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Because I Live in the US 90

Because I Live in the US 90

Chapter 90 – Human Indicators

Coin club.
Signing up is definitely not the right reason.

‘The human indicators said they would gather on their own.’

There is no reason not to use it.
Thanks to this, I was able to collect a lot of data.

It was as I knew.
The level of coin investors in the current era.

‘It’s just the heads.’

No matter what religion it is, it is not without principles at all.
Specifically, there are liquidity and government regulation.

If you analyze the chart based on such information, a reference indicator will come out.
I can’t even think of doing that.

They just don’t know themselves.
The kids in the coin club are investing blindly, no different from a pseudo-religious group.

‘That’s why it’s good to use as a human indicator.’

The psychology is read as you can see.
There are only two types of coin clubs.
People with shallow faith and people with fanatics.

Divide roughly by the ratio.
The fact that there are few shallow people can be summarized as the current situation in the coin market.

‘I think the time to shoot is coming soon.’

Remember the rough history of the coin market.
But I don’t know how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

It is also meaningless information in the first place.
If there are other participants in the market, they will show different movements.

I can see through the noise.
Institutional investors should always keep in mind that with big money comes great responsibility.


Summer is over.
Do not leave the door open due to heat problems.
It is also because of the crazy bitch who comes to visit whenever there is a chance.

‘Does he get angry when he takes off his pants?’

Even jokes are not accepted as jokes.
He screamed in anger and left.

“Oh, what is it?”

Open the door
They bothered me and just asked me questions on the subject of preventing sexual harassment.

‘What happened?’

Sora was excited first.
Rough breathing.
Sweat dripping down your cheeks.

It is scattering strange colors.
Although she has a body like a sex machine from the beginning.

“Wait a minute. I’m a little excited.”
“I heard it directly from the incumbent.”
“What, what?”
“They say he has the talent of an analyst.”

It seems that something happened.
It was definitely the weak point.

‘Right. They say that a strong bitch has a talent.’

It’s because I put on a fart when learning stocks.
I don’t normally allow skinship.

In front of other male students, she is still hitting the iron wall.
I don’t know who the incumbent is.

“Has it been developed?”
“Yes? Hiring yet…”
“Is it pierced? Can I use it too?”
“What bullshit is this bastard!!”

A thin high-pitched sound that seems high in female hormones is about to tear your eardrums.

‘No, I heard he has a knack for anal.’

Ji does it every day and Ji gets angry.
The anal that Sora was trying to talk about was a different place.

“Oh, an economic analyst?”
“What the hell are you thinking…”
“It can’t be helped.”
“What can’t be helped, you psychopath.”
“Your body is dirty.”

A term used to describe economic analysts.
There are also office workers who post reports.

‘There are people who come out on economic TV and make a lot of noise.’

In the industry, it is divided into a little more detail.
However, ordinary people broadly refer to them as analysts.

“As expected, senior me like that.”
“Did you look at it with a sexual gaze?”
“Of course. It’s been like that since the beginning.”

Sora’s face turns red.
I can’t look into my eyes and I don’t know what to do.

‘I guess it was just a flow of color without much meaning.’

He came so excited that I thought he was trying to attack me to cool off the residual heat in his body.
If that’s the case, I’m sorry.

“Well, how is it? You’re used to it now.”
“It’s not like that at all. It gives me goosebumps.”
“And French kissing too?”
“That’s because senpai smoked. No, no way, that was on purpose…”
“Of course.”

It’s been half a year since I met Sora.
It’s a time that can’t be said to be short by any means.

‘They grew very fast.’

At first it was just stiff.
A woman who doesn’t seem to be having fun in bed.

She opened the door little by little.
Especially since I got to know her kiss taste.

Buck buck!

Sora rubs her lips with her wrist in disbelief.
Staring at me

“It was the first kiss.
“Why are you having fun too?”
“That sounds like a sex offender!”
“Do you need to be so shy?”

Very boring
Soon, as if she thought of something else, her sharp gaze loosened up a little.

Still, I can’t say it with her mouth.
With her cheeks inflated, she tickles her anger.

‘Because women are dishonest creatures.’

Lofty pride.
Sora would be more like that.
But anyway, in the end.

“I’m not going to spread rumors anywhere, so what?”
“Are you really going to keep it a secret?”
“Honestly, the kiss felt good.”
“It was actually a little nice.”
“Do you pick it up?”

Spilled water
What is once lost cannot be undone.

