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Because I Live in the US 51

Because I Live in the US 51

Chapter 51 – Daedong Festival

“I see there’s a misunderstanding!”

Cha Yoo-jun, the manager of the ETSD club.
The situation takes a drastic turn when he appears after a while.

“I’ve already received confirmation from the seniors here.”
“So that’s a misunderstanding!”
“Please explain.”
“It’s true that I heard that you guys do cube steak…”

Confrontation with Sora.
The other seniors were stumped.
However, as the head of the club, Yujun is good at incidents and accidents.

‘Speaking in moderation is my specialty, huhu.’

I have a girlfriend.
I also know that his girlfriend hates Sora.

“We saw it too.”
“Food truck! What Chun Jong-won does. We’ve been thinking about doing it for a while.”

I would love it if you drove away Sora.
Create a situation where the other person cannot be blamed.

“Then fix the price. Can’t you see that our club is being harmed?”
“Would that be difficult?”
“……What is the reason?”
“I told you earlier that there was a misunderstanding. It’s true that we have the same menu as you.”

Years of experience.
Sora doesn’t have it.
It can be fooled by fitting it properly.

“You bought it so cheaply?”
“Yes, we spend a lot, right? We know how to buy it cheaply. And again.”
“And what?”
“It’s a way to give snacks at a bargain price and make a profit from alcohol.”

It’s true that I got it cheap by buying in bulk.
However, it is unreasonable to set it at 5,000 won per person.

‘Can a freshman know that?’

Information gap.
When he was a freshman, he silently followed what his seniors told him to do.

It looks like there are quite a few guns.
I heard that you came in as the head of the department.

Even so, a freshman is a freshman.
I still don’t know the wind wave of society.


He looks like he’s thinking hard.
Are there any loopholes in your own words?

Analysis as an economics student.
Even if you think about it, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn.

“There was a guy like that wind catcher in front of our store.”
“I’ll apologize for that!”
“Are you admitting it now?”
“Oh, this~~ The festival business is half-joking and half-serious. A friend of mine must have crossed the line to make our business go well. I’ll be careful not to do that again.”

It is not that there are no holes.
It can be consistent with ignorance.
Rather, it is judged that it is better to admit it.

Mix the truth in lies.
The opponent also doubts his own thoughts and eventually follows his intentions.

‘I’m sorry for deceiving you like this.’

I want to be friendly with my heart.
The owner of the appearance that has no choice but to wake up to such a desire.

It is not unreasonable that the members of the club were fooling around.
He may have been like that too.


I have a girlfriend.
Juha pinches his forearm.

It’s better to score points on the girlfriend right next to you than to aim for a sense you’ll never get.

“Hmm! Hmm! Anyway, I hope the misunderstanding ends here.”
“A misunderstanding?”
“As I explained earlier, we make a margin with alcohol. You guys can sell alcohol cheaply then. Yes, that will work!”

Lead the conversation
Sora seems to disassemble something, but he can’t refute it.

Couldn’t find anything to refute.
I am biting my pretty lips.

“Or do you have any other objections?”
“No. Excuse me!”

Get out of the booth
Only then can sighs of relief come from everywhere.

Even as seniors, I was at a loss as to how to respond if they got angry.

‘Let’s see. I will definitely win.’

Even Sora couldn’t help but feel the pressure.
Because there were a lot of seniors that I had never seen before.

It was a place that was no different from an enemy camp.
I went back, wiping away my tears with the back of my hand.

“…That’s how it happened.”
“Isn’t that too much?”
“Let’s go in!”
“”Let’s kill! Let’s kill! Let’s kill!”

It deserves to anger the male seniors of the stock club.
Why did you come to this club?

“You can’t do that.”

But realistically you can’t win.
Neither the number of pages, nor the student number, nor the justification.

Far away!

I was angry, but couldn’t resist.
I couldn’t find a loophole in the opponent’s logic.

There is only one means left.
It is to fight with determination and fight fair and square and win.

“We shouldn’t do cowardly things just because the other person is cowardly.”
“Honestly, it’s hard to compete on price.”

Of course it’s not easy.
As one club member said, the other party is selling at a bargain price.

Even if they overdo it, it is only 6,000 won.
Competing on price.

‘I’ll cut off my flesh and eat it.’

As the head of ETSD said, there is also a way to sell alcohol cheaply.
The context is also the same.

Can’t make a profit from snacks or alcohol?
It is better to return raw materials.

“Then how about increasing the proportion of vegetables?”
“Oh that’s good.”
“But then your hands will get a little cold.”
“Our kitchen staff will do their best!”

But economics.
I try to show my wit somehow.
The enthusiasm of the club members is also great.


You can’t let go of yourself either.
Sora clenched his fists and decides to add strength.

“I’ll bring in a lot of guests then.”
“If Sora does it, a lot will come!”
“But are you okay?”

Hyeri asked as if she was worried.
So far, it has been in charge of Hyeri and some of her female members.

Because I hate using my appearance.
But Hyeri couldn’t like that.

‘I have to. I have to win no matter what.’

If it were that damn human she would say so.
So, I must have said something to chew on.

Entertainment establishment.
I have no intention of doing anything like that, but I will do whatever is available.

“Come to think of it, I can’t see Chan-wook sunbaenim.”
“Aren’t you really gambling?”
“If it’s that person, I’ll stay like that.”

