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Because I Live in the US 60

Because I Live in the US 60

Chapter 60 – Gifts

Oh o oh game.

〈 Debt is not 600 million, but 6 billion? 〉
〈 There’s something they don’t know.〉
〈 No, you said you went to a stock company, so did you do stocks? 〉
〈 The stock is not that big…… I made a gift.〉

There is a scene where they talk about gifts.
Conversation between Ssangmun-dong substitute engineer number 456 and Seoul National University business department number 218.

〈 A gift? Did you spend that money on a gift? No, who bought the expensive gift? Do you have a girl? 〉

The present that ordinary people know about is Present.
I don’t understand what he did to lose 6 billion won.

‘It’s surprisingly common in the market.’

An average of 40 people a day commit suicide with gifts.
Even at this moment, someone is struggling with free fall.

You don’t have to pity them.
Risk and return are proportional.
Where is the investment?

“You are responsible?”
“That’s right. I know that.”
“Fuck you!”

I can’t accept that fact.
Sora grabs me by the collar and shakes it violently.

『Sora Yoon’s account』
Purchase amount│155,500,000 won
Valuation gains│−837,500 won

First attempt at futures trading.
A somewhat disappointing result came out.
It was speculation, not investment.

“So you should have invested, not speculated.”
“What part did I do wrong?”
“If you win, it’s investment, if you lose, it’s speculation.”

Sid is only around 20 million won.
Originally, it was a small amount that could not even buy one contract.

But leverage.
The attractiveness of gifts is that they allow people with small deposits to participate in the market.

‘Although there is that much risk.’

At first, I only bought 1 contract.
At the timing of the purchase, the pole black stick was inserted and the water burned.

An amount of about 1.5 billion won.
As the stock price goes down, the loss also grows exponentially.

“It’s expiring soon, but really.”
“The expiration date…?”
“Don’t you know the expiration date? Did you give a gift when you don’t even know the expiration date?”
“You told me to do it!!”

Sometimes it happens when you run a fund.
These malicious customers.
It’s not like someone pushed me to buy it.

‘It was just a little invitation.’

It is true that futures are an attractive investment market.
Unlike stocks, there is no securities transaction tax.

Leverage is also fried cool.
That said, if there is something to be gained, there is also something to be lost.

“Do you know what the gift is?”
“I know the dictionary meaning.”
“Only for you~~~!”
“It’s like a prepared gift.”
“You sing well.”
“Not this!”

Futures: Pre-trading at the “Now” A contract to buy an asset that is traded at a specific “Future” Time.

What we call a stock is a ‘spot’.
Whether it’s the KOSPI index or the Nasdaq, things like that are also classified as spot.

‘Even so, there’s no reason why there’s a separate present.’

For effective price forecasting.
If the stock market changes too suddenly, it will have a huge impact on the real world.

A safety device, so to speak.
However, there are times when there is a gap with the spot price because it moves in anticipation of the future.

“That’s why there is such a thing as an expiration date.”
“What is the due date?”
“March, June, September, December. Forced liquidation every second Thursday of every quarter. Whether you like it or not, you have to sell at that time.”

Volatility increases at maturity.
In particular, the expiration date of gifts is called ‘Four Witches’ Day’.

‘The stock market fluctuates.’

The expiration dates of the four derivatives overlap: options/futures and stock index options/futures.
Coincidentally, it’s tomorrow.

“Don’t commit suicide”
“I don’t do that…”
“KOSPI will kill you, so wait.”
“You fucking bastard!”

There are many types of gifts.
Sora unknowingly invested in KOSPI 200 index futures, so it follows the stock prices of 200 large companies listed on the KOSPI.

‘Recently, the intestines have been good.’

I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal.
Perhaps it was the day before the expiration date, but an unexpected long black bar was inserted.

Maybe it’s the coordinator.
As much as I know the future, I remember the approximate flow of stock prices.

“Wait a minute.”
“Oh, why!”
“Hmm… My brother looked at the chart.”
“When are you coming?”
“Do you think I’m going to lose money?”

I don’t know if it’s an adjustment from a few days to a few days.
Of course, the expiration date is tomorrow, so it’s impossible to make a reservation.

‘If it was him, he could have remembered it.’

There’s a fucking bitch who turned Four Witches’ Day into Five Witches’ Day.
I am not confident in my memory.

─Sell order has been executed!

But feel.
Market psychology.
Reading is my specialty.

“Bae, bae, bae, a million won was gone. Hey hey hey hey…!!”

I don’t like being subjected to SM.
Excited Sora is choking me with all his heart.
The car that I was trying to go back to feeling, nabal, and choking.

─Foreigners are running amok!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

Hopefully, that’s where it starts.
Festival of slaughter.
More than the spot market, the influence of outsiders is absolute in the futures market.

“If I had been holding it, I would have taken minus 150 by now, right?
“Oh it keeps going down. The sell-off is crazy.”

The strength is released from the hand that was strangling the neck.
I also sit down on the floor and stare blankly at the chart.

