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Because I Live in the US 64

Because I Live in the US 64

Chapter 64 – Named Fight

Recent trade.

─The buy order has been filled.

It is true that things are not going well.
That will be too.

‘Because each season has a different trading method.’

There is no ‘win method’ in the stock market.
The trading method that hit the jackpot does not work if the timing changes.

Daily News− 「[Feature stock] Hwaseong CNS, strong on the news of winning 83.3 billion won construction project」

News of the construction order.
This is equivalent to 37.2% of total sales.
Considering the scale, it’s more than enough to win an award.

─Sell order has been executed!

Sell without regret
A gain of only 2%.
He entered the high-grade wine and ate very little and came out.

‘If it was usual, it would be a clumsy judgment.’

But now it’s a coordinator.
No, the world perceives it as a bear market.

─The forces are slaughtering!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

As expected, profits are pouring out.
The share price that soared to 14.35% beyond VI.

[Event Discussion Room− Hwaseong CNS]
─I received 80 billion orders, but they are not going up?
─You play well
─I thought we were going to Mars……
─This is why Chiba leaves Korea stock ㅠㅠ

The long black stick is growing!
When the ants cling to it, thinking it is an opportunity to buy at a low price, they drag it in.

─I received 80 billion orders, but they are not going up?
What should I do to increase the stock price?
It’s the opposite of the shareholders who waited for several months……

└ It’s a fucking event where people play like shit as soon as they’re overpowered.
└ Only the ants ate it.
└ This is an event worse than garbage. Garbage can be recycled?
└ Kyaaaaa~~! Wow!!

Towards the basement.
The old masters of the breeding farm are so angry that they deserve to become keyboard warriors.

‘If it had been a bull market, it would have ended with a full pole beeline.’

May have won
But in a down market, the laws of the stock market change.

─Families have left the market!

The decline in power is also scary.
When the opportunity presents itself, I throw away the stock that I have worked hard to collect.

‘It would be a shame if this wasn’t a bear market, but a simple adjustment.’

But what if it’s a bear market?
No matter what kind of evil organization the power may seem, in reality it is just a group of bullies with some money.

If the operation fails once, it must bear astronomical losses.
In that case, he will find the main battle.

『Construction Sector』
KS Construction KRW 31,200 ▼3.50%
Daeheung Construction KRW 7,630 ▼2.46%
Mirae Construction KRW 47,950 ▼2.98%

The sector is also pressed.
Construction stocks, which are cyclical stocks, are the first to be affected by a falling market.

‘It’s a burden to raise stock prices in a situation where program sales are pouring in.’

It’s not easy to ride a soaring stock in these times.
It’s just a matter of eating little by little.

This is the way to deal with a downtrend.
It may be a correction, but the current market mood is somber.


Even Sora came to my room.
It’s like going to my house after vacation.

“How long have you been drinking?”
‘I didn’t make it!’

It seems that he has the energy to scream.
Soon the malt was gone and it became like well-mixed spinach.

‘Even her daughter seems to have hit it hard.’

She doesn’t know what happened to the kid who always counted hard.

“Senior, are you doing well these days?”
“I’m always good.”
“You madman!!”

No, it’s important.
Before she regressed, she seemed to be in poor health.

‘Because old man Seoyo isn’t a joke.’

It’s not that old men pick up things that are good for men’s bodies for no reason.

“Stocks, stocks!”
“You said that from the beginning.”
“From the beginning, I just…, No, I think I’ll go crazy talking to my senior.”
“What a strange kid.”

Touch your forehead to see if your head is pounding.
I look at him with an expression like a pooping puppy, as if his mood has changed soon.

‘He’s a kid you don’t know.’

I know it’s hard for kids these days to understand, but it’s hard to adjust when your mood changes three times.
She had a 4th.

“I’ve been to my senior’s house often lately.”
“I thought it would interfere with the trading… So I brought it up.”

Expression of regret.
He is fidgeting with her own loins, unable to make eye contact with her.

‘It really kills the hip line.’

I know it because I touched it, but the curve is no joke.
It’s not like I put any kind of mulberry in it.

“It’s just a pure question.”
“What is it?”
“Do you poop a lot?”

It’s not that there aren’t women in reality who could only come out of a dress like that.
Specifically, in South America.

‘It’s worth eating once or twice.’

I never get used to the body odor.
After thinking about why, I spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

“How crazy is that!!”
“No, the storage tank is big. I just asked it just in case.”
“Ah, really Ceeeee…!!”

Metabolic rate is good.
In addition, there are various differences such as race and diet.

