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Because I Live in the US 84

Because I Live in the US 84

Chapter 84 – Coins vs Stocks

Korean stock market.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─The trading volume is sooooo
─Chews Cam Fuckspi 〈〈〈Bitcoin
─Our restaurant is open as normal!
─All liquidity coins that are not there are taken away

We are approaching a major turning point.
The trading volume in the stock market has declined significantly.

─All liquidity coins that are not there are taken away
After opening a coin
It is absolutely no coincidence that the KOSPI/KOSDAQ trading volume was halved

└ The real gambling hall opened, but do you have a pseudo gambling hall? Replying to @DragonBall
└Fact) Coins are more sound
└ There is no institution that takes money from ants’ noses
└ All the kids around me are coining too

Because a new trend is spreading.
Bitcoin’s surge is making the world a buzz.

The aftermath.
Trading volume in the stock market declined.
Unlike the stock community that is building such a tearful face.

[Bitcoin Gallery]
─Ah~~~~~~~~~~~~~Should I do a full-time job?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
─I got a loan and bought Biko, but what?
─I just bought some chicken, but the owner of the chicken restaurant looks pathetic.
─Hyungs, this is Korin on the 3rd day of initiation ㅠ

The coin community is experiencing a great boom.
Not only did investors from the stock market flow into the coin.

─Hyungs, this is Korin on the 3rd day of initiation ㅠ
My friends all bought coins, so I bought them too…… ?
I was just going up until I bought it.
The price is going down because I bought it
I bought it for 6 million won, is it okay?

└ See you later, it goes up to 100 millionhaha
└ You can easily earn money if you know the law of coin ownership
Author− What is the law of coin zonber?

An influx of new investors.
Bitcoin is a hot topic.
The general media also covers the surge in Bitcoin.

What is that?
Even those who were skeptical at first are getting shaken.
The more I hear the sound of making money.

─I just bought some chicken, but the owner of the chicken restaurant looks pathetic.
You can make money really easily if you know the law of coin ownership.
It’s pitiful to see a store open until late at night to sell a whole chicken and receive customershaha

└ You can’t look so pathetic when you see ordinary people earning pennies by working stupidly
└ I also told my mom and dad to retire right away and put the severance pay into Biko.
Author− filial son, filial son!

It seems that only you are falling behind.
I feel like I’m losing money just because I didn’t make money.

There are only a few around.
Looking at the community, it seems to be more.
To be humiliated

─I got a loan and bought Biko, but what?
[Coin account verification.Jpg]
Even after repaying the loan, I earned an additional 10 million wonhaha

└I was expecting a ruined ending
└ You bought coins with a loan? You are a smart investor!
└Ah, I’m sure I want a loan……
└ Why didn’t I think of this?

Investor psychology.
It’s common in the stock market.
I don’t buy when the stock price is low, but I want to press the buy button when it goes up.

Not immune to it
New investors who have never even invested in stocks are more easily swayed by the lure of bitcoin.

─Corin made money for the first time!
[Corin’s account verification.Jpg]
In the eyes of the namesake, it may be a small amount, but
I’m proud that I made money with coins for the first time

└ It’s cute to write that you only earned 100,000 wonhaha
└ It’s the beginning
└ You need a loan too. Then more
Author− How do I get a loan? Can you make more money doing that?

Even make money
I guess I didn’t really do anything.
The money you thought was precious is so easily caught in your hands.

You are mistaken that you are a smart investor.
A small amount of profit attracts investors who have just stepped into the coin.

“You see!”

Coin club.
Ju-gyeong is distracted by the number of applicants who come in every day.

Talking is also a thing.
At first, I explained everything, but lately I haven’t even done that.


Just to show you.
It is illuminated through a specially ordered beam projector.

『Ju Do-kyung’s account』
Purchase amount│210,530,891 won
Valuation gains│+202,533,522 won
Appraisal rate of return│+2632.50%

Own rate of return.
When I first invested, I did it with a small amount.
Then, after opening my eyes to Bitcoin.

“Did you do it from the early days of Bitcoin?”
“It’s not until the early days, and I haven’t even been a year yet.”
“But how can I make such a profit…”
“Beginners don’t need to know yet, but there is leverage. Do you flow from one ear to the other?”

Changed his life in earnest.
It was rewarding to invest in Bitcoin when others did not.

‘To share a little of that knowledge.’

Bitcoin has been getting a lot of attention lately.
Thanks to this, the coin club reached its heyday.

The largest club in the Department of Economics.
It took only about two weeks to rise.

“Once again, there’s no such thing as late or fast with coins. Can you come out for a minute?”

In the future, it will be further scaled up.
I also learned how to entice new investors, no, people who want to sign up.


Come out through the front door.
It was the member who was waiting in advance.
I’m not really a fan of coin.

“This guy joined a week ago. You could say you’re a week later.”
“Hello. Some of you might know, but I’m Shin Yong-tae, a sophomorehaha.”

Only a week
So it has meaning.
What the people gathered here want to hear anyway.

‘I wonder if I can make money myself.’