There is no other way.
Chan-wook, who always comes up with a mysterious solution, is nowhere to be seen.

‘It’s just a hindrance.’

If you serve customers, they will quarrel with you.
If you order customers, they will promote this place as a strange establishment.

Being still is the most helpful.
But right now I need at least a bracken hand.

“Shall I come?”
“Do you have any guesses?”
“Then I’ll ask you.”

Even chores will help a little.
Even under your own stress.

‘Where else is it stuck? Really.’

Hye-ri goes to find Chan-wook.
Watching her disappearing back, the members of her club unite.

The business career is superior to the opponent.
Neither the materials nor the skills are advantageous.

“We may not be able to win, but… Let’s never be taken lightly. We’ll do our best to increase sales.”

Confronted nonetheless
If you fight hard, you might be able to give a blow to sales.

“”Keep it up! Keep it up! Go for it!””

* * *


University festival.
It’s a place that has nothing to do with me.

‘Old friend, old college, old job.’

It is because I opened my eyes early to the 3 principles of success in life.
It is a rule that is still followed today.

Why study and networking that are not helpful?
But wasting time is wasting life.

I didn’t raise any friends because I was so thorough.
Although I have no regrets.

“Did something like that happen?”
“Yes, is there too much?”
“That’s right. It’s too much.”

Just one thing.
There is something I was envious of people who live ordinary lives.

‘Not being able to eat the most delicious thing at the most delicious time.’

Fruits are also the most delicious when they are in season.
There is such a thing as a woman having a good time too.

Chwup chuloop!

He bites Hyeri’s peachy lips.
It is soft and pliable as if it will melt.

When you suck it lightly, sweet juice flows out.
It’s a place you want to spend time exploring.

‘It’s so damn delicious.’

Why Ken Fisher gave advice to young people.
I think I know the reason to enjoy it while I’m young.

He licks his white teeth gently and sticks his tongue out.
I don’t know how soft it is on the inside.

Knock! Knock!

Height difference.
There is nothing you can do about the water flowing from top to bottom.

Unswallowed saliva is transmitted.
Hyeri swallows my saliva like a baby bird.

“Oh, it’s delicious!”
“If you keep kissing your brother, the conversation won’t progress…”
“What about something delicious?”

It’s a warning that you can’t stand when something delicious is right in front of you.
Empty classroom.

Outside, a lively festival is going on.
A place that was always crowded becomes a blind spot.

‘That’s why I’m more excited.’

It’s refreshing to have the same flirtation at school.
Kids who take offense in the classroom.

I hate you from the front, but I envy you from the back.
I’m fulfilling a wish I couldn’t fulfill when I was young.

“So I hope you will help me.”
“If it’s my older brother…, Can’t you do something for me? He’s good at cooking too.”

He even cooked for Hyeri.
I just ate what I had at home in moderation.

‘It’s on a different level than you guys playing house.’

It will be a great power.
It’s just not something you can do with your own strength.

“Look at what Hyeri is doing.”
“There are a lot of pretty kids out there. It’s not as good as Hyeri.”

I hold her tight and hold her buttocks with one hand.
It’s soft and fluffy like downy hair.

A lovely touch.
If you are not at this delicious age of 20, you will never feel it.

‘Ah, I want to write.’

I want to use the hot and tight narrow hole twice.
But place is place.

Hyeri’s taste is close to that of ordinary people.
Even skinship would be the narrow limit.

“Smells really nice. Did you spray perfume?”
“A little bit. Oppa smells like sweat.”
“That’s good.”

Even now, I am secretly enjoying myself in a space that cannot be seen from the window.
Hyeri rubs her forehead against her chest.

When I lowered my gaze, I could see the valley inside the white Nasiti.
It is quite rich in fat.

“Whoa…, Whoa…”

Breathe inside me
It’s a small sound, but since I’m in an empty classroom, I can hear it.

“It’s thick. It smells like something thick…”
“What about the lips?”
“I’ll do it.”

Kiss once again.
Even if I put my hand in a difficult place, I accept it.
You will need to slowly build up your sense of openness.


When you open your mouth, saliva continues.
Even the roughened hide can be reached at close range.
Unlock them one by one starting today.

“Does saliva taste good?”
“Would you like to try something tastier?”
“That… What is it?”

Point with your finger.
Even if you can’t do it in the main room, you will be able to think of simpler acts than that.

‘She’s a baby who just lays on the bed and begs me even when I’m doing it.’

It also teaches you how to make a man feel good.
His face blushed as if he had guessed.

My chest is pounding.
It’s not that he doesn’t seem interested.

“I’ve never done anything like that before.”
“You have to experience it. There are no men who don’t like this.”
“Then I’ll just try. Just try. Do you have to keep an eye on it?”

The body is also warm.
They must be in a state of excitement since they’ve been fiddling with and even kissing for quite some time.

‘Yes, anything is an experience.’

In all fields.
Sora is also accumulating experience one by one.

Especially economy.
If you don’t learn how to do it on your own, one day you will be stranded in the open sea like the Pacific Ocean.

Jjook! Jjook ♡

Hyeri’s experience can teach.
Sora’s experience is something that cannot be taught.

‘Although I can teach you the bitterness of life.’

Investors who pursue private interests.
Private equity is not something anyone can do.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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