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Because I Live in the US 46

Because I Live in the US 46

Chapter 46 – The Real Yas

Relationship with Soo-hyun.
Surprisingly, it was done normally.

“Your brother is there.”
“Crap there.”
“Oh sorry.”
“It’s not a machine that makes some garbage.”

I often came to my bedroom.
At first, it was an excuse to learn stocks.

‘Something feels like a mother.’

At some point, I’m cleaning my room.
It seems that you can’t see the dirty tails in the house.

I also do a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of
I thought she was blunt, but surprisingly, she was the talkative type.

“It’s all gone.”
“Well done.”
“What are you going to do today?”

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.
His tone became mushy like melted butter.

Chi profit…… !

Grill the meat.
In return for cleaning, she makes rice like this.

‘It’s not that expensive meat.’

It is an American-made pork belly that costs less than 2,000 won per 100g.
I bought it at Dumart.

Value for money is high.
Among the inexpensive meats, it is the most suitable for steak.

The downside is the tendons in the middle of the meat.
If you cut it through a knife in advance.

“Looks delicious.”
“It doesn’t taste like this.”
“Do I need to do something else?”

Well worth eating
But the quality that comes with the price can’t be helped.

‘Because there is little marbling and the meat flavor is strong.’

It can taste bland and cheap.
That’s probably why you can buy it cheaply.


Catch up on shortcomings with cooking.
The butter, which went beyond being mushy and became liquid, was poured onto the meat.

‘If I repeat this.’

Juicy, greasy.
It soaks into the steak again, making the texture juicy and tender.

The herbs added together will hold the miscellaneous scent.
This is a recipe called basting.

“I know everything.”
“This is basic.”
“There’s a place to use dog poop.”

Hot oil.
Because it is poured over and over again, the steak is cooked evenly and has the effect of activating the Maillard reaction.

‘It’s a memory.’

It’s not something Wall Street traders would know.
But as an entrepreneur, the story is different.

Private equity fund.
It is literally a type of fund that collects and manages private investment funds.

To put it simply, it is a place where rich people roll their money.
To raise large sums of money.

“Looks like everything is baked.”
“Not yet.”

I also started my first fund as a private equity fund.
There weren’t many places to lend money to newbies in finance.

‘It was very difficult.’

Someone else’s money.
That’s money that a few rich people pay condescension.
As a result, there are many restrictions on operation.

Don’t do anything too risky.
I lent you money, so make a profit.
Let go of the stomach, let go of the ship.

Investors freak out when you try to invest in high-risk assets.
Even if you go down a little, you try to take money out.


Stable and high returns must be guaranteed.
Because it satisfies the extremely difficult conditions.

‘There was a lot to learn.’

I developed an eye to recognize the value of things.
And also how to use it.

After marinating the meat for 5 to 10 minutes, cut it with a knife.

“You can keep the gravy inside like this.”
“It will be delicious.”

Proper cooking process can enhance the value of meat.
Cheap meat is transformed into a juicy dripping steak.

To the point where you want to pick it up and eat it without even realizing it.
Suhyun took a piece of meat to her mouth and gave a thumbs up! Raise up.

‘I did this often.’

It is one of the representative tasks of private equity funds.
It’s like taking over a restaurant franchise.

When a restaurant opens well, it opens very well, but when it doesn’t, it’s just a load.
Money goes out just with what you have.

A business that does not work.
It comes on the market at an unbeatable price.
Private equity funds acquire it, normalize it, and sell it back.

『Private Equity Fund M&A Status of Restaurant Companies』
1. Buck ○ King
2. B○C
3. Har ○S
4. K○C
5. Gong○
6. Big ○ Halmae Sundae Soup
7. Ah ○ Back Steak House

It can be found in many famous franchises.
It was also common among the restaurants we usually go to.

‘Some people think it’s bad.’

The more people who know private equity funds, the more they cause a game.
Acquired by a private equity fund?
I’m not going to that restaurant!

Because of the cost rate.
The easiest way to make a profit is to create a food menu.

In the worst part, Changryeol hyung learns and collaborates.
Although there are such bad images.

“It tastes much better than going to a restaurant.”
“Is it cheap meat?”
“It’s good enough.”

Those are sewers who are desperate for profit in front of their eyes.
Places that make a lot of money, in my case, care about quality.

‘If you really want to sell at a high price, you have to win-win with consumers.’

People who live are not stupid.
No manager wants to buy a company that won’t last.

Sustainable revenue structure.
Improve recipes, increase management efficiency and maximize profits.

Well, well!

Like this steak now.
Even cheap ingredients can produce a high level of taste.

‘If I put some decorations on it and give it a catchy name, it will go out like a fire.’

Experience working in private equity.
Nara has brought investors to the next level.

He is also good at flirting with women.
A man who cooks a high score.

Every bit~

And alcohol.
It is sad when there is no wine in a steak, just like a thread following a needle.

“Oh wine.”
“Do you want a drink?”
“I wanted to try it.”

It is also good for creating an atmosphere.
There is no item as straight-forward as high-end liquor.

‘It’s also an easy way to fail.’

Wine is a difficult drink the more you know about it.
If a beginner chooses roughly by intuition, it usually fails.