Because it turned out to be right.
However, the puffy cheeks and sharp eyes remain the same.

“Take responsibility.”
“Ah, ah, no!! Not that!”

Either Pong has its own.
That’s why I can’t learn anything, so it’s a problem.

‘I have no choice but to roll the present.’

Here are some basic tips.
Children who know it by hearing it can also enlighten themselves.

To put it bluntly, it’s a talent.
In investing, especially gifts, there is no other way to explain it than talent.

“Did my brother do it again?”
“I’m not that kind of a kid.”
“Honestly, my breasts aren’t that big.”

The other talent is certain.
If he had a milder personality, he would have been knocked over and beaten.

‘No matter how you look at it, she’s like Adam.’

If you unwrap the packaging incorrectly, it can be difficult to dispose of.
It’s not like there’s someone to receive it like Suhyun.

“Because I can take care of myself too.”
“Because what?”
“Can’t you show me?”
“Brother girl?!”

Since then, I am pretty confident.
No, he is a holder of a highway license.

‘Yes, as long as I lay out the national highway by myself.’

I can also come and go comfortably.
The car that tried to unbutton the waistband of the juseom juseom.

“What are you doing?”
“Show me the gift, the gift!”
“Ah, a present.”

It seems that such a conversation was in progress.
It seems that you are very interested in futures trading.

‘It’s something you can’t see anywhere.’

A must if you want to be a trader.
It is no exaggeration to say that there is no trader who does not give futures.

I am sorry that I made 3 million won, so I show it.
How real traders trade.

─Buy orders have been placed!

The method is the same as before.
But it only showed the good side in order to seduce him.

“Do you know why boxers jab?”
“I don’t know.”
“To measure the distance.”

In practice, of course, it is different.
The reason why I keep trading like this.

─Sell order has been executed!

To see the big picture
2 ticks.
There are very small benefits.

I earned enough money to eat jajangmyeon for lunch.
But something bigger than this.

“The selling pressure is pretty high.”
“Can’t you see the secondary monitor above?”
“Ah, I see…”

I bought a second monitor with the money I recently earned.
Because it helps when trading.

‘Actually, it doesn’t matter much when trading stocks.’

It is essential in futures trading.
Check futures markets in other countries in real time.

『NASDAQ 100 Futures』
5769.7 ▼11.5 (−0.20%)
[Graph going sideways.Jpg]

『Hang Seng Gift』
25,502.5 ▼260.1 (−1.02.%)
[Graph that makes a lot of noise.Jpg]

『Nikkei 225 Gift』
19843.9 ▼69.4 (−0.35%)
[Graph flowing roughly.Jpg]

The above three are typical.
Futures investors need to look at charts to predict the future.

“I don’t think the helix is ​​a big problem?”
“You nerdy bastard.”
“Now they’re following Hang Seng.”

Most trades are handled by the program.
All humans do is set the trading ratio.

‘For example, if I sell Hang Seng 1 billion.’

Nikkei is 300 million, Nasdaq is 200 million, and KOSPI is 800 million.
In this way, they move the market by simultaneously throwing stock.

This is called basket trading.
It is a common name for a method of buying and selling in one basket.

In reality, it is much more complicated because it is done while hedging with options, exchange rates, etc.
But what i’m trying to do

─Buy orders have been placed!

The rough flow is just reading.
Predict whether the KOSPI will go down or go up.

“Didn’t you have to sell it? It’s going down a lot…”
“You hit a shot.”
“Another advantage of a gift. Being able to take the opposite position.”

Unlike the Korean stock market, which blocks individual short selling.
You just need to match the direction.

─Buy orders have been placed!
─Sell order has been executed!

Check what the forces want in a small flow.
And when you feel confident, bet big.

‘This is why gifts are a bit difficult.’

Moments that can be called ‘opportunities’ come at most twice a day.
And very suddenly.


You have to stare at several monitors for hours.
It eats up your concentration tremendously.

It doesn’t necessarily come.
You may be caught in a fake.
Something that is bound to be stressful.

─Buy orders have been placed!

But there is also a lot of enjoyment.
When my predictions came true.

“I think it’s going up again…”
“Hang Seng and Nikkei are also going up. Look!”
“No. Look at the exchange rate.”

The stock market went down little by little.
Turning around, I raised my head slightly.
Nasdaq, Hang Seng, Nikkei, and KOSPI are all.

‘But there is no movement in the exchange rate.’

I’m preparing a big room.
It may not be, but my intuition and experience say so.

Trend reversal.
If this is a section that is changing into an adjustment field, there is no way that the range of change is this small.

─Foreigners dominate the market!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!
Quadra Kill!
Pentakill…… !

Comes suddenly
And I am betting on buying the put option.

“Three, three, three, my God…”
“You do derivatives because this happens.”

『Lee Chan-wook’s account』
Purchase amount│507,562,500 won
Valuation gains│+146,951,423 won
Appraisal Yield│+28.95%

It’s a room in life.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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