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Because I Live in the US 68

Because I Live in the US 68

Chapter 68 – I Force

Price control.
Of course, it can’t be easy.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Stock prices are intentionally pumped up.
Then short hitters come in and try to profit.

‘I’m minimizing that.’

They don’t give a buying opportunity and raise it.
That level of trading skill is fundamental to me.

But it’s not enough.
To see a profit, you need to put your buying efforts on track.


Like artificial satellites.
Even if it succeeds in 3-stage separation, if it does not enter the atmosphere, it is a joke.

‘I wish I had more money.’

You can shoot up the stock price coolly.
If you don’t have enough strength, you can force it up.

And technology.
Modern stocks are not traded individually by human hands.

Tak, Tak!

Write a program
Like macros in games, patterns are saved and used when needed.

‘There’s no way something like that could have happened.’

I am doing it manually.
There are so many things I lack right now.

─Buy orders have been placed!
─Sell order has been executed!

Somehow, they are creating similar movements.
It works and keeps the flow.

Keep forever.
Even if time passes like this, there will be people who realize one by one.


If that happens, I will have to hug her intact.
Stocks bought to raise the stock price.

It would be a lie if I said there was no impatience.
When you’re busy and desperately need a large room.


A guy with big breasts is coming.
I left the door open because it was hot, and there was no hesitation.

‘What if I hit my daughter?’

I can’t even call a woman.
It would be a headache if they were found out because they were friends.

You can do it at Hyeri’s house.
Suhyeon got along with her boyfriend.

“My stock is weird.”
“Really? You look like the owner.”

Sora would not even dream of it.
She seems to have made money by investing in a falling market.

“How many undervalued stocks are there now?”
“Are there many?”
“It’s not getting a proper evaluation. Only strange dog-soap is rising…”
“Oh yes.”

Stocks that can rise do not rise.
It is underestimated compared to its performance.

‘So how much did you get bitten?’

Obvious story.
He complains with his cheeks inflated.
As an investor, I understand your feelings.

“Why do you want to come to Kangwon Land to invest? Are you crazy?”

That’s a downtrend
It is rather natural that common sense does not understand.

‘You have to experience it to know.’

Knowledge and experience.
The world of stocks is not easy enough to know that it teaches.

If the market is weird, you have to trade on the premise of that oddity.
It’s too early for Sora.

“Senior, are you buying some strange dog food?”
“It’s good. It’s a company with an uncertain outlook, but the stock is going up.”
“Not necessarily.”

Grab my chair with both hands and rock it.
Investors who lose money become childish in their thought structure

‘They use a complete group.’

It’s fun to see a guy who always pretends to be intelligent and virtuous fall apart.
I want to see even a broken cow someday.

“What are you doing?”
“Pumping stock prices.”
“Is that possible?”
“It’s what you’re supposed to do when you become a trader.”

I look like I’m broken right now.
It’s a shame to manage the quotation window without a program.

‘No, I could have done enough.’

It just didn’t catch fire.
It may go out like this, leaving only smoke.

The actual success rate of the operation is not high.
It is impossible to predict what will happen.


I have no choice but to calm my burning stomach and watch.
Light a cigar and take a sip of tea.

“Coke! Coke! Why are you smoking in your room?”
“I’m stressed out.”
“Dad said that too.”
“Traders know. That’s why you don’t know.”

Sora makes a fuss.
I open the window wide to see if ventilation is needed to relieve irritation.

‘Secondhand smoke, I understand.’

Cigar smoke is poisonous.
If you’ve never smoked, it’s worth hating.

“Are you eating candy because of stress?”
“It’s a bad habit.”
“It’s a habit to do anyway.”

Candy is just my jinx.
You have to eat something delicious to keep your head running well.

It may be incomprehensible to the general public.
Sora stares at me.

“If you’re bored, eat something healthy.”
“You have to eat something delicious. Something delicious.”
“Delicious… Is it?”
“Like your lips.”

Chairs in the kitchen.
It’s a little high because it’s used to watch the fire on the gas stove.

The eye level with the sitting Sora is just right.
As soon as I heard it, my face turned red.

‘I’m not immune to this.’

Just to the point of kissing.
It’s sexual harassment to get rid of intruders.

“If you do…, Won’t you eat something like that?”
“Cigarettes and candy. Bo, even if it’s just enough to see…”

Take it surprisingly seriously.
He fiddles with his red-hot ears.

‘It’s timing.’

Didn’t I say something useless?
Thousands of thoughts will run through your head.

It’s like an investor who went into dog chapju.
If you are a top-notch trader.

“Uh, huh?!”

The opportunity should not be missed.
Pull your wrist and put it right in your hand.


Because I was in such a hurry, I bumped my teeth and hurt a little.

‘What do I know?’

Taste it.
Bite only on the lower lip to see how it feels.

Moderately thick and plump.
These are great lips that taste good to kiss.


Play with it
Slowly stroke her hair with one hand so as not to panic.

To alleviate psychological resistance.
It is also intended to disperse judgment.

“It’s delicious.”
“Senior, wait…”
“Just a little, I’ll eat a little more.”

It’s okay to touch your hair.
Their lips only touched and fell slightly.

‘When I got used to it like that.’

