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Because I Live in the US 80

Because I Live in the US 80

Chapter 80 – Coins

Stock club.

“Leaving the club? Why?”
“Looks like the can is full.”
“It’s not like that!”

After the Great Winter Festival, a number of people withdrew from ETSD.
The best club in the Department of Economics collapsed.

Its biggest beneficiary.
Many of the people who left were absorbed into the stock club.
It’s because the Daedongje grades and stocks are trending.

“Hmmmm! I’m playing coins these days.”
“A coin?”
“Don’t you know a coin? Speaking of a coin, it is a next-generation key currency that achieves decentralization based on a new technology called block chain…”

But fads tend to change.
Especially for students, stocks are too difficult.

No, not even the professor can do it.
There is a lot to learn, but learning doesn’t necessarily mean making money.

“Actually, me too…”
“Yejun oppa too?”
“Me too.”
“Geon-woong oppa too? What is this?”

Conversely, Coyne.
It seems easier.
There is no esoteric explanation like stocks.

5,627,800 ▲? (+42,193%)
[Graph that has gone bad in the last 5 years.Jpg]

Above all, the price goes up exponentially.
It has jumped more than 400 times in the past five years.

“But can you make money with it? It’s not even a company that actually makes money.”
“There was a time when I thought so too.”

Ji-woo, obsessed with coins, explains to Hye-ri.
To tell the club to leave.

‘It would be nice if the number of coin colleagues increased.’

It became a kind of evangelism.
Jiwoo invested in Bitcoin during vacation and saw a profit of over 10%.

“Did you see it?”
“”Oh wow…….””
“Are you really earning?”
“Those who earn a lot earn dozens of times as much. I started a little late and this is it.”

It deserves a shrug.
I tried stocks in my own way, but the loss was bigger than the profit.

‘I’m going to recover it by winning it all with coins!’

It is natural that there was a change of heart.
Turned into an ardent coin fanatic.

“Um…, What should I do?”
“There must be a lot of defectors.”
“It’s not like we can get a job with coins later, so I’d like to see it a little longer and be in the club.”
“It’s Hyeri.”
“Actually, I’m trying to change clubs too.”
“Chaewon too?”

Hyeri is embarrassed.
She is running her club under Chan-wook’s orders.

Various difficult situations.
It’s about to jump over it and now take a seat.

‘Is there even a coin club?’

That’s the only way I can think of it.
Hyeri’s concerns were not groundless.

“A coin club has been formed…”
“They say there is a senior who earned a lot with coins. That senior must have made it.”
“How much did you earn?”
“Billion units, billion units!”

A coin club was created.
Many of the club members were taken away by it.

We have to come up with a solution somehow.
It’s not easy because you don’t know who or what your opponent is.

‘But what is a coin?’

I heard vaguely.
But I don’t know what it is specifically.

“Who is Uk?”
“Brother Chan-wook? Well, it must be somewhere.”
“That’s right. I haven’t seen Sora either.”

Someone who knows it.
Of course, the object that came to Hyeri’s mind was Chanwook.

Club attendance is not good.
She is also the reason why she is in charge of the department.

‘There is no cow…….’

Hyeri had no choice but to wait for the two of them, stamping her feet.

* * *

Coin club.
It is a new club less than a week after the paperwork was passed.
Nevertheless, it is crowded with many applicants.

“Do you know how much Bitcoin was when it was first released?”
“How much was it?”
“100 won? 1000 won?”
“One won. It was only one won!”

This is because real coin investors explain.
Joo-gyeong, the club manager, made a lot of money with coins.

I know that fast enough.
What is a coin and how can I make money?

“Five years later it was $12. That’s a 1200-fold jump.”
“And how much is it now, 5 years later? Looking at it now…, It’s 1% higher than when I saw it in the morning, and it’s close to 5.7 million won. It jumped more than 400 times!”

Teaches from the history of coins.
Bitcoin was created only 10 years ago.

In those 10 years, it jumped 480,000 times.
Are there any assets in the world that rise so fast?

“Yes! Any questions?”
“Then isn’t it the peak? I think it’s gone up too much…”

There are also questions about that.
Joo-kyung smiles at the person who asked the question.

‘There was a time when I was that innocent too.’

It was only $12 five years ago?
My hands are shaking when I try to buy it at a price of over 1 million won.

That is not to say that
You need to open your eyes to the true value of coins.

“What money do we currently spend?”
“I spend dollars abroad.”
“Use yen too!”
“Yes, that’s right. We use paper bills. But I wonder if we will ever use paper money like this in the future!”

