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Because I Live in the US 62

Because I Live in the US 62

Chapter 62 – Named Fight

“Is it too hard to make money?”

Sora came to whine again during this precious time when he could gamble every day.

“Yes, I gave a gift as the senior told me…”
“Are you finally finished?
“It’s not!”

They say they are making real investments.
There is no better way to grow than by gaining experience.

‘There are so many things to lose.’

It will be good if the investment leads to success.
But the recent stock market.

“It’s a lot harder than I thought.”
“Really? If you lose it, you can borrow it from your brother.”
“I don’t want to be in debt to my seniors.”
“If you pay it back with your body, it’s free.”

It is not easy enough for beginners to win money.
Not to mention futures trading.

‘Those who simply look at the chart may not feel it.’

It actually rocks up and down tremendously.
It confuses investor judgment.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be insensitivity.
I learned the fear of gifts properly.

“Foreigners buy and sell billions of dollars. To the extent that money doesn’t seem like money.”
“That’s right. You’ll die if you taste foreign cum.”
“That’s right, I’m going to spit out my cum… Huh?”

Some people are addicted to it.
What is volatility.

‘Because it’s also a synonym for opportunity.’

You can buy cheaper and sell more expensive.
In theory.

But in practice.
Forces, especially foreigners, don’t look at it.

“I can’t come to my senses every time a foreigner shoots me.”
“So there’s a saying: A woman who goes to a black man never comes back.”

Sora’s cheeks burned red.
They all tremble at the thought of changing a single letter.

“Don’t really say that.”
“It’s just basic.”
“What the hell!”
“Every derivative product has a nickname.”

Typically petroleum.
It’s called rot
It is an abbreviation for dinosaur rotten water.

‘It’s a market that has to be crazy in the first place.’

If you call it this way, the heaviness of the conversation will be reduced.
It’s still an awkward baby song.

“Do you think the day will come when you will have cum someday?”
“I don’t think he’ll come.”
“You cum whenever a foreigner says, “Shoot your cum!”
“Fuck you!”

He rolled up his fist and puck puck! Hit
There really are no children.

‘Sex drips are also played only when there is someone who accepts them.’

Anyway, Sora had an experience.
They were beaten like crazy by foreigners.

He came to my house exhausted.
It’s a situation where you feel cheated.

“So what. You won’t give it to me.”
“I’ve never given it to anyone.”
“Is it a declaration of virginity?”

While playing cuckoo, he strikes a pair of cuckoos.
His appearance is intelligent, and he is subtly childish in a precocious subject.

‘Yes, I can.’

It’s tough.
Fatigue is no joke while trading stocks.

Even professional traders smoke cigarettes and take a deep breath, not to mention ordinary people.
That’s why it’s comfortable to be crazy.

“It’s definitely difficult to make money from investments.”
“Do you really think so?”
“Isn’t it because you don’t know about investing?”

But that’s too deep.
Investing doesn’t necessarily have to be risky.

‘It’s not necessarily just upgrades.’

It is said that dabbling in such derivatives is not the royal road.

Even hedge funds focus on stocks.
Even a low-risk investment can be sufficient to increase assets.

“Dividend stocks, for example.”
“Dividend stocks? Of course I know about such cycle investments, but…”
“No, not like that.”

Dividend stocks are stocks that pay money to shareholders at regular intervals.
The stock price drops sharply the day after the dividend is given.

『Lee Chan-wook’s account』
Forsk│70 shares│+0.56%
Valuation profit and loss│ +57,752

I just bought some.
It is a steel stock representing Korea.

It is one of the stocks that pay quarterly dividends.
As of June 29, 2017.

“It’s an ex-dividend date. If the market starts today, the Long Stone head will be stir-fried, right?”
“Where did you learn to say that?”
“I don’t know, fuck.”

I didn’t know that he would be such a good laugh.
As Sora said, the stock price of dividend stocks plummets on the ex-dividend date.

‘There is a way to avoid it.’

Little trick.
There is such a thing as a long-term transaction.
The current time is 8:19 PM.

Place your order exactly at 08:20:00.
And let’s wait 10 minutes.

─Sell order has been executed!

Sora’s mouth, which had been splitting, closed.
All 70 shares were sold.

“This is the closing price outside of loading hours…”
“Yes, there is a way like this.”

Stocks are not necessarily tradeable from 9:00 to 3:30.
There are exceptional times.

‘One of them.’

Closing price outside of loading hours.
Open from 8:30 to 8:40.
You can place your order from 8:20.

It is first-come, first-served.
I was the first to put it in, and there was someone who wanted to buy Forsk.

“Because it is the ex-dividend date, the stock price will inevitably fall…”
“Not everyone in the world knows that, and there are people who think the opposite of me.”

Brush off the whole thing
I have zero stock.
At 8:40 the market starts.

Ho Gachang moves terribly.
As expected by Sora, and common sense, the share price starts at -1.2%.

“Then, if this happens.”
“I just got a dividend for free.”
“How much is it?”
“140,000 won.”

Of course, it is not unconditional.
Outside of loading hours, trading volume is low, so it is difficult to dispose of large amounts.

‘But a few tens of thousands of won.’

You can sell like this.
With the risk converging to almost zero, I only received dividends.

“The person who bought it couldn’t get a dividend, and the stock price fell…”
“Why? Poor?”
“A little bit.”
“That’s stock.”

There are people who earn only when there are people who lose.
I put my new Cuban cigar in my mouth.