Get permission.
I know I can’t, but when I beg you, I can’t push you away.

Game three.
Bring your face closer again.
Give strength to the back of the head that you are holding and the arm that is wrapped around your shoulder.


Taste a little deeper.
He runs his tongue over his plump lips and gets used to the feel.

‘I didn’t even put on lipstick, that’s good.’

There is almost no cosmetic taste as if only a light lip balm was applied.
You can feel the original taste of sora.


Stick your tongue in
At first, I tried to push it out with a flash of light.
As I hugged her tightly and tightened it, she soon faded away as if she had given up.

‘Yes, that’s right.’

Completely hardened
It barely follows my movements.
At the moment when I thought it would be fun to tell you little by little.

─Buy, sell, sell orders have been filled!

Ringing alert.
I wake up.
There is a stock that has been hung at the top of the order window.

“Uh, did you fucking sell it?!”
“Get out of the way, hurry up! We have to buy and sell!”

That has been concluded
Sounds like a buying force has arrived.
This is not the time to idly suck your lips.

Ulta throws away the conch and looks at Hogachang.
Just a while ago, the bulk buying was ignited and burning.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Put the firewood together.
We put a lot of stock below the psychological resistance line of 10,000 won.

『Yousung Heavy Industry』
9,690 ▲1590 (+19.62%)
[Graph that is roughly broken.Jpg]

If you break this, it’s a pak! It feels like it’s going to hit and go up.
They intentionally created the selling wall they wanted to break down.

“Hey lips!”
“It’s a good deal while you’re washing!”

Someone has to break it.
It’s unnatural if I wake up alone.
All you have to do is pray to heaven.

‘I don’t know, damn it.’

He asks for a kiss on the pretext of buying and selling.
Pang your thighs! Send a signal by striking it with the palm of your hand.

Sit here
When I move my hand and tell him that he is in a hurry, he is reluctant but eventually comes.

I feel a bit more comfortable now.
It is very awkward as if it is the first time riding on top of a man.

“Lady Luck please kiss me.”
“Anyway, a kiss…”
“Please. 1 billion won is at stake. I even put credit into it.”
“City, a billion?”

It makes no sense if you think about it rationally.
Push ahead before that reason returns.


You can only succeed if you help yourself.

Accept and refuse
They enjoy kissing again while hugging Sora tightly.

‘How can I just kiss this?’

The cheap chair creaks.
It is difficult to bear the weight of two people.

But the posture is stable.
It’s because the surface area where the buttocks and thighs meet is large.


Raise your hands.
He suppresses the urge to touch and touch only the poor pelvis.

‘I’ll give birth to a good baby.’

The temperature is also hot.
Even over a piece of clothing, the solid body and texture are conveyed.

─Sell order has been executed!

Trading is also going well.
Ho Ga-chang, who is watching with narrow eyes, erupts explosively.

‘I think I’m really cheap too.’

The lower extremity is flaky.
If he had worn thin pants, he would have felt like a cow.

“Yes♡ Yes♡”

He is licking my lips while hugging my neck.
It’s just a level of reckless rubbing.

The spec is a gangster, so I’m excited enough.
The feeling of tightness in the breasts against each other feels very full.

─Sell order has been executed!

Almost all profits have been realized.
Sell ​​the remaining 100 shares one by one and enjoy it for as long as possible.

‘I’m talented.’

Perspectives cannot be wrong.
It’s just that this hot body hasn’t met anyone yet.

Kisses and hugs.
Slowly remind yourself that a relationship with a man feels good.

“My tongue hurts.”
“I’m sick too.”
“Should I do more?”
“One last time.”

Eat your lips
I spread my hands wide and grabbed the butt I wanted to touch.

‘Looks like you’re not getting caught. This nasty body.’

Sora’s saliva drips.
He swallowed and parted his lips when his tongue was twitching.

Imsul covered with saliva glistens.
His expression is half-excited and out of focus.

“Thanks to Sora, the sale seems to have gone well.”
“Oh, really?”
“Look. The profit came out.”

Change the topic before coming to your senses.
It is also true that the sale went well.

『Lee Chan-wook’s Total Assets』
KRW 539,622,447
+126,514,353 (+30.62%)

It’s not that salty.
You realize why forces are playing tricks on the stock market.

“Oh wow…”
“Isn’t it cool? Don’t you get wet looking at accounts like this?”
“Are you wet?”

He might have been playing around with a kid he didn’t know anything about.
But it is a body that must be known.

‘I want to spawn at 1,000 per synagogue.’

It’s worth it.
It would be counterproductive to call him out for nothing because he hates it.

“Was I helpful?”
“It was a big help. Try eating something this delicious after a long time.”

Honest feelings.
It’s about to explode, so I induce it.
I said it with such a feeling.

“Thank god…….”
“I was worried because I couldn’t make a profit the other day. If this is the case, it’s almost recovered, right?”

Surprisingly, it goes without incident.
There were things I cared about more than that.

‘Is that still?’

It seems to have stuck in my mind.
From the point of view of the general public, it is quite a large amount.

“It’s still a bit lacking.”
“That’s right?”
“I wish Sora could help me a little more~”

Maybe I could eat some more.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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