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Because I Live in the US 87

Because I Live in the US 87

Chapter 87 – Equity Honor and Credit

Korea University main gate.

“This is Hankuk University! It is one of the most prestigious universities representing Korea that viewers know about…”

It’s getting a little confusing.
This is because a filming team with professional equipment visited.

The footsteps of the passing students stop.
Even if it’s something that has nothing to do with you, filming arouses interest.

“Oh, did you see the filming?”
“Is it entertainment?
“Where’s the department professor on the air?”

But it’s not uncommon either.
It is a famous university and has many famous professors.

Students who had stopped walking are moving again.
It looks like a normal shoot.

“Is this right?”
“Once the production team confirmed that, yes. We got cooperation in advance for filming…”

Adult circumstances are hidden.
The CBS News team was given an unwilling order.

There was a small issue on social media.
College students made money by investing in stocks.

Daily News− 「The Korea University stock club, the secret to making profits by investing in stocks in fear!」

Little fuss.
Except for posting it as an article, it is the mind of the media.

Or the one who gives money.
They say they want to make this news.

‘It doesn’t matter because it’s something I always do.’

Securities companies are one of the biggest sponsors.
In return, it demands various manipulations of information.

It’s not such a grand thing.
To put it mildly, to report some news slowly or out of focus.

“The securities experts say they will arrive soon.”
“Analyst teacher…”
“Well, we’ll just have to do what we’re told to do.”

Can you make money with just that?
On the contrary, I think it’s great.

It is not a financial force that moves Korea for nothing.
A little sympathy arises.


Park Chan-il PD also had stocks.
I once got into stocks quite a bit.

In the end, I just kicked the sidebar and finished it.
Anyone making money off of this would be awesome.

“Hello. I’m Yeom Yuan, deputy manager of Ant Investment & Securities.”
“Uh, can’t you?”
“Isn’t it Deputy Director Yeom? Vice President Yeom!
“Do you know me? Thank you for watching the broadcast.”

One of them.
It was someone I knew.
Yeom Cha-jang is the most famous analyst in Korea.

A friendly atmosphere is created.
Chajang Yeom, who came out nervous, also smiles kindly.

‘Fortunately, he’s not the one with a grudge.’

Analyst activity.
It is a job to communicate with general investors about the flow of the stock market and the prospects of individual stocks.

Sometimes things go wrong.
It’s a headache to have a grudge against it and to curse or even retaliate.

“Sir, I have something to ask you.”
“If it’s about stocks, after filming…”
“It’s because of the filming. Is there any reason to cover college students?”

Where we are going today, that is not the case.
Korea University stock club.
Recently, an article about making big profits from stock investment appeared.

‘It’s exactly what we launched.’

I put pressure on the partner media to write an article.
It’s an extremely common practice that forces do too.

“Because young investors are getting into coins lately.”
“I heard! It’s almost like gambling.”
“Yes, as a senior investor, I am concerned.”
“I guess so… You know the risks of investing.”

Scaffolding for news shooting.
I was able to come this far with the permission of the Headquarters.

‘The younger generation should target the younger generation.’

It teaches coinworms that stocks are better.
It is more effective to set an example than to talk about it directly.

Knock! Knock!

Proven method.
In addition, there is one more purpose.
The real reason Yuan came to Korea University stock club.

“Hi, I’m from CBS.”
“It was real that you were coming.”

There is a frightening uproar when the club door is opened.
Like young kids, their reactions are great.
I have a feeling that the shooting will go well.

‘Where is it?’

Apart from Park Chan-il, Yeom Yu-an is looking inside the club room.
Because there is someone else you are really looking for.

“Hello. This is Shin Hye-ri, whom I contacted.”
“Hello! I talked to you over the phone, did you hear the outline of the shooting?”
“Yes, I heard!”

Broadcast filming is in progress.
Your turn is next.
In the meantime, find the target person.


He is silently reading a book even though the inside of the club room is noisy.
She looks like a female student with an aloof expression.

More than I could have imagined.
Looking at her outline, I’m sure she is.
Having made up her mind, Yan Yuan quietly sits down next to her.

“He’s the one who came to shoot.”
“Yes, I…”
“The club manager is Hyeri. If you don’t mind, can she go over there?”

Barbed speech.
The wall is as high as the elegant appearance
But I never had any intention of giving up.

‘This student is the famous…….’

There was an uproar on YouTube a few months ago.
It was a fight between a student at Korea University and a professor.

The content was interesting.
But what caught Yeom Yuan’s attention more than that.


Huge breasts.
It’s not really sexual harassment.
When you watch the video, you can’t help but notice it.

