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Because I Live in the US 77

Because I Live in the US 77

Chapter 77 – Real Luxury

If you make money, you have to spend it.
When viewed in that sense.

‘It was quite a worthwhile consumption.’

I think I can continue to use Suhyun.
It made me fall in love with the double life.

I also bought it for Hyeri.
As a matter of fact, someone shoots, and if someone doesn’t shoot, they get angry.

‘I’m not greedy because they’re kids.’

Not a large amount for me.
I don’t know how I like it so much even with a common luxury item.

For the first time, I allowed it to be vaginal.
I didn’t have a boyfriend, so I developed it without worrying about it.


There are guys who don’t.
So-ra opens the door again and comes and makes a fuss with her.

“Did I hear you?”
“What, what?”
“To Hyeri and Suhyeon.”

‘What the hell did you hear?’

It’s not just one or two guesses.
Sora takes out her cell phone and they push.

[Department of Economics freshman female group chat room]
“I made up with my boyfriend.”
“Estd manager’s brother?”
“OMG…… , I thought the two of you were over」
「(Gucci wallet photo.Jpg)」
“What should I do when they give me something like this saying that I can’t live without me?”

‘Phew, did I mention that I got my ass taken?’

Fortunately, it was not a worrisome situation.
It seems that there is work in the freshman chat room.

The girls are chatting with each other.
I don’t have any regrets because I skipped the most delicious thing.

「(Gucci wallet photo 1.Jpg)」
「(Gucci wallet photo 2.Jpg)」
“I have the same thing.”
“Is Suhyun there too?”
“I’m envious, my boyfriend bought me something like that…… 」
“I bought it because I was part-time.”

There was an uproar over her missing children.
It is human nature to want to boast when receiving a gift.

“Sponsorship is also a kind of part-time job.”
“Anyway, there is such a thing. So why?”
“I heard. My senior bought it for me.”

Sora puffs up her cheeks.
She couldn’t lie to Sora.

This is what he did.
She revealed that it was me who bought the wallet.

“Are you both interested?”
“If you’re going to buy one, you’ll have to buy one. It’s rude to poke around so lightly, isn’t it?”

The angry part was somewhere else.
Sora seems to think I’m betting the two of them.

‘I’ve already committed a lot of rudeness.’

Secrecy is being kept.
It wouldn’t be an issue that they themselves would want to talk about in the neighborhood.

“It’s not like that.”
“What isn’t it?”
“I bought it because I usually owe it. Didn’t you win a lot this time?”

It is not difficult to gloss over.
Sora’s breasts are seen with her arms crossed.


It’s summer.
Sora, who is sensitive to exposure, came dressed quite thinly.

A short-sleeved T-shirt with her breasts slightly hollowed out.
This is the most erotic of Sora’s clothes.

It’s a little bit, but the sternum is also exposed.
To such a wonderful chest.

“Then didn’t I help you the most?”
“Why don’t you give me anything?”

You need the right accessories for it.
Sora pouts her lips as if pouting.

‘There is no woman who doesn’t like luxury goods.’

I have friends, but I feel like I’m left behind if I’m not alone.
You may have felt that way.

Of course, there is something prepared.
It was time for her to take out the items she had been carefully storing.


A luxurious looking box.
The content inside makes the eyes widen even more.

“What is this?”
“You know, why ask?”
“Are you mine?”

He’s a great guy too.
The order price alone reaches 100 million won.

‘He’s going to be even more amazing in the future.’

It was made by a famous French craftsman.
No, I’m going to be famous.

A brand is not just a company.
Individuals may have more influence than that.

“My brother will walk you.”
“Is it really mine? It looks expensive…”
“Don’t hate receiving it.”
“Ah! I didn’t say no!”

That’s what the fashion industry is all about.
Always hip and pursuing something different from others.

‘Now it’s the exclusive property of some rich people.’

In the future, individuals like painters and sculptors are branded.
Looks like Picasso’s ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’.

When I was young, the value of my work was not recognized.
Currently, it is traded at astronomical amounts.

The craftsman who made this necklace also became famous beyond 40.
Even this, an early work, will rise in value.

“I’m ready…”

Sora pulls up her own long hair.
The exposed white nape.


I have no choice but to swallow my saliva.
I almost bit my tongue without realizing it.

‘It’s almost like Hetbahn.’

I have to be patient now.
Because it’s a precious moment to put a necklace on yourself.

“Wait, that’s embarrassing.”
“If you move and break the necklace, I’m not responsible.”
“That’s… It’s difficult.”

It lands on the white flesh.
A chain with a high percentage of platinum will match your skin color.

‘This is so exciting.’

It’s not that I want to touch the smooth neck.
To put a necklace on a woman.

It feels like I am marking it as mine.
Sora accepts it without knowing anything.


Succeed in filling the necklace.
The diamond in the center lands on Sora’s breastbone.

“Is this real?”
“It’s fake.”
“I knew it. I’ll cherish it anyway.”

Of course real.
It was also processed by a first-class craftsman.
You won’t need to tell me.

I like it enough.
Jidtan seems to be taking care of her expression, but the corners of her mouth are smirking.

