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Because I Live in the US 54

Because I Live in the US 54

Chapter 54 – Kyoiku-San


“Give me a steak!”

They are selling steaks.
The streets of the Korea University Festival are full of people eating steak.


Happy face chewing meat with mouth full.
You can buy it for only 5,000 won.
Even though they sell the same food.

“Wow, they look so fucking delicious.”
“No, how is it true?”

ETSD Club.
I can’t help but get PTSD.
There are so many people who eat steak.

‘Rather than this cube steak that chews up tendons even if it’s like me.’

Myung-hoon, who is in charge of the chef, knows it.
The quality of the meat they sell is breathtaking.

Opponent on the contrary.
It was a great taste that left enough to fill the fantasy in my head of ‘steak’.


It still remains in my taste buds.
I don’t know how surprised I was when I secretly infiltrated a club member and received a steak.

It’s a taste I’ve had at a specialty store in Gangnam.
However, the price does not reach 1/5, or even 1/10.

I lived because it was the tavern of the festival.
Street food where customers don’t have time to savor the taste of steak.

“Is that enough?”
“That’s probably aged meat.”
“Aged meat? Really?”
“What is that?”

If you have gone through the proper meal process at a proper restaurant.
The atmosphere effect is added to make it several times more delicious.

As a person who is serious about cooking, I have no choice but to admit it.
It is inevitable that their cube steaks do not sell.


Crisis situation.
Yujun, the club leader, strides into the kitchen.

You can see it even outside.
However, the seriousness can be seen more clearly inside.

“Well, we’re not really playing.”
“There are no guests…”
“You know that! It’s not your fault, but I’m not here to brush you off.”

It’s not just inside the store that blows flies.
The ingredients taken out of the refrigerator are also in poor condition.

It is spread.
If the time exposed to room temperature is long, the taste of the ingredients will inevitably change.

‘No, there are dozens of more boxes in the warehouse right now.’

The best club in Daedongje.
It has been going on for several years, not just one or two years.

And this makes effective demand forecasting possible.
You know in advance how much material you will need.

The more you buy in bulk, the cheaper the unit price and the more competitive the price.
That’s the secret to getting first place every time.

“How long do you think you’ll stay like this? Myung-hoon, in your opinion.”
“I don’t think I’ll be able to consume even half of it… If it’s the way it is now.”

I stare at you furiously.
Inside and outside the store.
There are well over ten tables, and only a couple of couples keep their seats.

Even that is an acquaintance chance.
When business was so poor, he called in people he knew and filled the sales.

“Still, I think I can consume about half of the green onion.”
“S, what about the steak?”

I have no choice but to shake my head.
They sell real steak right next door.

‘Who would eat cube steak.’

It sold well even until daytime.
But word of mouth spreads, and the longer the line, the more known it is.

Over there is a restaurant.
In fact, it is.
Tomorrow and the next day will be worse, not less.


It has enjoyed 1st place due to the loss of popularity.
But Yu-jun hadn’t experienced it.

What if business doesn’t work?
It is similar to stocks.

If you hit all your assets, your profits will explode as much.

The pain of getting bitten is bound to double.
The material I bought thinking it would bring a big profit.

“Why, why Juha?”
“No, what’s wrong with the way you talk? Why are you so inconsiderate?”

A girl who only looked pretty.
Everything just feels annoying.

‘Even if he doesn’t have iron, he should be in moderation.’

It’s an emergency.
Loss of the entire club.
It also affects the next year’s budget.

If this fact is known, the number of people who leave may come out.
Because I can’t go out and play as much as I used to.

“Juha, it’s because you’re really busy.”
“I don’t even care, right? Okay. See you later.”

It’s also a story.
It’s not a situation where you have to fight your egos.
Somehow, a trick is needed to reverse the current situation.

‘Ah, there was that!’

Yujun remembers.
The schedule for this Daedong Festival.
A unique celebrity came and was paying attention.

If it was usual, who would be the singer?
It’s such a trivial story, but this time they have something to do with themselves.

‘It’s a food broadcast.’

The Korea University festival is large and famous.
I often do interviews at broadcasting stations.

The topic this time is street food.
Since the schedule was set, the student council has been brushing it off.

《Because ETSD, the No. 1 seller, will definitely stop by!》

It means to be fully prepared and wait.
In particular, you shouldn’t be offended by the main host.

‘Because he’s famous.’

Food expert.
After all, there is a relationship.
That’s also the reason why I made that damn food.

If I hadn’t seen Chun Jong-won’s food truck, I wouldn’t have followed it.
Of course, the culprit is not coming.

He’s such a popular person.
There is no one I don’t know in Korea.
If that amount of greetings came, the school would turn upside down.

‘It’s difficult even to come.’

It has become so now.
They do not know the qualitative difference between the stock club steak and their own cube steak.

