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Because I Live in the US 81

Because I Live in the US 81

Chapter 81 – Coins


New York Manhattan.
High-rise buildings stretching straight into the sky are also places where people live.

“Yes, it’s becoming a hot topic this time, isn’t it?”
“Have you got a catfish?”
“That’s why I’m telling you! Isn’t the short drive very sweet?”

Where investors live.
A subordinate employee suddenly came with work.

‘Don’t come in with anything other than investment.’

A long time has come to an end.
From now on, you can relax comfortably.

There was a blind spot.
The coin plate is an irregular that rolls 24 hours a day without a break.

“Never mind.”
“Yes? Why?”
“Because I don’t have the energy to fight over something like that. Our company isn’t that free.”

As of 2030.
There is a big uproar in the coin market.
No, it is not an exaggeration to say that it was planned.

‘Why am I stupidly buying something like that?’

Bitcoin has inherent limitations.
The blockchain security system is not perfect.

This has been known since before 2017.
When a quantum computer comes out, it’s easy to hack.

“Because it’s really solid information!”
“Ah, you’re persistent.”
“I’m an IT professional. I looked at the contents of the patent, and this is the content that aims to be released within two years at the latest.”

Three years ago, a quantum computer paper was accepted by the academic community.
At that time, the coin hit −95%.

‘This time the patent came out.’

Nonpublic Information.
In the world, only chirashi is sprinkled.
However, it seems that one of the employees has been able to take care of it well.

This is a common occurrence in the stock market.
It’s not because the stock market jjirashi has a high hit rate for nothing.

“It’s because the position is already held.”
“Since when did the boss care about that?

Employees want to make the most of the company’s money.
Normally, I would have reviewed the contents and made a specific plan.

If it has something to eat, it will jump like a hyena.
That is the direction my hedge fund is pursuing.
But there are some things I don’t feel like.

“Only within your authority.”
“This is really great…”
“Do you want to be cut?”
“Ehh, I see. Don’t regret it later?”

Andrew still carries the title of Director.
Authority is never given too little.

In terms of ability, he is fully acknowledged.
You will be able to do just fine on your own.

‘Coins are zero.’

What the staff knows.
There’s no way I wouldn’t know.
Roughly speaking, there is something I have heard.

The problem is that I have come to know more than that.
And that makes me uncomfortable

Tak, Tak!

Conspiracy theory.
I don’t hate it.
Because you can use it as an investment idea.

‘Good for scaring ants.’

I usually use it often.
Spreading rumors through backworld advertising agencies.

But I don’t believe
I have no qualifications as an investor until I am swayed by unconfirmed information.

[Future stock community]
─Analysis of the reason why the coin board ended.Txt
─Where are the idiots who sell their houses and buy them when they get $10,000 in Bitcoin? Replying to @DragonBall
─Severance pay + home mortgage loans in the long run
─Is Satoshi Nakamoto a member of the CIA?

Recently, there is a story floating around the coin board.
No, the rumor itself has been around for several years.

─Is Satoshi Nakamoto a member of the CIA?
It has been over 20 years since Biko was made.
I turned the world upside down several times
Still don’t know who the developer is?
A person with 1 million coins?
Do you guys think this makes sensehaha

└Why is the CIA?
└ If you threw 1 million coins at the peak, the world economy could have been shocked, but it’s strange that you can’t find it.
└ I didn’t believe in it before, but after getting a coin, I believe in this……
└ There is a rumor that coins were made with inflation storage

There is no reason at all.
Even so, the manipulation of information by the CIA is nothing new.

‘It’s also the work of the CIA that modern art like dog poop is valued at tens or hundreds of billions.’

It looks like it was drawn by an elementary school student. Why is it so expensive?
The question is, in fact, reasonable.

Cold war period.
European art masters such as Picasso began to fall in love with communism.

The influence of culture is great.
The United States needed to respond seriously.

Part of that is raising the price of works of art.
There is nothing in the world that cannot be done with money.

If not, it’s because you spent less money.
It was sold at the highest price at an art auction.

‘It’s common in the stock world.’

Operation week.
Intentionally raise the price.
Then people buy it thinking it’s a really good stock.

A similar phenomenon has also occurred in the art world.
Artists made a lot of money when their works were sold at high prices.

The work is also recognized.
It’s expensive, so it’s great, right?
Not only money, but fame as well.

‘It’s a heartwarming story about how the communist invasion of culture was prevented.’

In the aftermath of that, we live in a world where a picture that looks like it was drawn by an elementary school student costs tens of billions of dollars.
Is that the only contemporary art?

