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Because I Live in the US 76

Because I Live in the US 76

Chapter 76 – Luxury



As soon as they enter, they share a passionate kiss.
Suhyun’s lips stick together.

Biting and sucking and rubbing the body was completely in heat.

“Haa…, Haa…, Haa…”

We’ve only kissed a little bit, but I feel short of breath as if I was sprinting.
Begging me

“Do you want to have sex like that?”
“No, this is…”
“It’s because of the toys!”

Toys for adults.
I was told to buy a lot from a specialty store.

‘And the one I already bought.’

If you don’t write it, it’s a shame.
I put about 3 rotors and went for a walk.

Instrument for the first time.
It seems that the foreign body sensation is more stimulating than I imagined.

I also pay attention to the gaze around me.
I was completely choked with shame.

“You really do your best for your brother.”
“Why? Hate it?”
“I told my boyfriend to wait until he graduates.”
“Then I should do something before graduation.”

This makes for a stimulating experience.
It’s not a bad story for your boyfriend either.

The water comes out well, and I know how to feel it.
You will be sexually complete and you will be able to spend a pleasant sex life.

‘From sucking.’

Zip down
Shake a reliable object in front of your eyes.
Before you even say anything


Run first
While licking the Cooper fluid that came out lightly, he sucked the glans like ice cream.

‘Because there are kids who don’t like this.’

If you learn it well the first time, you will use it well over and over again.
My preference is a little deeper to the inside.


Hold Suhyeon’s head like a handle.
Keep adding until you can’t see the roots.

It’s painful at first.
It’s because he’s moving his tongue, probably getting used to it.

‘It’s not like he stopped breathing.’

Warm neck.
It is comfortable enough to want to urinate like this.

Sukkuk! Sukkuk!

It pricks the uvula on the inside.
Pull it out when the movement of the tongue becomes dull.

“Oh, brother!”
“Was it hard?”
“I can’t breathe! Breath. Cough!”

Foamy saliva flows out.
The rapid breathing also seems painful.

‘That’s why it’s more thrilling.’

It’s the greatest pleasure to be able to have a woman like this to your heart’s content.

Sukkuk! Sukkuk!

Put it in your mouth again.
A small amount of tears flowing from the raised eyes must be a physiological response.

“Puha! Haa…, Haa…”

Allows you to breathe moderately.
Then put it back in the neck and continue the action.

“Ah, okay. I’ll have to cool off first.’

It is a deep satisfaction as much as I endured.
The liquid that came out violently gathered in Suhyeon’s mouth.

Jjook! Jjook!

Pucker your lips to take out what’s left.
I stroke Suhyeon’s head, who gave me a cool feeling of ejaculation.

“Open your mouth.”
“Nice job. Now swallow.”

A gurgling sound can be heard from close range.
One more time if once wasn’t enough.

‘I must have accumulated a lot.’

I don’t know how many times I thought about it while licking the conch.
Should I do this or not.

I am concerned about not having your consent.
If she wasn’t a virgin, she would have committed and watched it once.

Because of his strong personality, there are many obstacles.
I have also experienced severe burns in previous lives.

“I’ve only kissed my boyfriend.”
“Did you stick your tongue out?”
“The tongue is still there.”
“I put the other one in first.”

In that sense, Suhyeon also has potential risks.
Don’t know right now, but later.

‘It can be said that we never agreed because women are creatures.’

It is right to eliminate the risk.
He picks up Suhyun and moves him onto the bed.

“Brother, now…”
“Stop teasing me. Please stay here.”

Lift one’s own skirt
The area between the crotch is already very wet.

It makes a great sound with just a little touch.
I’m curious about the inside.

‘It’s tightly closed.’

I haven’t used it for a while, so it’s in pristine condition.
Three rotor strings are painfully attached.

Pick each one
Every time, the love juice comes out together.
My mouth is salivating.


The breasts are good, but the worth of sucking is on top.
The place that was said to be itchy is responding.

It trembles when you put your tongue in it.
As if I want to tighten something, the inner wall inside is dancing.

“How much do you masturbate in a week?”
“Two, two times? Three times?”
“Are you wet like this every time?”
“It can’t be!”

Just as I held Suhyeon’s head, Suhyeon also holds my head.
Both thighs are also responding by swollen.

‘Did I tease you too much?’

The beans are also standing firm.
The love juice gushing out from the inside shows no sign of drying up.

“Can I use your pussy?”
“Yes Yes!”
“Do you have a boyfriend?”
“That’s because I’ll do something…”

He pleads with her and spreads his crotch with both hands.
It’s very pitiful that the place is prickly.

‘Then let’s try it.’

Preheating is sufficient.
However, there is not enough motivation to write like this.

The plastic bag you brought.
There is something that can be caught when you put your hand in and rummage.

“Why is that…?”

It is an ordinary love gel.
For couples who don’t get wet well, for smooth sex.

‘It’s okay to just use it.’