It’s definitely pushed by the taste.
However, it is not Cheon Jong-won who is coming.
He is the one person who is said to have a twin wall with him.

If you match his taste, you can win.
A plan to reverse the current situation with the power of broadcasting came to mind.

* * *

End of day 1.

With a plop!

But the business is just starting.
Although confit shortens the cooking process extremely.

“From now on, a skilled assistant will demonstrate.”
“It’s not difficult, right? I’m afraid I might fail.”

That’s why you need to prepare in advance.
Confit is made the day before business.

‘Well, actually the process is pretty simple.’

What is confit?
In reality, nothing special.
Just boil it in oil.

Boiling, not frying.
Cook at a low temperature of 85 degrees or less for a long time.

With a plop!

It takes too much oil for that.
The convenience of storage is also poor.
Albeit a bit savage.

‘Put oil in a plastic zipper bag like this.’

Boil in water.
Since the contents of the zipper bag are boiled in oil, it becomes confit, and since it is sealed, it can be stored for a long time.

“Did you see? It’s simple. As I just did, put the bay leaves, rosemary, minced garlic, pepper, and salt in a ziplock bag according to the recipe. Take out as much air as possible and seal it like this.”
“”Oh oh…….””
“Just throw it away. The rest is automatic.”

No, manual.
It tells the club members how to do it on their own.
When I was confiting hundreds of servings of meat by myself, it really tasted like death.

‘Physical labor is not my field.’

Now you can rest in peace.
Just in case you don’t know, watch a little bit.
I was sitting on a plastic chair and watching with narrow eyes.

“Is that really the end?”
“That’s… I think it’s too simple.”

I think it was easily solved.
Sora sits down next to me.
It’s the first time I’ve spoken to you since I inflated my cheeks.

‘So it must be like that.’

Efforts made while taking blood poop.
ETSD collapsed with one force, but it was easily overturned again.

It’s worth losing the power.
What the heck did he do
I felt all over again that life was futile.

“It’s easy to systemize like this.”
“I see.”
“But the effort involved is never simple.”

Cooks use it to amplify the flavor of meat and to make preparation somewhat simpler.

‘But I saw that I could specialize in mass production.’

But I am an investor.
Even the same object looks different.
I ate at the restaurant for the first time and shouted Eureka.

Steak can be made with an ultra-simple recipe.
Of course, putting it into practice was not an easy task.

“Since the origin of confit was a preserved food, we focused on the advantages of inventory management, dramatically reduced the initial investment by making a large sous-vide machine simple, and made a recipe that was delicious even with monkeys…”
“Anyway, I’ve been through a lot.”

Half a year of trial and error.
1 year to get a seat.
Since then, it has been going well and winning.

‘So there was a steak franchise named after me on Wall Street, and I don’t know if I can make it in this lifetime.’

There is a saying, simple is best, but it is for consumers.
From the maker’s point of view, simple things are many times more difficult.

“I think I know.”

The labors of the pioneers of capitalist society.
It seems that I found out very little.
He lowers his head and smiles softly.

‘Can I touch it?’

Maybe because I worked all day, the bottom of my chest is soaked.
I want to put my hand on the slippery skin that has lost sweat.

“What, what, what was it?”
“There’s one last thing I don’t understand.”

Such a desire.
It seems difficult to solve now.
With regret, he accepts the annoying junior’s question.

‘Yes, I have one question, you can’t have two.’

The content was no different.
The recipe is definitely amazing.
But can that solve the cost problem?

“Oh, that.”
“Is it really 1200 won? It’s 600 won for 100g, doesn’t it make sense?”
“To make sense of it.”
“Yes, yes~ What is an ability? Please tell me quickly what that ability is.”

Recipes are one-dimensional.
There are many challenges to running a real restaurant.

‘If you use it in reverse, it’s the icing on the cake.’

Turns cheap meat into top-notch steak.
It also adds an advantage to inventory management.

“Why am I lying?”
“I wonder how he’ll react if that’s true.”
“He? Who is it?”
“Don’t you know? A very famous person is coming to this festival.”

A real expert will find out.

* * *

Day 2.
A little special guest is coming.

“They’re from CBS.”
“What are you filming?”

Pedestrians are in an uproar.
Broadcast camera.
Heterogeneous equipment.

Anyone can see it at a glance.
The fact that it was filmed at a broadcasting station.


Street restaurants are also polite.
The person who seems to be in charge of the progress.

“Mmm~ It’s delicious.”
“Ah, thanks sir!”
“I made it well for a college student. But you know what?”

It’s someone you’ve seen on TV.
It is known as a pioneer in the gastronomy world.

A professional foodie, he eats college students’ food.
Content like that.

“Pajeon is actually from Japan.”

Kyoiku-san lands.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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