What the heck is a coin
Why should we invest in coins?
It touches me much more than those complicated sounds.

『Shin Yong-tae’s account』
Purchase amount│10,576,973 won
Valuation gains│+250,876 won
Evaluation rate of return│+2.42%

“This guy didn’t do anything special. He just bought coins and kept them.”
“Yes, I made 250,000 won with that alone.”

Dozens of people gathered to listen to the coin lecture.
There are exclamations of admiration everywhere.

You can make money easily.
First of all, I will make you know the fun of coin.

“I am trading cautiously now, but if I learn one by one, I will be able to achieve a high rate of return like I did. Not only this friend, but you too.”

It can make you fall in.
In this way, the number of club members is increasing exponentially.

‘Sora, someday you too.’

Encourage all students to sign up.
The cow will also be included in it.

Get money and love.
Do-kyung was swollen with her own dreams and her ideals.

* * *

There is one more way to get it besides buying it through an exchange.

“What is mining?”
“Where are you going to dig coins…”

Can be mined.
Bitcoin has a system that pays Bitcoin to the person who finds the hash function of 64 digits expressed in hexadecimal.

‘It’s similar to digging out gold, so it’s called mining.’

You don’t really need a pickaxe or shovel.
Bitcoin mining is done with a graphics card or dedicated hardware.

Its size.
If you are seeing it for the first time, your mouth will drop open.
Let’s send the picture you brought to the group chat room of the stock club.

“Is this all a graphics card…?”
“One, two, three four… Even if I roughly count, it seems to be three hundred.”
“What, crazy.”

They are smart kids
So, Korean university students.
You would have immediately understood what I was trying to say.

“Are there a lot of people doing this mining?”
“It’s getting more and more.”
“Semiconductors will sell a lot too!”

Coin price rises.
More and more people are interested in coins.

‘And people want to make money easily.’

It’s ironic.
We seek stability in the subject of investing in risky assets.

Why is mining getting attention?
You can earn money steadily and steadily.

“Can’t we do this too?”
“Coins are very expensive these days!”
“I have to look for a job, I have to pay a lot of electricity bills, and I have to buy hundreds of graphics cards?”

Assuming that the coin price is maintained.
In this time when everyone is looking at the bull market.

‘That means there are a lot of people jumping in with a big heart.’

For students, this is a burdensome amount.
But what if you’ve been self-employed?

There is no big difference from going to a restaurant or PC room.
It will be an investment worth making.

“You can say that another momentum has come to semiconductors.”
“Then should I buy semiconductor stocks?”
“What do you like? Ohsung Electronics? SQ Technics?”
“For now.”
“For now?”

Coin’s impact on the stock market.
The primary rise is semiconductor-related stocks.

If it’s safety-oriented, Ohsung Electronics.
If you are looking for profit, SQ Technics.
If you’re willing to take risks, Halla Semiconductor, etc.

Among foreign stocks, there are Nvidia, Intel, and Micron, but there are currently many regulations on overseas stock trading.
Semiconductors alone are sufficient.

‘Because the mining equipment is consuming additional semiconductors.’

And there are also 2nd and 3rd.
If you are a stock investor, you need to know how to use coins rather than be lured by them.

“Isn’t it still higher than the coin? Coins have a huge rate of increase.”

One of the club members, Man-soo, asks a question.
Even among the people who didn’t fall for the coin.

‘There may be people who are worried.’

They say they go up several times!
Investors suffer only from a sense of relative deprivation.

I think you can do it because you don’t know the coin.
If you know the coin, your thoughts will change.

“Everyone has experience inheriting stocks, right?”
“You call that a horse?”
“How do you feel when your stock goes down?”

At first glance, it seems very easy.
As long as you have it, the price keeps going up.

You only realize it when you buy a coin.
Making money with coins is a strange thing.

‘Even if I just look at the chart, I think I’ll make money if I buy and wait.’

Reality is different from imagination.
In real trading, one more process is attached.

“It’s strange.”
“Why didn’t I buy it at a lower price…”
“I want to sell it as soon as it comes to even break even.”
“Is not it?”
“But if I sell it, it goes up!”

Have it as it is.
That alone puts a lot of stress on you.

I fully realized that during the last semester.
I’m not Joo-rin who was excited about the idea of ​​making a fortune.

‘That’s why analysis is necessary, and I have to check public announcements and articles every day.’

If you are simply buying low and selling high, just look at the chart.
Buy when it goes down a lot, sell when it goes up a lot.

There’s no way it could be
Short hitters who make such trades are also able to do so because they are familiar with general trading and market trends.

“Suppose you guys bought coins.”
“I hit it.”
“Then what are you going to believe and keep holding?”

Coins have no substance.
Value is determined only by the psychology of the investor.
The more rational a person is, the more anxious they feel when they have it.

‘Even if I shake it up and down a little, it falls off.’

This is why even though the coin has risen so much, there are not as many people who have made money as expected.
I am in a hurry to sell even if it goes up a little.

At the same time, the price is around 500,000 won.
If my memory is not wrong, there must have been a correction around this period.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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