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Because I Live in the US 66

Because I Live in the US 66

Chapter 66 – Han Gam Alliance

International diplomacy.
It means having relations with foreign countries for the national interest.
This is a serious matter that has direct and indirect effects on the economy.

Attracting foreign companies, lifting export restrictions, etc.
Good diplomacy can have positive effects, too.

Seong Siwon 3 hours ago 乃 120
What country is Gambia…… ?
Huihuieunkwang 3 hours ago 乃 52
It’s a country I’ve never heard of, but it would be nice to have an ally.
Netizen 3 hours ago 乃 1024
The Hangam Alliance is strong!!

There are also things that don’t make any sense.
From the point of view of the national interest, there seems to be no clear help.

─What kind of country is Gambia? Araboza
This country’s GDP is $1 billion
Since the GDP of Jeju Island is 10 billion dollars, it can be considered as one town in Jeju Island.
Textiles and coconuts are the main exports.
Population is around 2 million

└ I heard there’s vibranium there?
└If you wait 30 years, you’ll be fine with mining vibranium
└ If you real Gambia is a superpower that hides its identity like Wakanda, why are you laughing at the Hangam Alliance?
└Wakanda Forever!

A time when Korea was classified as one of the poorest countries.
With the help of the international community, it was able to lay the foundation for economic development.

Therefore, now that we have leaped into developed countries, we have an obligation to support developing countries.
The Gambia became one of them.

Mixed Martial Arts − 「Blood ally Gambia will retaliate at the national level against China ignoring Korea」
樂 SOCCER − 「Breaking news))) Hangam Alliance decided to dispatch troops to Korea in Gambia!」
CHAOS − 「Gambia drip collection…… Jpg”

It is true that it can look fun apart from such cause and moral responsibility.
It has become a minor issue in many communities.

─Blood ally Gambia will retaliate at the national level against China ignoring Korea
[African tribe photo.Jpg]
Announced plans to dispatch 20 elite witch doctors in case of Korea-China conflict

└ Phew, now I can stretch my legs and sleep
└Jn the picture is stronghaha
└ This is a big picture for securing vibranium. Don’t laugh
└ Clan Gambia entering the coconut embargo…… China notices and Japan creeps in!

Korea’s new ally.
Something is unfamiliar to brag about.
I don’t even know if there is any reason to cooperate militarily.

Some netizens have their doubts.
What would happen if Gambia really joined the war.

─Breaking news))) Decision to dispatch troops to Korea in Gambia, the Han Gam Alliance!
[Gambia anti-aircraft guns.Jpg]
[Gambia Air Force jpg]
[Gambian Assassin jpg]
[Large-scale material carrier jpg]
It was announced that the national power would be fully mobilized.

└ Anti-aircraft gun with a slingshot ㅇㅋㅋhaha
└ Assassins are like first ratehaha
└ No helicopters over there? Are they all models?
└ Let’s withdraw the USFK and station the Gambian Army!

It burns hot just by imagining it.
Even though it is poor now, it may develop more than Korea in the future.

Diplomacy with Gambia.
It is difficult to predict what impact it will have.
So unexpected stocks go up.

“What it this?”
“Don’t you know the Hangam Alliance? A strong blood ally in charge of our country’s national defense?”
“No, so why…”

It is a country that has never had proper exchanges until now.
Just started doing it

Could there be something in the future?
The stock market reflects expectations for the future.

5,330 ▲320 (+6.09%)
[Slightly sloppy graph.Jpg]

“You should buy stocks related to Gambia. Are you not looking forward to the future of Korea and Gambia?”
“That’s not it…”
“I know you’re unhappy with the current government’s foreign policy. But apart from that, investors should take their chances.”
“It’s just an internet service company!”

Sora groans.
It seems that you are dissatisfied with the direction of my investment.

‘Is it one-to-day that the stock market doesn’t run on reason?’

States related to Gambia.
If you look at it rationally, there is no way.

It is also unclear whether Korean companies, let alone related companies, have entered the market.
Not to mention internet companies.

“Isn’t the Internet spread properly?”
“Do not ignore Korea’s blood ally Gambia.”
“No, I’m rational…”
“So, do you have time to think about it?”

Put a cigar in your mouth
The warm smoke stimulates the mucous membranes in the mouth.

Coke! Coke!

Spit it out
Sora coughs and makes a fuss.

‘Ant knows that news makes stock prices.’

When good news comes out, the stock price goes up.
But if you’ve been through a little bit of arithmetic in the stock market.

