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Because I Live in the US 47

Because I Live in the US 47

Chapter 47 – The Real Yas

No matter how careful you are, failure is bound to happen.

‘There is a saying that even monkeys fall from trees.’

It does not apply in the stock sector.
A person who is beyond famous and a legend is wrong.

Such incidents happen once a week.
100% right investment is impossible for anyone.

It’s just increasing the odds.
In that sense, it was a pretty good investment.

“Are you on your period?”
“I’ll pretend it’s period.”

Take out what you put in.
The red liquid that comes out is definitely not wine.

‘He said he had a boyfriend, but he never said he was the major shareholder of Yas.’

It may be that you haven’t thoroughly researched the investment target.
Accidents happen often

If you look at all these things, there is nothing to invest in.
Some doubts are covered.

“I shouldn’t have done it on that day. Well, then.”
“It’s not period.”
“As promised next time…”

I was confident when I bought it.
Also, it was so wet.

She says she also has a boyfriend.
Preliminary research, on the contrary, created confirmation bias.

“It’s the first time.”

Suhyeon, who had been lying down, wakes up.
He looks at me while sitting on the bed and opens his mouth.

Folded legs.
It would only hurt to say that the inside was in a painful state.

“Did you say you had a boyfriend?”
“No way.”
“Either something went wrong…”
“Not at all.”

Usually, valuable things are given to boyfriends.
Coincidentally, it is said that there was a prior promise.

“I feel like I’m going to do it this coming Saturday.”
“You seem to be getting along well.”
“So so.”

It’s a great time.
If you come to a free-spirited university and don’t have an open mind, that’s even weirder.

Why at such a fun time?
That said, that was the problem.

“I’m worried when I think I’m going to do it.”
“This can be happen.”
“And honestly… I don’t even know why.”

Why did you date your boyfriend?
There wasn’t really a great process like love.

Literally just.
Among women, a boyfriend is a kind of specification.

‘Sold out or something like that.’

I was pushed back by such an atmosphere, and I even received a confession.
I tried dating.

“He’s a nice guy, though.”
“He’s a complete nonsense man.”

Not as enjoyable as I thought.
Dating and skinship came to be done out of a sense of duty.

Boring days.
I was interested in the change that happened to Sora, who had a less interesting daily life than himself.

“Well, there’s definitely nothing more fun than stocks.”
“I think it’s fun because my brother did it.”

Simple gambling game.
If that was the case, the steam would have leaked.
It is more complicated and mysterious than I thought.

From the day I took the lecture, I became interested in stocks.
For the first time in my life, I found something to focus on.

‘It’s also the place that taught me to aim for that.’

I am proud of myself as a teacher.
Stock is a field that is full of value worth paying attention to for a lifetime.

“So you gave me the first one?”
“That too.”
“I think my brother is a surprisingly nice guy.”

Such an old story would not touch young youth.
Feelings right now.

Eyes are soft
He is clearly looking into my eyes as if he had already woken up from alcohol.


Lips touch
It can be said that he confirmed Suhyeon’s heart.

If things are going well with your boyfriend, there is nothing to be responsible for.
Mind is relieved

“Are you going to change?”
“It’s not like that.”
“I want to accept something.”

Whisper sweet words at close range, where your breath can reach.
I don’t know if I know myself.

Chwup chuloop!

It is an outright seduction.
I suck on the small, not thick lips as if I were swallowing them.

Lay down and place your hands on your chest.
Haven’t taken it off yet.

“Why? Not here?”
“It’s not okay…”
“Not really?”
“I often hear that my legs are pretty.”

Come to think of it, I didn’t take off my top.
Since I’ve already had a fuck, it’s not like the exposure is out.

‘It’s worth it.’

Even Hyeri has quite a bit of pride.
Specifically, it corresponds to a D cup.

Not to mention Sora.
Since the chest is walking around, it is possible to have a complex.

“If you touch it too much…”
“My brother is in a hurry, but can I use it for a moment?
“Ah yes.”

But a woman is not all about her breasts.
The face, proportions, and beautiful legs are also important.

‘Once you fuck it, you’ll know.’

There is no better way to check than that.
He just died in an unexpected situation.

Hard again
I squeezed it into the place where it was slippery with saliva.

“Brother me…”
“Oh, right! I didn’t wear a condom.”
“It’s not like that.”
“It may be forced, but I just wanted to do it for the first time.”

It is a romance.
Feeling of use before that.
It is also a caution not to use a cover for the keyboard.

‘Various things get complicated, but.’

Me before the return.
In a situation where there is a lot to lose, it is a decision that cannot be easily made in a position where there is a lot to carry.

You don’t have to worry about that.
No, I’m not rational enough to make my head roll.


If it was the original me, I stood firm enough to be unimaginable.
All I want to do is rub it comfortably.


Unlike the small Hyeri, there is definitely a spare space.
It’s just less developed.
It is a man’s biological instinct to covet unexplored lands.


Every time you move, you hear a groan.
At first, it seemed painful, but soon it turned into a strange sexuality.

It may be a biological instinct for a woman to become a female.
It is unbelievable that it is the usual Suhyun.

