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Because I Live in the US 59

Because I Live in the US 59

Chapter 59 – Gifts


Tak, Tak!

This is why Sora went to university.
It is a place where everyone goes to study.

‘Certainly there is no relationship between grades and stocks.’

It is not a place to learn stocks.
1st semester.
It was a short period of time, but it was enough to realize the truth.

It is helpful to some extent.
Whether it’s jargon or the structure of the market economy.

It is also helpful when you know how to do stocks.
Knowing without knowing is dead knowledge.

‘Even the professor didn’t say stocks were special.’

Learning sports studies or memorizing rulebooks does not make you good at sports.
You have to do it.

I found out that there is no other solution.
However, it is not a market that is easy enough to challenge without knowing it.

How to learn.
Even if you roll your head, there is only one thing.
I am still doing it unintentionally.

─Eating meat given by Mr. Lee, the goddess of stock honor
You drink too much cheap meat
When I asked why he drank this, he said it was aged.
Alas, why does meat become bitter when it is aged?

└ Talk about eating every day
└ Did the chief catch the dog?
Author− Be courteous to the stock honorable goddess ㅗㅗㅗ
└Oiled kimchi is softer than outside. Aging enhances the savory taste and enhances the natural flavor of the meat.

‘Five…… , That’s why the steak made by you was delicious.’

Helpful for studying stocks.
Community users are people who actually do stocks.

You can naturally gain knowledge just by nunting.
Of course, if you only study, it will be boring.

─Investor’s lunch on the 51st floor of Samjeon

└The 51st floor drinks Samdasoo?
└Drink tap water
└Are you wasting money to ride water?
└Looking at the fish that buys water with money, it seems that they are still good enough to live on.

It is a place where people with common interests hang out.


There are also interesting articles.
A humorous code that will prevail among stock investors.

─Failed Investor’s Evening
[Seolleongtang photo.Jpg]
Neighborhood soup restaurant

└Is it an asset price?
└Deceiver bastard……
└Is it your birthday?
└It’s the last supper

‘The comments are funnier.’

Being able to laugh must mean that you have become an investor yourself.


He is chewing on carrot sticks and looking at them.
On the other hand, there are articles that are close to such nonsense.

─Children, I bought stock and got bitten……
Hanil Electronics owns one item, and the average price is around 5,500 won.
It’s summer, but it hasn’t come up yet this year?
Does this look hopeless this year?

└Hold on a little longer
└Should be purchased in advance
└Brother, summer clothes are cheaper to buy in winter.
Author− ㅜㅜ Is this year over?

‘Oh Hong?’

You also learn what can be called real hacks.
How to make money with stocks.

Trading law.
There are many things.
Which of these is the most stable?

『Hanil Electronics Sales Status』
1. Electric fan 69.5%
2. Dehumidifier 9.9%
3. Heating products 2.7%
4. Other electronic products 17.9%

Cycle investment.
It is a type of value investing.
Korea is a country with four distinct seasons.

‘I guess so.’

Most of its sales are fans and dehumidifiers.
Both are household appliances that sell a lot in the summer.

I checked the financial statements, so I’m sure.
Although economics books are helpful for seeing this.

『Hanil Electronics』
5100 ▼155 (−3.03%)

The actual structure of the stock market is different.
One user’s comment is piercing the Mac.

‘Summer clothes are cheap in winter…….’

A company that sells summer appliances.
It is expected that sales will increase in the summer.

Because of this, the stock price soared in advance from May.
And when summer comes.


The reason why economics professors can’t stock.
Sales are good, but stock prices are falling.

Market participants know this.
You have to predict the psychology and trade.

‘At least this kind of summer week is easy to predict.’

So it is stable
If you buy in the winter and sell in the summer, you don’t make a minimum loss.

The lower the risk, the lower the return.
I’m not going to trade only once a year.

─But what is a gift?
Why is your name a gift
What are those babies doing
I’m not even investing in a company, so why exist?

└Present is a bitchhaha
└ It was originally for hedging. As time passed, it became speculative.
└ It is a promise to buy it at this price in the future, but now there is nothing except raw materials and it is a speculation
└ If you buy and sell runny nose, it’s weird.

What you want to know is the way you need to go deeper.
One of them.

‘It’s a gift…….’

I know approx.
No, I really don’t know anything.
There are only occasional picks up.

《Even if you do stock, you should never touch the gift!》

Same for dad.
There are a lot of things not to do that are rarely told about stocks.

‘He did say the present in a rather serious tone.’

Besides, there are.
The words are slightly different, but there is one thing in common.

Never do it!
It is so risky that it cannot be compared to stocks.

If cycle investing is risk-less, futures are risk-up.
Maybe more than that

─There are things you don’t need to know in life
Representatives are futures and options
The last thing stock gamblers do
There are many people in the world who live happily without even knowing coins or stocks.

└You should have told me before you lost
└ Isn’t this fun?
└ Just cry

Frustration in steel stock investment.
If it were me at the time, I wouldn’t have dared to even try.

The present self is a little more confident.
We are also aware of the risks.

“There is no such thing as a free lunch.” – Economist Milton Friedman

In order to obtain a certain benefit, a corresponding price or opportunity cost is incurred.
That is, take risks.


It’s just not the time yet.
I am just learning about stocks.
I don’t get a feel for the gift at all.

There is no need to be in a hurry.
Now that you know the way, you just have to move forward slowly.
While attending university.


