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Because I Live in the US 50

Because I Live in the US 50

Chapter 50 – Daedong Festival

The largest club in the Faculty of Economics
It also means an intimate gathering.


One of the club members opens the door and enters.
A well-dressed freshman.

But somehow it looks doomed.
It could be because of my mood.

“I’m here…”
“Why aren’t you coming sooner?”
“Uh, sorry.”

It has to be.
For a 158 cm tall female student, the department’s biggest club is too weak.

There are also many seniors.
Since it is an old club, returning students or seniors who have been kneeling for several years are common.

“Did you find out what to say?”
“Yes! For now.”
“For now, I have to say something~ Do you want to be stuffy?”
“Uh, sorry.”

There was a separate object that female students noticed the most.
Ironically, the same freshman classmates.

‘I have a twisted personality…….’

I’m only going to get rid of the minute inside.
Since she dated the head of the club, she completely tries to pretend to be a queen.

However, I can’t help it from the perspective of a freshman who can’t help but notice the seniors.

“I asked a friend in the stock club.”
“……I was going to have makgeolli & pajeon, but I thought it wouldn’t work for our club, so I switched to cube steak. You know that, right? It’s on TV these days.”

You cannot leave the club.
If you don’t do activities in the department club, you’re going to go to assa.
Tell the story you’ve been listening to.

Chun Jong-won’s food truck.
It is a popular entertainment that is currently trending.
The Cube Steak episode aired recently.

‘Ah that?’

Juha also heard and saw.
Although I am a big fan of ‘You Live Alone’, which is performed at the same time.

“Cube Steak!”
“I enjoyed watching that episode.”
“Isn’t the cost of beef a bit expensive?”

It makes a lot of noise around.
‘You live alone’ steals viewership ratings.
It is an object that cannot be ignored.


Chun Jong-won.
There is also no one who does not know.
If you rank second in the food business, you are a professional that will make you feel sad.

He unravels his secrets on broadcast programs.
It seems that many seniors were interested in watching it.

“Shall we change the menu too?”
“I only send green onions every day…”
“The oil splatter on my forearm really hurts. I still have burn marks here.”
“The same goes for meat.”

Flashing thoughts.
A person who shares a good smile.
She says she is the most beautiful person in this club.

“Juha, do you have something to say?”
“Yes, why don’t we try trendy food these days instead of pajeon?

I’m pushing
There is no senior who will not listen.
However, some complaints do arise.

“Our club tradition is seafood pancake…”
“I only watch seafood pancakes on YouTube.”
“Where is the tradition! No. 1 in sales is the most important thing!”

The head of the club comes forward, but there are not many people who can catch the horse’s tail.

Of course, there shouldn’t be any discord.
Ju-Ha pretends to come up with an appropriate arbitration plan.

“Then how about this~?”
“Uh, what?”
“We sell green onion as usual, and we also sell cube steak. Since you’re so good at it, wouldn’t it be a problem to add at least one menu?”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“Juha is a genius!”

And put in your own opinion.
Cube Steak.
That was the purpose from the beginning.

“But then, isn’t the menu overlapping? With other clubs?”
“I really enjoy food trucks. Can’t I?”
“I can’t help it if you enjoyed it.”
“We, Juha, do whatever we want to do!”

They sell the same menu right next door.
It will have a huge impact on the sales of stock clubs.

Smile condescendingly
Club activity expenses are proportional to sales during college festivals.

It is only now that those bitches can put on an easy face in front of them.

* * *

Korea University Festival.

〈 The 69th Hankuk University Daedong Festival starts now! Your warm welcome! Let’s go with a shout~~~ Let’s do it!!〉

The curtain rises with the roar of the presenter.
Everywhere in the campus is already crowded with no space to set foot.

〈 Lies, Lies, Lies~!〉

Performance booth.
Music-related clubs hold concerts.
Listen to the songs of amateurs in anticipation of the guest singers to come at night.


Sports booth.
A soccer league is in progress on the artificial turf field.

The festival is held over 3 days.
Certain prizes will be presented to the winning team.

“I wrote a palace to Ez.”
“Kill! Kill this Ganna bastard!”

Esports booth.
Similarly, competitions are underway.
Due to the nature of the game, there are also loud noises.

As a university with a long history, it is magnificent and of high quality.
It takes two days just to look around the vast grounds of Korea University.

“Can’t my son play games like that?”
“Why roll!”
“Your personality is getting worse. Did you see the hyungs swearing just now?”
“Ah, it’s not that some pro gamer was swearing, it was an overreaction.”

Nearby residents also come to play every year.
Families are also common visitors.

No matter where you go, you hit the floor.
Although it is the Daedongje of Korea University that is receiving such an evaluation.

Chi profit…… !

There are places that attract the most attention.
This year, it was decided as a food court.

“Wow! They also sell steaks.”
“Where? Where?”

Broadcast effect.
Recently, it is hot regardless of gender and age.
‘Food truck’ is becoming a hot place.

