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Because I Live in the US 75

Because I Live in the US 75

Chapter 75 – Luxury


“Eh, this is worth 2 million won…”
“Please match the size. I will wear it out.”
“I’ll prepare it right away, customer!”


“It’s the first time I’m wearing shoes worth 1 million won. They’re very comfortable.”
“Please choose one for everyday wear as well as this one.”
“Which one would you like to wrap?”


“How about it?”
“It’s pretty.”
“Really? Does it suit you well…”
“You look so good on the customer! It fits perfectly with today’s outfit!”

Match each one
Soo-hyeon, dressed in luxury goods, smiles awkwardly.

‘As expected, I should wear this much.’

For men, women are accessories.
It is worthwhile to wear it when you are dressed up in a high-end style.

I guess I still don’t know what it is.
You seem to have some basic sense.

“But the deadline is a bit sluggish.”
“Guest, our Hermes are handmade by French artisans…”
“Looking at the craftsman number, it seems like it’s been a while since I got a practice ticket. Please show me another product.”
“Yes, I understand, sir!”

Still a chick
I will choose the first one so that you can set the standard.

‘There is another way to choose a luxury item.’

It is a French luxury brand.
As the staff said, artisans make it by hand stitch by stitch.

There is a small pitfall in it.
Even among the same artisans, the level is divided.
It can be identified by the number written on the buckle.

“B09 wasn’t a very popular craftsman in my memory.”
“That’s right?”
“It’s the first luxury bag Suhyeon buys, so I should buy a good one.”

Give your bangs over.
The rough-and-tumble appearance of a while ago disappeared all over the place, and he became a junior who followed his words well.

‘There is no woman who doesn’t like luxury goods.’

Even an irritable girlfriend becomes calmer if she buys a bag for her.
But he is changing her from head to toe.

“Where shall we go next?”
“I think that’s enough…”
“No. I’m going to buy all the things I buy for you.”

Suhyun’s lips.
Pull her chin slightly open.
Stick your tongue in deeply and savor it.


I was embarrassed earlier.
I pushed it away with force and even scrubbed it.

Now it’s rather welcoming.
Hold it with both arms and hold it in a stable position.

Share a passionate kiss
When I parted my lips, a sultry woman with rough breathing was in my arms.

“Brother, that… I’m looking at you.”
“I’m an employee.”
“You bought a pretty bag. You should check how delicious it is before you go.”

Female staff.
I am looking at you with a smile.
Inside, you will be chewing on what kind of salt it is.

‘No. Wouldn’t you be envious?’

It is a luxury that is hard to buy even if you pay your monthly salary.
I want my boyfriend to give me a present.

She’s doing it
She may be thinking that she wants to flirt with her too.

“Should I buy underwear next? Do you have a favorite brand?”
“I don’t know how expensive it is.”
“Okay? Go pick one.”

Put your hand on her shoulder
She walks out bragging about being my girl.

‘It’ll be more delicious if it’s young, pretty, and even pampered.’

It helps a little.
Let’s go to the cosmetics hall, and the staff are looking at this side from the window.

Is to know
Customers who spend a lot of money.
Rumors seem to have spread among the staff.

“Welcome, customer! Your girlfriend is so pretty~.”
“You can wear anything, but if you don’t mind, can we give you some examples?”

Say hello as if cutting 90 degrees.
They are friendly and do business.

Employees of the Luxury Hall receive incentives based on their sales.

It is not easy to sell as it is a luxury item.
I’m glad I bought one after looking around for hours.

However, they are buying as if they were in Dongdaemun.
It is a lump sum payment without asking or questioning.

There are rumors.
If you just satisfy that customer, you can achieve results.


It teaches us that receiving other people’s money is not easy.
He lifts Suhyun’s skirt.

“Oh, brother?!”
“It’s okay. They’re all the staff who pick out pretty underwear for Suhyeon, right?”
“Yes, your guest…”

Show the underwear you are wearing.
Employees, who are likely to be familiar with the truth, are also surprised.

‘It would have been perfect if it was wet.’

It’s probably underdeveloped.
With her cheeks burning red, she gently caresses Suhyeon’s stiff thighs.

“Could you choose one that excites you when you take it off and one that is good for seducing a man?”
“I will, yes!”
“And he has nice legs.”

It is a sexy dress that exposes the shoulders.
Black series.
If you wear stockings, the icing on the cake.

‘I came to the lingerie store.’

The garter belt is tight.
Just in time, a conspicuous candidate appears.
This is the first step to becoming a sexy secretary.

“For reference, the chest size is.”
“Um, we’ll help! Girlfriend, would you like to come this way…?”

It comes to fit this and that.
As expected, the garter belt goes well with the overall coordination.

“Oh you’re sexy?”
“Because this is so grown-up.”
“It’s okay. Oppa will make Suhyeon an adult.”

Share a kiss
Also stroke the thighs.
As a result, I put my hand in it and checked it out.

‘Looks like you’re wearing some fucking underwear? It’s a bit on the small side.’

In my mind, I want to roll up my skirt and look at it.
I leave it for the joy of opening it.

“Are you going to do it today?”
“Yeah, you should eat it.”
“It was bad. I got along with my boyfriend at best.”
“You can get along well with your brother.”

You can’t take this much and do nothing.
It seems that Suhyeon is already ready mentally.

‘You like it, it’s a deviation.’

I was content with trying it once.
Every time I see my boyfriend, I feel guilty.