Suhyeon had a question mark on his face.
Ignore it and weave it all the way there.

Squeeze it like ketchup.
When you remove your hand, it is after a considerable amount has entered.

“It’s cold because of the gel. Well, it’ll get warm soon.”

This is the first time I’ve ever put in so many.
Every time you move, the liquid is pushed out like a pump.

‘Extremely tight.’

There is no resistance because it is slippery.
Do whatever your brain tells you to do.

“Hee! Ahh! Ahhh!!”

Morality and instinct.
Suhyeon is also groaning as his brain tells him to.

‘It must be shocking for my girlfriend to cry like this.’

It’s thrilling for a man who drives.
It’s a reaction that comes out because I feel that much.

Sukkuk! Sukkuk!

It’s slippery, so it’s easy to do the piston exercise.
The glans is banging against the wall inside.

“Keep it! Read it…”

The stimulation was a bit strong.
Suhyeon flips over as if taking a bubble.

The pupils are convulsing with half-closed eyes.
Not caring.

‘I’m in a hurry too.’

Even write
I deeply and surely engrave my traces on the quality of Suhyeon, who I have been using for a long time.

The cold inside soon becomes warm.
A hotter liquid gushes out.


Soo-hyeon shakes her head.
The toes that can’t be closed even though they are spread out give a sense of how they feel.

“Are you gone?”
“Don’t have the energy to talk? Do you want to do more? Turn around.”

Let him take the junior position.
The place that had been tightly closed swelled up and spilled the gel that was put in earlier along with the juice.


Insert the glans
Slowly scrape the liquid inside.
I want Suhyun to taste her natural tightness and bumps.


I am drooling.
A pitiful sound escapes from her face as she sinks into her pillow.


Make her come to her senses.
I slap her on the buttocks and look at Soo-hyeon’s unexpected reaction.

“What do you think?’
“Do you like hitting?”
“That’s fine, and just scratching the inside…”

Put in and take out
It is deliberately rubbing against the bumps.
It seems to have an orgasm.

“I think I’m going to pee, what should I do…”
“More, dirty.”
“Because it’s okay. Come on!”

Hit a little harder
As if that was a signal flare, the inside of the vagina spasms.

Something similar to urine spurts out with great force.
If you gently touch the clip, more will come out.

‘Development is fast.’

There is a reward for being anxious all day long.
They continue mating in a room full of sour smells.

It reacts more sensitively with each hit.
He sees a hole where he thinks he’ll be fine.

“Is there?!”

Put your thumb in half a word.
It tightens very tightly.

‘He seems to have a knack for it.’

There is a subtle mazo temperament.
If I had grown up properly, I might have been a sadist.


That sprout has been firmly stepped on.
I squeeze the love gel into this hole as well.

It’s fun because it’s like making sauce.
Spread seasoning evenly on the inside.

“Will you do that too…?”
“Then I’m going to give it all to my brother first.”
“I’ll post a good review.”

It’s like tasting.
Even though more than half of the large-capacity gel was put in, the force to push it out is no joke.

Slap slap!

Let’s hit the butt and accept it little by little.
It feels like taming a horse.

“There were more toys I bought earlier.”
“Stop, no way.”
“Relieve your body.”

Add carrots to the bottom of the boredom.
Artificial carrots.
It swallows pretty well.

‘Is it too tight?’

The problem is that it is so tight that it is difficult to drive.
Make sure to release it so that your boyfriend can use it well.

“If you miss, I’ll hit you. Okay?”
“Yes Yes!”
“I’ll hit you even if I don’t miss.”

He was a blunt child.
It makes them much more charming, affable, and soft.


It was so soft that it became a rice cake.
Lying face down on the bed in the letter 大, he spits out something unknown whether it is breathing or moaning.

The cute appearance at the department store disappeared all over the place.
Only naked humanoid monkeys are visible.

‘Sorry. Because I’m a bit piled up.’

1 shot in her mouth.
2 rounds in each hole.
In the aftermath of that, both places were pitifully wide open.

He’s still young, so he’ll be back to normal soon.
I don’t know what will happen if I keep using it.

Shoot aaaaa!

I take the exhausted Suhyeon to the shower room.
When hot water is poured on the body, the mind returns.

“Stay still. Moving will hurt you.”

It makes foam
It’s near Suhyeon’s precious and young parts.

Square! Square!

Cut with a disposable razor blade.
The place that used to have little hair becomes a bare mountain.

“Oh, brother…”
“If this is the case, I can’t even go anywhere to show it.”
“That’s what I cut.”

Kiss lightly
After washing off with water, the embarrassing part is revealed.

“Don’t do it with your boyfriend.”
“Well, you can do it if you want.”
“How do you show me this?”

Touch the area where there is hair.
While making a pouty expression, the corners of his lips are slightly smiling.

Start learning about gender.
There is no object that fits men’s ideal type like a pretty and erotic girlfriend.

‘It doesn’t have to be my girlfriend.’

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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