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Because I Live in the US 56

Because I Live in the US 56

Chapter 56 – Kyouiku-San


‘It’s America. Isn’t that the country that dropped two nuclear weapons on Japan?!’

It is the reverse of Kyoiku-san.
He hates American food more than Korean food.

Even as a foodie.
Didn’t think of nutritional balance at all.

Chi profit…… !

Chunk of meat.
It is being grilled on an open fire.
I can’t see it well because of my eyesight.

‘Look at it, look at it.’

American brisket or top sirloin.
If you act a little extravagantly, you will get fat.

If it’s sold on a street like this, it’s obvious.
The one I ate at the store just before was also pork belly.

“It’s not easy to match the unit price when it comes to steak. Even if it’s too cheap or too expensive, there’s no reason to eat it.”
“Why is that, sir?”
“Anything that’s too cheap isn’t like a steak, and if it’s too expensive, there’s no reason to eat at a place like this.”

It also tastes like sauce.
Season with pork cutlet sauce and ketchup, and soothe the tough meat with stir-fried vegetables.

‘If I make a steak like that.’

There is no special impact without a fair amount of cooking skills.
It’s just a piece of meat.

“Come for a steak!”
Steak 5,000 won
Makgeolli 3,500 won
Chamisul 3,500 won
Beer 3,500 won

Even Kyoiku-san, who claimed to be a taste columnist for decades, couldn’t help but widen his eyes.

“Oh, five thousand won?!”
“It’s the same price as the cube steak next door. The only difference is whether it’s cut or not?”

Despite the ignorant voice of the female host.
Steak is a food that literally enjoys meat.

‘It should taste like meat.’

For 5,000 won, you can buy it yourself and bake it.
Even if you use the pork loin or upper sirloin, the cost ratio exceeds 50%.

Meat prices only.
If you add the cost of using the facilities and other ingredients, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

“Since we have a small kitchen, it will take some time to come out. Thank you for your understanding.”
“So it’s hot, so wait while having a glass of makgeolli.”
“Makgeolli? Steak?”
“I heard that you like makgeolli.”

The young man I saw earlier.
Still, it seems that he didn’t eat very well.

Bring your own kettle and serve.
You can’t help but be conscious of the broadcast.

Every bit~

Who you are
It is also an opportunity to show off.
I sneakily checked on the way.

‘But just in case.’

A bowl of makgeolli served cool in a silver cup is passed down her throat.
The result of careful tasting in the mouth.

“Something, sir?!”
“The taste is said to be a slow town.”
“That’s right. Teachers are great too.”
“Hum-hum! It’s like everyday life to me.”

Slow Village is right.
It’s not a well-known product, so if I hadn’t seen the box, I would have been in big trouble.

‘Of course, it’s thanks to my taste buds.’

Even the staff and the unscrupulous young people are surprised.
While enjoying the atmosphere, the steak arrives.

Can’t be tense
As a foodie, I really hate eating tasteless food because of the broadcast.

“Teacher, the 5,000 won steak came out. What can you say…”
“First of all, it’s better than I thought.”

Surprisingly, it seems so on the surface.
The well-done, which has been browned, is sliced ​​into pieces with a paring knife.

A delectable sight.
I look around for the fact that I unknowingly swallowed my saliva.

‘Did I serve good meat by any chance?’

Other tables look similar.
There are many doubtful parts.


What matters is taste.
There is a possibility that it is trash that only looks like it.

No, no
Food that is as frankly proportional to price and taste as meat.

“Oh? Huh?!”
“How about it, sir? The taste of a 5,000 won steak!”
“This is quite edible, no, it’s delicious. It’s not my favorite blue rare, but…”

I have no choice but to admit it.
As soon as you chew, the juice bursts out.
A well-made steak that has a soft texture.

‘Well. Uhm~! Good, taste is good But how can it taste good?’

Street food restaurant.
There is no way to go through the proper cooking process.
Since rotational power is important, I will send it out roughly baked.

Of course, not all steaks go through a complicated cooking process.
In the case of Japan’s finest wagyu.

‘Even if it’s just lightly baked.’

Juicy flow.
Basting? Resting?
It is an expedient way to forcefully eat the tasteless Australian and American cows.

Japanese beef is the best.
In that sense, this cow can never be Japanese wagyu.

“It’s delicious? Kyoiku-sensei?”
“That’s right.”
“Then, how much do you think this steak would cost if you were to evaluate it?”
“I don’t like putting a price on food, but I’d rate it on my own terms.”
“What if?”
“It will be between 20,000 and 30,000 won.”
“Is it 5,000 won?!”

But he’s an expert.
I know a few ways to make even tasteless meat taste good.

‘For example, a defender.’

It is a method of cooking in low-temperature water.
After the first cooking is finished, the second cooking is done on the grill.

Proof of that.
Kyoiku-san glanced at the table next to him.
And with a fork, he takes away a piece of steak.

“Ah! That’s mine.”

Chew it in your mouth.
Sure enough, similar taste.
The degree of burning is also the same.

Kyoiku-san puts on a smile of repentance.
With this much evidence, you can be sure.

“I knew everything.”
“That word!”
“You’ve got a little secret hidden.”

First of all, a cooking show.
There is a limit to saving face with just the taste of makgeolli.