I hadn’t thought about it before.
Lately, I have other thoughts.
Bitcoin may be like that too.

‘The US government can’t do anything if it wants to.’

Add value to pieces of data.
What if investors start buying you and me?
It can absorb excess liquidity in the market.

Originally, money that should go to real estate, stocks, bonds, etc. Is tied to bitcoin.
It has the effect of suppressing inflation.

That’s why it’s possible to issue more bonds in the US.
It is literally the privilege of a key currency country that creates money.

‘Bitcoin was created to abuse it. It’s not without a story.’

This is something that the general public is unaware of.
The United States is printing money on a rotary press and using it as they please.

Don’t have a trillion dollars?
If you don’t have it, you can make it.
It feels like this without adding a single exaggeration.

Naturally, side effects follow.
Inflation occurs when the market runs out of money like crazy.

Just 10 years ago.
The US was 120% to blame for the world price drop due to the corona crisis.

‘I hope the blade doesn’t just point at me.’

Lately, such anxiety has been rampant.

* * *

A thing of the past.

“Don’t you like things like this?”
“What were you talking about?”
“Coin, coin! What if someone is talking about it and I’m blank!”

I can’t help but think of it.
Because it was the starting point that I noticed the truth about the world economy.


It is an asset that has made a mark in the history of investment.
Nothing has ever skyrocketed in value that much.

Of course I know
The fact that Bitcoin will rise even more in the future.

Even so, I didn’t do it because I couldn’t remember.
No, it is correct to say that it did not.

“How do you view coins?”
“It’s pretty.”
“Your breasts are big too.”
“What are you talking about, really!”

Everyone will have something like that.
It’s not necessarily a bad memory, but I don’t want to recall it if possible.

‘Even if I don’t have that, it doesn’t matter at all.’

In the first place, once you reach the top level, you don’t need any opportunities.
All that is required is skill.

In the world of the strong, it is not an advantage to see a little bit of the future.
Even in One Piece, she wears the color of her knowledge and is beaten like a dog.

“I’ve been thinking about it.”
“Are you thinking too?”
“Woo! You’re the only one who says that to me.”

But still weak.
You should use what is available.
I’m not the type to be hesitant to have a little PTSD.

‘Certainly, coins were attractive assets.’

I’m not just talking about price increases.
It is a position that knows the uniqueness of the coin and its impact on the market.

“Anyway, that’s how I see it.”
“Okay, I’ll listen to your nonsensical thoughts.”
“Coin is a scam no matter how you think about it.”
“It seems that the blockchain is questionable…”

Currently not known.
That’s why Bitcoin was unconventional.
There are assets that don’t even exist in real life.

‘It feels a bit like Bruumable money.’

Seed bank 1 million won note.
Who the hell is going to accept this?
Sora’s question is extremely reasonable.

“Decentralization seems like nonsense…”
“Which part?”
“Who the hell guarantees the value of Bitcoin?”
“A seed bank might vouch for it.”

That’s right.
I would have been disappointed if I had been persuaded by the clumsy logic of the coin chungs.

‘It’s extraordinary.’

It is also cute to come to counseling.
But as an investor, it’s still a long way off.

“Isn’t it because you don’t know about coins?”
“Well, it could be.”
“Are you quick to admit it?”
“Because I don’t think I know myself well yet.”

Still, the basics are there.
Assistant in the meantime.
No, it is worthwhile to teach.

‘That’s what the stock market is all about.’

I think this is correct!
Oddly enough, markets sometimes go the other way.

You must know how to fight in doubt.
Sometimes you have to know how to admit you’re wrong.

“Do you know why you don’t know?”
“I don’t know, so I’ll ask.”
“Because you are fundamentally mistaken about coins.”

You need both strengths and weaknesses to survive in the market.
Not yet.

‘I can teach you.’

Sora isn’t the only one confused.
Raw meat took years for even Wall Street investors to realize.

Such advanced information.
Teach in particular
Coins are different from general assets.

“I know.”
“You know what?”
“Roughly……, Isn’t it like a dog owner? Gambling speculative assets.”

It is not a story that can be easily concluded.
Wall Street investors, of course, know about dog owners.

‘It’s a common misunderstanding by people who don’t know coins.’

If it had come to such a conclusion, the situation would not have lasted long.
Because no theme stock lasts for several years.

“Coins are not gambling.”
“Then it really has value as future currency…”
“Not even that.”
“Then what the hell!”

You must have faith.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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