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Because I Live in the US 89

Because I Live in the US 89

Chapter 89 – Human Indicators

It is an asset that has no real value.
Now that hedge funds are not in.

‘It’s more difficult to predict future market prices.’

It is no exaggeration to say that it is driven only by the psychology of investors.
That’s why there are trading methods that can be used.

“Coin really seems to be ruined…”
“Looking at the community, they say the big players are disposing of it.”
“Maybe I’ll get out before it’s worth the shit.”

Human index.
There are two male students listening to a lecture together.
I don’t know her face, but the fact that she’s playing a coin is certain.

‘They said it’s better to hold out until yesterday.’

One is the rational type.
The other is the type that gets swept away easily.
It is usually the former that leads the conversation.

“Isn’t shit worth Eva?”
“Think about it. Until the beginning of this year, it was only in the 1 million won range. Even if it goes upward, it will go up with a little more adjustment.”
“What if I go down?”
“It could just be a piece of data…”
“Oh no!”

Coin chart.
Coin community.
It seems that he is studying in his own way.

‘It doesn’t make any sense at all.’

I don’t know if it’s stock.
Even if I shake the coin, nothing comes out.
At least the chart is a reference, but for the general public who has just started investing.

“Sell it first.”
“I think we’ll have to wait until the 20th line catches up with the 5th line.”
“What is that?”
“A moving average is a term used by chart readers…”

It brings unseen results.
Is there an answer in the chart?
People who say that are 100 out of 100 scammers.

‘The chart is just one of the secondary indicators.’

Never swear
If I have to look at one, I trust human indicators.

There are sometimes
An investor like those two who only makes terribly wrong predictions.

─Sell order has been executed!

In the end, it seems that they sold all their coins.
They make a fuss saying that it is being lowered as soon as it is sold.

‘There’s only one thing left to do right now.’

It’s good to use it as an indicator if you keep it next to you.
Because you can only do the opposite.

I’ve been watching over the past few days.
The conversation between the two is a great reference for my investment.

“Did you sell your coins?”
“I was going to do that…”
“Sell it a long time ago. I sold it yesterday too.”
“You too?”

And many more.
All the coins in the department are subject to my check.

Another human indicator arrives.
Being stupidly honest is helpful.

‘It’s thanks to the popularity of coin clubs or something.’

But it also seems to be coming to an end soon.
There are more and more students who have lost interest in coins.

“A club?”
“But I’m not going.”
“It was like a scam in the first place! I made money by luck and pretended to be good at it…”
“That’s real.”

My indicators are disappearing one by one.
It is unfortunate indeed.
Stocks also had an impact.

“I’d rather do stocks.”
“There’s a freshman named Sora. He says he’s good at stocks.”
“I know who it is.”
“It’s super hot on YouTube too.”

News recently.
It’s becoming a minor issue.
Although the stock version itself is not major, there are limitations.

‘It came out pretty.’

It is enough to create a boom in the economics department of Korea University.
The people who were in the coin club are being moved to the stock club.

Good job for me
The higher the number of people, the higher the probability of finding good people.

“Is this Sora?”
“It’s really fucking pretty.”
“That’s why they are called stock honor goddesses.”
“What are you doing now, a udder!”

There are minor side effects.
Seniors who approach with selfishness.
There are also people who come with only selfishness.

Lungs should be well weeded out.
The club is well managed by Hyeri, so there should be no problem.

‘It’s a talent that could make you a billionaire if you used it on a female cam.’

I wasn’t just looking for talented people.
I felt it right from the first time we met.

A body that catches the camera well.
The face that reveals the strong personality also catches the eye.

The old men who want to rub once line up.
If you do a female cam on Paprika TV, I’m sure it will be a jackpot.

‘Wouldn’t it be bad to use this opportunity to become a female cam of the stock version?’

I think so.
Although he seems smart, he is secretly prone to fraud, so how can he be deceived?

That’s something to do in the future.
Right now, there are a lot of homework to solve.

“Where is the stock club?”
“Will the buildings be the same?”
“Come with me!”

Human indicators are shifting places.
It’s a pity that I don’t coin anymore.

But I did get useful information.
The lecture is over, so I get up from my chair.

‘Did I say it’s the same building?’

I have a place to go.

* * *

Coin club.
Recently, I was suddenly called three.
This is because it became fashionable due to the rapid rise of coins.

“You’re leaving the club? No, why…”
“Some coins these days.”
“If you wait, you will go up unconditionally, right?”
“But it doesn’t go up.”

The end came in vain.
The price of the coin is falling.
It’s just that it breaks down so easily that it’s absurd.

