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Because I Live in the US 69

Because I Live in the US 69

Chapter 69 – I’ll Take It


Skinship common between lovers.

‘But not being a lover is more delicious.’

There is a sense of immorality.
Especially if you are stepping on a field of white snow where you know nothing.

“Sora is really delicious.”
“I’m ashamed to say that…”
“It’s a compliment. Thanks to Sora, you can’t think of cigarettes lately?”

Cigars, not cigarettes.
Adjust your words to make it good to hear.
Even if you can be fooled by the atmosphere once in a while.

‘From now on, I have to make a reason.’

Why did you allow me to kiss you?
I don’t know, but it seems like I want to help.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Pretend to trade in moderation.
In fact, I only have Sora’s lips in my head.


Stick your tongue in
Even Sora, who had a negative reaction at first, now knows how to hit.

‘Spit is delicious.’

Hug tightly
Enjoy the pressure on your chest and tilt your head slightly to the side.

It also feeds my saliva.
Gravity causes the liquid to pass down the throat little by little.

“Is the soybean good?”
“I hate the smell of cigarettes.”

It’s been a while since it hasn’t bloomed, but the scent seems to linger.
Non-smokers may be sensitive.

Hug the cheeky Sora a little more.
If you don’t like it, you want to keep sucking until it gets better.


I myself am enjoying it a lot.
The expression on her face after kissing is clearly that of a woman.

“You don’t like kissing, do you?”
“Tell me something.”
“As long as the senior doesn’t smoke cigarettes.”

Even though he puts on a pouty expression, he doesn’t deny it.
The feeling of being hugged kills me.

‘If I had even put it in, it would have exploded.’

Sex machine.
I didn’t just say that in the first meeting.
It seems like it will melt just by holding the high body temperature.

The thick buttocks and thighs tell us how hot the rice cake will be.
The taste that I was most worried about is also this good.

Gulp! Gulp!

Take a sip of water and continue kissing again.
Saliva flows from the moist mouth.

─Buy orders have been placed!

The mouse also moves moderately.
Excuses are important because they are still underdeveloped.

‘I have to make an excuse for an affair in the first place.’

The reason why flirting with a married woman is easy yet difficult.
Sora recognizes it as a necessary act.

“Oh, it’s climbing.”
“I think it would hurt if Sora acted more aggressively.”

There is no woman who does not like naughty things.
At least in my experience it is.

Social atmosphere.
And face.
It makes you not have to think.

Jjook ♡

Sora kisses her lips.
It’s the same thing I did when biting my lower lip.

A clumsy, awkward kiss.
After all, the real purpose is to divert attention.


It has a nice handle.
Touch the pelvis with both free hands.

‘The waist is thin, the thighs are thick. I really want to put it in just once.’

It’s sure to feel good.
No, it’s not just a saying.
The thickness of the thigh is proportional to the pressure.

A thin waist is an excellent condition.
Since the two met, I can’t help but feel that the feeling of use is not good.

“You touch me too much.”
“Can’t you go here too?”
“How far?”

Get permission somehow.
Sora’s bottom line is between the waist and the pelvis.

‘Cooper fluid is leaking out, what the hell?’

In her head, she is already having sex.
I want to teach you the pleasure of scraping the inside.


A kiss seems to be enough.
Sora’s face turned red like a blush.

‘Because the quiet kids go up to the stove more.’

At first, she only kisses tantalizingly, then grows bolder.
Is sucking my tongue

How stupid is that
You are probably doing it unknowingly.
Only faithfully practice the methods taught.

“Are you good at kissing Sora?”
“Oh, is that so? I just copied it…”
“You’re good. Aren’t you talented?”
“Let’s see if there is such a thing.”

It sucks and continues to suck.
She’ll think she’s helpful.

Jjook ♡

Eats quite well
Making a sloppy, obscene sound is itching both your hands and your bottom.

Rub her butt while holding her in position.
When I add the imagination in my head, it seems really cheap.

“Kissing is fun, huh?”
“Funny thing, side! I don’t know.”
“I like you. Sora kissed me.”
“She’s trading more than that, right?”

Of course, we must not forget her true purpose.
You can receive this kind of service because you are making a deal.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Live roughly
Stocks likely to rise.
Actually, I’m not buying with confidence.

“What stock is this?”
“I can teach you if you make it a little more erotic.”
“I don’t know about that.”

Work hard
I hug my face tightly and open my lips wider to eat.


Being eaten by Sora.
He hugged her tightly and stroked her hair gently.

And move your tongue in your mouth.
Sora and my tongue intertwined.

‘Look at how quickly you learn. It’s so damn special.’

There is a reward in teaching.
I look forward to the day when she grows up to become a man-eating fairy.

─Sell order has been executed!

While eating and being eaten so deliciously.
It reminds me of a notification that I wouldn’t normally hear.

“Sold now… Isn’t it?”
“No, I need more.”

I don’t know
Sora puts all her energy into dyeing her lips my color.

‘Eating conch is an unconditional benefit.’

Worth so much more.
It’s hard to find such a delicious woman even if you pay billions of dollars.


A deep kiss that can only be done between lovers.
I don’t feel this way with the Lumpang girls.

