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Because I Live in the US 55

Because I Live in the US 55

Chapter 55 – Kyoiku-San

Kyoku Award.

“Is that so?”
“Students, haven’t you eaten okonomiyaki?”
“Okonomiyaki? What… I ate it while traveling in Japan.”

He is a broadcaster who emerged with the success of cooking broadcasts.
If Chun Jong-won is a culinary expert representing Korea, he can be said to represent Japan.

Broadcast character.
It can be enough.
572, no, like Jonathan representing people of color.

“If you’ve tried it, it’s easy to explain. Japanese okonomiyaki can be said to be the prototype of pajeon.”
“The starting point was that poor Koreans, who could not eat wheat flour in the first place, received massive aid from the United States in the 1960s and promoted a mixed meal meal.”

Broadcasters need it.
A person who interprets from the point of view of the culture.

Different culture means different point of view.
This is for the convenience of viewers.

“I don’t think we can broadcast this.”
“Did I say something wrong?”
“No, of course the teacher is right, but there may be some viewers who are uncomfortable.”
“Hum-hum! Another truth will not be known due to ignorant viewers.”

If it only causes inconvenience, it’s a joke.
However, the current status of the Kyoiku Prize is great.

He is the first food columnist in Korea.
I’ve been writing articles about gastronomy for decades.

“If you look at Japanese food, you can see the past and future of Korean food. For example, this makgeolli.”
“Is it Japanese sake?”
“Unfortunately, it’s changed a lot from the prototype, but…”

He also knows specialized knowledge that ordinary people do not know.
These are terms I have never heard of before.

So maybe it’s right?
Even if you know the law of authority, it is difficult to refute it easily.

“Koreans who like sweet things added sugar. When you hear sugar, don’t you think of some food service expert?”
“Yeah, that’s right.”
“Teacher Cheon Jong-won!”
“He’s a person who doesn’t think about health and puts sugar like a waterfall. I think there was one person like that in the pasthehe.”

Explanation of Kyoku-san.
It is claimed to have been diluted with Nigorizake, a Japanese sake.

I can only nod my head.
Otherwise, you will be seen as an ignorant person.

‘What is nigorizake?’
‘What is leaven, and what is entry?’
‘Our country’s makgeolli is made with Japanese yeast…….’

It seems so.
Korean makgeolli uses ‘Ibguk’, a Japanese yeast.

This adds to the persuasiveness of Kyoiku-san’s argument that Japanese sake is correct.
More than anything.

Gulp! Gulp!

An easy-to-understand impact.
The fact that this person is an expert makes it reachable even to ordinary viewers.

“This popular taste is longevity makgeolli, right?”
“That’s right, sir! I served it in a kettle, but how…”
“If you’re an expert like that, you’ll know just by taking a bite. Hum-hum!”

Broadcasting company employees following.
There was a suspicious atmosphere as he kept saying strange nonsense.

When you see a scene like this, you have to admit it.
That it’s not a squeeze.

‘Didn’t there be a script like this?’
‘It’s impossible to recruit students one by one…….’
‘It’s great, it’s great. Is it real Japanese sake?’

They know best
I just didn’t see the boxes of longevity makgeolli piled up on one side of the booth.

‘Even without a box, it’s possible with my absolute sense of taste.’

Even the ignorant masses will recognize their greatness.
A car filled with frustration because I couldn’t say it openly.

“As expected, you’re Kyoiku Sensei!”
“Hmm… You?”
“Excuse me! I’m Cha Yoo-jun, the manager of ETSD, the club that runs this booth.”

There were also polite students.
I really like the use of Japanese expressions.

‘Because Kyoiku-san is seriously ill.’

Yujun knows.
No, I found out.
It is already digging on the Internet.

Characteristics of Kyoku-san.
The fact that I can’t write a story related to Japan.

“We also tried to make it thick like okonomiyaki when making green onion.”
“Somehow nostalgic taste… No, the student knows something.”
“It’s too much praise!”
“Okonomiyaki also contains squid, but Korean seafood and green onion pancakes use green onions instead of cabbage…”

What I saw on the internet was true.
If you are moderately offended, there will be a lot of talk.

‘Okay, after scoring some points.’

ETSD’s seafood pancake.,
It’s not that we’ve been number one in sales for years for no reason.

The taste is better than most restaurants.
Recipes are also handed down from generation to generation and supplemented.

“We also sell cube steaks.”
“Cube steak? Steak is actually from Japan.”

Cube Steak is not.
I made it with care on my own.

‘If I suck my butt off, something will come out.’

Frankly lacking
It’s not at a level that meets the strict standards of gourmets.

Chun Jong-won is 100% failure.
Kyoiku-san might be a little hit.

“That’s right! When I went on a trip to Japan, I also ate street cube steak and admired it. How is street food better than Korean restaurants? I’ve tried to reproduce it…”
“Hum-hum! Passion seems to have been conveyed.”
“Thank you!”
“Recently, there are people who make cube steaks after seeing wrong information in food trucks or something. It’s a hundred times better than them.”

