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Because I Live in the US 78

Because I Live in the US 78

Chapter 78 – Real Luxury

Value investment.
It’s a story you must hear when you start stocks.

“You want to be a value investor like Warren Buffett?”
“Yes, investing, not speculation…”
“Isn’t that old man a value investor?”

It is a typical investment method.
A famous person said
Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest investor.

‘Grandpa Buffett would be dumbfounded ifheheard it.’

It’s something I’ve never actually said.
Analysts and booksellers made it up to their liking.

“I must have read it in a book.”
“Did you hear it from yourself?
“It’s not like that, but in the book..Hehe!”
“Look at the author of that book. He’s not Warren Buffett, he’s someone else.”

Writers who listened to Warren Buffett’s lectures wrote with their imagination.
Or what the public wants.

‘I have to kill all bastards who write such books.’

Can you make money just by doing it?
Novice investors can be seduced.
Analysts often talk about it.

What is the original value of the company?
In fact, they only lived on the topic that they couldn’t even invest in because they were scared.

“Are the analysts not investing?”
“They’re the brokers of the securities company. Don’t they still know that they’re sales people who get money from the securities companies and attract customers?”

It is to make general investors do johnber.
That way, the securities company can easily move the stock price.

‘It’s distorting the meaning of value investing.’

Their own interests.
Or, even if you make a fuss about it because you know it wrong, it’s the same as a bad thing.

“Value investing is a common mistake made by people who don’t know Mr. Buffett.”
“Does the senior know you well?”
“I’ve known you for a while.”

People who want to avoid risk increase it as an excuse for themselves.
Value investing is not like that.

‘Actually, the way Warren Buffett made his money was through bullying and leverage.’

It is a surprisingly unknown fact.
How young Buffett made money as a young man.

Like young investors do these days, I went in and burned my leverage.

“Me, really?”
“Can I really kiss you?”
“That and that are different… Aang♡”

My mind is clouded.
It will feel like there is a thick fog in your head.

‘It’s fucking cute when you keep your mouth shut.’

They are sitting on the bed and hugging each other tightly.
Pull the face and eat the lips.

“It was bad. I told you not to.”
“It’s because Sora is so cute.”
“Ooh~ Do I have to teach you properly instead?”
“My brother will teach you from one to ten.”

Gently touch the belly fat.
There is a reaction every time you press the gunjin that has been developed a little.

‘Warren Buffett’s investment philosophy begins by criticizing mainstream economics.’

British and American economic theory.
Investors in the old days were conservative and smug.

They always make rational decisions.
All information is reflected in the stock price.

“Mainstream… Economics?”
“Yes. Have a drink. Dip a glass of alcohol.”

Pour a glass of whiskey.
Maybe it’s because my judgment is clouded, so I take it lightly.

‘Because the market moves irrationally like this.’

Buffett saw the market from a different perspective.
It is an evaluation of the intrinsic value of a company.

Something more intrinsic than PER or PBR.
Think about the value of the future, not the present.

“Woo-jju-ju, drink well.”
“You decided to learn. You should drink mainstream economics.”

The direction of the business and the ability of the manager are considered.
What I do is also consistent with Warren Buffett’s investment philosophy.


Sora smokes a cigar deliciously.
After a few bites, I learned the tricks of outside smoking.


I also drink whiskey.
I am learning the beauty of decadence.
This can also be considered as an investment.

I make it mine when I’m young.’

Warren Buffett’s investment method is not about looking for pretty girls.
Analyze a child who is already pretty and has a bright future.

The best growth opportunities are given to women with the best growth potential.
The market is where the money goes.

“I don’t know.”
“You’ll find out later. Oppa will tell Sora everything.”

He is by no means a traditional value investor.
Rather, it is right to see it as a future-oriented investor.

‘I have a clear understanding of the risks, and I just swing the bat when necessary.’

When I was young, I ventured into the market.
As I got older, the need for that disappeared.

‘Cause there’s so much money
There is no reason to use leverage, so I just don’t use it.

“The only book written by Warren Buffett himself is the letter to shareholders that comes out at the beginning of each year. It is a kind of letter to Berkshire Hathaway’s investors.”
“Are you shy?”
“Can I touch Sora Jjujju?”

I want to swing a bat too.
I’m satisfied with the line that I’m going to have a good time with her breasts.

‘The necklace is so pretty.’

It is rewarding to give an expensive gift.
It is caught in the sternum that makes saliva swallow just by looking at it.

The diamond is revealed when the chest is grabbed and opened.
I am excited at the thought of gifting Sora again.

‘Actually, this jeweler.’

I have some kinky hobbies.
He is good at making piercings in special areas.