─The reason Kyoiku-san is a gourmet assistant
1. No seasoning is added to Pyeongyang Naengmyeon
→ Put
2. Health food is only eaten in Korea
→ Eating all ages and places
3. White eggs taste better than brown eggs
→ Simple color difference
4. Cod roe is Japanese food
→ The story of cod roe from Busan was made into a drama in Japan

└ Taste root again
└ You’re a lucky food bloggerhaha
└ It’s disgusting to see Japanese cuisine being praised on TV
└Mr. Ajo pretending to be an expert on the mukbang cooking show trend

Kyoiku-san knows too.
That some stupid mob is using anonymity as a shield on the Internet to curse themselves.

‘Let’s talk about all sorts of things.’

He took a position in the broadcasting industry.
As long as you consistently prove your ability, you will be able to play hammock.

“The student there…”
“My name is Lee Chan-wook.”
“It was a steak that made you feel Chanwook’s anguish. As a gourmet, I have no choice but to give it a high rating.”

And atmosphere.
You have to be trusted as an expert.
Praise the other person’s minor strengths while drawing attention to their abilities.

‘I’d like you to edit it so that it feels like you’ve figured it out just by eating a piece.’

Rich flavor.
Moist taste.
All of them are characteristics of defending.

The degree of roasting is crucial.
Both his own meat and the meat of the table next to him were equally well-done.

“It’s not easy to cook thick meat evenly from the inside like this.”
“Oh, is that so? It’s going to take a while…”
“Hum-hum, but it’s simple if you play defensively.”
“What is a sous vide?”

Explain for the audience.
That’s because you don’t know the technical term of defending.

‘Of course, this is not the end.’

The defense has its downsides.
Because it is cooked in water, the moisture in the meat increases and it does not cook well.

Aww…… !!

Overcome shortcomings with shearling.
Directly rub the surface of the meat with a fire-making tool such as a torch.

A fire in the kitchen.
Maybe it’s for him
He has a reason he’s even given compliments.

“It’s a great cooking club. I did a lot of research.”
“Oh, sir…”
“Because the meat has a strong flavor, it is from the United States rather than Australia.

I shook my head quite a bit.
If you do sous vide, you can eat tough meat softly.

The first thing to do is cook.
It is also specialized in mass production.
Steak cooking time is reduced.

‘And the price, too.’

Even including all that, 5,000 won is a ridiculous price.
He evaluated his absolute sense of taste as being in the range of 20,000 to 30,000 won.

“It’s special, it’s special.”
“Students must be very knowledgeable about cooking. You’re using a recipe I don’t know!”
“I’m not saying that.”
“Setting the unit price at 5,000 won means that it is provided at almost the original price. I felt the desire for people to enjoy their dishes.”

Close your eyes lightly and place your hands on your chest.
The camera that glanced at it is taking a picture of itself.
Emotional feelings would have been conveyed.

‘With this, I’ll be able to captivate viewers in the living room.’

No matter how much you talk about it on the Internet, housewives are responsible for ratings.
If you win favor with them, even the broadcasting company cannot deny itself.

“It’s a mindset that’s on a completely different level from that of some food service professionals who are always concerned about the cost ratio. I was impressed by this Kyoiku-san.”
“Is that so?”
“Of course, business, real business, shouldn’t be like this, so I want it to be a memory of my student days.”

A heartwarming finish.
A much better scene would have come out than hunsujil in a food truck or something.

Bring down Chun Jong-won, who is like a thorn in the eye.
I was trying to solidify my position as the godfather of the gastronomy world.

“Thank you for the evaluation overflowing, sir.”
“It’s nothing. I was just being honest.”
“In that sense, would it be all right if I said a few words on behalf of the club?”

If you match the end, the icing on the cake.
I might even shed tears because this Kyoiku-san only praised the student’s cooking.

“The teacher said you played defender.”
“Hum-hum, that’s right. It’s a recipe that ordinary people don’t know about…”
“Yes, so I think the teacher was also confused. We played confit, not defend.”

Such a picture.
The wajang window collapses.
The bewildered Kyoiku-san is pouring out like a rapid-fire cannon before he can even choose his thoughts.

“American meat?”
“No, that…”
“It’s a pity. I served Japanese Wagyu beef, which the teacher likes.”
“Wow, wagyu?!”
“It’s aged Gyeongsan beef. Since it’s such an inexpensive meat, it seems that it wasn’t on Kyoku’s gourmet trip.”

Kyungsan Woo.
Heard and saw
A cow that has given birth to too many calves and cannot give birth anymore.

‘I wouldn’t normally use it…… !’

The price is very cheap.
The quality of the meat deteriorates with age and during childbirth.
At best, ground meat becomes a hamburger patty.

But rumor has it that some chefs do.
Depending on the aging method, it has more potential than high-quality meat.

“Is that you?”
“Yes. And for the part, I used strips. The reason why the meat flavor was strong is because it was amplified during the maturation process.”

It’s that hard.
It’s not just a high level of difficulty.
There is a difference between ripening and decaying.

Should a skilled chef devote his or her entire life to achieving it?
It’s a business base, so I never tell you.

‘Is this kid doing that difficult thing?’

Unbelievable thing.
But there is no time to choose your thoughts.
If the words of the student in front of her are true, what she has said so far.

“We are doing business that seeks sufficient profit. It is a stock club, not a cooking club, so we make sure to calculate the operating profit rate.”
“Not a single word of what the teacher said was correct, so I have to correct it out of necessity. Everything is wrong, so just enjoy the food.”

There was no way it would go down my throat.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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