Just as expected.
I have hair and have never been to Japan, but I heard it in my heart.

It gives a high score while talking nonsense.
Even if it takes a bit to say that I am a student.

“Oh, it must be a restaurant!”
“Should I buy one before I stand in line?”
“I should take a proof shot and brag about it on social media.”

The effect was straight-forward.
Street passers-by watching the filming.
You and I come to try the food that will appear on the air.

‘If only the lost guests are regained.’

First of all, there is confidence in the taste.
Once all of them were taken away by a trick of a rival restaurant, there was nothing to do like a reservoir in a drought.

The water is open again.
Seafood and green onion pancakes, which were originally good in business, are selling well.
I also bought a cube steak and tried it one by one just in case.

“Will the cube steak be delicious?”
“They sell steaks over there…”
“If Kyoiku-san acknowledged it, I said it all!”

I see the virtue of broadcasting.
No, a broadcaster.
Kyoiku-san also has a fandom as he often appears on TV.

I believe in what he says.
There are also those who worship Kyoiku-san as a divine being.


Animation club.

“”Uma Pointy! Uma-pyo!”

Japanese game club.

“”Tennoheika Banzai!””

Imperialist and colonialist clubs, etc.
Among the many students at Hankuk University, there are also those who love Japanese culture.

Did Kyoiku-san praise it?
It spread among the fandom and soon the table was filled to the point where there were no empty seats.

‘Though some strange kids came in, too.’

It helps with sales.
There is nothing wrong with the adage of old adults that chewing makes money.

Regain its former splendor.
Beyond that, he will steal all the guests of the stock club.

“Let’s make a poster too!”
“A poster?”
“Yes, the poster from the broadcast earlier! If you go to an old restaurant, they put it on the door saying that 6 o’clock was filmed in my hometown.”
“I think it’ll be a problem if we get into a fight over copyright…”
“Anyway, that nobleman is also arguing with Cheon Jong-won.”
“Is it?”

We have to keep the momentum going.
They will use all means to steal customers away.

‘This is a war.’

It’s not an ordinary business.
Even if you do some cowardly thing, if you win, that’s enough.

Post-processing can be done after the situation has been sorted out.
If there’s one thing you’re concerned about.

“Will Kyoiku-san go to the booth over there?”

Broadcasting is not their own privilege.
Take a tour of the festival and go to a booth that stands out.

Even if you stole a few customers, you are still a gatekeeper.
Above all, it is a unique item called ‘steak’.

‘It’s okay. I won’t make it feel like an eclipse like we do.’

Seafood pancake and cube steak served to Kyoiku-san.
Special requests were made to make it feel Japanese.

It was rewarding that Myeong-hoon made it with care.
It’s a dish that the opponent can’t do such a thing.

Is there room for finesse in a hunk of grilled meat?
A guy named Sora is also extremely sincere.

‘Evaluate by taste? That nobleman is the one who says that tteokbokki is not delicious. We have an unconditional advantage.’

Yujun was confident of his victory.

* * *


Untimely event.
No, it is said that it was foretold.

‘I think there was something like that.’

A brochure given to you by Hyeri.
I went through it all in one second, so I don’t remember it.

But I do remember hearing from club members.
He said he could come to film the broadcast.

“Would you like to come with us?”
“I will come…”
“Well, there are so many guests.”

Originally, it has nothing to do with the stock club, which is an unpopular club.
The broadcasting company is not idle, and of course, it is mainly heard at popular places.

“Sir, they’re selling steaks here!”
“It’s from Japan.”
“Oh, yes, I didn’t mean to say that…”

Its popularity.
It’s true that I just got it.
In terms of visuals, it is suitable to be exported as a broadcasting item.

A broadcast camera enters the front of the booth.
It seems that our club is also trying to take a picture.

“It’s a steak… I ate enough earlier.”
“Sir! This place sells real whole steaks, not cubes!”

The staff is actively recommending it.
You wouldn’t want to elevate such good-looking food.

Kyoiku-san has a rather disapproving face.
But, judging by the atmosphere, she seems to make it nine times out of ten.

“Senior, senpai!”
“I’m not deaf.”
“I came from a broadcasting company, what should I do?”

In our club?
It can be disconcerting.
Hyeri sends an SOS with a nervous expression.

Food problem.
Once I made it
It is true that what I respond to is the procedure.

‘It’s Kyoiku-san.’

It is a memorable name.
Besides, I am also involved in the food service business in my own way.

Only the direction is different.
If you draw a Venn diagram, there is a clear overlap.

“Hello! I’m from CBS. Can I meet the club director here?”
“I’m the manager…”
“Oh, I am.”

There are many other controversies.
As far as I know, I’ve said it all.

‘If you make me happy, I’m sure he’ll say nice things.’

That’s how I know your tastes.
If you praise Japanese culture in moderation, you will die.

Narrow-minded person.
There might be a way to get attention from the media by matching it like that.

“Is this a place that sells steak? Jagoro steak is in Japan…”
“Yes, would you like to try it? We are completely American-oriented.”

There is also a way to make a fuss.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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