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Because I Live in the US 58

Because I Live in the US 58

Chapter 58 – Gifts


“Thank you for your hard work on the test. The final score will be added to the assignment score and written on the homepage, so please check it yourself.”

Right after the festival is the exam period.
The final exam for the Department of Economics at Hankuk University, which took place for one week.

“Ah~! It was really messed up.”
“You also?”
“Me too!”

It ends leaving many scars on the students.
But on the other hand, it also feels cool.

I feel like I’ve lost the tooth I was suffering from.
Among students where joy and sadness coexist.


There was also one with a face that was no different from usual.
She was the one who entered the class of 17 as the top student.

“Sora looks good.”
“No. I’m worried that it won’t come out rather than the middle.”
“”Don’t worry!””

It can only be seen as a deception.
It is also my own fault that some of my female classmates gossip.

‘It must be a real worry.’
‘Surprisingly, a child who doesn’t think much.’

The face is also very pretty.
Even a woman with the same body would be jealous.
However, Hyeri and Suhyeon know Sora’s personality.

“Isn’t it because of stocks?”
“Sora has changed a bit lately.
“Study, the habit of studying is also gone.”

I’m not interested in that.
As he said, he was a criminal who always thought only of studying.

‘It was a bit different.’
‘He might also tell his brother…….’

Since meeting him, things have changed little by little.
They can’t know as much as they themselves.

“Ah, come to think of it, the sector that Oppa Wook invested in during the assignment turned out well.”
“Orange juice and salmon?”
“Ooh! Ooh!”

Personality is eccentric
It’s a character I’ve never seen before.
I wish there were people like that in the world.

But one skill is real.
I haven’t seen it once or twice, so it’s hard not to admit it.

“Brother Chan-wook?”
“Ah, of course~ I knew that!”
“He’s a hyung who’s going to grow up. They say we should be close from now on.”

After the Great East Festival.
The image has also changed within the department.
The stock club made the biggest sales.

The collapse of ETSD is also significant.
It is said that a number of people withdrew from the club as divisions arose within the club.

“Do you feel competitive?”
“No it’s not!”
“No, that’s right.”
“The steel and semiconductors that Sora invested in also turned out pretty well.”

The source of the evil rumors has disappeared.
I don’t have to listen to gossip, so I feel much more at ease.

『Group D group task』
Steel: +3%
Semiconductor: +8%
Orange Juice: +34%
Salmon (short): −19%

Assignments too.
It was about to become a black history.
At one point, I really wanted to know what it would be like.

That was already 3 months ago.
As time went on, the steel sector also managed to rise.

“We’re all up!”
“The salmon is down, but… It’s short.”
“We’ll be number one? That’s overwhelmingly.”

From the day of announcement to the last day of final exams.
On the day of the announcement, the stock price had already fallen considerably.

‘I was lucky.’

Actual investing doesn’t work that way.
The higher the stock price, the more I want to buy it.
When the stock price goes down, you are left unsettled.

Can you hold out until breakeven comes?
Now, I can definitely answer No.

“If Uk-oppa is like this, there will be no problem with grades.”
“Limited to this subject.”
“Is it Sora?”

It is different from mock investment.
The pressure is no joke.
Masturbating to go up again later.

‘It’s a delusion that only people who haven’t invested in can do.’

You might have gotten lucky.
More than that, you might end up looking around the cellar.

At the time, I didn’t know anything and shuddered.
But now I know a little bit, a little bit.

“Why are you laughing?
“No, just.”
“Sora, by any chance, with older brother Uk…”
“Oh, no.”

It was a step forward in the darkness where you could not see an inch ahead.
I also took pride in myself.

‘It’s not because of the senior.’

It is true that it helped.
A surprisingly nice person who sometimes gives sincere advice.

So that’s the problem
Not too long ago, at a festival, I made a promise I couldn’t keep.

“By the way, who’s the senior?”
“I’m gone.”
“They like that it ends quickly if you take a rough shot. I don’t know if I’ll be able to graduate.”

I was very excited.
He owes a lot to his seniors.
It’s not like I’m wearing anything out.

I committed it with the thought that I just had to close my eyes and endure it for about 10 seconds.
I thought it was going to turn into something fun.

‘…… What are you really thinking?’

Insensitive news.
On the contrary, they don’t bring up the story, so it’s already two weeks, so I’m anxious.
Insanely anxious

It feels like an attempt at credit.
It’s not my intention, but I’ve experienced it twice.
Because of that person.

“Sexual harassment all the time.”
“Right, right!”
“Still, don’t you cross the line? Just say it with words.”

Also, because of that person, her head is complicated.
It would have been more comfortable if I had pushed it.

‘Did I take it too seriously?’

I don’t know because I lack experience with the opposite sex.
Maybe Hyeri or Suhyeon would know.

Suhyun has a boyfriend.
Hyeri was probably there.
So maybe she’s getting it right.

“Well, does it seem like that?”
“No comment.”
“How should she respond when that senpai says something strange? She doesn’t know whether to be angry or accept it.”

‘I’m sure this year will break through sooner or later.’
‘It would be fun if the conch iron wall collapsed.’

Hyeri feels uncomfortable because she seems to have a strong competitor.
As Soo-hyeon, I really want to see her fall as the goddess of her school.


It’s true that I want to help her as a friend.
Better to be good than bad.
Hyeri claps and clears up the situation.

