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Because I Live in the US 86

Because I Live in the US 86

Chapter 86 – Equity Honor and Credit


Everyday everyday.
An immature junior opens the door without knocking and enters.

‘Next time, I have to hit my daughter at the right timing.’

If I said I couldn’t get it off because of you, then I might unexpectedly do it.

“I saw that senior again.”
“I heard that he recommended semiconductor stocks to the members of his club this time. That’s Daejangju, not dog soup.”

Because I only have stocks in my head.
Not long ago, I entered the management of the stock club.

The content seems satisfactory.
Sora tends to think stocks are noble.

“Do that sooner.”
“You can predict the cycle and invest in large-cap stocks even if you don’t do shit. Why didn’t you do it until now?”

Conservative investors usually do.
It’s also my destination as a hedge fund CEO.

‘When the seed grows, the only place that can accept it is bonds or large stocks.’

Famous hedge fund CEO.
Of course, he knows how to deal with large cap stocks.
I just didn’t do it because it was low risk low return.

Sora likes that direction.
He also hated the speculative asset called coin.

“Since the number of senior seeds has increased, please do stable trading that I can see and learn from now on.”
“What are you dealing with, sir?”

It could be.
Clearly, Coin is irrational.
Recently, I heard a story from inside the economics department.

‘Coins aren’t as easy as I thought.’

It is a lawless market in the first place.
The laws and regulations of the stock market do not work.

It may seem easy when you simply look at the chart, but it is different in practice.
But if you know that.

“Don’t be a dog drinker!”
“It’s not a dog owner, it’s a coin.”
“It’s not gambling, it’s religion. Doesn’t he remember what he said?”
“Yeah, I’m doing it because I know it’s a religion.”

It also means that it is possible to use it.
The moment you’ve been waiting for comes.

5,019,120 ▼21,200 (−12.32%)
[Graph that has been falling apart for the past week.Jpg]

Coins have no intrinsic value.
It is driven only by the psychology of investors.

‘That psychology is now.’

To be precise, my faith is shallow.
I am sure that Bitcoin will go up unconditionally.

─The sell order has been executed!

Shake it
It is to create a situation in which there is no choice but to be afraid.

“Did you sell it? After all, it’s an asset worth trusting and buying…”
“You idiot.”
“How long are you going to play at the normal level?”

Ordinary investors make profits by buying and selling.
Institutional investors make a flow in a larger framework.

‘I want to.’

It is possible.
Coins have one advantage.
The range of leverage is much greater than that of equities.

─Sell order has been executed!

In the future, it is possible to do 1000 times each.
Literally, you can use 500 times or 1000 times the King of Kings.

However, the current private exchange is up to 200 times.
With only a little bit of drag, he throws a coin gift worth 10 billion won.

‘This is an important turning point.’

It just touched the 5-day moving average.
From a technical point of view, it is a place that must rebound.

Press once there.
And it breaks through the 5 million won range, which can be called the psychological resistance line.

─Sell order has been executed!

Over the past week, I’ve slowly made a chart.
It was intentionally supported.

‘Then people learn.’

This section will never be broken!
The moment you witness that there is no absolute in the world.

─Ants have been attacked!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

Mental breaks down
Once when the 5th line was breached.
One more time when 5 million won collapsed.

When it comes at the same time, I can’t keep my reason.
The anxious ants start tossing you and me.

“It’s like this.”
“What, what did you do?”
“I was aiming for the technical resistance line and the psychological resistance line at the same time.”

Actually, it’s an obvious trick.
It’s so effective that the stock market doesn’t give you this opportunity.

But Bitcoin.
It is a vibrant emerging market.
Investors are just stupid rookies.

‘No macro funds.’

Because there is no futures market.
Commodities that are in high demand worldwide have futures for effective price forecasting.

Bitcoin hasn’t gotten there yet.
As such, only some private exchanges exist.
Because there is no official futures market like that.

“It’s easy to shake the market.”
“Did the chart collapse because the senior just threw a lot?”
“You got it right.”

There is little or no funding from the institution.
The so-called big hand does not exist.

‘The response is also slow.’

Institutions run macro funds.
It automatically reacts when there is a change in the market.

Programs faster in microseconds.
Because there is no such thing in the current coin market.

─Buy orders have been placed!

I can shake it just by rolling hundreds of billions.
Sweep up bitcoins that have gone down in price.

“If you sell it and buy it again, isn’t it a big profit? You would have lost money when you sold it.”
“You idiot.”

The ultimate goal is to create a chart.
And the ants participating in the market.

‘To remain frightened.’

The plan is being implemented step by step.
It’s going so well that I’m about to yawn.

