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Because I Live in the US 57

Because I Live in the US 57

Chapter 57 – Kyouiku-San

Aftermath of broadcasting.

[Entertainment Gallery]
─Full version of the Kyoiku Award video posted on Facebook.Avi
─No, even if I took a picture, one would be correcthaha
─Also King’s University
─So what time is the broadcast?

No, even before it was broadcast, there was an uproar on the Internet.
The world is in the information age.

─Full version of the Kyoiku Award video posted on Facebook.Avi
[Facebook video.Avi]
Take care of your judgment

└ Choo Shin-soo goes up quietly
└ You say it with fucking confidence, but it doesn’t fit at allhaha
└Students are dumbfounded
└Kyoiku-san personality wasn’t a broadcast concept

Everyone carries a camera.
You can become a paparazzi with just a cell phone.

Even more so, the streets of the festival
The shooting scene for the broadcast was bound to stand out.

─No, even if I took a picture, one would be correcthaha
Made in USA → Made in Japan
Sous vide → confit
Situation → dead end
20,000~30,000 won → 5,000 won
Cooking Club → Food Club
Not even one hit is a legendhaha

└ How many editing buffs do you get on a broadcasthaha
└ He was an expert only with his mouth
└ Kyoiku-san, I knew this would happen
└ What is a sous vide?

Kyoku Award.
He is a broadcaster with more anti-fans than fans.
Many viewers have doubts about his skills.

Are you really a gourmet?
Even on TV, there are times when people say completely nonsense.

〈My, my, my taste evaluation was wrong?!〉
〈 Yes Hogang, no customer〉
〈 Nonsense! This is all framed!〉

What about off camera?
I was able to get a glimpse of the reality.
A sequel did exist.

Jump! Jump!

After everything went wrong.
Looking for something really cool to soothe a burning stomach.

Drink the makgeolli that came with it.
Gyoiku-san, who wiped his lips, gave a contemplative smile.

‘Look at this bastard.’

Is he really wrong?
Or are you trying to play the role?
Either way it doesn’t matter.

We have to overcome the current situation.
You have to turn the gaze of the eyes watching this side.

〈 Look! 〉
〈 What? 〉
〈 This is makgeolli! You came up with something different than before!〉

Broadcast camera.
There are also street passers-by.
I’m filming this with my cell phone.

I might post it on social media or something.
If so, you have to have at least one reason to refute it so that there is a way out.

〈 Something else? 〉
〈 Yes! You must have intended to slander me from the start. I don’t know what kind of resentment you have for doing this…….〉

He was a man with sinister intentions in the first place.
I didn’t know if I could get around the situation if I made it like that.


The eyes open wide.
Bottle of makgeolli.
The name written there.

〈 How can I deceive the teacher.〉
〈 If there is anything tricked, it must be the teacher’s tongue.〉

Slow village.
The same makgeolli
Kyoiku-san went wild and tried to deny reality.

─The official position of the Liquor Gallery on the Kyoikusan Makgeolli incident.Txt
[Liquor gallery concept article.Jpg]
1. What Kyoiku-san drank was Slow Village
2. Unlike other makgeolli, Slow Village does not contain aspartame.
3. The taste changes depending on the expiration date because it is sweetened only by the sugar in the rice.
4. The more recently produced, the sweeter, and the more stored, the drier and stronger the umami.
5. It is unknown whether the intention was by a student at Hankuk University.

└ Domestic Alcoholism Gallery
└ The middle is ㅇㅇ
└ If this is true, then the student didn’t give you another makgeolli.
└Masseoin did Masseoin

Collective intelligence.
The circumstances of the case are inferred based on the video posted on the Internet and the testimony of eyewitnesses.

Literally just context.
But what went wrong with makgeolli was decisive.

Mixed Martial Arts − 「Summary of Kyoiku Award Korea University Festival.Txt」
樂 SOCCER − 「The gastronomic assistant whose bottom line has finally been revealed」
CHAOS − 「Kyoiku-san who fights even with studentshaha」

Public opinion that has been going on for a long time.
Back to the occasion with solid grounds.
In the first place, the ugly hair is firmly embedded.

The wave spreads through the community.
It wasn’t something that could end with a little fuss on the Internet.

“You don’t have to come out next week…?”

CBS station.
Kyoiku-san, who came out of the meeting before filming, couldn’t hide his embarrassed expression.

“No, no matter what.”
“Oh, it’s nothing different. Our program and the teacher’s character have a slightly different direction.”
“Which part?”
“That’s what we decided at the end of the meeting, so I hope the teacher will understand.”

What is the reason.
Kyoiku-san doesn’t know either.
The broadcast episode of the last Hankuk University Festival was not well received.

The shot of the steak house was cut, but it could not prevent a great uproar on the Internet.


Reputation fell.
If there is a reason why you pushed yourself out of the broadcasting company, that is it.

Just because of this fuss?
If so, specify yourself.
Where to borrow the name of gourmet expert Kyoiku-san?

Wheein…… !

Just got a phone call
They are the food industry officials who seek advice from themselves.

“Hum-hum! I got a call.”
〈 Gyoiku! 〉
“What are you doing this time?”

And pay a certain fee.
Judging from the fact that he has been in touch again, it seems that he has something to entrust to himself.

‘Yes, I am this kind of person.’

Like the disappearance of a broadcast schedule.
There is nothing wrong with this Kyoiku-san’s reputation.