The blunt bitch doesn’t taste like eating again.
As far as bed is concerned, a naughty woman is unconditionally good.

‘The bitches with high noses say they don’t want to do it. Even if I stay still, men will come running.’

You have to remember your first experience.
From now on, just looking at your lips will make you think of dirty thoughts.

They hugged tightly and shared a close kiss.
They feel each other’s body temperature and skin.

─Buy, sell, sell orders have been filled!

It is an important turning point that can make Sora promiscuous.
That time when I was eating with all my might.

“The notification pops up a lot.”
“I’m very uptight too.”
“What is he saying now!”

I look at the monitor while holding the struggling conch.
A small sigh is let out.

‘Ah, at a time like this.’

Hogachang is unusual.
It seems that the situation that was supposed to be is right.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Live again
Higher price than sold.
If it goes as I expected.

“Oh, did you buy it again?”
“Yeah, burning.”
“Why sell well…”
“I want to play with Sora more.”

Put your hand on her hip
It is round and firm, so the touch is clear.


Sora’s kiss.
No, it bites
He pretended to caress his lower lip and showed teeth marks.

“Senior, you can’t do it on purpose!”
“No, I’m buying it for a reason.”
“Explain it.”

Look embarrassed
With an attitude like that of an older sister who provides service, such seriousness comes out.

Forced to explain.
Why did I buy Sejong Media?

‘Actually, there’s nothing special about the stock itself.’

There is one politician among the major shareholders.
It is a company that is tied to the theme stock of the politician concerned.

“I mean you own a 15% stake.”
“Where is that person running?”
“The presidential election is over. The general election is far away.”

Sora’s neck.
Put your tongue on the clean, white skin.
Even though they show rejection, they don’t push them away to hear the story.

‘Sweet, sweet.’

As you suck, slowly carve kiss marks.
As if drawing a picture, I carefully leave my traces.

“There are rumors in the political world that he will be selected as a high-ranking official.”
“Ah! I see…?”
“Wait a minute.”

Close your mouth and look at my art work.
It is lightly engraved, as if it hadn’t been done.

I was the first to make a mark on this white snow field.

‘There is a system called a blank trust.’

High-ranking public officials must not own stocks worth more than 30 million won.
That is, you must sell.

“Isn’t that a bad thing then?”
“Disposing of stocks in bulk would definitely be a red flag for the stock price…”

Sora, who knows nothing, is right.
But this is Joseon, and we follow Joseon’s laws.

‘There is such a thing as management rights premium.’

Valued above its original value.
If you can eat 15% of that politician.

“It’s a calculation that you can secure 30% and take over management rights.”
“Ah! Ah♡”

I know how to make a dirty moan.
It seems that the neck is an erogenous zone.

‘If I wash it like this, won’t my eyes turn around once?’

If you want to know what it’s like to be with a guy, there’s a way to kindly teach you.

─We are massacring foreigners!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!
Quadra Kill!
Pentakill…… !

Of course, the market situation is busy.
The other bot is bursting.
Buying is coming in huge.

“It’s decided to go up. Why did you sexually harass me?”

Of course, it’s a possibility anyway.
Acquiring a company costs a lot of money.

No matter how delicious food is, if it is expensive, you will hesitate to buy it.
In addition, post-processing is also a headache for companies.

There must be a company that wants to run this business.
Only then does a series of information have value.

‘I’ll check that with the stock price.’

I was watching
If the stock price soars, it means that there really is a company to acquire.

It doesn’t matter if it’s true or if it’s a prank by the forces.
The management dispute is recognized as the best news in the stock market.

『Sejong Media』
92,000 ▲21,200 (+29.94%)
[Graph that looks like shit.Jpg]

Win a prize
It’s not halfway VI, it’s the maximum daily increase of +30%.

“I think it’s possible to associate it if you do well.”
“It’s all thanks to the conch. It’s because I ate delicious conch.”
“Please put your hands on your hips.”

Made a lot of money
I tried to create a lovely atmosphere, saying it was thanks to him, but it didn’t come through.

‘If you pick this much, even kids like wooden stones will want to buy it on their own.’

I still don’t know the world.
However, it gives strength to the limbs that are holding it as if there is no effect at all.

“You made a lot of money, senior.”
“Envy? Would you like some?”
“No, more than that, it’s fortunate that seniors are recognized for their abilities.”

The community’s competitive landscape.
Sora probably saw it too.
This month is my victory without question.

‘Wow, look at the thigh strength.’

I care more about my body than that.
I only hugged her a little bit, but the pressure is great.

If you put it in, it might have been messed up.
It’s strong enough to feel like that.

“Is that okay?”
“The sale is over.”

A woman I want to hug.
The opportunity came, but I don’t want to miss it.
I hugged Sora’s waist as he tried to get up.

‘Women are creatures that fall for the atmosphere.’

The first time in everything is the most difficult.
You only have to cross the line once.

Take the next step.
The situation and the conditions were met for that to happen.

“We haven’t realized the profit yet.”
“He said he would go up again tomorrow.”
“Yeah, so why don’t we have a party to celebrate in advance?”
“A party?”

There’s no better way than drinking.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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