‘Sora is nice.’

It smells sweet and indescribable.
Korean women basically have a good body odor.

But I’ve never tried her butt nose porridge.
As I was looking at the soybean paste container, a question suddenly came to my mind.

“Why are you overreacting? You don’t poop? You don’t hit your daughter?”
“I-I don’t do that…”
“You don’t poop? Are you an alien?”

I myself have seizures.
He stares at her clenched fists trembling.

‘Well, it’s because I have a sexy body.’

It is still a young age.
If it were Hye-ri or Su-hyeon, I wouldn’t have said it.

She made a mistake because she wanted to hit a sex drip with a voluptuous woman.
The moment I tried to apologize before I got angry.

“Yes, Mi…”
“What is it really! I’m sorry for my senior.”

Sora has another seizure.
This time it was a seizure on the good side for me.

‘What is it, is he bipolar?’

I recently did a stir-fry.
They seem to think that they interfered with my trading.

“You really have a bad personality.”
“Because the senior is not sensitive.”
“Earning stocks is important, but not losing is more important.”

A quote from Warren Buffett.
People who have just started stocks look forward to it.

“Rule number one, never lose money” − Warren Buffett
“Rule number two, never forget rule number one” – Warren Buffett

I don’t understand what you mean.
Who makes fun of my grandfather for earning a lot of money?

‘But something strange.’

The more you know about stocks, the more interpretations come to mind.
Even in the case of the latest chapter.

“Would I have been bitten if I had maintained the same investment style?”
“It could have been… It could have been.”
“When the trend changes, it is an investor’s virtue to adapt to the changing trend.”

Oh, how much do I earn per month?
If you invest with the mindset of an office worker, it’s perfect for kicking a can.

‘You have to buy it when you buy it.’

That is the true meaning of a Warren Buffett quote.
In order to hit the ball, you need to be able to see the ball straight.

This is the story of first-generation investors.
As a second-generation investor, I go one step further.

“In a falling market, there is a trading method suitable for a falling market.”
“Oh, what is that?”
“Dog owner.”

Change your trading style.
To be precise, it adapts to the downtrend.
No need to wait for the ball to come.

‘I’m going there.’

Growth stocks in an uptrend.
In sideways trade, it is a circular sale.
There is another way to go downhill.

“It’s a gamble you’ve always played!”
“No, it’s different.”
“What the fuck.”
“Isn’t that a small-cap stock, not a small-cap stock?”

Small-cap stocks as the main focus.
However, they entered the business after seeing certain favorable factors such as policy or order news.

In a down market, it doesn’t move with good news.’

Just like Hwaseong CNS, it goes down again.
This is because there is no expectation for the company’s growth.

Because it’s a downtrend.
Stock prices reflect the future.
Even if good news came out right away, I don’t think it will come out next time.

“That’s why companies that make money normally and grow normally don’t go up in stock prices.”
“So you don’t have stocks to buy?”
“When are you going to grow up?”
“Sexual harassment repertoire again.”

Sora’s cuckoo.
It’s pretty worn out.
It is rewarding from the position of teaching sexual harassment.

‘No, stocks.’

Even in a down market, there are stocks that go up.
If the company that makes money normally doesn’t rise.

“You mean only abnormal companies go up?”
“Now I know a little bit.”
“Oh shit.”

An unpredictable future.
Stocks that I really don’t understand that catch the floating clouds are picked up and rise.

‘Like the stocks related to ○ Min Son that I bought earlier.’

Son ○-Min scored a goal and went to the upper limit!
Incredible incidents like that do happen.

If it had been posted on a humor site, it would have split.
But if you are an investor.

“You want to buy something like that?”
“Anyway, that’s how it is…”
“Then you’re not adjusting to the bear market.”

You need to know how to invest.
It is no coincidence that dog stocks rise during a down market.

‘Buying is weak in a bearish market.’

Because the stock price is unlikely to rise.
But there are people who want to buy stocks.

Investors who lost money.
I want to recover somehow.

“When people have no hope, they buy lottery tickets and fall into religion.”
“Well, I’d like to lean on something like that.”
“It’s the same with stocks.”

Whatever the reason, it’s fine.
If a stock is rising rapidly, it jumps like a moth to a fire.

‘The news is just an excuse.’

It is considered a tacit agreement.
In the down market, they play money by raising the dog stock.

“I’m skeptical about investing in the Director General.”
“Don’t look away. You have to see reality.”
“What is reality like!”

Hajimaru is a real money gambler.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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