Fact News− “[Feature stock] Gambio, Korea-Gambia diplomatic talks, strong expectations for investment”

We know that stock prices make news.
First of all, it is to raise the stock price and post an article.

─The forces are running amok!

Forces have the power to do it.
Buying one or two reporters is not a job.

“You’re looking at stocks too lightly.”
“I’m really afraid I’ll look at you funny.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.
The important thing is that stock prices will go up.

6,390 ▲1140 (+21.71%)
[Graph that looks like shit.Jpg]

After reading the article, ants come in droves.
As the power is merged with the bicycle trade, the stock price rises in an instant.

It is possible because it is a downtrend.
Buying is concentrated because there are few stocks that can rise.

“Have you thought about investing in the Hangam Alliance?”
“I absolutely hate it.”
“It’s not too late. The future that Korea and Gambia will create begins now.”
“It’s that pattern again!”

Everyone looks to the hopeful future.
Such an illusion, of course, does not last long.

‘Ah, I’m not buying this time.’

Open your eyes one by one.
Is it really a Gambia-related stock?
It came up in an instant before I even looked for it.

It’s true because stock prices go up.
However, as time passes, they begin to come to their senses one by one.

─Sell order has been executed!

Trading volume slows down little by little.
It’s like jumping into the sky-! Like a kicked ball suspended in the air.

“It’s okay to eat like this.”
“If I went in, I would have been bitten?”
“I really want to lose behind.”

It’s like this sometimes.
It’s really ridiculous, but if the stock price goes up when it can’t be.

‘As robot-related stocks hit the upper limit, robot toy companies also rose.’

There is also a company called Barrel.
Note about swimwear.
Since the oil unit is a barrel, people mistakenly believe that they are oil-related stocks.

This is a common occurrence in the head of state.
It is a good investment in a falling market where it is easy to lose reason.

* * *


[Korea Stock Gallery]
—Hyungs, what does the Hangam Alliance have to do with Gambio?
─[Breaking News] Gambio soars
─It’s really embarrassing.
─Who is studying stocks?

It is a market atmosphere that has no choice but to be called that.
Normally, not so stellar operation masters play the game.

—Hyungs, what does the Hangam Alliance have to do with Gambio?
I was looking for a domain manager.
I’m curious about Jurin……

└ It was just listed because the name was similar.
Author− older brother…… , Just that?
└ Just throw away common sense and do ithaha
└Thinking is a luxury in the bureau

More than that, common sense doesn’t work.
A bear market melts the mentality of investors.

In the meantime, real nonsense stocks soared.
It provides a sense of deprivation at the same time.

─Who is studying stocks?
Is it going to work for Gambio’s rise just because he signed the Hangam Alliance?└ Those who study seem to have been bitten by entering an underrated event
└Gambia Alliance→Gambia-related stocks→?→Gambio full purchase!! All you have to do is study hard enough
└ I just hit the strategy with the right timing.

Take out the soul
In a chapter that seems like it’s going to lose its mind.

Something that would turn the community upside down.
But at times like that.

─2017 07 05 Profit and loss trend
Profit/loss for the day: +57,593,383
Cumulative P&L: +413,108,094

└ 60 million won lolhaha
└ No, it’s a fucking bear market!!!
└ Did you enter Gambio by any chance?
└ Wow, there really are bastards who eat thishaha

Those who make money get attention.
He went into a crazy operation and ate and came out.

I can’t help but think so.
If it weren’t for the P&L.

─The profit and loss form is all backhaha
Gambio eat this and come out
You crazy bastard

└Gambia related stocks blah blah blah blah blah blah
└ If it was another guy, I would have thought it was luck, but I accept the profit and loss
└ You have to suck it up at this level.
└I wondered how he ate 16% in one day, and it was Gambio.

Certify your earnings every day.
What a great thing that is
The more people who invest, the more it touches them.


Yongsoo, who tried to boast about his profits, has no choice but to become a dumb dumb.
A whopping 60 million won in revenue.

He ate something of his own.
The stock price of Floodjuju, which was in, rose slightly.

『Special reconstruction』
14,800 ▲300 (+2.06%)
[Graph slightly elevated.Jpg]

Literally a little bit.It is crucial that the increased seed will grow again.

Not too long ago, Sid was similar.
Before I knew it, there was a difference of about 100 million.

Far away!

I feel impatient.
Yong-su, who unknowingly bit his thumb nail, disposes of his stocks outside the city.

‘Let’s try this with me, right?’

What the P&L does.
There is no way you can’t do it yourself.
Yongsu jumps into the soaring column.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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