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Because I Live in the US 85

Because I Live in the US 85

Chapter 85 – Coins vs Stocks

Yeouido stock market.

“How many customers visit today?”
“That’s… It was quiet.”
“Isn’t it so bad?”
“It’s more like that that led to the actual deposit.”

Securities companies are suffering from untimely sluggish performance.
Not when
Originally, new investors should come in the middle of the day.

It’s a rising market, a rising market!

A month-long adjustment was over a while ago.
Looking back, it was an adjustment, but at the time, I was also determined that a bear market had come.

Rise again.
Stock markets in developed countries such as the US and Europe are rising.
Stock markets in emerging economies such as China, leader, and Southeast Asia are also doing well.

Only Korea is in a recession.
Lee Tae-ho, general manager of Ant Investment & Securities, has no choice but to wrap his head around it.

“Everyone must have seen the agenda.”
“Isn’t the thaw coming soon?”
“Will you wait and see when you’ll be fired too?”
“I’m sorry.”

Call an emergency meeting
What will happen over time
It’s not a place where you can work with such an easy mind.

‘I think this is a spacious conglomerate that takes care of the retirement age.’

Even large corporations cannot compare.
In the stock market, every day is a war.
Employees without power are cut like a knife.


A dripping sound is heard.
Unless you’re an idiot, you realize that the atmosphere is unusual.

“Since the world’s major stock markets have risen, I have an optimistic outlook. I’m sorry for my mistake…”
“If I’m sorry, will my company life end?”
“We have to analyze the reason, the reason! They’re stockbrokers, everyone.”

In a typical company, if the company loses, it’s just the company’s loss.
However, in a securities company, it is the responsibility of the employees.

You have to write your hand before the censure comes down from the top.
Analyzing the current situation and preparing countermeasures.

There is no one who is completely satisfied.
Now that I have risen to the level of team leader, I try not to make comments that could lead to a sense of responsibility.

“Uh, Captain Yeom. Do you have something to say?”
“It’s off-topic, but can I add something?”
“There’s something off topic. Feel free to speak up.”
“Yes, then.”

Just one guy
It remains in Lee Tae-ho’s memory.
Originally, it was not a place for the deputy chief to attend.

‘I like the performance group.’

Deputy Director Yeom is a leading analyst at Ant Investment & Securities.
Due to the nature of our work, we communicate closely with general investors.

“Coins are trending among young investors these days.”
“Oh, is that Bitcoin or that?”
“Yes, there is Bitcoin, there is Ethereum, there is Ripple, there are many things…”

So, I know something.
The real thoughts of ants that cannot be recorded in numbers.

Lee Tae-ho listens with interest.
Director Park, who just heard the bitter words, becomes restless.

‘No, what the fuck, that’s amazing.’

The coin’s market size.
It’s nothing compared to the stock market.
Not to mention the Nasdaq and even the KOSPI.

“I know coins are a hot topic, but I don’t think they will be able to beat the traditional stock market…”
“That’s something you don’t know.”

So it didn’t respond.
Deputy Director Yeom is trying to point out that it was a mistake.

‘What does the guy who rose to the position of department manager through company politics know?’

He smiles at Manager Park.
He says with a look on his face that it was not malicious intent, but to explain.

“It is true that the coin market is still small, but the trading volume is higher than we know.”
“How much?”
“The daily turnover rate is over 20 times that of the KOSPI…”
“Is that so?!”

Securities companies are arrogant.
It is a position that has no choice but to be.
In terms of game, map hack is always ON.

I know what ants are doing.
Listed companies also notify themselves of important information in advance.

Match! Match! Match!

It has become a blind spot.
As I thought I knew everything, access to information other than the stock market was rather late.

“You lost, Manager Park.”
“It’s too much praise.”
“Go on, no go on.”
“Yes, the coin market has a shorter history than the stock market, but…”

The younger generation takes center stage.
It is spreading at an incredible speed through SNS and communities.

Even though it hasn’t been out of fashion for a while.
He has a body that should never be underestimated.

“What do you think should be done?”
“Yes, chief.”
“You couldn’t have said it without thinking, did you?”
“Of course. Personally, I think it’s a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye.”

Coins grew based on rising prices + trends.
The stock market should do the same.

All you need is a hero.
An entity worthy of investors.
If you don’t have it, you can create it.

‘I must be in charge of that plan.’

Securities companies are a group with such power.

* * *

The success of the coin club.
It had unexpected results.

Todok, tok!
Todok, tok!

It is heard without stopping in the classroom.
You and I are tapping our phones.

“Are you up?”
“You can see it.”
“No, I’m so nervous I can’t see…”

The reason.
Because coining.
The value of the money you put in changes in real time.

