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Because I Live in the US 48

Because I Live in the US 48

Chapter 48 – The Real Yas

Chest and legs.
That would be part of what you might call a difference in taste.

‘I like both.’

It’s a leg, if you have to.
When I see beautiful breasts, I want to touch them, but I fall in love with them.

“Brother, wait.”
“Why not?”
“It’s not that it’s impossible, but anyway…”

I want to spread my beautiful legs.
Put your palms on! And put it on your thighs.

The finger enters the hidden space.
Eventually, he squeezes and finds ten places.

‘One goes in enough now.’

There is a feeling of use.
But one can’t possibly make a way.


You should include at least two of them.
Let’s create a space between the index and middle fingers, and let out a swearing.

A slimy liquid also oozes out.
The more you move, the more the area around your panties gets wet.

‘It gets wet well.’

There is a reason I was mistaken.
I was excited just by drinking and kissing.

It’s more immediate when you touch it.
Sleep like this! Just rock it back and forth and have fun.

“Here’s school.”

There are minor problems,
Suhyeon, whom I met by chance, took me to a place where people were rare.

‘I remember that this building was also used when I first entered the school.’

No, construction was going on right next to it.
That place became the new building, and the old building here was half-abandoned.

The first and second floors seem to be occupied by some faculty members, but there are no people on the third floor or higher.
Not to mention the bathroom on the 4th floor.

“Isn’t that better?”
“I don’t know about that.”
“You’ll find out soon.”

Black dress.
Raise it above your waist as it is.
The well-groomed buttocks are exposed.

Less flesh, but great bones.
I am the pelvis that is still immature.

‘I just need to make it erotic.’

It’s soggy wet
You can release it and insert it, but there will be no resistance.

I also learned how to adjust the angle.
Lower your back and stick your butt out.


He is holding the bar handle and covering his mouth with the other hand.
It seemed that he was worried about moaning.

It is a place where no one comes, but it can be uneasy.
I heard that couples visit from time to time.

‘Well, they’re not a couple.’

Sexual desire can radiate.
The thin waist and the middle of the pelvis are perfectly suitable as handles.

It is something I want to write freely.
A bathroom is a place to use a toilet, but sometimes this toilet too.

‘It makes me do this.’

I honestly thought you would hate it.
It’s that kind of personality, and if you think about it, the first thing I did was the atmosphere.
Of course, I tried it because I saw the possibility, but it didn’t work out like this.

“Well written.”
“Then lift me up.”
“My back…”

He still maintains an obnoxious posture.
With her back bent, only her buttocks were pulled out.

It seems that it is not voluntary.
It seems that writing a little violently put a strain on the muscles.


A viscous liquid drips down.
A sour scent fills the narrow bathroom.

‘It was a little bit bitter.’

Just as you shouldn’t recklessly open the wrapper, if you apply too much force from the beginning, it can become bulgogi.
I’ll have to pay attention next time.

I’m sorry for myself, and I’m even more sorry for my boyfriend.
Let’s stroke it gently with a loving heart.

“For a moment.”
“Ah, ah. Really…”

I want to write one more time.
Change your position and sit on the toilet.

Suhyeon climbs on as if reluctantly.
Listens very well


I spit out the moans I couldn’t let out to my heart’s content on my shoulder.
I’m thinking of killing the sound as much as possible.

‘If I keep doing this, I want to raise him.’

It seems like you’d be good at secret sex.
A woman who is comfortable to enjoy in the office or outdoors.


After finishing the work, he comes out of the bathroom.
Suhyeon sent it out first, saying it would take time.

The faucet is still functioning.
Washed her hands and waited outside for about 5 minutes.

“It’s like thin.”

The usual Suhyun comes out.
The one-piece that covered the inside where various marks would remain was hidden.

‘Even if there is some feeling of use, you won’t notice.’

Repacking and reselling used items.
It’s a moral problem, but don’t get caught.

If things are cheap and good, you may be convinced.
If you have a good body, a good personality, and good sex.

“Have you been with your boyfriend?”
“Not yet.”
“Why? They say it’s going to happen soon.”
“Well, I guess the atmosphere has changed because of someone else.”

Inside the campus cafe.
You can enjoy coffee that rivals most franchises at an affordable price.

The downside is that there are a lot of people and it is noisy.
It’s rather helpful when you’re talking about secrets.


Suck an iced americano.
It is black and black that matches the color of Suhyun’s clothes.

Looks at me
A look that seems indifferent, yet chic, yet intent.

“Do you regret it?”
“I’m sorry brother.”
“No. There’s nothing to be sorry about.”

It seems that the mind is not yet organized.
It cannot be said that alcohol is not at all to blame.

Morally wrong.
It’s a secret you can never tell your boyfriend.