Red wines, in particular, have a lot of likes and dislikes.
The taste is very different from the vague image.

“What do you think?”
“It’s not as sweet as I thought…”
“Isn’t it bad?”
“Do you think you’re okay?”

It’s astringent, bitter, sour, I don’t know what it tastes like.
Even if it is a good wine.

‘It’s not like a job like a wine sommelier exists for nothing.’

You need to get to know the taste over at least a year.
It’s a very boring drink.


But not all wines are like that.
There are classes that even beginners can enjoy.

Dry wine.
It is a method used by naturally drying grapes.
Sugar content is condensed.

‘Because there is a sense of remnant.’

Some sugar remains in the resulting wine.
It’s a weak level that’s hard to feel.

“I tasted it closely, and the fruity scent is bursting and delicious, right?”
“Does it taste like raisins?”
“Right. Raisins!”

Helps you drink comfortably.
Even beginners who have no wine experience will pass it over.

‘Like people who can’t drink coffee drink well if they add a little bit of syrup.’

The taste is also intuitive.
Whoever drinks it can feel the fact that it tastes like grapes.


Atmosphere and taste.
He couldn’t have made such preparations to catch just two rabbits.

‘I’d get drunk if I drank like that.’

Fermented wine is made by fermenting the sugars of fruits and grains.
In other words, the higher the sugar content, the higher the alcohol content.

Normal wine is about 12 degrees.
Dry wines start at 14 degrees higher than that.

Gulp! Gulp!

A little sugar makes you forget the alcohol.
It can also be called a kind of crippled drink.

“One more drink!”
“Do you know of any better way to eat it?”
“Chew it in your mouth with the meat.”

The meat of the fan has a rich flavor.
It will be more so because the gravy is trapped in the base and resting.

Don’t be fooled by its depth.
If you chew with wine, a new horizon of taste opens up.

Well, well!

Suhyeon takes a piece of steak to her mouth.
And savor it in your mouth with wine.

“Isn’t it? That’s a mariage.”
“Oh, I’ve heard of it!”

There are many different types of alcohol that simply go well.
Cocktails, port wine and more.

Those things bite.
The taste is sweet and strong, so it doesn’t go well with food.

‘Wine is not a drink to seduce women for nothing.’

It is possible to feed very naturally.
It’s a strong drink that’s almost like soju.

Suhyeon’s cheeks are red.
The eyes looking at the wine glass are also out of focus somewhere.

“Aren’t you a little drunk?”
“I’m still fine. Huh?”

He was sitting at a simple dining table spread out on the floor.
Suhyeon woke up and stumbled.

You look surprised yourself.
I hadn’t thought that it would be this much.


He lifts it up and puts it on the bed.
When I try to get drunk and really go to bed.

‘It’s a turn of events.’

Eyes half open
But he looks straight at me as if he’s conscious.

“I’m not that drunk…”
“Then shall we sit down and talk?”

Pretending to look after her complexion, she touches her cheek.
Moist, as if slightly sweaty.

‘It’s slippery.’

Unlike Hyeri, she has no breast meat.
Her sharp jawline feels through her fingertips.

“Did you like the wine?”
“Yes. The meat…”
“I don’t think you told me the best way to eat it.”

It’s the type that you can really enjoy without feeling young.

Gulp! Gulp!

Drink wine.
As it is without even pouring the bottle.
It rides down my chin and flows down a bit, but I don’t mind.


He pushes and knocks Suhyeon, who is barely sitting.
With just a little bit of force, I fall over on the bed.

What will happen
The two eyes looking straight at me know.
Do not deny


Slightly open
The wine is passed from mouth to mouth through the lips.

You can hear it passing through the esophagus.
Self-made room.
Even small sounds are amplified twice or three times.


When I opened my mouth, I took a deep breath.
The eyes looking at me seem to be waiting for my answer.

“The past few days, Suhyeon helped me, so my work has been very comfortable.”
“So it is.”
“How about it? Let’s try to weave a mariage with your brother.”
“Your work comments are a bit cheesy.”

Maybe not.
Sober answer.
As long as you have a boyfriend, it’s natural in a way.

Chwup chuloop!

This is not the time for such reasoning.
The overlapping lips are craving each other’s saliva.

Spit mixed with wine is a bit sour.
Like the beer-flavored candy I ate as a kid, I feel like I want to keep sucking on it.

“Are you okay?”
“What have you done here…”
“Quickly before I change my mind.”

The jeans you were wearing are scattered on the floor.
It is neatly stacked up to the underwear.

Soo-hyeon’s lower body was empty.
At this moment, as if she were a girl, she covered her face with her arms.


Daeboni is very moderately wet.
There seems to be no need for separate foreplay.

‘Did your boyfriend do well in developing it?’

I feel like my lower leg is going to explode right now.
Just put it on and push it in.

It’s because I’m still young.
Even if you think it is wet enough, the resistance is not easy.


Since I stand so firmly, I can do anything.
They enter with a groaning sound uncharacteristic of Suhyeon.

No, it’s a bit embarrassing
Something was wrong with this warm feeling.

Joint confirmed at a later date.
The flowing red liquid doesn’t look like the wine I spilled earlier.


It seems to be new.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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