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Because I Live in the US 52

Because I Live in the US 52

Chapter 52 – How Private Equity Works

It is not a coincidence that it ranks first in sales at the annual Hankuk University Festival.

“Makgeolli is all-in!”
“I have an order placed as a reserve. Soo-hyeok brings it from the warehouse. Don’t make the customers wait.”
“Yes, I’ll go right now!”

Pile up and pile up
The know-how accumulated by club seniors is passed on to the next generation.

This is the reason why we are proud of our operation that is comparable to that of most restaurants.
At least during the Great Winter Festival, it is invincible.

‘Inventory management is perfect.’

Cha Yu-jun, the club manager, looks around the booth.
It’s to make sure the kids are doing a good job.

Chi profit…… !

Food is prepared from well-managed stock.
Although there are few people who are special because it is not a culinary department.

“Isn’t it a bit burnt green onion?”
“Customers like it better if it’s slightly burnt because it’s crispy.”
“Yes, Myeong-hoon, you are a specialist, so you will do well on your own.”

ETSD has an abundance of club members.
In other words, you can pick and choose talent.
As someone who is good at cooking.

Myeong-hoon, who has a qualification as a Korean food cook, is in charge of the kitchen.
In addition to that, all of them were filled with members who did one strand.

“1 seafood, 1 cheese, 1 cube, how many?”
“That’s number two. I’ve waited a long time, so hurry up.”

Likewise, the right people were hired.
Pretty schoolgirls work as waitresses.

She is also wearing a pretty outfit that suits her.
It is borrowed from a costume maker according to the festival period.

‘You guys can do this? It’s not even worth half a penny.’

Yujun also heard the story.
The stock club kids are sharpening knives.

It seems to be trying to increase the number of guests.
It is said that he is doing various things.

No matter what
You will realize that business is not something that can only be done by coming.

“Let’s go to the store over there.”
“Why? It’s cheaper here and there are more people…”
“No, the waitress is dope!”

Of course, there are factors to worry about.
The juniors who came to them had a tremendous sense of presence.

“They say your breasts are insanely big!”
“Ah, how big would it be if I were to grow up?”
“Pretend to be deceived and go. Is it real?”

It deserves attention from some male customers.
But anyway, some.

‘We also have a cute waitress.’

Just come into sight
She is the woman he loves the most in the world.

“No, I want you to do it quickly!”
“I’m sorry, can this be resolved?”

It seems that work is busy.
Ulta will struggle to lead freshmen.

She waved her hand to see if she saw her.
Yujun also responds by shaking her palm.

“Why are you here when you’re busy at work?”
“Your name is the club manager. Check it out.”
“Are you okay?”
“Actually, we came here because we wanted to see each other.”

In her own eyes, she is prettier than anyone else in the world.
Small breasts are my preference.
Anyway, yes.

‘Even if I can do a little bit of publicity.’

In the end, they are the ones who have the last laugh.
This is because there is a difference in the profit structure.

Department of Economics.
As a senior, he teaches me that business doesn’t happen by sweating blood.

* * *

A good chef.
A chef who made a name for himself at a luxury hotel.

‘If you open a business, it’s rather the case that it goes bankrupt.’

Business and cooking are completely different.
Just because you’re a top-notch chef doesn’t make you a top-notch restaurant owner.

Modern cuisine is mostly recipe-based.
You don’t need a lot of skill for just a neighborhood business

“What are you doing here now?”
“Please come and help me with something.”

+1 manpower at most.
Slight taste differences are not likely to appeal to the general public.

‘Though word of mouth can spread if I do business for several years.’

It’s not a cooking cartoon, so there’s no way you’ll shout “Mimi” As soon as you eat it.
Rumors take time.

“What are you really doing? Come now!”
“Ask Hyeri.”
“To Hyeri? Anyway, hurry up and help!”

It means that no matter how hard Sora tries, there is a limit.
Scary to arrive, brushing me off.

‘Only my chest grew bigger.’

Of course, aggro is attracted even if only the chest is big.
No, I’m a bit attracted to it.

Inside the store.
Compared to when I first started the business, I felt more relaxed.
The reason is obvious.


There were not just one or two eyes staring at Sora startled.
So in the beginning.

“I’ll do a snack bar too.”
“What is a snack bar?”
“You don’t know what it is? Tell me?”

Work shoulder to shoulder with Sora.
It’s not really about building friendships.

‘If you drink with a woman like this, even a 50,000 won drink will go down like 300,000 won.’

There is a reason they pay a high price.
The bigger the breasts, the better the drink tastes.

I want to have a drink with So-ra someday.
If you run out of cups, follow the valley.

“What, what are you doing!”
“It’s roughly like this.”
“Do you really want to get hit?”

Talent is not blooming.
Even with simple skinship, the clenched fist trembles.

‘I knew it.’

If I had done a plan A, I would have managed to compete.
The opponent wouldn’t have followed at least.

Cube steak is a common item.
The side that makes a lot of separation is bound to win unconditionally.

“I’ll be patient.”
“I bear with this.”
“I heard from Hyeri.”
“What, what?”
“I heard you know how to cook, senior.”

How good are your cooking skills?
It makes no sense at all.
Like the Soma of the Eclipse.

‘I won a cooking battle and I’m poor. I can’t do things like this.’

Stock battles will be more fun.
I can barely make my heart beat by cooking.


Plastic chair.
The armrest is half broken, but I sit down without minding it.
It’s time to slowly arrive.

“What are you doing now!”
“You sit next to me too.”
“I’m in a hurry? Can’t you see everyone else is working?”
“Ah, testimonial. You can’t even entertain.”

If a private equity fund official sits down, the employees of the partnering department should take care of themselves.

‘If I can massage my breasts, my hands won’t get bored.’

