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Because I Live in the US 49

Because I Live in the US 49

Chapter 49 – Daedong Festival

9 am.
In the stock club at Korea University, there is a daily routine that is repeated every day.


Gather in the center of the club room.
Members are sitting and praying.


The man in the middle.
With both hands clasped together, he prays fervently.

“God, please allow me to become a righteous thief today.”

It is a sight that looks like that.
However, it is far from a devout Christian believer.

“Gazua!! Let’s eat and run!”

Because of the stock.
The inside of the club room becomes noisy with the man’s cry.


It has nothing to do with religious beliefs.
Sora knew the meaning of the prayer.

─Buy orders have been placed!
─Buy orders have been placed!

No, it’s a hit
The frantic ringing of notifications from all over the club room tells it all.

‘He’s playing the stock like a gamble.’

It is not about investing based on the value of the company.
It is to find a stock that fluctuates wildly and aim for profit.

Two main types.
It is classified as high or low.
The latter is a slang term that is not officially used.

I recently came to know about it through the stock community.
Buy stocks that have gone down excessively.

“Oh shit!”
“I was bitten…”
“Asshole, you have to wait until you go down further.”

Of course, it comes with great risks.
It’s like catching a falling knife with your bare hands.

“You’re stuck too.”
“No, does it make sense to fall all the way here…”

What if you got lucky?
If so, you bought the stock at a low price, but there is a risk that it will fall even lower than that.

〈Those who live on the floor will see the basement.〉

Just like the famous line from the movie operation.
And in reality, there is a bedrock under the basement, a mantle, and even an inner core.


Stocks that fall in the first place have a reason.
Someone sold this stock because they thought it was unattractive.

And the reason is not disclosed to the market.
Institutions with quick information hand over the quantity to the ants.

‘Whoa…… , Really.’

Ecosystem of the Korean stock market.
After learning that, Sora became more cautious.

Stocks with lower prices are likely to go down further.
Short-selling stocks with high prices.

─Buy orders have been placed!
─Sell order has been executed!

Recognizing such a risk only seems crazy.
Hitting short hits with stocks you don’t even know in detail.

“Hey, what are you doing alone!”
“I’m looking at you.”
“Why look at the order book! I have to buy stocks quickly. Money can be copied!”
“Yes, yes.”
“If you just bought Shillazen, you ate 5% right away!”

Whether you know your heart or not.
I think you will know for sure.

‘I heard he bought it and would make fun of me if I get bitten.’

It is deliberately disturbing.
Chanwook’s words are mostly meaningless.

Sometimes sharp things are only for moments when you want to be sharp.
Usually doesn’t help at all.

“I told you to hurry up and do Lulupin!”
“What is Luupang?”
“Lurupin! Lulupi! Lulu~ yap! Haven’t you seen the angel girl Nettie?”
“What’s that shit?”

Blows cuckoo
If you listen to that person all day, you will get a mental illness.

‘Would it be brainwashing.’

Club members are listening straight away.
He also earns a decent amount by hitting short hits.

Realistic amount.
Earning a part-time job in 30 minutes with 1,000,000 won or 2,000,000 won is a shame.

“What’s wrong with being bitten…”
“You ain’t lost until you sell!”

Club members who followed it.
There are people who earn money, but the vast majority are like that.

Danta is definitely attractive.
How can you make a lot of money in less than a day?

Corresponding risks must follow.
It’s literally like gambling.

“I’ll have to get out of there when I shoot tomorrow.”
“Aren’t you still bitten by what you said last time?”
“Shut up.”

Of course I know.
The world is wide, and there are many people with various talents.

Win only by intuition.
There are masters who make money with short hits.

‘It could be reading something from charts and order books…….’

This is why I am staring at the order book even though I am not even going to buy stocks.
If others can do it, can you do it yourself?

Sora is studying various things about actual stock investment.
The more you do it, the more it grows.


When you get to know new knowledge, things you already know look different.

In the process, you learn something new.
The speed at which information accumulates is too fast.

Information overload.
In order to apply theoretical knowledge to reality, there are not one or two difficulties.

“Sora doesn’t buy stocks?
“Oh no!”
“I am.”
“Hasn’t Sora become a little more irritable?”

It was Hyeri.
I heard what the stock club was thinking.
It’s not that much, but I’m in charge of the club.

“Because of that person…”
“Brother Uk?”
“You keep annoying me. Didn’t Hyeri do anything to that human?”
“Well… If you’ve been attacked, you might have been.”

I can’t understand Hyeri’s feelings as she avoids looking at me.
But I do know one thing.

“He has a good side!”
“Is there?”
“Daeryong Capital, which Oppa Wook recommended last time, has gone up a lot!”

The only one who doesn’t tell you is yourself.
It teaches club members well.

It seems that he openly picked on Hyeri.
She did something similar, so I have nothing to say.