“Then why did you come?”
“I thought the seniors had changed, but they were the same as usual.”
“Do you think I will change?”

I know, but I don’t know why.
Did you really think that I wouldn’t play 24-hour unlimited gambling?

It was a different story with him.
Saving the stock club.
It seems that he was quite impressed with it.

“I bought it too.”
“SQ Technics! I’m already eating 7%.”
“Would you like to eat my lips too?”

He usually eats well, but when it’s strange, he acts condescending.

‘If they ate thanks to me, I should let them eat too.’

If possible, I would like to have them eat something more delicious.

“Why are you doing well with stocks?”
“Are you playing coins?”
“Yes, it’s dangerous. It’s a strange thing whose identity is unknown.”

‘In the future, if I teach Coin what to eat, will you let me eat it?’

I don’t give up on things that aren’t like that.
It’s not like I’m coining.

“Actually, I think so too. I wish I had bought about 100 bitcoins in the past.”
“Because the price has gone up a lot…”
“Why do you have such embarrassing delusions?”
“Fuck you!”

Assets that will rise 10 times in the future!
In fact, there are many other things like that besides coins.
Even if you don’t have to go far, just Tesla.

‘The SQ Technics that Sora bought was also very cheap at one time.’

SQ Technics.
It is one of Korea’s representative semiconductor companies, no, large corporations.
Although it is one of the three pillars along with Ohsung Electronics and Mirae Motors.

“Do you know that it used to be 136 won?”
“It was 136 won per share.”
“That, was it that cheap?”

Before the company goes bankrupt.
It fell to 136 won in the clearance sale.
Employees who were hugging treasury stock at the time said it was like dying.

‘That’s why you say you saved the company with this grit. For his own money.’

It’s a secret story that those in the know know.
If not hundreds or thousands of times like SQ Technics, there are surprisingly many tens of times.

“There is only one problem.”
“What is it?”
“Can you keep it?”

The value of a stock is determined by its current price.
If it’s expensive it’s good, if it’s cheap it’s bad.
At least people perceive it that way.

‘I’d rather do stock analysis.’

Coin has nothing.
That is the reason to believe and hold on to it.
Sora nodded, wondering if he had any guesses.

“So stocks…”
“It’s better to do it.”
“Your senior is coining.”
“Because I know about psychology.”

Coin investor psychology.
It is to create a chart to use it.

What we are doing now is just a prelude.
I lead people to what I think.

“It hasn’t been long since the coin boomed.”
“Well, that’s right.”
“That’s why it’s a good time to shake the psychology of market participants.”

Amount I can move.
Even including leverage, it is a very small amount.

Throwing a bucket of water into the sea won’t change anything.
But about the pool.

‘Because I can make waves.’

Throw the right amount at the right time and shake the market.
That is the true nature of institutional investors.

A stage where I can show my abilities.
At this point, the coin market is the only one.

“I heard that the kids who bought coins these days are having a hard time.”
“Trash like seniors keep shaking the market price.”
“You feel rewarded.”

Some side effects follow.
No, in fact, that is the correct picture of the coin market.

‘He has a shallow faith.’

Anxiety caused by the absence of the real thing?
Coin is to overcome it with faith.

That faith is shallow.
The current coin market can shake even me, who lacks seeds.

What is so dissatisfying glaring at me.
Then he let out a small sigh.

“Whew~ Anyway, that’s the main point.”
“Thanks to the senior, all the club members earned money, right?

It looks like something happened.
It is not easy to see the return on investment as the market has been turbulent lately.

‘But they earned it.’

A desire to brag.
That, in a way, is one of the fun things about investing.

There was one unexpected circumstance.
About students making a return on their investment.

“A reporter did an interview?”
“Yes, and he asked if he could come to the site.”

It’s not that rare.
Why do securities companies shed light on the success stories of ordinary people?

‘That’s why ants buy stocks with lumps.’

By the way, Korea University.
It is a well-known university.
It would have been calculated that it could be an issue.

“Not bad.”
“Then the senior interviewed…”
“I never do.”
“Oh, why!”

Desire for recognition.
Club kids will also have a taste for stocks.
It is a chance to increase the number of members of the club.

‘Though I hate it.’

It’s no wonder, but it hurts when I get on the air.
Student investor Lee Chan-wook each!
No matter what you do, you will be labeled as a student.

Even if it’s a restaurant, if you stick to ‘youth’, you don’t want to go, and student investors don’t trust it.
More than anything, it’s just annoying.

“You try it.”
“I’m sure you’ll get a good screen shot because you’re so big.”
“What, this baby!”

I didn’t know that it would become a reality.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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