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Because I Live in the US 53

Because I Live in the US 53

Chapter 53 – How Private Equity Works


“Come for a steak!”
Steak 5,000 won
Makgeolli 3,600 won
Chamisul 3,500 won
Beer 3,500 won

Only one word is missing.
With that alone, guests are pushed in like water.

“Give me a steak!”
“Looks like a proper steak?”
“First of all, it looks delicious~.”

No one hates it.
The satisfaction of biting into your mouth full of meat, leaving your likes and dislikes.


However, I can’t handle the weight of the pocket that exchanges for that happiness.

“It’s so delicious.”
“To be honest, I underestimated it…”
“Can I sell this for 5,000 won?”

If it’s cheap, there’s no reason not to eat it.
I want to fill my stomach even if I’m not hungry.

Because meat is expensive.
It is a price that destroys common sense.
The horse is for one person.

“How can I sell it for 5,000 won? Aren’t there losses?”
“Looks like the cost ratio is set high.”
“Is it so? So is it possible?”

200g is common sense for one serving at a Korean barbecue restaurant.
It’s a generous size that far exceeds the amount.

The quality is comparable to that of a steakhouse.
Although cutting it with scissors like cube steak was the tip of Jade.

Awesome! Awesome!

It improves over time.
If you cut one by one with a kitchen knife, the shape looks like it.

“What are they?”
“No matter how much you want to win, that’s not it!”

It was only a matter of time before the guests gathered.
If so.


Competitive points, of course, suffer.
Especially if it’s the same item.

“How do they sell steaks? They’re trying to get us fucked up!”
“It’s ridiculous. We know the unit price better than anyone else.”

ETSD has an emergency.
Your opponent is suddenly selling a high-quality steak.

It’s only natural that he doesn’t even care about cube steak.
The number of guests has drastically decreased.

‘No, this is without morality!’

Food prices are at the discretion of each club.
But even within the limit of benefit.

Steak for 5,000 won?
It seems that they are pouring money to get revenge on themselves.

“Are we?”

Go to protest
Yujun and Jooha.
Sora looks at them with an expression of complete disapproval.


As club manager, I am involved in the purchase of all materials.
It’s natural because it’s a matter of money being spent.

How much do you buy meat for?
And where is the cheapest place to buy it?
Even if they secured a cheaper route than themselves.

“I don’t think it’s cheap neck or upper sirloin. This is 5,000 won? The original price alone must be over 5,000 won?”
“What part is it, brother?”
“Chip meat!”

The number of digits is different.
You can find out because you’ve looked up the price for each cut to make the best cube steak.

‘We’re barely using the fan blades, too.’

The most cost-effective
Maginot Line.
If you raise the class beyond this, it is difficult to leave behind the original cost.

I got it cheap by buying in bulk.
However, the pork belly is not a place where cost performance is possible.

“Didn’t I mean to say this?”
“What is it?”
“After the festival, I have to report the purchase details and receipts to the student council, but can you do that?”

The reason why I was sure it was a bleeding race.
Yu Jun did not come to the enemy camp without a corner to believe.

There are rules.
It’s not like this wasn’t unprecedented.
There is a case where the grudge between the clubs spread to a fight.

“Did you know that the cost cap is set at 50%?”
“Yes. I know.”
“What, what?”
“That’s why we sold the cube steak for 6,500 won.”

It was created to prevent that from happening.
It was a story that was brought up as a counter-threatening.


That’s what they did
In fact, the cost ratio barely exceeds 50%.

To match the price of pajeon, we set it at 5,000 won.
If you’re deliberately trying to cheat.

“What happened to oppa? Why are they so confident!”
“I don’t know, let’s go.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“What should I do!

No method.
It’s not good if you dig too deep.
Now I have no choice but to step back.

‘Damn it, wait and see!’

Daedongje Sales No. 1 is a tradition and pride of the club.
Above all, the activity cost is at stake.

Does it break?
The number of club members will decrease, and it will be impossible to go out and play as much as you like before.


It’s on your own.
I’m tired of looking at my seniors.
This is absolutely unacceptable.

“Down the price of alcohol.”
“At the current price? Then there’s no place to make a margin…”
“It’s okay, so get off at once!”

You have to win by any means.
Yujun grinded his teeth and polished the club members.

* * *

“Work, slaves.”
“”Hi Goshujin-sama!””

Business is going smoothly.
Compared to before, the number of customers has increased.

That’s right, steak.
Even if you set it as a minimum in the first place, it is worth getting more than 20,000 won.

‘It was the so-called diljjaknu.’

It is sold for 5,000 won.
If you don’t buy it, that’s even weirder.

“Why? Work.”
“No, that… I have something to ask you.”

It’s not just guests who have such doubts.
Sora seems to have felt something from the previous conversation.