“If you get caught, my brother will slap you instead.”
“That’s good.”
“Or maybe we’ll break up?”
“I don’t know. Just thinking about it makes my head complicated.”

He chews on the straw he is biting into.
A funny situation that causes some tension.

Immediately correct your posture and sit down.
Then, he puts his hand on his stomach, where it should have been held just a moment ago.

“Well… It was good.”
“Isn’t it? Your boyfriend won’t do that?”
“Ugh. I don’t know that.”
“You’re more excited than your boyfriend, right?”

Again and again, silently sucking ah.
This time, it’s an expression that makes it difficult to speak.

‘It’s not like that.’

It is said to be one of the reasons women cheat.
I want a break from the ordinary everyday life.

I can make it happen
The non-daily life of stocks and the fantasy in bed.

“What’s your blood type?”
“Why? First of all, he’s blood type B.”

It is said that the wind in the house also blooms like that.
If you have at least one giddy relationship, it becomes a daily stimulus.

‘I hope things continue to go well with my boyfriend.’

It will be more fun when you don’t have that side.
Suhyeon had the same opinion.

“My boyfriend is blood type O.”
“Since I’m a BO type, I think I can cheat if it’s not BB?”

Although it was a bit extreme.

* * *

In May.
It is the month when all the universities are the most noisy.

“What is your club doing?”
“Wouldn’t we do what we always do?”

Because it’s festival season.
Members of the club are busy preparing.

Ordinary students are no exception.
More than belonging to one department.

‘I’m going to play again.’

Juha is a member of ETSD, a department club in the Department of Economics.
Although the purpose of the establishment is to study and discuss economic issues.

“Wouldn’t it be moderate drinking? Just like this.”
“Knack! Can I say that?”
“How about it? It’s true~.”

Actually play
Going to tourist places, having a drink at a restaurant, etc.

All of this can be done with club activity fees.
It’s an excuse of economic exploration.

Gwanggwangji is the local economy.
A price survey for restaurants.
Etc., Etc., Fit in somehow.

At first I was dumbfounded, but now I am enjoying myself.
Not even your own money anyway?

“Well, you are…”
“No. I should have entered ETSD too~ I wanted to go to Japan.”

I recently went on an overseas trip.
What about the Japanese economy, which has a similar economic structure to Korea?

‘It was passed because I brought it.’

I really wanted to go.
But to go on my own, my parents don’t even give me pocket money, and I don’t want to do a part-time job even if I die.

So I remembered.
It’s a club that uses the activity fee anyway, but can’t you spend it as you want?

“Oh, brother.”
“Ah then… See you tomorrow, Juha.”

It has become a possible position.
I see my man waving his hand and approaching me from afar.

‘If you’re jealous, maybe you’ll date a boyfriend with power too.’

Head of the club.
This is the reason why I was able to travel to Japan.
When she asked for it, she readily agreed.

“The lecture is over quickly.”
“I came running because I wanted to see Juha~ Are you still eating?”
“Should I go with my brother? It’s delicious, but I found it!”

Because I’m totally hooked.
3rd year of university.
He is a complete senior who went to the military, but the story is different when it comes to relationships between men and women.

Definitely took the lead.
She will listen to anything you say, even if she has to.

“I want some pasta.”
“Really? Then let’s go eat that! Hold on, I’ll look for a restaurant.”

‘But since it’s me, I’ll treat you well.’

The feeling of asking for a hogu.
But the relationship is taken seriously.
Even so, the specs are fine.

He’s quite tall, and his face isn’t bad.
Above all, after graduation, the first financial sector elite course was scheduled.

“Come to think of it, brother, I have something to ask you.”
“What does our club do during the festival?

Life at school is also comfortable.
The position of being the girlfriend of the head of the largest club in the department has power.

“You do what you always do. Don’t you know?”
“Drinking again…”
“To be exact, we sell alcohol!

And that power does not come out of nowhere.
The number of people in the club and the details of its activities.

‘Umm~ I guess that’s right.’

There is something you have accumulated so far, so enjoy it.
Every year, it sets the record for the largest sales at the Korea University Festival.

“Are all the other clubs selling alcohol?”
“Usually… Is that right? Although departments and clubs with specialties do other things.”

The girlfriend of the ETSD director.
There was one thing that worried Juha to death.

‘It’s different from the scraps of the stock club or something.’

Recently, another class was created.
Some people withdrew from ETSD as well.

Because of them
Hyeri and Sora, there are beings in the same department that you want to disappear.

“What if, what if?”
“Huh? What is it?”
“If we do too well, the clubs next to us will suffer, right?”
Haha! That’s right! I get resentment every year because I work in the same booth in the same department.”

The reason why some male students withdrew.
I have myself here
I can’t help but feel proud of myself.

‘I have to make it so that he can never show up in front of me.’

The opportunity to make your wish come true.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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