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Because I Live in the US 61

Because I Live in the US 61

Chapter 61 – Gifts

A savory yield.
The eyes of the watching Sora are about to pop out.

“This, this, this one hundred million…?”
“I can see you too.”
“Even in just a few minutes, the money…”
“So what.”

Futures market.
Exactly, it happens commonly in derivatives.

‘You hear it sometimes. Who said it exploded hundreds of times?’

That’s all because of this option.
Originally, it was an insurance product.

For example, an investor who bets 100 million on the rise.
I am afraid of the possibility of a sudden plunge.

Buy options for about $300,000.
So that you can ‘hedge’ even if there is a sharp drop.

“If you use it aggressively like this, you could make a big profit.”
“That much…….”
“There will be no answer when you lose.”

It’s a way to protect my assets.
There are also funds run by famous financiers such as Warren Buffett and Cashwood.

‘It’s a hedge fund.’

In modern society, prices continue to rise.
The value of money will continue to decline.

In the past, one chicken was 10,000 won, but now it is 20,000 won, and in the future it will be 50,000 won.
I hate that.

I want the value of my assets to be maintained.
Hedge funds exist for such people.

“It’s dangerous, so don’t follow me.”
“I don’t…”
“It’s one of the ways to organize a portfolio… Huh?”

Management of such assets.
But investors want a shot.
If you’re chasing such a big profit, it’s the reverse.

─Foreigners are just crazy!

There are times when a room is beaten.
Ho Gachang’s movement is unusual.

『Lee Chan-wook’s account』
Purchase amount│507,562,500 won
Valuation gains│+13,957,968 won
Appraisal yield│+2.75%

Sudden drop.
My revenue, which suddenly went up, suddenly starts going down again.

“Uh, uh, uh, it’s going down a lot?!”
“Is that the end…?”

While chatting with Sora.
Something that can’t be helped.

‘Because the futures market is so big.’

Especially KOSPI.
There is a difference of nearly 10 times between the size of the spot and futures markets.
In order to move the futures market, Ohsung Electronics throws 100,000 shares and 1 million shares each.

It is a market that moves through such hardships.
If an ant tries to board comfortably, it will try to shake it off even if its eyes are sour.

─Sell order has been executed!

“The ant should be aware of it but suffer. Can it be anything special?”
“I’ll come back later… Even if it turns out to be what you think, senpai?”

Seed size.
Just as a person with a lot of military and weapons can use various strategies in a war, in a capitalist market, a person with a lot of money has a choice.

Conversely, no one has less money.
It’s nice to be back on track, but what if you’re really trying to change direction?

‘Because I’m being kicked out of the market.’

It’s a real thing.
Calculate the opponent’s rating and seed, and if you’re sure you can win, fight.

Induce short covering.
If a futures surges or plummets by a few tens or hundreds of percent, one side has lost the long-short fight.

“I’m sorry…….”
“If I hadn’t talked to you, you could have made a profit, but I was bothering you.”

‘What are you talking about?’

Such a world.
Sora, who is still nothing more than an ordinary person, has a strange idea.

No, it’s gone wrong again.
Investors and ordinary people have different ways of thinking.

“Aren’t you angry?”
“Why me?”
“It’s 100 million dollars…”
“You bastard.”
“If the long black stick came out and the profit increased to 300 million, would I have given you 150 million?”

Is the opportunity cost.
What came out over time is just the result.

‘If I really wanted to dispose of him unconditionally, I would have pushed him away and sold him.’

Hey off!
Because you have to trade!
It’s not even that much of a lingering profit.

Sora is different.
At the age of 20, 100 million is an unimaginable amount of money.

“I’m sorry for getting angry earlier. I won’t blame the seniors from now on either.”

Sora grabs her hand.
I am touching it with both hands wrapped around it.

Expression of forgiveness.
It’s not a big deal for me, but if you think so.

“Yes, Sora should slowly experience it.”
“If I lack, I borrow from my older brother, and if I lose, I pay back with my body.”
“Do you die if you talk like that fucking bastard?”

The atmosphere is heartwarming.
Put your hands on your head
Let’s write and leave the body to the touch.

‘How nice it is to listen to me like a puppy.’

I want to give you a leash too.
If you drag this bitch around, the feeling of conquest will kill you.

“It’s cool to see you trading.”
“That’s right?”
“Can’t you show me a little more? Don’t overdo it like before.”

Someday I will make it
For now, I decided to play a role as a trustworthy senior.

‘It’s not something you see often.’

It was a bit extreme earlier.
It is true without exaggeration that futures trading is stable.


It’s a joke.
It’s called ‘tick off’.
It is to eat only a few ticks of hogachang and fall out.