It’s because of the broadcast on this topic.
‘Cheon Jong-won’s Food Truck’ presented a cooking show with a different concept than before.

“Can college students make it right?”
“Disregulation is important. Maillard reaction!”

It has contributed to greatly raising the level of general consumers.
Don’t spend money on junk food.

Merchants are also stimulated.
It’s about putting out an effort to put out a reasonable level of food at a reasonable price.


Will I be able to meet that standard?
The food court at the university festival is run by students.

Some self-employed people with permission come, but most of them are students.
Visitors who took a bite.

“It’s not bad. Seeing how salty the liver is, it looks like they used fine salt?”

I nod my head.
It’s because I remember listening to Chun Jong-won’s commentary not too long ago.

〈 Use coarse salt for long-cooked steak. However, for cube steak that is fried quickly, you need to use fine salt for a simple endosperm.〉

And taste.
There’s nothing I can’t do with a rough taste evaluation.
It’s a passing score when you look at your own standard point.

“Go over there, over there.”
“If you’re going to eat cube steak, they say it’s better and cheaper that way. Right next door.”
“Oh, is that so? Thank you.”

Relative evaluation.
If there is a better restaurant, consumers will change their ways.

It’s hard to accept even knowing that.
From the point of view of younger students.

“Our steaks are good too.”
“Isn’t he a student at our school? He’s sulking.”

Stock club.
Steaks are being sold as agreed internally.
It is a cube steak with a lower level of difficulty and a target to refer to.

Under the guidance of a senior who has visited Chun Jong-won’s food truck three times, it has a pretty good assortment.
I gave up a little on the cost ratio and put it on the cheap.

『Pajeon & Makgeolli & Cube Steak♡』
Seafood pancake 5,000 nyang
Cheese Kimchi Jeon 5,000 nyang
Cube Steak 5,000 nyang
Chamisul 4,000 nyang
Makgeolli 4,000 Nyang
4,000 cans of beer

The store next door sells them much cheaper.
At ETSD, which I knew only sold green onion types.

“Why are they selling cube steak…”
“Like a squeak.”
“I know you shouldn’t think like this, but aren’t you doing it on purpose?”

Same menu.
Cheaper price.
Besides, even windswept.

I can’t help but have doubts.
Even Sora, who was watching quietly, frowned.

“I’ll be back!”
“Okay, say a word and come!”

There are also guesses.
ETSD belongs to Juha.
He and her don’t get along very well.

‘I’ve heard that they don’t treat each other there either.’

Because of the character
Someone you don’t want to be near.
Sure enough, it seems to be the same even after entering ETSD.

I’ve also heard that she’s talking behind her back.
Up until now, I’ve let myself do whatever I want.

“Excuse me!”

The story is different if it causes damage to the club.
Sora strides into the ETSD booth.

“Uh, what happened…”
“Who is the club manager? Where is he?”
“That’s why I went out for a while. If you have something to say, you can tell me.”

Most of the people inside are seniors.
The freshmen go out to work alone, the second and third graders are in the kitchen, and the seniors who are farther away than that cook the nogari.

At least 3rd graders are high, but they have no choice but to be stumped.
It has a lot of momentum and a tremendous presence.

‘I’ve heard rumors.’
‘It’s really big.’
‘This is Sora. Can’t we leave this view as a photograph?’

The female seniors went to enjoy the festival.
As he manages the juniors, only the remaining male seniors are in trouble.

“Ours and their menu overlap.”
“Yeah, that’s right. That’s it.”
“Can this happen by chance? Among the many menus.”

It is a pity that the topic of conversation is controversy.
I don’t want to look bad for a rare pretty junior.

“Actually, I’ve heard the story.”
“Hey, wait!”
“Stay still. What?”
“You guys said you’re doing cube steak, so we talked about adding a menu. Uh, that’s it.”

There is also an honest side.
Looking into her eyes, it seems like she’s standing there naked.

“So you admit to copying our menu?”
“You mean you knew that if we sold the same menu, we could be harmed?”
“That, that’s a bit…”

Losing control completely.
I can’t even scream
In such a spur-of-the-moment situation.

“I wondered where the merchant came from, but wasn’t it Sora?”

Juha appears.
While working in the hall, she heard from her classmate that Sora had come to visit.

Since I am a freshman, I have to pretend to work.
It’s fun to pamper the same motivation.

“I’ve heard the story.”
“I won’t talk about it for a long time. You guys have prepared the ingredients, so it’s hard to throw them away now, right? Change the menu a little differently, or if that doesn’t work, set the price to the same level.”

Only Sora is against her own eyes.
Undoubtedly, in this place where only her seniors are present, she asserts herself without hesitation.


I have to bend down when I bow my head, but I don’t know how it’s so stiff.
But as far as here.

“Considering the cost, 5,000 won is an unconventional price setting. I can only think that there is an intention?”
“Huh~ Intention? What intention?”

It is different in this club.
It’s not a place for your bitch to mess with.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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