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Because I Live in the US 67

Because I Live in the US 67

Chapter 67 – I Force


─Buy orders have been placed!

It is a trading method that goes into a soaring stock and eats briefly.
It is classified as much more dangerous than single hit.

‘That means I did scalping in the past.’

Yongsu has done it in the past.
Full-time investors tend to prefer scalping quite a bit.

The fact that you can trade every day.
The higher the risk, the higher the return.

Investment is attractive from the point of view of making a living.
As the number of seeds increased, I became discouraged.

─Sell order has been executed!

It’s all for stability.
If you put your mind to it, there’s nothing you can’t do now.

‘Okay, 5 million won is fine.’

Stocks with high trading volume.
Materials that can afford to rise.
I only see two things.

What follows is an eye fight.
It can be said that the one who is good at controlling wins the game.

─Buy orders have been placed!

And kang.
What catches when the stock price goes down is sewage.

‘When coriander shoots up like this.’

Jump into a pit
It’s because he himself became a firewood.

─The forces are running amok!

As the price increases, so does the stock price.
Forces also row when the water comes in.

Soaring stock prices.
At the point when the other ants who were watching jumped in as well as you.

‘You can sell it and come out. 7 million won. Oh~ Do you feel good today?’

Making a profit is a skill.
I earned 12 million won by scalping twice.

Thanks to the big seed.
They put in and take out 100 million won at a small amount and 300 million won at a large amount.

Pounding! Pounding!

That’s why the risk is bound to be high.
It’s true that I’m scared to be honest.

In the past, seeds were low.
Even if I lost, I ended up losing a few hundred.

‘No, that’s fine. I feel good today.’

Anxiety stabbing in my head.
Yongsu shakes his head and tries to put him to sleep.

It is true that it is dangerous.
But he has reasons to do it himself.

‘I don’t know how much this bastard earned again.’

Yesterday also made a huge profit.
It’s because you ride a soaring stock every day.

If the guy does it, he should too.
It’s a good day.

─Buy orders have been placed!

In scalping, trading skills take precedence over analysis.
Buy before others, sell first.

‘I wish I had some luck.’

Break your knuckles to soothe tension.
Open your eyes, staring at the screen of the call window.

─Ants have been attacked!
Enemy double kill!

Except for raising the stock price, it is ultimately the mind of power.
Even the ants never know when to jump in.

No matter how good you are, there are no bad days.
Why is scalping difficult?
But today.

─The foreigner has ended the ant slaughter by the agency!

It’s a good day.
It pierces the sky beyond the point where the collapsed stock price is revived.

‘Did foreigners come in? This game is over!’

Buying by foreigners is perceived as a good news.
In fact, besides the sword, only the pattern could be a foreigner.

─Buy orders have been placed!

What matters is that the stock price goes up.
At this time, the water that you want to use will inject additional funds.

All in.
Pour in all the 300 million won seed you have.
Poured oil on the burning house.

『Cheap Bio』
38,250 ▲7,750 (+25.40%)
[Graph going badly.Jpg]

Violent reaction.
Much hotter than expected.
The stock price soars to the point where you can take your hands off the keyboard.

‘If you do this, the ants will get scared and won’t be able to buy it.’

You yourself won’t be any different.
If there is one difference.

─Sell order has been executed!

Bought it
Yongsu succeeds in making a huge profit of +19%.

’57 million won. Am I really out of shape today?’

In just 5 minutes.
I can’t help but smile.

Staring at charts for days.
Buy little by little for a few days and make a lot.

What used to take weeks was done in just 5 minutes.
No, for some.

‘Even if I go to work for a year, I can’t earn money.’

Flip the back of the chair back.
You won’t be able to sit comfortably like this.

Reasons for becoming a full-time investor.
It’s because of the money you make according to your ability and this freedom.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Today’s reading vs profit and loss, who do you think will win?
─He really does what he says.
─Youngik 26 trillion Shivahaha
─In the midst of this, the legend filmed Cockspeed.Jpg

You can finish your workday at any time you like.
I earned enough money today.

‘No, of course I win. That bastard used all his luck yesterday.’

Play while watching the community.
As expected, it has become a hot topic even before the market is over.

Competitive landscape.
Although yesterday was delayed, today is different.

Will dominate in the future.
Because I decided not to cover the fire.

‘If I take a little risk, huh?’

A safe trading method for leading room personnel.
But 100% of myself is not that much.