‘No, I’ll hold out for a while!’

Coin club manager.
As a leader, I don’t understand.
It’s not like he hasn’t experienced something similar.

Whenever that happens, if you wait, it will surely rise.
Newbies who have just started coining don’t know that obvious thing.

“My friend is not sure about the future of cryptocurrency.”
“I don’t even know my future, but how do I know the future of cryptocurrency?”

Such club members are not alone.
The club members who worked so hard to gather begin to escape one by one.

“I’m just trying to pretend it was a fun experience.”
“I’m just anxious when I’m holding a coin…”
“In the end, it didn’t help me get a job. I’d rather do stocks.”

The first club in the Department of Economics.
At one time, it boasted of close to 300 people and was proud of it.

It was cut in half.
It collapses again like a balloon being deflated.


It is also because the coin price is falling.
But I don’t know that there is a more fundamental reason.

Stock club.
It was in the news recently.
The club members made a profit by investing in semiconductors.

“Do it later, really.”
“Don’t give a damn.”
“Isn’t that Gura? Do you want a 50,000 won bread?”
“Cole. How can people’s breasts be so big?”

There is sora
She appeared on the show.
She was a celebrity known to those in the know.

But iron walls.
She didn’t even participate in her department’s drinking party, and she didn’t do much of her outside activities, so no one was aiming for her.

She goes up and down in the mouths of her students.
But so far there won’t be any problems yet.

‘You have a pretty face, a good body, and you’re good at stocks, so…….’

Because she is so perfect
There is not a single man in the economics department that suits her.

Appearance as well as ability.
He even has the natural talent of being the head of the department and stocks.
Future traders say it’s a dream.

To fit in with Sora, you have to become a person worthy of him.
She thought it would be possible for her.

‘All I have to do is succeed with coins, but only success.’

The part where you can get ahead.
If there is only one, it is a coin.
We looked at the infinite possibilities of coin.

Dream the same
And make a lot of money
She could be qualified to stand by her side.

“If the price fluctuates like this just because the price went down a little, you guys deserve to invest in the future…”
“Can I ask you a question?”
“What is it? Try it!”
“If it’s a decentralized currency, why use an exchange and pay the fee? Aren’t they controlling it?”

Right now, they are only being disgraced.
Seeing that Do-kyung couldn’t answer, the club members click their tongues and leave the room.

I can’t help but tremble with my clenched fist.
The reason she didn’t answer was because it hadn’t been done yet.

One day that day will come
Bitcoin’s market capitalization will become huge on the scale of a country and put the world under its feet.

‘Those who lack this faith!’

You just have to believe and wait for that day.
Fools who become beggars because they can’t do that simple thing.


Do-kyung, who is very nervous, sees a stranger in front of him.
I opened the door to the club room and entered.

“What are you doing!”
“I came to join the club.”
“Go, sign up?”

A man who is dressed in clothes.
Even if you don’t watch the returning student, it’s a video.
Do-kyung, who wanted to increase the number of pretty female members, is dissatisfied.

‘Yes, it’s not over yet.’

It’s not a place to cover the hot water with cold water.
A member is needed to preach the value of the coin and the greatness of the person who recognized him.

“What motivates you to sign up? It’s not really necessary.”
“Ah, that’s why I’m interested in coins. I think coins are promising.”
“You know the value of coins! In case you don’t know, let me explain. As a future currency based on a new technology called block chain, it’s really, really, really, really good.”
“Ah yes.”

Do-kyung, who spoke without thinking, is excited.
He was a surprisingly communicative person.

‘It’s not like there are only rotten dynamic eyes in the world.’

I am looking for the value of the coin.
These people may continue to come in the future.

“Your coin is not over yet.”
“I think it’s over…”
“I just want to make a profit.”
“A new colleague has also joined. If you have faith, you can definitely win coins!”

Existing members had to leave.
Thanks to the arrival of a new member, I was able to reverse the atmosphere in the club room a little bit.

‘I just need to collect them well from now on.’

Teaches how good coins are.
Make sure you never give up no matter what.

You only need to rebound once.
If that happens, those who remain now will become faithful believers, no, investors.

“I’m late for greetings. I’m Joo-gyeong, the head of the coin club.”
“Is the original atmosphere like this?”
“It’s been a bit of a downtrend lately~ An uptrend will come soon, so you just have to believe and wait.”
“Ah, yes. I’m a newbie, so I’ll just sit in the corner and watch.”
“You can do that. But what’s your name…?”

I was half giving up.
Thanks to you, I feel like I have gained the strength to stand up again.
I have not yet heard the name of such a grateful person.

“Lee Chan-wook.”

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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