『Euroa-sama’s account』
Purchase amount│3,233,973 won
Valuation gains│−165,579 won
Appraisal yield│−5.12%

I heard that if you buy it, it will go up unconditionally.
He is actually showing the magic of falling lions.

“It fell.”
“Ah, why do you keep falling…”
“Just looking at cancer, it looks like we’ve been bitten.”
“Why not?”
“Common sense, the price has risen 400 times in 5 years.”

Making money wasn’t as easy as I thought.
More than that, the fear of losing is greater.

‘I don’t even know what a coin is in the first place.’

I heard an approximate explanation.
Block chain based blah blah blah.
But is that really necessary?

If someone asks, I can’t answer.
I have lived well without coins, and I have a hunch that I will continue to do so in the future.

“You are better off.”
“Mingoo, do you have coins too?”
“I’m over 30% off.”
“The coin fell less than 10% from its peak?”
“I am not Bitcoin.”

Especially if you are losing people around you.
The kids who played bitcoin were at least better off.

‘The price was less than 100 won, so I bought it because I thought it was cheap.’

Mingu bought an altcoin.
There are many types of cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

Are the prices too cheap?
Wouldn’t this also go up like Bitcoin later?
With dreams and hopes.

“Why? Did you climb?”
“It’s down 10% more.”
“Isn’t that… Dangerous?”
“I have to starve this month.”

There is also a sense of relative deprivation.
Someone said that they earned 100 times, 1000 times each.

I also want to be the main character of the story.
To do so, I made an investment close to gambling.


Such students can count on learning a life lesson.
You made money easily and lost it easily.

There were also those who did not.
Daehun doesn’t have many friends.
He also treats himself as an ass.

‘I have to go up. Why, why! It’s falling now!’

I joined a club for the first time.
I got to know seniors and juniors, and there were people with whom I could talk.

Coin as a medium.
I fell in love with cocaine.
You have to earn more money to be recognized.

Pocket money and monthly rent that I pulled from my mother.
Even what I was saving, I put money that reached 6 million won.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…….’

The money melts and disappears.
I even got into the water with leverage.
Then the melting rate doubled.

I can’t let go of my smartphone.
It has become a daily routine to check coin prices.

‘Daehun looks at a coin too.’
‘It’s a 100% bitten expression.’
‘Ah, I wasn’t doing coin stuff either.’

If it was usual, he would have stood out.
But everyone knows.
The feeling of being bitten by a coin.

I stare at my phone all day.
I also got into the habit of looking at the community to see if there were any good or bad news.

The atmosphere in the economics department is gloomy.
People with bloodshot eyes and students who look depressed are common.

“Hyeri, do you invest too?”
“Yeah, don’t.”
“Your face is bright. Did you hit a shot by any chance?”
“Short? That’s not true.”

Some people didn’t.
Chaewon, who was a member of the stock club until recently, is curious.

‘The stock market isn’t particularly good either.’

Moved to coin club.
As soon as she moved, the coin entered a bear market like a lie.

But so are stocks.
I thought the members of the stock club would be crying too.

“Coins are in vogue these days.”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“So we bought stocks that would go up if the coin was popular.”

It wasn’t.
Hyeri’s words were a blind spot.
She herself was swept away by the coin frenzy.

‘Do you have stocks like that?’

Stock market.
Public news is sometimes reflected in stock prices.
Coin was no exception.

“What, what did you buy?”
“I am Ohsung Electronics.”
“Ohsung Electronics? I heard that a lot of people get bitten these days.”
“So thanks to you, I bought it cheaply. It’s already a 5% profit.”

Shows the account in which the profit was recorded.
It’s impossible unless you have a lot of self-confidence.

‘Looks like you really earned it…….’

Accounts that have lost money cannot be shown even if it is embarrassing.
It wasn’t one or two.

“Me too.”
“Me too!”
“Did you guys buy Ohsung Electronics too?”
“I am SQ Technics.”
“I’m from Halla Semiconductor.”
Hehe, what is it?”
“He bought a dog drink.”

Everyone in the stock club was watching the profits.
She said she belonged to herself until not too long ago.

‘I lost 3% with coins…….’

The heart is bound to be complicated.
Because he who changed his club affiliation would be a traitor.

“Chaewon, come back too!”
“The faces of the coining kids are speechless.”
“That doesn’t help you get a job, so why are you working so hard?”

Surprisingly, there was no such appearance.
Chaewon is also shaken by the words of the club members.

‘Well, if you think about getting a job after graduation, stocks are unconditionally good.’

Even if you are not a trader, it will help you get a job in the financial sector.
No, even from a financial perspective.


This is not the time to be proud.
After her troubles, Chae-won decides to return to her stock club.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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