‘You might think so.’

Requirements for uninvited guests.
Thinking about it, it makes sense.
Even if ‘steak’ is cheap, it seems too cheap.

“It’s 1200 won.”
“Is it the original price? We also paid over 3,000 won…”
“It’s the manager’s ability to make sense.”

The difference between you and me
You won’t have to stick with the back story.
The puffy cheeks tell the story.

Shake your head! Turn around and go back to work.
Actually, there is one thing I didn’t tell Sora.

‘I thought the original price was 1,200 won.’

That is the amount not including my labor cost.
If I had taken on this job as a private equity fund, I would have left at least 7 times.


There are no cigars to light.
Instead, he brought whiskey.
He takes out his hip flask and twists his neck.

Bourbon to eat outside.
This is the common Wild Turkey 101.
One difference is that it is spherical.

‘Big~! Wattuck originally tastes like this.’

This is the real Wild Turkey pursued by Master Distiller Jimmy Russell.
Low ripeness + intense.

In the future, taste is sacrificed for mass production.
It’s a pity if it’s a pity.


The guguhyeong has a strong taste.
Pak! And the bursting vanilla scent exhaled through my nostrils.

‘The price is the same.’

If you sell a little bit of footwork, you can find and eat it.
If you have the eyes to recognize the value of things.

Same context.
There is nothing that can not be saved according to the discretion of the manager even in such a run-down restaurant.

Even a rolling stone can become a rough diamond to someone.
If you have the ability to refine.


Capitalist society pays such people corresponding remuneration.
7 times profit is by no means excessive.

But students.
If there are good points because you are a student, you will have to bear the bad parts.

Consider it an investment for the future.
Because there must be this club to have employees.

“Are you grilling?”
“Oh, senior!”
“Give me some meat. I’ll show you something interesting.”
“Fun……, Is it?”

I may not like it either.
Uninvited attitude.
It doesn’t really matter, it’s just, it’s just that.

‘I jumped into this trivial matter myself.’

Private equity is, of course, at the bottom.
What people with poor credit do to make big bucks.

If you become famous in the industry, if you are confident in your skills, jump into the big hedge fund.
That me

Chi profit…… !

I’m doing summer work for the first time in a while.
I don’t like it when a company that has become an opponent is holding on halfway.

“I can grill meat too. I got a sense!”
“I guess so.”
“Senior, you can go and rest…”
“But you have no emotions.”

Put the meat on the grill.
The temperature is also a bit high.
If it were me, I would be able to handle the flames even if they were strong enough.

Aww…… !!

You can play pranks too.
Pour the whiskey
Lightly with a torch.

The fire burns like crazy.
It catches the attention of passers-by as well as the inside of the store.

“What is that? A fire show?”
“They’re selling steaks. The price is 5,000 won!”

First-come, first-served basis.
You and I start running.
Business in the future will be more energetic.

‘Actually, this doesn’t make any dramatic changes, such as the taste of whiskey permeating or the elasticity of chewing improving.’

It’s not ineffective, but it’s insignificant.
It’s just a simple performance to attract customers.

Because the public has a side that enjoys themselves eating delicious things rather than delicious things.
Raise the value of the restaurant.

“It’s dangerous and it’s a waste of whiskey, so you guys use a torch.”
“Yes, your senior!”
“Thank you, senior!”
“Oh, good job.”

I return to the plastic chair while receiving the changed eyes of my juniors.
There are three ways to normalize a ruined company.

‘Simplification, profitability, gentrification.’

The last fire show decorated the beauty of Yujong.
If this is the case, it will be enough to dominate one of the commercial districts.


I take it easy.
Start drinking again.
Suddenly, memories of the past come to mind.

‘That’s why it’s called a legend.’

Quite a few franchises will surely be eaten when they pass through my hands.
Resell after making it.

Fundamentally not different from stocks.
They buy things that are underestimated in value and resell them at their original value.

The difference is that they are involved in the operation.
And that it affects the real reality.

‘That’s why it causes minor problems.’

Actually, it’s not a nickname in a good sense.
Even so, the image of private equity funds is not good.

Prejudice is not created without reason.
There is, of course, a reason for that.

“I’ve stolen all the guests!”
“If the steak is 5,000 won, I will buy it too.”
“What’s the matter with their leftover ingredients? I’ll have to throw them all away.”

Reality is competition.
If one restaurant does well, it means that another does not.

I can’t say I didn’t know
That it affects the sales of competitors.

‘If the opponent fails, take over again.’

It seems to be the process of being called a legend.
About 20% of the swearing I would eat for the rest of my life was eaten at this time.

I don’t care about competitors or the commercial districts around me
Only looking for profit

The image may not be good.
That’s why some people call private equity this way.

Die death.
Mother mother.
It’s a fund that’s behind the mother.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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