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Because I Live in the US 79

Because I Live in the US 79

Chapter 79 – Coins

Korea University.
The students’ way to school seems to be somewhat exhausted.

“Where am I and who am I?”

Because it was inaugurated.
Even if you have the strength to run a drinking party, you don’t have the strength to go to school.

They are walking up like zombies.
I never thought I would join this ranks.

‘Does it make sense for a gambler to start school at 9?’

Economics education in Korea does not start from the basics.
If I were a professor

[Department of Economics Daily Schedule]
09:00−Gaming hall ON
09:00~10:00− scalping
10:00 – 15:20− short hit
15:20 – 15:30− Close betting

Would have done it this way.
There is no better way to learn economics than through practice.

‘If I make money, I’m supposed to look for news that I haven’t seen before, even if I die.’

A year after being bitten, he has mastered the flow of the world economy.
The learning efficiency is amazing.

We need to introduce such an efficient system.
A minor side effect is that some dropouts occur.

‘It’s okay to go with a little Kakeguru ○ feel.’

It is a Japanese gambling manga.
Classes are ranked in order of highest income.

Low-ranking students are deprived of their human rights.
They are called livestock and are treated like slaves.

There are no such schools in Korea yet.
It’s just a lukewarm school that doesn’t even know how to gamble.

‘Well, I don’t even want to go that far.’

College life is not exciting.
Making friendships is not a hobby either.

It seems that I had a banal life even in the first semester.
One thing has changed.

“Should I crave something for breakfast?”
“Are you a stalker?
“Did I tell you not to smoke?”

Sora was following him at some point.
White tee and jeans.

Dressed casually as always.
Even so, it catches the attention of the students around it.

‘It’s really only my chest that’s getting bigger.’

Observations have increased recently.
You know that the world collapses just because you smoke a little.

I desperately stop my smoking.
Instead, it is a relationship in which you receive something else.

“Are you going to do it?”
“Go over there quickly.”

Go to the club room with Sora.
It’s morning, so no one is in.


It starts with a light kiss.
He parted his lips and looked into my eyes.

Side! Jjook!

Eat big
In no time, the area around the mouth becomes covered with invasion.

A vulgar kiss.
The clumsy first appearance is nowhere to be found.

‘It’s worth doing throughout the vacation.’

Eventually, somehow, I got permission.
With a promise not to smoke.

The result of kissing every day like that.
His skill level increased surprisingly.

“Are you sleepy, sir? Move your tongue.”
“It’s moving.”
“What are you talking about. A kiss like this.”

I press hard with my tongue.
He is biting and biting and tasting the entire tongue.

It tastes like warm ice cream.
It’s soft and sweet, but I can’t swallow it.

‘How can this be a virgin!’

Play with my tongue
After licking it, he brought it to his mouth and inhaled it.

Grandpa! Grandpa!

It’s hard to say from the point of view of teaching, but he is good at doing embarrassing things like this.
No, because I don’t know.

‘I really didn’t know how to do it.’

I told you half-jokingly.
That there are kisses like this.
After following them one by one, their proficiency peaked.

Just by looking at them, we were able to kiss each other.
From the standpoint of the victim, it seems really cheap.

“Open your mouth. Quickly.”

Standing on tiptoe, Sora looked down at me from above.
Since I am tall, I can play like this.


Take saliva mixed with foam and eat it.
Lastly, kiss her warmly and help her swallow.


It seems to have nutrients.
It is a delicious bite that brings vitality to the whole body to the extent that it feels like that.

“All right? Are you satisfied?”
“Sora kiss is really erotic, so I like it.”
“What is it? It’s just a normal kiss…”
“It’s hot because it’s Sora.”

The mind returns clear.
If I get a kiss like this, I don’t think my college life will be bad.

Embrace the extraordinary Sora.
Very tight
Apply pressure so strong that you can feel your breasts against each other.

“Senior. Too. Don’t get tangled up.”

Sora doesn’t refuse either.
Unexpectedly, he accepts such a forced hug.

‘It’s like popping a balloon.’

My chest is squeezed.
There must be quite a bit of stimulation, but they are hugged without any sign of dislike.

“It’s Sora.”
“Thank you.”
“If you know, don’t smoke. If you lick every nook and cranny, it’ll be obvious.”
“That’s a bit embarrassing.”
“It’s okay if you don’t smoke.”

I’m good at saying embarrassing things.
Sora knows that the kiss just now is normal.

‘If I had a boyfriend, would he be disillusioned if I kissed him like this?’

It can be a small check.
It’s still just a kiss, but I’m making it one by one to my liking.

“Then I’ll go first.”
“Even seniors don’t fit the F, attend well.”

It’s already been that way in her life.
Because I made an irreversible choice.

‘Trust me.’

Head of the Department of Economics.
If you are in another class, there will be some commotion.