“Um…, Ah! Ah!”

Sora’s faucet.
It feels good on a t-shirt too.
When I hold it tight and twist it, I shout out loud.

‘Please take good care of custom-made.’

It was one of his regular customers in the past.
Even if you ask for something a bit unreasonable, you make it pretty.

It became famous as an identity, so it wouldn’t necessarily be a nuisance.
Anyway, yes.

“Sora, do you like the necklace?”
“Ugh! Ah, ah…”
“My brother will make sure to match the top and bottom sets.”

The set is priced in the billions at current value.
If you buy it when it’s cheap, that’s a good thing.

‘My heart is greedy. Will the next one be satisfied with the navel?’

Someday it’ll all come off

* * *

“Uh… It’s the head.”

Late night.
Sora returned to her room.
Even though she sighed at her senior’s house, her head feels like it’s going to break.

Because she smoked a cigar.
She was later told that it was hundreds of times more poisonous than regular cigarettes.

‘Why the hell are you smoking that?’

It was the first time she felt her head go numb.
If you do drugs, that’s how you feel.

In fact, cigarettes have narcotic properties.
I don’t know if that’s the case, but my memory after blooming is hazy.

“You just got back and even drank…….》

It deserves it.
It seems that he stole an expensive whiskey from his senior while yelling.

‘I didn’t know you were so toxic…… ‘

Poisonous x Poisonous.
The memory is completely gone.
It is said that he pretended to be truthful and fell asleep.

When I touched the pillow, there were traces of saliva.
I have no face seeing my seniors again.


I’m already sighing.
I can feel the smell I smelled in the breath I exhaled.

‘It smells like a senior.’

Probably because he smoked a cigar.
There is still a lingering smell of smoke in my mouth.


Sora prostrates himself on the desk.
Exhale toward the facing side.

The smell is more directly smelled.
At first, I just hated it and hated it.


Something excited
Unknowingly, his right hand slides into his thigh.

‘I just got my period, why am I like this?’

Masturbate only once a month.
This is the part where I decided for myself that I shouldn’t do more bad things.

It is difficult to keep an oath.
Sora couldn’t stop the hand that moved according to instinct.


Touch the pleasant part.
Today, for some reason, my body is hotter than usual.

‘It felt good to kiss a senior…….’

Reminds me of a while ago
She said that the senior was in danger, so she reluctantly allowed her lips.

In fact, I was also curious.
I just wanted to hear what it felt like to kiss a guy.


It didn’t taste like lemon.
Saying it was sweet was a lie.

A more wild taste.
I think I felt that way when I ate lamb ribs.

Sizzling! Sizzling!

It is addictive.
At first she did it by being pushed on her back, but then she wanted to do it herself too.

‘I think the senior just touched her breasts like this.’

Just live without feeling anything even when you touch it.
When I touched it, it just tickled me.

It was different when seniors met.
Her belly warmed up and a strange sensation pierced her whole body.


I have a similar feeling for some reason.
Breathing quickens and the smell of cigarettes fills your nostrils.

It flows through the body more than usual.
It seems that the stuffiness in my chest has been relieved.

Before I knew it, I threw off my bra and started the second match.
A bad thing that I decided to do only once a month.

‘Why? Touching her never made her feel good.’

Commit twice in a row
It feels better to massage her breasts with both hands than the inside of her thighs.

It feels like your body knows.
Pleasure bursts out from inside the flesh.

“Haa…, Haa…, Haa…”

Sora’s body trembled.
At the same time, he frantically exhales the breath he was holding.

The surface of the desk where they were almost kissing is wet with moisture.
She did it herself

‘I’m sorry Mom, Dad.’

She did something mean
Living alone in her room made her loose.

She is also because of that human.
If you didn’t know the stimulating act of kissing in the first place.


I wouldn’t have felt this strange.
Just thinking about it makes her stomach warm again.

“I need to take a shower!”

No one is watching, but I’m talking to myself.
Otherwise, I don’t think I’ll be able to catch her heart.

It comes after washing all traces of mistakes.
But even when she finished taking a shower, all her troubles were not washed away.

‘Metaphysics, logic, philosophy…… , And there were many more.’

Stories from seniors.
To become a trader, you need to study other than economics.

It is more efficient
You must make a decision before registering for classes for the second semester.

Because once you do it, you can’t go back.
Maybe you will hit the ground and regret it.


I was determined to that extent.
In order to change, you must not be afraid to take risks.

Aim for traders.
As an adult, you choose your own career path.

‘Masturbation for a month…… , No, only once every two weeks.’

Now that I’m an adult, that should be fine.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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