‘I have quite a bit of breasts too.’

I take off my top while I’m not crazy.
A lump of flesh that looks like a B cup is revealed.

Nipples standing pathetically.
I put my mouth to the small thing that tastes like bullying and sucked it in.

“Brother, wait a minute, the chest…”

At first he struggled, then he hugged my head tightly and groaned.
A steady, periodic moan.

I’m feeling it.
In proportion to him, the inside also trembles.
I start pistoning in the soggy inside.

‘I’m sorry boyfriend, excuse me first.’

You can do it outside, but it’s a long time ago.
To be honest, I can’t stand it.

“Chanwook oppa….”

I would have known.
Pouring warm liquid into it.
It doesn’t come out all at once, probably because it’s accumulated quite a bit.

He hugs me tightly and accepts me.
I leave my traces in the place of Suhyeon that no one has ever coveted.

‘It was yummy. I was satisfied.’

It’s not that I’m obsessed with lust.
I savored it properly and tasted every nook and cranny.
Although her slender body lacks the sense of rice cake, her body is good enough to make up for it.

The thin waist has a good grip.
Her beautiful legs, which she said she was confident in, also run down from her pelvis in a round shape, giving her a taste of touch.

“Did you do it inside?”
“There’s nothing to be sorry about… But I felt something warm.”

Sensitivity above all.
Reaction when touched is honest.
If developed well, I think it will turn out to be a very erotic woman.

‘Since I’m already a passenger, I can use it a bit more.’

Even the inside that was stiff was loosened somehow.
As I rubbed the soft object, the bumps on the inner wall stimulated it.

“This may sound a little strange…”
“What else?
“Can you make it a little more intense? I don’t want you to be sick.”

Covering her face with one arm, she averts her eyes.
It seems embarrassing to be demanding of your partner.


No, it’s surprisingly common.
A woman with a rape fetish.
Even if it’s not to that extent, there are many cases where being eaten is a preference.


It does what you want.
With one hand, she holds her hair roughly and greedily lusts her lips.

The thing that came back soon.
Put your weight on it and drive it much harder than the last time.

It trembles as if it is an unexpected stimulus.
His face is also full of pleasure and joy.

‘He’s the type with a gap. In bed.’

I was always just blunt.
Thinking that she is only released in front of me makes her feel better.

Appreciate Suhyeon’s face that not all department students have seen.
Maybe you haven’t even seen your boyfriend.

“Yes, brother.”
“Put your pussy on me.”
“Like this?”

Thoroughly imprinted with my taste.
Listen straight to the words and narrow between the legs.

That alone feels a lot of pressure.
I can feel that a virgin is a virgin, and that it is the most delicious moment

‘Damn, sucking up the fuck.’

I was going to give you a vagina, but it seems to work.
It comes pouring out with such a terrifying momentum that it feels like that.

After wrapping everything up, my legs tingle.
Even the contracted egg sac is pulled to feel the fact that it is empty.

“Why is it not enough?”
“No, that… It’s a bit heavy.”

5 minutes as it is.
They were feeling each other’s breath in the posture of attacking.
As if the weight is a burden, Soo-hyeon expresses his intention.

It happens as the small hand pushes it.
At the same time, Suhyeon’s completely naked body is revealed.

His usual spirited appearance is nowhere to be found.
All there is is a girl who has just become a woman.


My saliva is swallowed unconsciously.
The lower leg, which I thought was empty, stood stiff again.

Young body.
It seems that you can easily digest it for about 3 hours without taking Viagra separately.

“Especially the chest.”
“You said you weren’t confident in your chest.”

Pure white flesh.
He caresses the small piece of flesh that is comfortable to hold even with one hand.

Suhyun’s crying voice is heard.
It seems that the complex is correct.

‘How beautiful.’

Even though the size is small, the shape and the small tap.


Stand very firm
Every time I touch it, I am startled and let out a dirty moan.

Every bit~

Pour wine over it.
The red liquid ran down her collarbone and soaked her white skin.

“Oh car!”
“Stay still.”

Pass the boat and reach the bridge.
The liquid in the navel soon moved to the crotch.

The scars of the red love affair are erased.
It seems to have transformed into a deliciously ripe body.

“It’s ticklish, oppa. Wait, wait…”

She licks every nook and cranny, from her collarbone to her chest and nipples.
The crotch soaked in various liquids.

‘For hygiene reasons.’

It will come yet.
Instead, he pushes the object back stiffly.

Unlike the last time, it goes well.
I definitely remembered my shape.

“It’s okay.”
“Then I’ll change my posture.”

Legs wide open.
It’s pretty, just like you said.
White and smooth legs are worth more than breasts.

‘It’s the pelvis, I just need to open it up.’

Start by holding your thighs like handles.
Suhyeon’s frowning expression is also more visible.

“For my boyfriend.”
“Tell me I’m sorry.”
“How do you say that…”

It’s the first time you can enjoy something like this, so a man is obsessed with a virgin.
With anyone in the future.

‘It will never be erased.’

We present memories of the first night.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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