“Trading bit by bit like this.”
“Are you going to buy another option like before?”
“No, you don’t have to do that.”

See the big flow
No matter how you look at it, today looks short.
Or maybe it fell too low, so it’s time to rebound.

‘In that case, it goes in a little big.’

Even if there is no tremendous volatility like options, profits increase simply by increasing the seed.

─Buy orders have been placed!

5 contracts.
It is worth about 380 million won.
As expected, it goes up smoothly and makes a profit.

“Already 1 million won in profit…”
“I’m going to eat this much and get out of here.”

If a meme is a jab, this is a hook.
It’s not a huge profit compared to the purchase price.

‘Absolutely not a small amount.’

If you can earn 1 million won a day, there will be a line of salarymen who beat your job.
Of course it can’t be easy.


Every return comes with risk.
If you repeat such low-risk trading,

“Are you bitten?”
“At times like this, you can drink water.”
“Don’t worry. I’m not like you.”

This is bound to happen.
It is impossible to predict the future.

‘Even if I can see the future.’

The one who can twist that future is the one who has money.
Predators of the capitalist market.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Water once
To lower the rating.
I was trying to escape when I rebounded.

─The agency is slaughtering!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

Sometimes things don’t go the way you think.
This is the moment that determines the capabilities of futures investors.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Ride the water.
A total of 4 contracts were signed.
I thought the rebound would come only this time.

“Have you been bitten again?”
“At times like this.”
“What should I do?”
“Well, I have to lose my hand.”

−770,000 won.
Earns a total of 25 million won.
This is how basic futures trading works.

“Are you going up again?”
“No. It’s a good cut.”
“I think I could have made it even if I stayed still.”

The most important thing in a gift is neither an eye to see the future nor thorough analysis.
It’s mental.

What if it was the last stop loss opportunity?
I blame myself for not catching it, and my mentality is destroyed.

“Isn’t that too consequential?”
“You don’t understand this.”
“The day will come when you will find out too.”

Very small cracks.
Because it affects the next, next transaction.

‘People who don’t give presents may not understand.’

The future is not fixed.
Any power can change.

Did the ant lose money?
I have to upload it again to attract ants.

It’s normal in the futures market.
Do not be seduced by the immediate movement.

“My trading rule is to mechanically take a loss if you are wrong twice in a row.”
“There’s something wrong with you, too.”
“The important thing is to increase the odds.”

And to keep.
Accumulating gains little by little in this way is the ideal way to invest in futures.

‘Then, if you lose a lot once, you’re trying to make up for it, it’s like an option.’

That’s the root of life.
So mental is important.
You have to escape before you take a lot of damage.

In fact, regardless of right or wrong, keep your own trading principles mechanically.
It looks easy at first glance, but it is a difficult task.

“I don’t think I’ll be crazy if I lose and gain this much money.”
“That’s right. That’s why kids who give presents get mentally ill.”
“Ah! There’s someone who can figure it out.”
“When you face the cruelty of the world in real time, it breaks your heart.”

Is it a steaming rise? Is it Gura Ascension?
In order to determine, it is not possible to use the normal way of thinking.

In one word, it must be crazy.
When you look at investors who give futures, one screw is missing.

─There are things you need to know in life
Derivatives, including futures
Options in particular
If you don’t know this, you can’t be called a true high school girl.

└Isn’t the option dangerous? If you fail, you will be a slave for life.
Written by−  If you go the opposite way, you’ll end up with shit toilet paper. Are you a horo redhead? Cue
└Won currency is waste paper, so you can run and mine it.
└Believe in the covered call and buy the call option madly Qㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

That it is not a coincidence.
As an investor, when you fight on the front lines of an industry, you often lose something important.

“Do you have a rough idea of ​​what the gift is like?”
“Yes, thank you. But.”
“What have you been eating since before?”

I couldn’t escape either.
Although my gifting skills are at a level that can be counted in the industry.

‘Because head rotation is important.’

You need to consume sugar in real time.
Specifically, eat candy, chocolate, etc.

Me before the return.
This is the reason why I gained some weight due to the lack of exercise.

“Eating too much of that is not good for you.”
“Ji pretends not to eat anything.”
“I only eat occasionally!”

Sora looks at me with a worried look.
You may be concerned about what you have asked for.

“Then, could you give me something delicious?”
“I didn’t bring it today…”
“Can you see it in my eyes?”

It is thick and shiny.
If you suck on your marshmallow-like lips.

‘Sweet water comes out from the inside.’

Just thinking about it makes me salivate.
Even the flesh that ran in sets made my hands itchy.

“If you have something that delicious, your brother will give you a bite too.”
“No way.”
“Yes, the milk carton.”
“Kids these days really don’t know anything else.”

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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