She only makes fun of herself.
Even if you bend her pride and ask, it’s sexual harassment or bullshit.

So she’s thinking to herself.
The process is so much more difficult than I imagined.

Her head is about to explode.
To Sora, who is in a slump due to overheating of studies.


Hyeri holds out something.
It was like a pamphlet printed in neat colors.

“Oh, this is…”
“It’s a festival soon! Studying is good, but sometimes you have to catch your breathhehe.”

College festival.
Looking back, it was like that.
I remember hearing that she did.

Hyeri speaks with a bright smile.
There must be a lot of fun things to do at the festival.

‘Did I frown too much?’

She must have taken care of herself.
If it’s her personality, she’ll stay like that.

She is still a student herself.
It is a time to learn slowly rather than thinking hastily.

“Is that so?”

There are people who make things in a hurry.
The screams that came out of nowhere are familiar.

“No time for celebration. Let’s gamble.”
“Don’t do that, brother joins too.”
“Gambling is more fun than festivals…”

The way he shakes his hands means that he is definitely a gambling addict.


Did you try to learn from such a person?
I don’t know what the heck you’re thinking.

“Is there a slot machine at the festival? Baccarat is good too.”
“There’s nothing like that at a college festival!”

Stocks = gambling in that person’s head.
He’s a man you don’t really know.

‘I want to hit you on the head.’

Sometimes he seems like an expert, and other times he’s just lazy.
To the point where I want to tear my brain open.

“There is, senior.”
“Look at you!”
“There is also a casino club among the clubs in the hotel management department. Like Kangwon Land and Paradise, all hotels these days have casinos, right? A friend of mine heard that it was that department.”

‘Why is there?’

The one who always gives me a headache.
It comes to the point where you doubt your own common sense.

One club member spreads useless information.
Fortunately, it ends in an attempt.

“Then let’s play casino!”
“It won’t work.”
“It’s a stock club.”
“What’s the difference between stocks and gambling?”

A pamphlet distributed by Hyeri.
There is information about setting up a booth for each club.

‘We should join our club too.’

Just like the casino club does casino.
But the stock club.

“There is only one restaurant without special skills.”
“Restaurants? Why such a thing!”
“If sales are good, they will give you a lot of activity expenses…”
“I have to tell you that.”

There is nothing you can do.
It is impossible to create a fund and sell it.

‘It’s a restaurant…….’

It’s nothing out of the ordinary.
But I want to try something like that.

It will be a good memory.
Gather strength with club members.

“Then let’s set up one with the feel of an entertainment establishment. There’s a bitch with a big heart over there.”
“Would you like to?”

Pak Q.
Want normal
I want to soothe my tired daily life.

‘Even that human wouldn’t be able to make an accident during the festival.’

That’s because you can’t do stocks, which are the main specialty.
Thinking that way, the enthusiasm for the festival swells.

“No, if you go to Lumppang, even 50,000 won alcohol will be judged at 300,000 won.
“Suck your dick.”
“It’s Sora.”
“Sorry, I must be crazy.”

It looks like we can have a good time.
Just seeing that damn bastard keep his mouth shut will make you feel refreshed.

‘Have I been influenced by that person too…….’

Unknowingly, bad words come out.
During the festival, the body and mind are cleansed and reset.

My dad also said that mentality is important in stocks.
Nothing can be done with a messed up mind.

“If the sales are good, the activity expenses come out generously, right?”
“I am motivated.”
“Can you support me at the club level for losing Sid?”

Club members are also quite motivated.
Only that person is stuck in a corner and grovels.

『The 1st Stock Club Festival Menu Voting』
1. Makgeolli & Pajeon
2. Snacks such as tteokbokki
3. Desserts such as taiyaki and crepes
4., Give your opinion!!!

Discuss what food to sell.
It’s not like there are only 1st graders.

“Makgeolli & Pajeon are the king’s road, but…”
“Do you think it will be too common?”
“There are at least five clubs that do that every year.”

There is also some very practical advice.
It’s a new club, but there are old people.

“Above all, by selling them at ETSD…”
“Um, yes.”
“Isn’t this our department club?”
“Uh. It’s the same department, so it’s the booth right next to it. If you sell the same item, it’s obvious.”

Even Sora, who was invited, knew.
I didn’t like the contents of the club activities, so I didn’t have it.

‘Even if you’re like me, you’ll buy a captain. I don’t think I’ll take a picture of a dog who can’t do business.’

The stock club was just created.
It is an environment with no awareness whatsoever.

On the other hand, large clubs.
He knows a lot of people, and his college festival history is probably much longer.

“Then, shall we try cube steak?”
“Steak? I think the cost is expensive.”
“No, no, it’s better than I thought. I’m a big fan of Chun Jong-won’s food truck!”

Best not to collide.
Although the advice of the seniors in the club had some truth.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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