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Because I Live in the US 88

Because I Live in the US 88

Chapter 88 – Equity Honor and Credit

9 o’clock news.

《It is not an exaggeration to say that the recent coin investment frenzy is blowing around the MZ generation.》

There is talk of coin investment.
Like the established media, it highlights the negative side.

People who lost money with coins.
A person whose daily life is not working.
This is to prevent coins from going out of fashion.

《While social problems caused by coins are emerging, there are students who have made profits by investing in contrarian thinking using coins, which is a hot topic!》

It also explains rational investment methods.
Although not many people know that the breath of securities companies is mixed.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Similar gambling or real gambling, fuckhaha
─Why are Korean University students so pretty?
─Aren’t you an actor recruited by CBS?
─Stock companies seem to be getting a bit of shit these days.

A reasonable degree of doubt can be raised.
Among worn-out equity investors, there is an atmosphere that something is to come.

─Similar gambling or real gambling, fuckhaha
The level of journalists sucking stocks while flipping coins wwwww

└ㄹㅇ It’s a gamble anyway
└ He must have received money from a securities company
└ Student investor ㅇㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
└It’s us, if there are more inflows to the stock market, we’ll be satisfied

When the stock market is down.
It is a common repertoire to attract ant investors by posting good news.

Isn’t that the case this time too?
The students interviewed are suspicious because they have good visuals.

─Aren’t you an actor recruited by CBS?
[Interview with the head of the stock club at Korea University.Jpg]
There’s no way that one year of studying can’t be that pretty

└ It’s cute, it’s my taste
└ㄴ There should be at least one person in the department
└ I understand if you talk to me, but Korea Universityhaha
└ The year after her doesn’t make sense

The more you invest in stocks, the deeper your suspicion becomes.
Trust in institutions and financial authorities has long since disappeared.

The misunderstanding that arose as a result.
However, the misunderstanding of investors was not without reason.

《If you don’t mind, what is the profit you’ve seen so far?》
“I was lucky enough to have a little bit of success…….》
《A little bit of that?》
《It seems that the principal has increased from 8 million won to about 2700.》

He was introduced as the student who made the biggest profit in the stock club.
Your appearance is so striking.

─Isn’t this the real-life stock god?
[Sora interview capture.Jpg]
That look + chest
If the rate of return is called 3 times the seed
It’s an angle that hits the YouTube booksellers bastards back and forth.

└ I guess it was written as a part-time job at an entertainment agency
└ It’s so big that it’s behind the milk carton.
└ If it’s the real version, who is the non-real version?
└Don’t compare yourself to that pig who only posts pictures of food

The yield is also ridiculous.
As someone who does stocks, I know how unrealistic it is.

Isn’t it a show to seduce ants?
However, other questions are being raised by some.

Kim Hin-doong 1 day ago 乃 1025
I think I saw this in Professor Water Rocket’s video!
Shingongja 1 day ago 乃 892
Korea University
711 711
Really fucking big
Of course, the profit

I think I’ve seen it somewhere.
It was only a matter of time before it was revealed by the collective intelligence.

“Issue King. The Latest Status of Korean University Busty Women” − 510,000 views · 3 days ago
“TV asshole. Stock up on this look? The Goddess of Honor who is currently in a frenzy” − 290,000 views · 1 day ago
“Stuffed monster. A female college student who made 20 million won at the age of 20 (pretty dog)” − 120,000 views · 2 days ago

The upper body alone drew a lot of attention.
He has a body and intelligence that are not often seen.

Her face was revealed.
It spreads quickly on YouTube lekkas.

“Did you see the news yesterday?”
“I haven’t seen it. Why?”
“Look at it now! There’s been a lot of uproar on YouTube…”

The aftermath.
It is also a hot topic among economics students.

A student from the same department appeared on the news.
Although she also has reasons to be proud.

“It’s really big…”
“Was there a kid like this in our department?”
“You don’t know him? He’s the top of the 17th class.”
“It’s even better in real life.”

I had been watching it before.
He is a very familiar person to the students.

Senior freshman.
The bold aspirations at the reception are also impressive.
What stands out more than that.


Pretty appearance.
And it was a feature of bodily organs.

I can’t keep my eyes off
As a man, I want to be honest with my desires.

“What’s going on, seniors?”
“That’s it…”
“I came to join the club!”
“Ha-Jun is in his third year. Aren’t you busy preparing for a job?”
“It’s true that I’m busy, but it’s because I’m interested in stocks.”
“Aren’t you interested in being strict?”

A large number of people who wish to join the stock club come in droves.
Although it is a situation that should be welcomed in the first place.

