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Because I Live in the US 65

Because I Live in the US 65

Chapter 65 – Han Gam Alliance

The stock price goes down every day.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─You put the money your son’s mother gave you into a deposit, right?
─Lunch of a failed investor.Jpg
─I’m sorry mom I’m sorry mom I’m sorry mom I’m sorry mom I’m sorry mom I’m sorry mom
─In the midst of this, the current situation of Hong Soo-joo, which Readingi bought

For investors, it’s a crucible of pain.
My account is melting like ice cream.

─You put the money your son’s mother gave you into a deposit, right?
“Mom believes in my son~~~!”

└ I donated because I was always told to serve my neighbors.
└ Give Mom a little morehaha
└Ah, this time?
└ Think of giving inheritance in advance and give more. I have something to write about!

I’m glad if only my account melts.
There are people with various circumstances in the world.

Events that sometimes appear in the news.
The prospective infidels express their concerns.

─Lunch of a failed investor.Jpg
[Picture of drinking tap water in the park.Jpg]
Performance for 3 hours: −150,000 won

└Where do you drink water?
└ Why are you drinking my tax?
└Your air is too precious
└ If it’s negative, you should spit out what you ate yesterday

Stock community.
In a downtrend, it is rather lively.

Because sorrow is halved when shared.
Even though it’s a drip and soothe it.

‘I can’t even eat it. These idiots.’

There are people who want to share the joy.
The proud hand itches.

─In the midst of this, the current situation of Hong Soo-joo, which Readingi bought
[Special reconstruction stock price rice cake.Jpg]
It is said that he was injured

└Leading Left
└Joogael 1st class instructor kkkk
└ It’s the rainy season, so it’s floodwater?
└ No, how do you know and buy something like this?

You don’t have to do it yourself.
One of the followers notices it and raises it.

‘Yes, I told you to buy Hongsuju.’

It is the rainy season.
It rains.
There are cities that are partially submerged.

That damage.
Of course it needs to be restored.
Related companies will benefit.

─If a flood comes, the rebuilder will eat bread?
Wow I didn’t know this……
I will definitely buy it next year.

└ I gave you a hint like thathaha
└ If you don’t know, just listen to the reading
└ We need to restore the flooded city.
└ Others didn’t go up much, and the special reconstruction is unusual

The reason why special reconstruction is bad.
But community guys know one thing and don’t know two.

‘No, there’s no way the stock price will skyrocket just because the rainy season has arrived.’

There are many flood-related stocks.
Among them, there is a reason why he chose special reconstruction.

Fact News− “[Feature stocks] Surged +29% on expectations for special reconstruction and 4-river project”

There was a time when it went up a lot in the past.
The stock price was pumped as it was bundled with stocks related to the four major rivers.

It doesn’t matter what your political views are.
The important thing is that it was once noticed.

‘This kind of stock is bound to rise again if the number of cases increases!’

×× Theme week.
Here, ×× is unexpectedly meaningless.
If you wear it on your ears, it’s an earring, and if you wear it on your nose, it’s a nose ring.

Forces weave appropriate themes and shoot them.
I thought that special reconstruction would definitely rise once.

『Kim Yong-soo’s account』
Special reconstruction│20000 shares│+33.87%
Valuation gains│ +71,820,000

As a result.
It’s making a decent profit.
Because the rainy season has just begun.

‘Today, I’m going to have an overnight and watch the situation and sell at the right time~.’

The humming song is humming in its own way.
It is a long time since the stock jjambab has been old, but this level of profit is not easy.

[Reading is the reading room]
「Reading’s form is crazyhaha」
「Ah, I’m going to put all my credit on it」
「[Profit verification.Jpg]」
“Where is the guy who didn’t eat here?”
“I was worried and couldn’t ride it ㅠㅠ”

It will also be thanks to the people in the leadership room.
Buying was stronger than expected.

‘I eat, and you guys should eat too.’

Yongsu smiles happily.
The more you earn, the higher your standing in the community.

It’s more fun than making money.
Even if you earn tens of millions, there is nowhere to spend it anyway.

For me, this is reality.
Yong-soo, a full-time investor, is plain self-satisfied.

─2017 07 03 Profit and loss trend
Profit/loss for the day: +82,349,500
Cumulative P&L: +355,514,711

└ Sohn Tae-sik is back?
└ It hurts that I went all-in with Seedhaha
└ There was a reason to be quiet these days
└ Is there a special reconstruction of the profit and loss account?