Enough bullshit.
It would be a problem if it was a large company, but private equity funds are originally a bit of a bigot group.

It’s just a pity that Sora doesn’t have talent for hosting.
However, once you have received Hyeri’s service.

Chin! Chin!

Why was I once called a legend in the private equity world?

The courier ordered in front of the booth arrives.
Packing boxes are stacked one by one.

“What is all this?”
“Because there’s already a lot of meat? I’ve already bought enough for three days…”
“I don’t know. Did you eat it at a party?”

It’s not like going to a restaurant attached to a young man or something.
Enthusiasm is acknowledged, but business is separate.

‘If this company had been listed, I would never have bought it.’

It’s fist-fighting.
Even if you look at it right now, Sora’s heart is excited.

Chi profit…… !

Chefs grilling meat in front of an iron griddle.
Of course it tastes like dying.

To be in front of a fire this early summer.
No matter how hard you try, hard work is hard.

‘Besides, the meat is of poor quality.’

The level of meat used for cube steak is obvious.
You have to be careful to make it delicious.

Stamina consumption.
Even vegetables are stir-fried by hand, so after a couple of hours, your mind will go to heaven.

“What’s this?”
“It’s a seasoning container. Oyster sauce and ketchup…”
“No, it’s trash. Organize everything and throw it away.”
“What, what?!”

A chef’s job is to make delicious food.
But investors only see efficiency.

‘If part-timers roll in this way, they will leave the company within three days.’

He disappears without even leaving KakaoTalk.
The efficiency includes the overall operation of the restaurant.


Open the box
The contents from it are stacked next to the fire plate one by one.

“Meat… Is it?”
“You don’t even know meat? It’s edible flesh separated from animals.”
“Fuck you.”

Sora had a reason to be surprised.
At first glance, it looks like retort food.

‘That’s how it was made.’

Content wrapped in plastic.
It has meat in it.
If you look closely, some spices are also added.

Bay leaves, rosemary, minced garlic, and pepper salt.
These are things to enhance the taste of steak.

“If it’s liver, we’re doing it too.”
“Why are you sighing?”
“It’s not selling because I’m selling such tasteless meat roughly.”
“I’m here to pick you up?!”
“Look. I’ll show you how to do business.”

Investor’s business.
Thoroughly pursue efficiency only.
And, of course, ‘taste’ also applies to that efficiency.

‘It’s not a cube steak, it’s a real steak.’

It’s that steak that drips with juice when you cut it with a knife.
It may be cut and served for customer convenience, but it is qualitatively different.

“How do you grill such a high-quality steak!”
“Yeah, so I prepared it so that it can be roughly baked.”

This steak.
It is a restaurant’s dream.
However, the barriers in reality are higher than expected.

‘It’s not easy to manage a chef.’

How many times your salary goes out
When the restaurant is closed for personal reasons, the operation of the restaurant is completely suspended.

High-end food like steak has a wide taste variation.
If a part-timer bakes it, there is no choice but to show off.

“Bake it once.”
“Oh, how do you bake it? It’s my first time baking something like this…”
“Bake it like a first-timer, just bake it.”

Don’t spray anything
Bring it to the club student in charge of cooking.
At first, I put it on the fire plate, as if I made up my mind soon.

Chi profit…… !

Grilling a steak is no easy task.
Stirring Maillard or something and pouring melted butter over and over again.

The more you know, the more complicated the cooking process is.
That’s why I’ve done it all beforehand.

“It’s done.”
“Yes? This meat is thick, so I don’t think the inside is cooked yet…”
“It’s already cooked. Cut it roughly and eat it..”

It is a recipe that is simmered in oil for a long time.
The meat I brought finished the first round of cooking with confit.

The inside is already moist, and even the scent of spices has permeated.
Just grill the outside and the steak is ready.

‘This way, I don’t need to use a skilled chef.’

A part-time job who knows how to properly grill meat is enough.
It seems that the meat has been overcooked.

“Wow, that’s delicious!”
“Where. Ohh…!!”
“Awesome? I think it’s sold in a real restaurant.”
“I-I’ll eat too!”

Club members who watched.
After one person tastes it, neither you nor I can taste it, so it’s a mess.

There seems to be no need for a separate evaluation of taste.
I don’t eat cuts like that.

‘Oh, I don’t have a cigar.’

Profit in this case!
Lighting a fire and taking a sip is the reward of work.
The pleasure of teaching fools.

Sora stares at the transformed booth with her mouth half-open.
There is no need to compete on price any more.

‘Did the cost cost about 1,200 won per person?’

It is an amount that includes various labor costs.
We rented nearby restaurant facilities to cook in large quantities.

“I want to prepare for the university festival…….》

Favorite restaurant.
When I asked if I could use the cooking facilities on my day off, he readily agreed.

Being a young person sometimes helps.
This amount includes other courier service fees.

“Look at something. Go and work.”
“Sir, what about you?”
“I’m working.”
“It looks like they’re playing…”
“Dozens of you guys have done everything alone for three days and nights.”

Thumbs up! Point to a pile of steaks.
I clenched my fists to see if there was dissatisfaction.

But to refute.
I can’t think of it, so I just stare at it with my cheeks inflated.

‘Why am I working? I’m stocking up to live comfortably.’

It is also such a job.
Copy money with one eye to see value.

The same goes for running a restaurant.
An incompetent store owner takes over a ruined business.

Even such trash-like, abandoned companies magically come back to life when they go through my hands.
How many times do you repeat

“Do you sell these at university fairs?”
“I’d like a steak, please.”
“Me too!”
“I have two!”
“A steak at a university festival… Is a legend.”

I guess that’s what it was called.
All you have to do is present a perfect profit structure and the job is done.

‘Work, slaves.’

I am an investor, not a chef.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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