“Can’t we just do it in moderation?”
“Wook oppa, you’re originally a moderate person. It won’t mean much to you.”
“Ummm… That’s right too.”

To be honest, I feel ashamed of myself.
So-ra is worried about Chan-wook.

* * *

Yeouido stock market.

─Buy orders have been placed!
─Sell order has been executed!

The faces of the traders who are trading are bright.
Because the stock market is doing well.

Rising market.
It refers to a period when there is no clear bad news, trading volume increases, and stock prices rise.

It’s a boom time for the stock market.
Just as there is a peak season for travel, stocks have this bull market.

“Is it long?”
“It’s unconditionally long, but…”

Of course, reason and emotion are different.
Smoking room.
The hand of the trader holding the cigarette trembles.

The tension of trading remains.
You have to guess the movement of the market using only the numbers.

“You know what? Foreigners are deliberately giving shit.”
“They believe in LPs, shake them, induce them to sell their programs, and receive them. Ants and institutions are coming in, so how can we change this flow?”

A simple fake.
But there are times when it really is.
It reads super-high-level information that has not been released on the market every move.


Of course it’s not easy.
I didn’t even know that the end of the burnt cigarette was falling because I was worried.

“Gaspey broke through 2400.”
“These days, it’s called yellow blood. 2000 is perfect for dick speed.”

‘I’m making it short.’

Unlike individual investors who only want stock prices to go up, professional investors see both directions.
It is meant to be eaten raw.

Long when going up.
Short when going down.
Being able to eat both sides is very attractive.

It also comes with some risks.
If you hit a shot in such a rising market, you won’t be able to eat alone when everyone else is eating.


Some people come in in a hurry after watching others eat.
Currently, at each securities company’s window.

“Did you come to deposit?”
“No, I came because there was a fund…”
“Ah, a fund? I’ll guide you right away, Mr. Hogang!”

It is overflowing with people who come to invest.
I heard it from relatives, friends, and the Internet!

‘I heard you can make money with stocks?’

I also did a little search.
When I looked at the graph, it went upwards.
If you invest and forget about it, the money will be copied.

“Did the ants come in again?”
“Right? It’s unconditionally long. We need to make a little more foam. And then slowly pass the stock on.”

They don’t know how the stock market works.
The weak are destined to be eaten.

A time when even fools can eat.
The ascending field is the only day when predators and prey can be peaceful.


Even in such a rising market, there were people who were frowning.
He was Lee Deok-soo, coming out of the building where he worked.

‘Ha, fuck.’

It is past tense
Deoksu Lee raises his head and carves the entire picture of the building.

It is a 30-story high-rise building.
The luxurious exterior made of smooth glass is the symbol of a securities company.


Trader there.
He is one of the richest earners in Korea.

There will be no dispute about touching the most money.
It was the pride of life.

‘I thought it was something I couldn’t do for a long time.’

The average tenure of an Ant Investment Securities trader is two years.
Even that was only pulled up by a few monsters.

Most of the rookies are fired after not holding out for half a year.
Although he, a third year, he himself could be called a mid-level.

“Uh, hello.”

That day comes for everyone.
He just came a little earlier to himself.
I see the smirking face of the motive for joining the company.

You will have noticed.
No, there’s no way you wouldn’t know
The brown cardboard box he is holding now.

“I’m going to say yumma and go.”
“You see one or two people retiring.”
“No, that’s what it is, but…”

It’s an exit box.
There are things you don’t want to show more because it’s your motivation.
That’s my current humble self.

‘I’m not familiar with it.’

There is no other rider like himself.
Leaving behind motivation is heartbreaking in many ways.

“Even if you go, it’s okay to have a cigarette, right?”
“Did you return your employee ID?”
“Okay, follow me.”

I have one thing to say.
I don’t have an employee ID, but I know him, so the front desk allows me to pass.

‘I can’t even see Miss Kim.’

Its starting point.
I was just in bad shape.
It wasn’t such a serious loss that he even suffered retirement.

The instinct to want to recover became a problem.
There are ways to make money as easily and simply as possible.

“How come a kid like you…”
“You know all about this floor.”
“It’s a matter of pride.”

Click! Light a cigarette with a lighter.
I lived sweetly to get rid of the pressure of touching a lot of money.

‘I think I can quit smoking for a while.’

It’s called brain trafficking.
If you think rationally, you shouldn’t do that, but you know you can’t do it, but you must go through it.

Whether you are a novice investor or an experienced investor.
There are times when even one who belongs to the latter has a misconception that he does not want to lose.

“The fire ant.”
“Have I pointed out…?”
“Yeah, I kicked it while following him. He’s no ordinary guy.”

Tried to win.
The more you do, the more you hold on to yourself.
The feeling of playing on the palm of your opponent.

‘A retired official? At least I know the information on this side.’

Just one ant.
It was half inevitable that the tantrum broke out and the desire to win was activated.

“So eat in moderation and come out.”
“I wonder if you made a mistake because you didn’t know.”

Rob the stock.
John ber.
Rob the stock.
John ber.
It cleverly uses its small body.
The mouse, chasing the cat, was cornered into a dead end.


The wild of the stock market is not just cats and mice.
More than that, huge beasts are infested.

If you see a gap, it will be eaten.
Even though they were deceived by the ant, it was this huge world that eventually suffered.

Institutional investors.
He boasted that he was a trader, but he was just a prey to someone.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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