I just jumped into the same scalping.
I was trying to show my dignity as a hunter named full-time investor.

─In the midst of this, the legend filmed Cockspeed.Jpg
[Yoosung Heavy Industries Disclosure Article.Jpg]
2Q operating profit KRW 26 trillion
The birth of the second Ohsung Electronicshaha

└ Wow, if it’s real, it’s a Tentenburger.
└ Did the reporter upload without checking for typos?
└Ohsung Electronics is only 14 trillion
└ Ohseong Electronics is the second meteor heavy industry.

A rather peculiar topic.
It happened because of a reporter’s mistake without thinking about it.

‘What is Article 26? If there is another company like that, it’s not Korea, but King Korea.’

All the people will be able to eat and live even if they do not work.
Happenings created by typos.

It happens often in the stock market.
The fire also creates soaring stocks.

‘Shall I buy one? I can really go up…….’

A buying force may come in saying that illusions lead to illusions.
You can also earn big profits.

Pounding! Pounding!

But maybe not.
I just went in and spit out the profits I ate today.

‘Anyway, this is a real gamble.’

When I checked it, the stock price was the same.
This means there was no response from the market.
Anyone can see that it is a typo.

I already earned enough money today.
There is nothing more unpleasant than getting bitten after entering the brain.

Click! Click!

Yong-soo giggles while looking at the community.

* * *

An article informing a fact in a newspaper or magazine.
In the stock market, the meaning is interpreted a little differently.

‘A means to raise stock prices.’

Forces often use
Because I know a series of facts, I am not shaken by seeing some good news.

Daily News− 「Yousung Heavy Industries, Q2 operating profit of 26 trillion won…… 31300.1%↑ from the previous year”

I also have embarrassing moments.
It seems that a certain company made 26 trillion won in one quarter.

‘I don’t remember the birth of another Ohsung Electronics.’

This is an operating profit that Ohsung Electronics, the No. 1 company in Korea, could not achieve.
A company that hasn’t even heard of it?

Of course it can’t be
It is clear that the reporter added about three more zeros.

‘It’s obvious until there.’

The reason I was embarrassed was for another reason.
If this article was published by forces.

Tak, Tak!

When I searched, there was no change in the stock price.
It is said that it was not the intention of the forces, but a simple mistake.

‘Then I can use it.’

If time continues like this, the curtain will come to an end.
But it’s still 1pm.

There is quite a bit of time left before the market closes.
First, look for general information.

『Yousung Heavy Industry』
8,220 ▲170 (+2.09%)
[Weekend graph for the last 3 years.Jpg]

Yuseong Heavy Industries.
It is a traditional heavy industry company called Teultakju.

Money makes pretty well.
However, there is no growth potential and the stock price does not provide support.

‘That’s why I’m not popular.’

Trading volume is very low.
It is safe to say that no one hits single hits with this stock.

It doesn’t even seem to work.
There is a section where stocks that play strategy are accumulated by bursting trading volume.

‘The lack of that means it’s a clean stock.’

Sudden good fortune.
Stocks that do not ask for power.
With these two premises, you can do it.

That means I’ll be the operational force.
Operation may seem like a big deal, but.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Just buy a stock and raise the stock price.
And this is what institutions and outsiders do too.

‘I was the institution.’

How to do it is quick.
Sweep 9 hogachangs with cigars.

Since it is thin, it is possible with only 100 million won.
At the same time, by filling the empty order book.

─Sell order has been executed!

Sell some.
In an instant, 20,000 shares are traded.
As the stock price rises, so does the trading volume.

‘If I repeat this.’

The ants get twisted.
Short hitters use a search formula.

It is about finding stocks that meet certain conditions.
For example, instantaneous trading volume.

─The big customer is slaughtering!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

And material.
It is worth looking at the staggering amount of 26 trillion won in business profits.

‘Before I noticed that it was Guraping.’

Selling and getting out is the key.
The stock price rises on the basis of the incoming buying force.

─Buy orders have been placed!
─Buy orders have been placed!
─Buy orders have been placed!

No, I buy them all.
When stock prices skyrocket, ants feel impatient.

I feel like I shouldn’t buy it sooner rather than later.
It will give urgency and induce ants to buy.

‘Although this is possible because there are materials.’

Opportunities are always rolling in the stock market.
But picking it up is a skill.

If there is no power, it raises the stock price on behalf of the power.
I try to be the owner of a gambling house.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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