‘Because a necklace of this size should be on a chest of this size.’

European aristocrats did not indulge in luxury and pleasure for nothing.
Women and jewelry are inseparable.

Assuming it’s worth it.
Anything worn on Sora’s body should be at least in billions.

My breasts, which I was already coveting, became even better.
The moment I tried to raise my hand without realizing it.

“Did you like it?”
“Well, my brother’s sense is fine.”
“Then can I touch your breasts?”
“It’s not like that.”

Sora frowns at her.
It was obviously a good atmosphere, but why?

‘Originally, it’s a Master Bopen card!’

Even a rather arrogant woman is bound to open her mouth even if she feels sorry for her.
I really have no worries.

“A kiss, then.”
“Are you crazy?”
“No, why! You’ve already done it! It’s not the first time! It’s worn out!”
“What are you talking about you bastard!!”

Sora’s face burned like a blush.
It seems that the last deviation has come to mind.

‘How much did you bite and suck at that time?’

I must have drank 1L of my saliva.
The breasts were also massaged without a wish, really without a wish.

“It’s not that kind of problem… Yo!”
“Then what’s wrong?”
“At that time… As an investor, I was forced to help.”

‘She’ll tell you she needs fucking sex.’

A room where you can’t leave without having sex, no, stocks that don’t rise.
With that feeling.
That wasn’t what Sora was trying to say.

“It’s strange to do something like that for what you received.”
“Even if my brother gives me 100 million won?”
“Because it can’t be done!”

The hand that approached me with a dark heart.
Slap! He sighs and hugs his chest.

Receive the goods and allow the body.
Pride does not allow such an act.

‘It’s real if it only takes one week!’

It makes it possible to go with only the chest.
I wanted to capture it little by little like that.

“Oh, then I’m going to smoke!”
“Are you a senior child?”
“Have you seen a kid smoking a cigarette?”
“You’re childish.”

What do you say, big breasts?
I think holding something in my hand will calm my mind.

‘I burned 100 million, but my hands aren’t shaking?’

Even so, it’s shocking that I couldn’t even touch my chest.
Light a cigar and burn one.


Nicotine penetrates the mucous membrane.
It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time, and I’m ecstatic.

“Don’t smoke!”
“Are you my wife?”
“You’re doing it because you’re worried about your health.”
“Then let me knead it.”

Sora growls.
I don’t know why I hate smokers so much.

‘If you don’t like secondhand smoke, go out.’

Spread out as if
After watching it, out of nowhere, he stretches out his arm and snatches it away.

“I’m going to get sick instead of you.”
“Hey, wait.”
“Corlock, something bad for the body like this! Cough!”

And it blooms.
He inhaled as if he were smoking a cigarette.


What is commonly perceived as tobacco is actually a bit of tobacco, with added sugar, additives, and flavorings to mimic it.
Cigars are real.

Rolled with 100% pure tobacco leaves.
There is no filter attached, so the smoke density is different from regular cigarettes.

“Is it Sora, is it Sora?”
“Drink some water first.”

It’s not just a little more poisonous.
Nicotine content is 100 to 400 times that of cigarettes.

‘That’s why people who smoke only smoke outside.’

As you often see, if you suck and then exhale, it is easy to go crazy with nicotine addiction.

I was halfway gone.
His expression is blank and his eyes are out of focus.

Gulp! Gulp!

Drink water.
To Sora, who had never smoked a cigarette, it must have felt like taking drugs.

“It’s okay?”
“Looks like you’re not okay. I’m going to give you artificial respiration.”

It is an unavoidable situation.
As Sora said, it was inevitable now.

Saliva dripping from the mouth
It’s a difficult state that I can’t even swallow.


Pick up and eat valuables before they fall.
Eat Sora’s lips to your heart’s content.

‘Nicotine is delicious.’

After teasing for a while, the mind returns.
I took off my bra in case it felt cramped.

“I’m jealous and really fucking cute.”
“It’s not like that…”
“Then why did you come?”
“I have something to ask the senior. Heeup!”

Just in case, take a bite of a cigar.
The figure of Sora exhaling smoke.

‘It’s a decadent taste. I look forward to seeing it 10 years from now.’

It’s still awkward, but someday the old age will catch up.

“…You told me.”
“At the welcome party for freshmen?”
“Senior is a trader, but hi! Why did you enter the Department of Economics?”

Can help with that
Life experience.
Depending on how you build it, the future will also change.

‘I was a Pokemon trainer back then.’

I am now a fitness trainer.
She is such a woman that her body kills and she is also motivated.

“Because I don’t need it.”
“Then what should I do?”
“To be specific, metaphysics, logic, philosophy, history, psychology, and political science.”

If it’s as big as I like, it would be fantastic as a partner during the day or night.
At least the night is certain.

‘I think it will be delicious even if I get older.’

She was convinced when she saw him smoking a cigar earlier.
The fact that it is a top-notch product that tastes good.

“Are you going to grow up like your brother said?”
“Yes, heeup!”
“Are you going to give your life to your brother?”

Continue value investing.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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