‘Wouldn’t it be possible to flirt with a club?’
‘I think we’d be happy just being friends.’
‘If you’re 4 years older, you won’t see a line!’

You can’t be unaware that there is a dark heart.
Hyeri is filtering out such people.

The remaining members are sufficient.
After riding the news, the stock club reached its second heyday.

“It’s Sora.”
“Never mind the boys.”
“They’re not good at anything, but it’s a mess.”

But as a master, it can be inconvenient.
It’s famous, but it’s a hot topic again.

The glancing glances became more frequent.
Although female classmates surround and protect her.

‘Why, why do I feel so good?’

The party had a slightly different feeling.
Sora couldn’t keep his clasped hands still.

“Did Sora earn close to 20 million won in half a year?”
“It’s almost the same as your annual salary.”
“There’s really nothing you can’t do.”
“I thought Sora was good at stocks…”

It can be heard from all over the classroom.
A story about herself.
It’s all a mixture of praise and envy.

‘You have to manage your expression. Facial expression management.’

Heart beats like it’s about to burst
Sora struggles to suppress her smirk on her lips.

“I think Sora will definitely become a trader.”
“It’s still a long way.”
“She makes 20 million won with 8 million won, but if she has it in billions…”
“Sora, let’s be friends~”
“Hey, it’s petty!”

He became an object of envy within the department.
No, it was originally like this.

‘It became strange because of that person.’

Have forgotten
Center of the department.
Grades, looks, stocks are all top-notch.

She feels her daily routine once again.
If there is one thing different from the first semester.

“Can’t I recommend a stock?”
“You coin!”
“No, I switched to stocks after watching Sora. So huh? Huh?”

It is not the self of the past who talked without knowing the subject.

‘At that time, I really didn’t know anything about the world.’

They talked about pretending to know everything through mock investment.
Without knowing the fear of actual investment.

At one point, my self-confidence was about to disappear, to the point of self-torture.

“I think semiconductors still have room for upside.”
“The coin is going down…”
“Compared to the US Philadelphia Semiconductor Index, it has not risen yet, and there is still a lot left before the third quarter earnings announcement, so I think there is more room for expectations to be reflected.”
“Awesome goosebumps.”
“You thought you were an analyst?”

Now I can say with confidence.
As a result, it may be wrong, but it is the best analysis you can do.

‘Foreign supply and demand continue to come in, and the KOSPI is more depressed than the NASDAQ.’

I learned to see more than before.
It was possible to use a large number of data to conduct an analysis close to reality.

“Certainly, coins are better than stocks.”
“That’s right!”
“What do you think of Sora?”
“Uh, I…”

Stock counseling has increased significantly.
There are also students who want to convert from coin.
Although it is worthwhile as Sora who wants to help Hyeri.

‘Looking at what he’s doing…….’

There may be something you don’t know.
It is not yet possible to presume that the coin is bad.

“Coins might be good for hitting the jackpot.”
“Does Sora think the coin will go up?”
“Can I get my money back?!”
“I don’t know… Because I think I’m taking one step toward my dream rather than making money right away.”

But this much can be said.
Stocks are helpful in many ways, not just getting a job or investing money.

‘It seems so.’

It is not simply about how accounting is and what the outlook is.
The world we live in affects.

“As expected, becoming a trader is Sora’s dream.”
“I want you to listen to another lecture these days…”
“No, it’s okay. I’m listening because I have my own thoughts.”

The reason why I am taking a minor and a liberal arts course recommended by my senior.
There was something you couldn’t learn from an economics book.

‘It was definitely helpful.’

In particular, history and politics gave me a different perspective.
I can understand the cryptic senior’s words.

《…… For this reason, the stock price of the Korean automobile industry is bound to explode.”

The incident where I fought with my senior for the second time.
After learning the history of the United States and Japan, I realize that it was not a leap forward.

‘Because the affairs of that country have to be seen from the perspective of the people of that country.’

Looking at it now, it’s natural.
But at the time, I didn’t realize it at all.
Maybe I didn’t know until after graduation.

It was fortunate for me that I met the senior.
Although his personality is a bit twisted, he’s not a bad person.

Little bitch

There are many things to teach.
There is a corner like a tsundere.
So-ra smiles thinking of Chan-wook.

“Is it Sora…?”
“Just something.”
“It was bad.”
“I’m sticking out my tongue.”

I failed to manage my expression for a while.
Sit back upright and keep the same face as usual.

‘It would be a big deal if that person secretly smoked again…….’

But in my head, Chan-wook won’t leave.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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