It provides an advantage that is more than worth it.
It’s a stimulus that you wouldn’t feel if you lived a normal life.

“Oh oh…….”
“Who is it? Where is the model?”

He goes around with Suhyeon.
The original version is good, but I even dressed it up as a luxury item.

Steals the attention of the surroundings.
Because pretty kids are heaven and earth, we recognize the real thing more.

It’s not an uncommon monster.
The aura of a chic yet haughty beauty comes out.

“Brother, here’s a little…”
“How is it? No one will recognize you.”

He puts his hand on Suhyun’s thigh.
The place on the garter belt that I really want to touch.

You can touch it to your heart’s content like this.
Boyfriend, no, it’s a privilege of a sseomnam.

‘The addition of mulberry also seems to be effective.’

The chest that I myself have a complex.
If it’s on clothes, there’s nothing that can’t be effective.

It is for ornamental use.
They enjoy a date at a department store while flirting with Suhyeon, who has become pretty.

“Isn’t this a complete spawn?”
“Did you notice?”
“It’s been a while.”
“How much will you pay me to meet my brother? Huh?”

Although not a normal date.
A little more age difference would have raised suspicion.


There is nothing strange about a 6 year old.
Even if she eats Suhyeon’s lips, she looks like an immature lover.

‘Is this why Ken Fisher told me to have a lot of sex when I was young?’

The range of play you can do is much wider.
Even if you spend the same money, the satisfaction is different.

“Did you order food?”
“Yes, my brother and I for sushi.”
“Nice job. Sit here.”
“It’s there too.”

There is no discomfort even sitting next to you.
She came to eat at the food hall.

She sits next to Soo-hyeon and reveals her true color.
Use the square under the table.


Touch the secret place
As if he was expecting it, he crossed his arms and prostrated himself.

“Are you wet?”
“Ugh… A lot of things happened.”
“You feel good. You like women who get wet.”

Caress lightly
I didn’t even put my finger in her, but it’s soggy all around.

Moans are heard periodically.
After teasing for a while, the bell rings.

“Looks delicious.”
“It’s called pressed sushi. It’s my first time trying it.”
“Shall we try some?”

Su-hyeon brings food.
Soy sauce is a system to eat according to the side dish.


I take a picture of something else.
I put my finger in the hot spot and pulled it out.

‘It’s a refreshing sour taste. It whets your appetite.’

Wash the side and sample the sushi.
Perhaps because it is a department store, there is nothing special about pressed sushi.

Square watermelon feel.
Only the shape is different, and the taste is similar to ordinary sushi.

“I’m not going to eat?”
“How do you eat?”
“Then shall we scoop some more?”

It was because there was seasoning.
Even if you take a quick glance at it, it will be produced again before you know it.

‘It’s a well.’

It’s fun to eat.
It’s a little uncomfortable, but it won’t be a problem for a while.

“I’d rather do it together.”
“Like the bathroom. You usually do it anywhere.”
“Today, I’m going to eat it after you’re anxious to open it.”

He wasn’t such a wet kid.
There is something worthwhile that has kept me warming up over a long period of time.

‘It’s getting delicious.’

It hurts me too
Lately, I’ve been biting and sucking, and I’m going crazy because I haven’t been able to wrap it up.

No, it is not a problem that can be solved simply by cheapening.
It should be as delicious as conch.

“Brother put his hand where he was eating.”
“It tickles me. Oh really.”
“Do you want me to fuck you? Hang on.”

If you warm up like this, it goes up.
It tastes like aged sashimi, like meat.

‘I’ve got a sexiness.’

The image has changed from the beginning when it was like wood and stone.
Your boyfriend will definitely like it too.

I finish eating and come out of the department store.
Suhyeon actively embraces her first.

“Are you going to the hotel or your brother’s house?”
“Brother, do whatever you want today.”
“Then shall we buy one more?”

I was anxious to do it.
She is mine, dressed up in chic, arrogant and dark outfits.

‘Because playing with a woman like this is another fun thing.’

It is a necessary toy.

* * *

Toy store.


Being a clerk is not an easy job.
It’s not even an ordinary toy.

“There he is…”
“What type of product are you looking for?”
“It’s normal, it’s normal!”
“Tenga is over there.”

If it’s an adult toy.
The male customer who just became an adult is to the point of aegyo.

“I’m here to see something that couples can use.”
“Ah~ oppa~!”
“The soft type that helps with foreplay is on the left side, and the more serious one is on the right side.”
“Really? Thanks!”

There are also perverted couples.
After asking where the toy is, it disappears to the right.

‘She’s pretty. I dated a girl like that yesterday.’

I can’t help but be envious
Buying toys here.
It doesn’t mean that it will be done in the near future.

It’s not physically hard, it’s mentally painful.
Since I’m solo, it’s especially more damaging.
In front of him.


An ideal woman appears.
A slender body and a chic and haughty impression.

Booties also flow in the clothes.
At that time, even this woman was thinking about masturbation.


Strange things come up.
Although it can be because it is an adult toy store.

“Bo, can you put it in a bag? Hurry up…”
“All of this… You mean?”

Anal beads.
It’s not just one or two.
Size too.

‘Are you going in there? In that woman?’

Come to think of it, she came out on the right.
I came here to look around for authentic toys and find the right one.
Curiosity fills up to the neck.


All she could do was take a picture of the barcode in silence.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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