A chewing carrot stick.
The taste is good, and the texture is fun.
I chewed them one by one, and at some point I ate them all.

‘I still want to know a little bit.’

Lies if there is no impatience.
I would like to know about the gift if possible.
Just as my perspective has changed since I learned about stocks, there may be something in futures.

─I lost 500 million while gifting……
[Account Verification.Jpg]
I used the charter money, but what the heck?

└ If you sell the house, it looks like you can repay it. Couldn’t you just buy me a pizza with the extra money?
└Begging for a guy who lost 500 millionhaha
└ It looks fun when you make money and shoot pizza~
└ㄹㅇ Even if it goes from 500 million to 500 million to 20,000 won, it doesn’t even show

But it’s hard to find beyond stocks.
I bought something, I lost money, these kinds of articles.

It’s hard to know where to start learning.
In Sora’s head.

‘Oh, come to think of it!’

One thing comes to mind.
The grades for the first semester that came out a while ago were very good.

That much is natural.
If there is one thing that can be said to be surprising.

[Economics freshman group chat room]
「Ah, I got a B+ in macroeconomics ㅡㅡ」
“I thought Juha would always be A or better…… 」
“Since it’s a relative evaluation, there must be someone who came out well.”
“Maybe it’s because of Group D?”

Assignment score.
I came out so exceptionally well that even my seniors got A grades.

‘At that time, the things I researched were orange juice and salmon.’

I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time.
He was a person who pretended from the beginning.

Thinking back, it makes sense.
A gift, an unheard-of sector.

‘Because I have enough discernment to pretend and choose.’

You deserve to be good at stocks.
Maybe you don’t even know about gifts.

No, nine out of ten.
I can’t imagine the fact that that person doesn’t know.

‘What…… , Shall we go once? I’m worried about what I’m doing alone on vacation.’

He will have no one to play with but himself.
Sora finishes rationalizing to himself.

* * *

“Is the gift dangerous?”

There is a story that is often heard by the general public.
Sora was also having an absurd misunderstanding.

“Yes, I heard that…”
“You heard it. How long are you going to be swayed by rumors from unknown sources?”
“Then isn’t it?”

It is a type of derivative product.
Even if ordinary people know stocks.

‘I don’t know much about presents.’

At best, it’s just that it’s dangerous.
Not knowing what a gift is.

“Isn’t it dangerous?”
“So stocks aren’t risky?”
“Yes, stocks are also risky, but…”

Because I don’t know, it’s scary when someone says I lost it.
But actual futures trading.

─Welcome to Gambler’s Canyon!

It’s not that dangerous to be so terrified.
Public rumors are exaggerated.

“Look. I’ll show you how fun gifts can be.”
“Can I just do this? Isn’t it dangerous?”
“No. Quite the contrary.”
“It’s too sweet, so I’m deceiving myself to do it among myself.”

Originally, delicious things are the law to try to eat alone.
There is no investment that makes money as simple and easy as futures.

─Buy orders have been placed!

1Conclude a contract.
Currently, the KOSPI 200 index is 311, and 250,000 won is charged per point.

‘So one contract is 77.75 million won.’

The range of variation is 0.05 each.
This means that a profit or loss of 12,500 won is generated for each tick movement.

0.02% of the overall index.
Although the level of ant eye mucus is more than this.

『Lee Chan-wook’s account』
Purchase amount│77,750,000 won
Valuation gains│+54,576 won

In futures, this is sufficient volatility.
When the ant goblets move 5 spaces, they are sold.

“How about it? Simple?”
“Uh…? Did you make 50,000 won right now?”
“Yes, the gift is profitable even if it is like this.”

Because there is no stock exchange tax.
Even if stocks are sold at cost, 0.25% is lost.

Gifts don’t have that.
Because you only have to pay a small fee to the brokerage house.

─Buy orders have been placed!
─Sell order has been executed!

It is possible to ‘tick off’.
It is to realize profits very little by little without being greedy.

“Because it’s so good, I don’t teach it just to do it.”
“Oh… Can you just not be greedy?”
“Exactly! Sora is smart.”

Understand at once
What a great advantage it is that there is no stock exchange tax.

‘It’s not the time to know.’

And that’s not all.
The margin ratio is lower than that of stocks.
Leverage can be used close to 10 times.

Teach each one
Hearing the explanation, he listens with his eyes shining as if he is interested.

‘If I had to put a gift in one word.’

It’s the funniest gamble in the world.

* * *

Yeouido stock market.

“What, what?!”

Mr. Choi, who entrusted his investment deposit to a private equity fund, cannot hide his embarrassment.
Although I had heard the explanation beforehand.

“Because the product you invested in has the highest risk among the first-class products…”
“No, I know that. I took that much risk and invested.”

High returns come with commensurate risks.
Mr. Choi, who is one of the wealthiest people in Gangbuk, knows.

Nonetheless, this isn’t cool.
He doubts whether he is cheating by pretending to have lost money.

‘Even if it drops by 30%…….’

70% of the principal can be salvaged.
Because he knew that, whenheheard the news, he rushed to the scene.

But 0%.
It is said that everything evaporated.
The amount invested is not even a penny or two.

“I have lost my face.”
“Does that make sense?”
“Yes, that type of product…”
“Don’t be ridiculous! How can you lose 6 billion in one night?!”

Investors who have stepped into the ‘futures market’ even once call the ‘stock market’ they have done before.
They say it was paradise.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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