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Because I Live in the US 63

Because I Live in the US 63

Chapter 63 – Named Fight

Bear market.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─From a gift-giving standpoint, moving gags are a thing these days.
─Don’t listen to your mother when she asks you to make a deposithaha
─Fuckspey oppa, is this the end? Make it quick
─It looks like Turkish ice cream these days

Recently, the KOSPI has been repeating declines every day.
A rising market full of dreams and hopes.

─Fuckspey oppa, is this the end? Make it quick
I haven’t gone yet!!!

└What did you do alone when others went to Hong Konghaha
└ You said it was already cheaphaha
└ Who saw the history and tradition of Boxpy as a dick?
└ Ah PTSD comes

When it’s over, investors are out of their minds.
This is because account revenues are declining.

It is also difficult to determine the timing of reinvestment.
Forces to organize their stock.

─It looks like Turkish ice cream these days
Because he’s fucking down
I want you to come down again, so if you go up and buy it, you will come down again
Fucking dope bitches

└ Can you feel the anger in the writing?
└ If you buy a short, you’ll get kicked out. Bastardshaha
└ It’s a playground for foreigners.
└ He seems to be a good craftsman to ride off the beaten track

Shake the stock price
It is a difficult time to make a profit even for the most skilled investor.

Should I just get the direction right?
Actual investment does not allow easy returns.

─From a gift-giving standpoint, moving gags are a thing these days.
Of course it must be short and if you ride short
Organs are forced to shoot upwards
If you think that’s the peak and hit a shot, you’ll shoot again.
Then it comes down, so if you buy it thinking it’s a steamy fall, shoot again
I can’t ride it even though I know that they leave out all the ants and make it go down.

└ Buy a shot and take sleeping pills
└ This is why ants have no choice but to be robbed
└ Kangwon Land, why should anyone give a gift?
└ Do you play a domestic casino? Are you a horo red gambler?

It’s not a matter of right or wrong.
Deliberately press on the ant-infested side.

Even if it was a right choice, it turns into a wrong choice.
Spend money and eat money

‘Ah, is this difficult?’

But if there are losers, there are bound to be winners.
Yong-soo smirks at the usual community.

Tak, Tak!

And post
Crap as always.
But sometimes he brags too.

─What is a bear market?
[Profit verification on the day.Jpg]
What is it really
All the stocks I buy are going up

└ Reading earned again
└The man who does not know the decline……
└ Why didn’t I solve it in the reading room this time ㅠㅠ
└ For leading, a down market is also an up markethaha

Yongsu is a full-time investor.
A person who makes money only with ‘investment’ without having a specific job.

‘I have to change my job to this extent.’

Among them, I pride myself on being quite talented.
That’s because they’re making a profit in this down market.

[Reading is the reading room]
“Leading, what’s the event to be played tomorrow?”
“I paid for my friend!”
“These days, the bear market is so hard, Reading…… 」
「Joogal Named DD」
“I think I will die after forgetting all the money I saved for a year. Please give me one item that can be restored. I will unconditionally respect you ㅠ」

And followers.
It wasn’t like this from the beginning.
After three years of activity, there were dozens of people.

‘How long have I been proving in this hellish KOSPI?’

Immediate profit?
That, of course, is also important.
However, those who have real skills consistently make money.

This is why Warren Buffett is called the world’s greatest investor.
Some have made more money than him, but no one has survived longer.

─2017 06 30 Profit and loss trend
Daily P&L: +1,529,725
Cumulative P&L: +273,165,211

└ After all, the seed grows……
└If you have 300 million, you can get 1.5 million just by eating 2 ticks ^^ㅣBal
└ I’m glad I didn’t eat as much as I used to
└ Loss Form Death?

In that sense, it’s annoying.
Profit and loss.
This is a user who has been verifying revenue for several months.

‘If it’s true that I made over 200 million with 500,000 won, that’s amazing. If it’s true.’

That’s an incredible rate of return.
There is an uproar in the community.
But the world is wide and there are many quirks.

Huge return on investment in a short period of time.
Most of those people are out of the market after a while.

─P&L, why is the rate of return these days?
Even two or three months ago
How many times have you filmed in a week?
These days, there are many days where I can’t earn even 1%.

└Sid got bigger
└Is it the same to spend 10 million won on credit versus 100 million won?
└I’m tired of just making profits in a falling market
└ Yes, the reading is poor.