Yongsu’s brow furrowed.
It seems that the profit and loss account also made a big profit.
Although in itself it may be.

‘No, this bastard can’t believe it.’

The rise is insignificant.
Only one stock won the prize today.

Went into special
I can’t help but think of what to do.

‘It’s just that I went in for the special reconstruction I’m pushing and came out after sucking honey!’

He bought his own recommendation.
If you see a profit, it’s because of yourself.

But stupid users are sucking profit and loss.
Something that can’t be ignited by heat.

「Reading, when will you sell the special reconstruction?」
“Do I have to feed them until the timing of sellinghaha”
“I sold it once.”
“Leading, is there a sector you are paying attention to next?”
“Tell me too!”

Maybe there are two of them.
It is to infiltrate your reading room and steal information.

‘Let’s see.’

For a while, I don’t spread information.
The members of the leadership room may have complaints, but it doesn’t matter.

Revenue in July.
If you win against him, you can take away both your position in the community and all your followers.

* * *

The director has stocks soaring with operations.
One curious thing.

‘These are companies everyone knows.’

It’s always true that the guy is the guy.
They only raise the stock price with various excuses.

Tak, Tak!

The same stock goes up only by changing the theme.
There is nothing wrong with knowing the representative operator.

‘I roughly remembered.’

Special reconstruction.
The company itself has nothing to do with it.
Operating profit is low, and even at that, turning to the red is frequent.

To put it bluntly, some restaurants in Gangnam will earn better.
It’s a company that doesn’t have much to do with it.

‘Because I’m doing a party with the forces.’

The operation carries one risk factor.
No matter how much power you buy stocks, it is less than the president.

It’s so natural.
There is actually a case where the stock price is raised and the president sells everything and jumps out.

1. The boss receives a certain amount and turns a blind eye to the operation.
2. The president also participates in the operation (?)

Stocks that are often classified as theme stocks.
It is an open secret that the president colluded with the forces.

‘It can’t be anything other than a backward financial market.’

The reality of the Korean stock market.
Even if the operation is really open, the Financial Services Commission is playing while picking its nose.

But there’s no law that says you have to just get hit.
If you know which company colluded with the faction.

『Special reconstruction』
14,150 ▲50 (+29.81%)
[Daily graph for the last year.Jpg]

It is also possible to use
Special Reconstruction is a company that has memories of trading in the past.

‘The chart was also pretty.’

Flood related notes.
If the news was published, it seemed highly likely that the special reconstruction would go up.

Looking for something like this
What’s the next dog to come?


Of course, it is not easy.
Like sprinting, your heart is consumed quickly.

‘No matter how narrow the number of cases through experience and analysis.’

It is risky to invest aggressively in a bear market.
It’s not strange even if you get bitten.

You have to do it nonetheless.
Recent community trends.
It seems that there is a competitor.

─Isn’t it a loss?
Hong Soo-joo was pushed by the leading guy from a week ago.
I go in and eat it.

└ P&L is also a personhaha
└ I feel like something is broken
└It’s not 100% correct, eating is your own skill after all
└ It’s a bit ugly……

It could be.
Pride in revenue.
It is also a form of entertainment for full-time investors.

‘It’s a problem because he only boasts when he makes money.’

That’s why I’m constantly certifying.
So that someday, when you look back, your feelings will be fresh.

─Is it just that the leader rolls the billion unit better?
If the seed is in billions
Because even when you see a loss, you see it thousands of times
Investing with confidence is not easy
The leader who runs the reading room and feeds the main galleries is the winner.

└The mood these days is like that
└ The P&L form has been uploaded again?
Author− I bought a special reconstruction according to the reading, so it’s like thathaha
└ It’s not like before that we don’t put full credit on profit and loss accounts

However, there may be investors who have made greater returns in the short term.
It’s a little controversial.

‘It’s not like I’m particularly competitive.’

The recent stagnation in revenue was due to unavoidable circumstances.
I had to johnber.

And downtrend.
It felt like the trend was changing.
It is right to cut back on trading at such times.

The exploration war is over.
You can invest aggressively.
I also found stocks to look out for next.

Daily News− 「Korea-Gambia Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Reinforcement of Cooperation on North Korean Nuclear Issues」

Recently, Korea has an ally.
It is said that it is becoming a minor issue in some communities.

Where the hell is Gambia?
What is your military strength?
It is a very little known country.

People who don’t know stocks will laugh and pass by.
But for investors, it’s an opportunity.

‘The Hangam Alliance is strong.’

It is a market that must be crazy.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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