The best time to smoke is right after winning money.
Before the market even started, I had to wash one.

“Would you like to do one too?”
“No, I can’t smoke.”
“A cigar is not a cigarette.”
“More than that… I want to know.”

When we first met, it was morality.
Even Sora, who used to be troublesome, became an investor.

‘It is the basic virtue of an investor to find this kind of honey trade.’

An investment with a high return on risk.
If you choose futures trading as one of the options, the risk is not high.

“I’m not trying to get over a 7-foot pole that I can’t even cross. I look around for a 1-foot pole that I can easily jump over.”- Warren Buffett

It is also a way to become proficient in one field.
But sometimes doing things in moderation is good for profit.

The stock market is wide.
There are many things that ordinary people do not know.
You have to learn each one through experience.

I can give you some help.
He comes to my room and teaches the whining Sora.

“This is also called a circular medium…”
“What do you always have in your mouth when trading?”
“Candy is bad for you, too.”

It also has a cute taste, so it’s not bad for me.
But there is one disappointing part.

“If you’re not going to let me eat, don’t mind.”
“No, why are you having a seizure? Does it wear out just by eating?”

* * *

Stock study.
There’s no better way than asking someone you know.


Certainly it is.
Economics books.
Information that can be gleaned from the Internet.

More than that, useful practical knowledge is directly informed.
Consulting with Chanuk was the correct answer.

‘I can’t have a conversation without sexual harassment!’

Itself can be.
Because you are that kind of person from the beginning.
One thing you have to be concerned about.


Hands pass through smooth thighs and reach deep inside.
Come to think of it, that day is soon.

‘If you’re going to touch me, I’ll definitely touch you. It keeps creating a strange atmosphere.’

Obviously allowed
Even so, they only say strange things about milk bottles and cum.


He doesn’t even know what it means.
Recently, I came to understand more through community.

‘That’s what you mean by cum.’

Naughty feeling.
My body is hotter than usual.
It’s a hormonal day.

It stands out more because of the words I heard from Chan-wook.
Sora checks if the curtain is drawn and moves his hand.


Just once a month.
Freed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
I feel weird after finishing it.

Sizzling! Sizzling!

I want to feel as if all my worries are falling away.
It feels like that.

Sora’s body heats up.
The car that was spitting out moaning that even thought it was erotic.


Monitor screen.
I see a community that always does.
It’s embarrassing that no one is watching.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Run through the chaos
─Isn’t the leader better than the profit and loss?
─Leading vs Profit & Loss, June Revenue Comparison.Txt
─What is the profit and loss account? I know the profit account

No, something is exciting.
Move the mouse with one hand to continue the action.

─Run through the chaos
I don’t know about respect

└Is it true milk?
└I thought this year was Twitter, but I forgot
└ Hmm…… Boso boso
└Goddess looks a bit burnt, but as long as she’s pretty, that’s finehaha

‘What kind of girl is that? I’ll give courtesy to the stock honor goddess.’

Apparently, the male ratio is high.
Occasionally, menacing photos come up.

Which is usually ignored.
Maybe it’s because of the flirtatious mood, but the playfulness kicks in.


Bow down.
Her breasts, which had been placed on her desk, begin to compress.

‘It’s just a lump of fat, but why do men like this?’

Just live without feeling anything even when you touch it.
Even if I put my hand up and knead it, it just tickles me.

They are making fun of them with all sorts of vulgar terms.
In the eyes of Sora, who was about to open his eyes for an unfamiliar pleasure.


You see words that bother you.
I don’t know who his true identity is.

─What is the profit and loss account? I know the profit account
[Profit verification on the day.Jpg]
Are you talking about me?

└ Single hit lead
└Shuval, ask me to speak before entering!
└ Profitable from this market
└ Does Reading feel competitive with P&Ihaha

But the author was a different person.
Leading Dead Cat Bounce.
One of the names of the community.

‘He’s a bad guy running a reading room.’

Reading room.
It is a kakaotalk room that informs stock information for a certain price.

It seems to fit well.
It is also very popular in the community.
But he can’t admit it.

─Isn’t the leader better than the profit and loss?
While running a reading room, I also give out picks to the main galleries.
The profit and loss table only uploads one article a day and insults the main galleries

└Even cheap and beneficial
└ The profit and loss ratio is also great, but the reading form seems to be crazy these days
└Leading seat Reading seat
└ Just lead it.

It is illegal.
It is not an area for unrecognized non-experts to step out.

A thorn in the eye for Sora, who is aiming to become a professional trader.
There was one more thing that bothered me.

─Leading vs Profit & Loss, June Revenue Comparison.Txt
[Leading organizes profits.Jpg]
[P&L income summary.Jpg]
The leader of the month of June won

└ The profit and loss account has been retiredhaha
└Go to Nagari after the bull run
└ But the guy who eats well and lives well vs the guy who even gives picks to the main gallers
└ Earning even in a down market is a real feat.

Authenticate your gains and losses once a day.
As I followed the concept, it is called profit and loss.

Such Chan-wook’s recent earnings.
Compared to the months of March, April, and May, it is true that it is somewhat lacking.


Because of yourself
Even today, I visited from the morning and asked how to trade while stir-frying.

The profit of 150 million won from the option was not realized.
In other words, he interfered with the trading of his senior.

A rising sense of guilt.
I have no choice but to remove my hand that was in a secret place.
Sora’s worries deepen.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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