All investments come with risks.
The size of the risk is proportional to the seed you have.

‘If I spent 1,000 credits and got a can, I’d just count myself dead for a year and work.’

But what if you kick a can with 100 million?
Unless it is a high-paying job, it will take several years to recover.

Not to mention a full-time investor.
I lose my job that day.
I have to go to the manpower office and run even if I work hard.

Tak, Tak!

Such a burden.
Users in the community begging for their leading picks may not know.

─Investors have a bowl
The profit and loss account made 200 million in a short period of time ㅇㅇ
But since then, what has been sluggish is that it is a bowl that cannot roll seeds in billions.
You can see that the leader who gives advice to gallers while rolling in billions is a much higher level.

└ Who cares about profit and loss accounts?
└ Reading is ㅇㅇ
└ This is a fact. It’s been years since I’ve been busy with reading
└Honestly, I think I had some luck

Light a fire
Log out.
Hide yourself and post.

‘Look, everyone agrees.’

Virtual space.
It can be said that all of the water is recognized here.

A full-time investor is a very special profession.
No co-workers, no office to go to every day.

For Yongsu, this small community accounts for 70% of his life.
Colleagues who share the reading room.

“It seems that the chemical has been involved in the loss and loss, but what is the outlook?”
“Don’t mention profit and loss here.”
“If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it.”
“If you’re going to lose money, ask him to lead youhaha”
─The chatroom manager has sent out loyalist.

The reason why profit and loss seats, a rolling stone, are bound to be a thorn in the eye.
At least I hope his bubble burst.

‘I earned 30 million won this month. I am that kind of person.’

The profit and loss balance is around 20 million won.
In the future, this revenue gap will be maintained and even widened.

『Special reconstruction』
10,950 ▲50 (+3.46%)
[Graph flowing roughly.Jpg]

Ability to do so.
You have your own way of trading.
No, but everyone else sees it.

‘Because it’s about time to shoot the flood wine.’

The chart looks amazing.
The person who is called a Nowon-dong chartist is himself.

And material.
Based on many years of investment experience, he reads the next rising sector.

−July is coming soon
「Oh Reading」
“Master! Teacher! Teacher! Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!」
“Do you have any picks to point out?”
“This time, I have to fully buy it.”
“I’m buying an invincible tickethaha

It is the rainy season.
Korea has a huge rainy season once a year.

‘In the old days, the city was submerged in water, there were victims and there was no uproar.’

I haven’t recorded any major damage lately.
But the fear remains.

There are stocks that move during the rainy season.
Yongsoo remembers what it was.

−Buy under 11,000 won for special reconstruction
“What if I go lower than that?”
“It’s good because I can buy it cheaper.”
“Don’t stick to the teacher’s words.”
“Yeah, I’m going to buy them allhaha”
−The stop loss is 10,500 won, but you probably won’t go there.

Hong Soo Joo.
The companies involved are not alone.
After all, there are better stocks out there.

‘The special reconstruction was shot last year too.’

Maybe it’s because the forces are playing pranks.
Little truths like that don’t matter.

That rise with high probability.
And the fact that he never loses.

『Kim Yong-soo’s account』
Special reconstruction│20000 shares│+3.79%
Valuation gains│ +7,472,500

I made a purchase in advance.
Literally, buying stock in advance.

1. Take stocks that will rise.
2. Secure the quantity over several days.
3. Ask the people in the reading room to buy it.

Stocks that are already on the rise
However, since many buyers are rushing to the market, it is impossible not to go up.

‘And when other buyers came along.’

Stock price fluctuates.
From then on, it’s an eye fight.
Only those who realize profits first make money.

Of course it’s illegal.
It is said that pre-ordering should not be done under the Financial Act.
So what?

The quality of power is allowed by the state.
It is even legal for institutions and pension funds to prey on ants.

Click! Click!

Stop making money.
It’s not just about earning yourself.
If you’re not too greedy, even the members of the leading room can eat it.

‘I’m going to find a stock to buy and take a little more advantage.’

All of this is thanks to finding stocks that you can climb.
As a trailblazer, a little gain won’t matter.

Check the chart
Looking at the trading volume, I saw a large accumulation of forces twice.
It is a movement that decisively converges on its own trading method.

‘Looking at the line on the 20th catching up with the line on the 5th…….’

Based on past experience, we created a winning formula.
The special reconstruction is certain in terms of charts and materials to follow.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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