is this a whiskey-aged cigar? I think I used a pretty good one…”
“Pappy Van Winkle.”
“Huh? Coke! Coke!”
“It’s precious, save it and spread it.”

Adult toys.
Sometimes cigars are also aged.
The one I’m smoking right now used whiskey.

‘It’s an incredibly good whiskey.’

One bottle costs a billion units.
No, it is a high-end bourbon that is hard to find even if you have money.

Tobacco leaves were marinated in oak barrels in which the whiskey was aged.
It was reborn as a cigar through a difficult process.


Something that can’t be tasted.
It has a strong vanilla scent and a hint of woodiness.

A sweet fruity scent follows.
Cigars with such a variety of flavors are rare.

It’s because it’s been aged in a very good whiskey.
I managed to get it through a special route.

Don’t know its value
Andrew looks at me with his hands shaking.

“Do you know why you failed?”
“I’m not bullying, so answer me.”
“Mo, I don’t know boss!”

It’s not really a parting gift.
I’m seriously asking.


Inhaling cigar smoke is soothing.
The trembling hands stop.

At the same time, something comes to mind.
Andrew speaks as if he knew.

“Have you ever taken drugs?”
“I thought I might have to endure that much in fear.”

A joke if it was Korea.
Drugs are commonplace in America.
You can often find them around.

‘Especially among investors.’

Some of my employees also smoke marijuana instead of cigarettes.
Some products are legal in New York.

“If you smoke with something strong…”
“Not reallyhehe.”
“Worse than drugs. In a sense.”

Andrew has a point.
In fact, soldiers on the front lines are given drugs.

Not for some stimpak use, but for fear.
It’s hard to stay rational without drugs.

‘There is a more effective method than that.’

More than that, it makes soldiers fight for their lives.
This is a historically proven method.

* * *

“What other novel bullshit are you trying to do?”

May not reach you.
Especially for those who consider themselves investors.

‘Because investors are rational animals.’

It is a very special asset.
It is neither a money-making company nor a valuable raw material, but it is traded at a high price.

“No matter how you look at it, I am.”
“Like a dog owner?”

Sora nodded.
If you answer before you can speak, you will become a mute who has eaten honey.

‘Of course there are cases like that in stocks too.’

Operation Stock, Meme Stock.
The price jumps several times, even dozens of times more than the original value.

It’s like a complete gamble.
However, strictly speaking, there is a principle that raises stock prices.

It is because the forces that operated the operation were amassed.
Meme shares are based on liquidity + short covering.

“But Coin…”
“Doesn’t make sense?”
“How can I believe in something that doesn’t make sense?”
“By the way, I don’t believe in God.”

Conversely, Coyne.
There is no corner buying.
For example, the person who accidentally bought it at a cheap price 7 years ago.

‘Oh I had Bitcoin! I can sell it while doing it.’

The forces involved in the operation become duck eggs in the Nakdong River.
This is why the power buys the company president.

The same is true from a meme stock perspective.
Meme stock started with the GameStop incident.

Tremendous liquidity buys stocks.
It induces short covering by institutions that have been short selling.

‘That’s possible because of the tricky laws of the US stock market.’

Short sale redemption period.
In addition, various laws protecting investors are in operation.

There is no it.
The coin board is no different from a lawless zone.
The more rational people are, the less they want to live.

“It’s called religion. Do you understand now?”
“Yes, I think the part I was curious about is resolved.”

It’s probably going to be hard to know this far.
But if you did your own research and came to a conclusion, it would be great.

Stroke Sora’s hair
It looks like a sex machine, so it has a cute side to it.

“I can understand why people buy coins.”
“I don’t understand why the price jumped to millions of won.”
“It won’t be difficult either.”

It is not an area to be judged by reason and common sense.
I woke up with a crusade, would you listen if I told you to solve it through dialogue?

Same story.
The mindset of coin investors.
To understand it, we must approach it from the realm of religion, not investment.

‘Well, Shincheon○ or Unification○ are good examples.’

Is it a pseudo-religion?
Apart from such controversies, it is an undeniable fact that it is a box office success.

In the case of Tongil○, even Japan is involved.
Without exaggeration, it is on the level of a global conglomerate.

“Even pseudo…”
“There is such a point of view. For people with religious beliefs, the reality of religion is not important.”

There are not only rational people in the world.
Even if you include just a few of them, the scale is enormous.

Worship Bitcoin.
It is preaching to others like a religion and increasing the number of believers.

“There’s also the impact of policy.”
“The United States is scattering money at low interest rates. In this case, central control is loosened to attract active investment. Coins that aim for decentralization can be an attractive speculation destination.”

Bitcoin surge.
It is the result of a combination of money and faith.

The price goes up.
Many believers follow.
People who have seen it come over again.

‘It’s similar to how modern art became famous.’

And one other reason.
It’s hard to tell Sora this much.

Even if I say it, I only hear the voice of conspiracy theorists.
I didn’t even care until I became a party.


Light a cigar
When you think of coins, you strangely think of cigars.

Sora is immediately thrown into an ashtray.
He glared at me and climbed onto a chair.

“Didn’t I say it didn’t bloom?”
“Because my mouth is boring.”
“You’re doing this on purpose, really.”

The erotic posture of a female top.
Having learned this for the first time, Sora took it lightly.

‘It’s nice to be eaten by Sora.’

Proactively move the tongue.
I don’t know if they lick my tongue or suck it and then it gets eaten.

“I have a request for you.”
“Will you listen?”

He gently lifts my face and licks my lips like a yogurt lid.
I know how to do cute things.

‘I was born a fairy.’

I know the moment when a man does a favor well.
When you share your body temperature with each other in bed.

It’s a moment like that.
Match Sora’s round ass! She does and raises her hand.


Pretend you don’t know if it’s because of a request.
Enjoy Sora’s delicious body together.

Body temperature is hot.
Combined with the cool air from the air conditioner, it presents a sweet and salty fun.

‘I don’t know if I’m being squeezed the moment this sex machine works.’

The result of mergers and acquisitions while investing in value.
Take the initiative to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“Hyeri must be having a hard time these days.”
“Yes, because of the coin club.

It’s still fine.
I am startled when I twist and grab her ass.
He gently hugs her head and sticks his tongue deep into her.

Real kiss
It tells you what it feels like to be eaten.
He bites his tongue and pulls it into my mouth.


You lose your free will.
Clear saliva drips from the corner of his mouth that has been stolen from his tongue.

Hold on to the tip of the root of the thick tongue and do not let go.
Sora couldn’t move.

Pak! Pak!

Comes slapping her back with the palm of her hand.
Surrender signal.
I feel an indescribable sense of conquest.

“Really… You have to listen to me.”
“Then~ who are you asking?”

I don’t know how my heart is so kind.
I knew from the way I used my tongue to express my concern for my friend.

‘Even if it’s not a request.’

It’s my club
Only Sora doesn’t know.
I was thinking of using my hands anyway.

Coins are clearly an attractive asset.
However, coins are not the only attractive asset in the world.

How social phenomena affect the stock market.
It teaches us that stocks are more fun.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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