Take King Sejong out of your pocket and shake it.
Of course, I became a stranger even though I knew it.

‘Let’s do it…….’
‘Who carries paper money these days? I use all the cards.’
I use Five Star Pay.’

I don’t carry wads of bills like in the past.
A single credit card is enough.

No, even that is annoying.
Apple Pay, Ohseong Pay, etc. Are put in your mobile phone and carried with you.

Salary is also deposited into your bank account.
It is no exaggeration to say that banknotes are no longer needed.

‘This is an era where numbers are money.’

That is exactly what Dokyung wants to say.
It is said that modern money is outdated.

“In the future, there will come an era where you can trade only with bitcoins without using won, yen, or dollars.”
“There is no such thing as too late or too early to invest in Bitcoin, the future currency. The fastest is when you think you are late!”

Reasons to buy Bitcoin.
Students who listened to his lecture cheered.

‘I can’t be the only one who knows this good thing.’

At first, I only taught it to a few acquaintances.
They made money and were grateful.

It was the first time in my life that I felt proud.
This is the process of opening a coin club.

It’s fun to increase your followers.
I would like to have a pretty woman if possible.

“Excuse me.”

It catches Do-kyung’s eyes.
No, I was paying attention from the beginning.
I can’t believe she’s interested in my club.

‘Is your name Sora? It’s really, really pretty.’

Do-kyung is a third-year student majoring in economics.
She never has to take the same lectures as Sora, a freshman.

But I’ve heard a lot of stories.
A very pretty new student came in.

“Yes, do you have any questions?”
“You said that Bitcoin is the currency of the future, but shouldn’t there be a place that accepts it to be used as currency?”
“You can still exchange money at the coin exchange!”
“Then, I don’t think there’s any difference from using Korean won.”

Even senior.
She added an intelligent impression to her already pretty appearance.

‘Look at how sharp it is.’

She had only seen them from afar.
It’s awkward for returning seniors to talk to.

When she talks to her directly, her crush grows stronger.
I want to have an in-depth talk about coin.

“Do you have a friend’s name…”
“This is Yoon So-ra.”
“My friend Sora Yoon asked a sharp question. That’s why we should invest in coins!”

The more you know about coins, the more attractive they become.
There are not just one or two reasons to buy it.

‘Seeing through the fundamental limitations of Bitcoin.’

Sora’s point is great.
Paradoxically, that is what causes the price of Bitcoin to rise.

“Currently, Bitcoin has not been commercialized yet, which means it is not being properly evaluated.”
“The day Bitcoin becomes commercially available. We’ll be able to sit on the cushion!”

A wise person is bound to invest in coins.
Sora will also fall for the coin.

‘The day will come when you will know the true value of coins. If so…….’

Coin couple.
It’s not bad to be called that.
Do-kyung was imagining a rosy future.

“What bullshit?”

Sora has other thoughts.
I came here because I was curious about Coin, and my curiosity only increased.

Daily News− 「Expert who hit $5,000 Bitcoin “It will be equivalent to Apple’s market cap”」
Fact News− 「Bitcoin frenzy blowing around the world, bubble or innovation?」
The Korea Times− 「”Virtual currency, unlike tulips… Easier to invest than stocks”」

If you check the news every day, it catches your eye even if you don’t like it.
Bitcoin rises at a staggering rate.

Did it go up a lot?
After a month, the number in the front digit has changed again.
Even the cow, who had no idea at first, couldn’t help but become interested.

“How do merchants believe and receive Bitcoin? It’s not even a currency issued by the state.”
“That’s why Bitcoin is special. It’s based on a new technology called blockchain.”
“Each Bitcoin has an individual value. This is called decentralization in difficult terms…”

If you are the manager of the coin club, you know anything.
His words are no different from what I saw on the Internet.

‘Even the experts say the same thing.’

Blockchain is a technology that has existed since time immemorial.
Anyone can make something similar if they put their mind to it.

The term “Future currency” Is absurd.
As money is a means of storing value, stability is a top priority.

If the price fluctuates wildly, it cannot be established as money.
It should be classified as a speculative asset.

‘The premise of decentralization is also strange.’

Money, which is mere paper, can have value because the state guarantees it.
The stronger the power of the state, the stronger the power of currency.

Why is the dollar the key currency?
Who backs Bitcoin?
When I asked about it, only strange noises were going around.

It is full of inconsistencies.
Even so, the price goes up.
After researching for the past few days, there is only one conclusion.

Isn’t it essentially gambling?
It is a kind of speculation phenomenon in which the price rises because people buy it.

‘I think the senior will like it very much.’

Sora becomes anxious.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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