So is my lower leg.
To think that after a kiss like that, he just hurriedly walked away.

Todok, tok!

There is another way.
After waiting for a while, the door of the club opens.

“How have you been doing?’
“It’s been a while. Why aren’t you calling me?”

The head of the stock club.
Hyeri hugs her with a bright smile.

She was a good kid from the start.
It got worse during vacation.

‘They did this and that.’

I have dependence.
It got deeper
When you meet me, you hang on to me.

“Enough with the kiss. We just had a lot. So.”

Gently stroke her butt.
As if she knew what I meant, she circled behind her and unbuttoned her skirt.

Even after using it quite a bit, it is still stiff.
However, it is terribly wet to the touch.


She can be a bit harsh with her.
I can’t help it because I don’t have much time left for the lecture.

Push violently
The narrow inside of Hyeri opens.
I didn’t even wear a condom.

“Are you fine?”
“Yes Yes!”
“Even if you stab me this hard.”
“Joe, great. This is too much.”

Convulsions happen from the inside.
It seems that it has already gone once.

Through the large mirror beside her, Hyeri drools.
I feel it with pleasure.

‘I didn’t expect Hyeri and I to be compatible.’

I like soft things.
As she experienced various things during her vacation, she had a change of heart.

Hug the upper body
A full D cup is caught in the hand that has penetrated into the white shirt.
It’s a nice handle

“A little harder. A little harder, please. That’s good.”
“Does it hurt anymore?”
“Yes Yes!”

I woke up to the stimulus.
Composed by Hyeri, who is like a dainty deer, I want to inadvertently bully her.

‘It’s cute, really.’

I haven’t even gone yet, but I’ve gone 3 times before.
Slap that fat ass! Hit

There is a feeling of rice cake.
If it’s just for draining water, Hyeri is better than Suhyeon.


Fill the inside with hot liquid.
A moan leaked out of Hyeri’s mouth, which she had blocked herself.

Stings her tears
But she does let it be known that Ahn, who was lovingly tightened, felt good.

‘I also have breasts.’

It’s not as big as Sora, but it’s on the large side.
Chicken instead of pheasant.
Excited by Sora and fighting Hyeri is a vicarious satisfaction.

“Me too, brother…”
“Then shall we go? It’s lecture time.”
“If I don’t have to attend, can I stay with you a little longer?”

I feel sorry for myself.
College life also owes a lot to this and that.

I am so close to the people in my department that it is natural for me to be the head of the club.

Todok, tok!

Tap your phone a few times.
Sending the OK sign seems to have worked out.

“Then shall we do it on the sofa? It’s hard to stand.”
“Yes, if it’s okay with me…”
“Shouldn’t we be serious?”

Hyeri takes off her outerwear.
Loosen the shoulder straps of the nighty Nasiti, and feel at ease.

Naked itself.
Although she is a bit short, her cute face and big breasts cover her.


Turn on the air conditioner
They enjoy a horny time hugging each other naked on the sofa.

“I like the real thing too.”
“Isn’t what your brother gave you bad?”
“It’s hard and cold, so I’m not excited at all.”

Accustomed to stimulation.
However, my basic tastes have not changed, so I like to hang out in my arms.

‘I think a girl like this would be fine.’

CC at university.
When I was in college, I also wanted to date a cute girlfriend.

Even though they’re ticklish, if you give them a hug from behind, they’ll loosen up.
She says it was like that when she was in college.


It’s kind of like a toy now.
Saying that Hye-ri really wanted to, she kisses him like a child.

‘As expected, women should be naughty.’

Cute type.
Having enjoyed a woman enough, it is not enough to be sincere now.

“Hyeri, why are you late today?”
“I have a sale in the morning…”
“So did you send an SOS to Chanwook oppa?”
“I mean, I’m bitten!

There is a slight sense of conquest.
Group of girls.
The prettiest among them.

‘Being able to hold you at will.’

It creates a taste for boring school life.
The club has also grown considerably.

Many of the economics students.
You will be able to achieve your goal of securing talent.

It’s working out well.
Stocks are also trending, and I thought it would get on track more in the future.

“You were still doing stocks.”
“Did Jiyoon give up?”
“I’m doing something else that’s popular these days…”

It wasn’t just good things.
Recently, it is said that another trend is spreading among department students.

‘Kids these days are really.’

Easily swayed by trends
That’s not a good thing in the world of investing.

A different way of thinking than others.
Because that is the basic premise of investing.

But it’s not unnecessary either.
Depending on how you use it, it can be money.

“Could it be Coin?”
“Certainly, coins are fashionable these days.”
“That’s right. My friend also coined it.”
“The story that coin is easier and makes money well…”

Not as a way of thinking, but as an investment item.
There is one thing that I also avoid.


It seems like there was something like that in the past.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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