“I have something to see the student.”
“I have nothing to see.”
“You’re a Korean University student who became a hot topic on YouTube a while ago, right?”

Department of Economics.
After a little more research, I was able to find information that he was a freshman.

‘After that, it was only a matter of time.’

Securities companies are among the top three jobs for graduates of the Department of Economics.
Ant Investment Securities also has several.

Yeom Yuan herself also graduated from Korea University.
When she pursued her juniors and inquired about her, she narrowed her scope without difficulty.

“Do you do social media too?”
“How did you do that…”
“Ah! It’s nothing else. I also graduated from this university. Every year, I get recommendations from professors to recruit talented graduates, and Sora was one of them.”
“Seo, you’re a senior…… Hello.”

As if embarrassed, he bowed lightly.
What I just said is not a complete lie.

‘It’s true that I was recommended by the professor.’

However, the before and after process has changed a little.
No matter how much it is, I don’t look for social media one by one.

‘Did you see that? I heard that companies even check the social media of prospective job seekers, so it’s true…….’

It’s disconcerting for Sora.
Able graduates.
She said that she received the professor’s recommendation, but what she wrote on social media.

“The profits were significant.”
“Not quite like that.”
“You’re humble. If you’ve made profits many times over, you’d be proud of it. I’m late. I’m Yeom Yuan, deputy general manager of Gaemi Investment & Securities.”
“Deputy Director Yeom Yuan?!”

Vanity is included.
It is not a profit from one’s own skills.
I know that I earned it thanks to Chan-wook, but I know.

‘Sometimes I wanted to brag too.’

Sora’s face turned bright red.
A brokerage official saw it.
Even Deputy Director Yeom Yuan.

Yeom Cha-jang is a popular analyst.
He himself also referred to his market broadcasts a lot in the past.

“Do you know me?”
“Yes, I’ve seen it a lot on economic broadcasting. Please feel free to talk about it.”
“I see~ I wonder if the misunderstanding that I never spoke with questionable intentions has been resolved.”

Meeting Chan-wook completely shattered the existing world view of stocks.
Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that he was once admired.


Desire for recognition.
Can’t be honest
If he, who is a senior in the industry, recognizes it, there is nothing better.

“Oh, so semiconductors!”
“Yes, doesn’t it cost a lot to mine coins, like a graphics card? Then I had a feeling that the semiconductor market would improve…”
“Wow~ There is definitely a reason why Hankuk University and Hankook University are hearing these words from students, not from analysts!”

Filming is going on right next to it.
However, Sora’s ears did not have the jaw to hear such a thing.

‘Would you like to see something else? What I analyzed.’

What you post on social media.
It is a simple summary of the mistakes of the day in the form of a daily diary.

It’s hard to say for yourself, but there were quite a few hits.
It would be an honor if you watched it.

“If I didn’t know your student number, I would have thought you were at least an alumnus or a person with experience.”
“Is that so?”
“I felt that he was a person who had already captured the investor’s ego at an early age. I’m envious of him as I got to know him at such a late age.”
“Each investor…”

Theory and practice are different.
If it wasn’t for Chan-wook’s help, he might have rolled it up and ate it.
Despite knowing it.

‘Investor, investor.’

It also feels good to receive compliments.
Being scolded by someone all the time makes it even more painful.

‘Oh, that’s great. It’s more than what I saw in the picture.’

But Yan Yuan had other thoughts.
The reason why he was busy as a popular analyst came to Korea University.

Because it has a purpose.
Yan Yuan looked at the talented person named Sora quite seriously.

“I saw that my future hope was to become a trader.”
“Have you seen that too…?”
“How about it? Working at Ant Investment & Securities after graduation. However, I am not a trader, but an analyst.”

Because it is pretty.
There really is no other reason.
That alone is enough reason to push him to become a leading analyst.

‘How old men like it.’

The absolute majority of viewers of stock broadcasting are men.
The younger generation, often also women, but in minority.

I can’t get enough of those guys.
Even if he pretends to be decent on the outside, he goes crazy when the lady comes out.

“Yes, an analyst like me. Did you have any idea about the analyst side?”
“It’s not like that, but I’m embarrassed. It’s too sudden.”
“That’s right. Sora is still a first year student.”

And this purpose.
In order to target the younger generation, we need the right talent.

‘If only he obeyed me well.’

Use the news that will come out of today’s shoot.
It can make you rise to stardom in an instant.

Analyst after graduation.
I will strongly recommend him to the top so that he can come in as his successor.

“I’m not asking you to decide right away, so think about it slowly while you’re in school.”
“Ah yes…….”
“And I have a favor to ask of you.”

That good deed.
I have work to do.
Yeom Yuan is also an important issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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