She is enjoying herself too.
If she really hated it, neither would I.

‘Because I’m talented.’

It’s not that I was mistaken for nothing.
I thought the incumbent taught me kindly.

“Can’t I tell anyone?”
“I won’t tell you. Let’s be secret friends with my brother.”
“I won’t do more than kiss you. Never.”
“If Sora doesn’t like it.”

The first time in anything is the most difficult.
It’s a situation where the first button has been sewn somehow.

‘I like it because it has a cool personality.’

A woman who is honest with her desires.
She was hiding herself under a thick mask.

The color that was barely confined is dripping down.
The cheeks are flushed red.

“I want to smoke.”
“I really can’t help it…”

All you need is an instrument.
It sits on top of me sitting very naturally.

I’ll see you up close
It seems to be true that he came here excitedly.

“What happened?”
“I told you. I met an incumbent.”
“If you touch it, it will fall behind.”

Sora’s dream.
To become a trader
It is worth getting excited when you meet the person in charge.

Pulse fast.
The temperature is also higher than usual.
I’m sweating a little, probably because I ran.

“I also did the interview at his request. He said thank you and invited me to the head office.”
“I went and looked around, and I ate with the analysts.”
“Isn’t it Sora’s dream? It must have been nice, right?”
“I don’t know yet. My head is complicated…”
“Release it to your brother. I’ll accept it.”

Mental excitement and physical excitement.
Either way can make you feel hot.

Sora’s pretty tongue protruded.
Like a snake searching for prey, it aims at my lips.


Definitely do well
It is worthwhile to teach.
But it’s too stereotypical.

“You don’t have to do anything too prescriptive.”
“You can be a little more childish. Do what Sora wants to do.”
“What I want to do…”

Close range.
Breathing is tickling
The gaping lips glisten with saliva.


It absorbs strongly as if swallowing.
Eats my lips and penetrates my tongue inside.

What you did several times.
But it’s a little different from the kisses we’ve shared before.


The densely entangled tongue cannot be unraveled.
It feels like being completely sucked in.

“Is this how you do it?”
“That’s right, but a little softer…”
“It’s really because of the senior’s insistence that he hangs out.”

The back is so large that it cannot be removed.
It is also giving strength to the strong thighs.

I feel like Sora’s sexual toy.
After sucking for a while, he parted his lips.

“It was bad for my junior to do something like this.”
“For a moment.”
“It’s only for seniors. Okay♡”
“Wait a minute bitch!”

The eyes are slightly dangerous.
Sora’s loaf of bread with broken brakes.


Hit with a full swing
It seems that he was surprised to see his eyes wide open.

It comes straight to the chest.
Something is trembling slightly, but I don’t care.

─Sell order has been executed!

Because it’s on sale.
Something happened that was supposed to happen.

* * *

A kiss with a senior.


To be honest, I don’t hate it.
Every time the tongue and bodily fluids rub against each other in the mouth.

‘It’s warm.’

My brain gets foggy.
It feels like soaking your body in a hot bath.

It is confined to the mouth.
I can feel the taste and touch, so it is much more stimulating.

‘I can do whatever I want?’

Endured so far
He silently practiced cigarettes only in the way his senior taught him.

It is said that it is okay to be foolish.
Sora bumps into her desire that she usually wants to solve.


Suck your senior’s tongue.
It’s big, thick, and stiff, so it’s like a creature different from itself.

Something smells bad too.
Oddly enough, it gets better.


He’s usually just a mean person.
When you share a kiss, you only look cute and lovable.

He swallows even the tongue that came along with his saliva.
The more you inhale, the thicker the taste.


Flinching reaction.
It’s rewarding to kiss.
A person who does not show weakness.

Even such a senior is as soft and fragile as her mouth.
She plays with it to her own will.

‘Feel good.’

The breasts that are touching are also pressed and rubbed together.
It is an act of secretly enjoying kissing a senior.

Strangely, this makes me feel better.
I don’t know why, but instinct does it.


Temperature and pressure.
Mind wandering.
A body that was piled up with excitement.

A sudden blow pierced Sora’s ass, which had a slight taste.
It feels like her mind is flashing.

‘Five grains!’

Strangely not painful
Rather comfortable and comfortable.
Something that ran up her spine spreads all over her body.

All the way to her toes.
Only then does the body react.
Her legs tremble and her skin feels as sensitive as if she were naked.

I can’t breathe.
It feels so good that it doesn’t matter.
It was the first orgasm Sora ever felt in her life.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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