〈It’s nothing else, I have one question to ask.〉
“What is it? If you leave anything to me, Kyoiku-san.”
〈 That’s good! Are there any students you met at Korea University? I really want to know who that student is. Please let me know at least how to dress.〉

It seems to be.

* * *

Day 3 of the festival.

“”Thank you for your effort.””

A long, long business comes to an end.
Much earlier than planned.


I’m clearing the tent that I’ve been putting down.
Nevertheless, guests still come in.

“One steak!
“I only have one.”
“Ah… I’m sorry, but I ran out of ingredients.”
“”You really don’t have one?!””

I have no choice but to go back and eat again.
I want to sell it, but I’m running out of materials.

‘They said it had a bit of a broadcasting effect.’

It was a little messy in the beginning.
As expected, Kyoiku-san went on a rampage.

What the hell is going on?
It took some time for the crowds of spectators to turn into customers.

“We prepared a lot…”
“I didn’t expect so many to come.”
“Looks like it’s going crazy on social media right now!”

Explosive ever since.
After one night, it seems to have spread to social media and communities.

‘I made a demand forecast with this in mind.’

The quantity was doubled.
The number of cooks has also been increased to prepare for an increase in the number of guests.

[Trends in Korea]
1. #Kyoiku Award
2. #Korea University_Steak
3. #If I were an animal
4. #K-POP
5. #Kukuru Bingppong

Beyond that, the fire spread.
As the topic of Kyoiku-san grows stronger, so does the steak.

‘If it was a real restaurant, it would have had the effect of increasing sales for a long time.’

Guests come from all over the country.
If you do it well, you can even form partnerships to expand your business.

That one restaurant is known nationwide.
It has a ripple effect beyond imagination.

“What are you doing, brother?”
“We’re going. Are you going to sleep there?”

Unfortunately, this is a short-lived festival.
Hyeri wakes me up from my sweet sleep.

‘I didn’t have time to play with Hyeri because I was busy.’

If you are a manager, the number of customers will increase and you will be satisfied.
But festivals are just annoying.

I had to wait at the booth because I was afraid that a broadcaster would come.
There was no time to go anywhere.

Hyeri also had to control her teammates as her manager.
Suhyeon didn’t even come at all.

“A club? Looks like you’ll be busy during the festival……. I’ll think about it after the festival.”

This is why I don’t like quick-witted kids.
Having a good head isn’t necessarily a good thing.

“I will settle the bill.”
“On the first day, I made a net profit of 300,000 won.”

It may have been rewarding.
Hyeri announces the total sales of this festival.

Day 1 is a bit less.
It is the limit of the material cost of the cube steak originally intended to be sold.

“Day 2, 1.5 million won!”
“Three million won on the third day…? Can we open a restaurant for this?”

From the second day, explosive sales appear.
From the 3rd day, there is nothing to say.

‘Yes, I should do this much.’

Actually, it’s not that much.
If it was an actual restaurant, that ship’s ship’s ship’s ship earned.

I must have expanded my business and aimed at 10x, 20x or more.
But for students.

“Should I give a round of applause to senior Lee Chan-wook, who has contributed greatly to the sales of our pub?”
“Do it?”
“Let’s do it!”

There will be more than enough.
It was a tavern operation that would have been fortunate if there were no losses in the first place.

Applause pours in.
There’s no real benefit, and there’s not much inspiration from just playing for three days.

‘Was it like this?’

The school I dropped out of.
If you went
It may have been a bit like a memory.

“What is it really!! If this is the case, we won’t be able to receive our activity fee!”
“No, the guests aren’t coming, so what…”
“We worked hard?! Oppas should be responsible, right?’
“What? Did you say everything? Then you think we didn’t work hard?”

There are also tainted memories.
The booth next to it about 10M away.
It seems that there is a problem between the club leader and his girlfriend.

They are divided into two groups fighting each other.
It’s an ugly mud fight where each other takes responsibility.

‘It’s a headache if something like that develops into an emotional fight.’

1st place in sales in every daedongje.
It hurts my heart to know that such a fight happened because of me.


There are juniors who would be sad to go second with their hearts.
Sora sneaks up next to me as I was watching.

“Thank you for your effort.”
“Thanks to you, I was able to give them a shot. Thank you.”

The first day was the most dissatisfying.
I don’t know how capitalist society works.

The tadpoles may be hanging on their legs.
You seem to have thought a lot about yourself.

“Tell me honestly from the beginning. I really don’t know anything about business…”
“I don’t know either.”
“I don’t know. He’s almost an expert.”
“I don’t know, I want to touch your chest.”

But I got nothing.
It’s too much for Hyeri’s service.

‘I have to knead that much.’

No, really.
If the business hits the jackpot like this, hospitality at the room salon is basic.

Not in the middle of the middle of the day, but in the real tenpro.
You can have fun with your sisters.

“Do you like breasts that much?”
“Are there guys you don’t like? Don’t you usually feel the gaze?”

It would be great if I could have a relationship like that with Sora.
Talents are not being used at all in a subject that is overflowing.

Maybe that one has grown a little too.
He puts his thick lips to his ear and whispers a small voice.

“I’ll let you do it just once.”

“Yes, but not now…”
“Then I’ll write later.”

It is worthwhile whining that there is no tree that cannot be felled by taking 10 shots.
The sense of openness of the festival may also have played a part.

‘It’s different when I go to university than when I go to college.’

There are also famous memes on the Internet.
It makes you realize what you’ve done.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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